Beach Cottage Fashion the best workout gear and what to look for in exercise clothing

Fri 20th, Sep, 2013

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Aloha, earth to beach cottage people, let’s talk about exercise clothes and the best workout gear today, if you Facebook with abeachcottage you will know love all the girlfriend sharing that goes on, one of the best things I love about the internet, I mean who needs a magazine these days, just hop on Facebook :-) …anyway when I started to seriously see I needed to get my energy back, get exercising and mini-detox my life (I wrote here about ways I have found to get more energy) I realised that the daggiest old sweats really weren’t helping matters, especially since I often end up still in my workout gear on the afternoon school run, yes that’s pleasant if you bump into me.


So I put it out there to the lovely ladies who love coastal beachy decor as to what they wear when they hit the gym, run by the sea, brace the elements or partake in sporting teams….it was very interesting..

And I took all the recommendations on board, checked it all out on the net and also braced myself with a huge coffee, laced with whisky, joke, and took myself to the mall for an oh-my-gosh-I-think-I-might-rather-slit-my-wrists-than-do-this exercise gear trying on session.  Phew looking in that big ole mirror with the great lighting, Winter skin and forty is the new thirty derriere ain’t for the faint of heart.  But in the name of beach cottage research I discovered some very interesting facts.


What to Look for in Exercise Clothing

legs : fabric must be thick and stretchy – thin fabric does not a nice orange peeled leg make

muffin top : waistband must be double, if not quadruple, it must be t-i-g-h-t, repeat  t-i-g-h-t however one must have the ability to breathe

derriere : bottom must be cut skilfully, fabric must not be plentiful to the hips or the seat of the bottom

stomach :  fabric must scoop and flatten via suckinability of fabric (see legs)



I am building a workout wardrobe up, but overall winner for me so far in terms of value for money versus quality has been very surprisingly Cotton On (free shipping to Australia plus worldwide shipping, size is true), seriously this stuff is up there with the top brands for fit, comfort, cut and wear…I’ve bought lots in this range and everything is great quality, washes really really well, is super friendly on the pocket, has low-key branding (I cannot stand to have some brand plastered over my chest), is cut nicely and most of all does what you hope it will do, as in pulls in the muffin, and lifts up the derriere while still somehow leaving you feeling comfortable.


And that in itself is something worth gold in this old cottage.

But what about YOU,  what’s your HG in workout gear?  Love to know what y’all wear to get sweaty ;-)


 p.s. this is not a paid review for Cotton On Active exercise clothing workout gear

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14 Responses to “Beach Cottage Fashion the best workout gear and what to look for in exercise clothing”

  1. Seriously??? I am so pleasantly surprised!! I have refused to spend the big bucks on ex gear as I do all my sweating at home on the farm and I really couldn’t care less what I look like (until the unexpected visitor shows up!!) I would rather spend my pennies on the essentials in life…like handbags, shoes and well-fitted clothes!!?! Off to google C.O thanks!! xx

  2. Kerri says:

    I like Cotton On’s items too but they don’t last!!! I bought a few items and even though I washed them in delicate bags they all pulled and stretched within 6 months :( Might be cheaper to start with but if they don’t last it doesn’t really count

    • sarah says:

      thanks for your feedback….I have a pair I bought about 5 months ago and they are doing well, and have been worn lots and washed lots…sometimes I think it’s luck not $$$$ :-)

  3. MyOodle says:

    I’ve bought stuff from Lorna Jane, Target and most recently Triumph…While the Target was the cheapest the Lorna Jane (some from nearly 10 years ago) is still going strong. It’s expensive but stands the test of time and looks great too. Got to say though the Triumph triaction bra is amazing, I recently bought one and followed it up with second……awesome awesome awesome.

    • sarah says:

      thanks for the tip on Triumph, I would never even have looked at that…

      I hear you on Lorna Jane, my daughter trains in a lot of that gear and it washes and washes however one pair of pants I bought has lasted only 1 season and is coming apart…xxox

      • MyOodle says:

        I’d tell Lorna Jane, they won’t be impressed that happened and might do something about it. Living in Singapore most things are online for me, I found the 2nd Triumph Triaction on ebay with free delivery…got it sent to my husband’s hotel while he was on a work trip.

  4. suzanne says:

    I am a personal trainer and I find my ladies like a nice easy easy t-shirt or tank top and pants dont have to be figure hugging but usually 3/4 cotton pants or shorts in summer. Cotton on sounds good and well priced but what you have in the wardrobe can even be kinder on the hip pocket. Its all about the training at the end of the day. You only have to see how they dress in the gym, all the fashionisters but they usually stand around chatting instead of training.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm interesting, thanks I have to disagree a bit – I played competitive sport (and in my younger days to a high level) up until a few years ago and I couldn’t care less what I was wearing to train in and on my own walks, runs etc…the daggier the better in fact in those days..a few years on and not being any younger having clothes to choose from to workout in that look nice and ‘help’ me has been a huge motivator for me to get out there xx :-)))

  5. Christine says:

    I exercise 3-4 times a week, mostly high impact aerobics so I bounce around a lot ;)
    Over the years I have bought gear from everywhere. Though I buy tops from various different stores, I now only buy leggings from lululemon. So comfy and very flattering.
    I usually wait till the post Xmas sales to get them a bit cheaper. I have two pairs in rotation that I wash after each wear and one of those pairs is nearly three years old. In my opinion the $80 I spent three years ago is pretty good value cost per wear! Enjoy your exercise, it’s addictive!!

  6. Molly says:

    Somehow you manage to make that hanging bra look beautiful, Sara! I spend all my clothing $$ on exercise clothes & really am kind of picky as I am a marathon runner. Look at seams & fit are my two keys. If I don’t like the way it fits or think I’ll slim down in one area & like it otherwise, I try now to leave it in the store. I don’t wear things if I don’t like the way they fit around my middle. :)

  7. alison says:

    I sometimes buy Target 3/4 pants and sometimes hit Rebel during the sales for the more popular brands. I like thickish fabric for a better look and a highish waistband that is not too tight, or a fold-over waistband, otherwise I get instant muffin top.

    I am currently wearing some Lorna Jane cotton cut away singlet tops that are very comfortable.

    I don’t like any brand that has a huge name or logo plastered all over it.

    Generally, I’ll pay a reasonable amount for workout gear if it feels good and fits well. The old “cost per wear” factor. I see others in my classes sometimes wearing the really cheap stuff and it doesn’t often have a good fit, style or fabric so I think that this kind of workout gear can be false economy.

    Find a brand and style that fits and feels good, and stick to it.


  8. mel says:

    I have bought some Champion stuff from Rebel recently which are my current faves. A strappy seamless bra top, some running shorts and a hoody, all really well made and are performing really well. Tis not cheap, I’m always on the hunt for deals so I got the shorts and bra top both for $50! If I love it, I’ll want to wear it, fact! It’s such a great place to start with exercising, feeling hot as you walk out the door. Think every brand suits everyone differently but I always try tons on and get the ones that fit and I love the most.

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