How to Paint Furniture, and an easy makeover

Fri 13th, Sep, 2013

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Helloooooo, a quick Beach Cottage makeover today and talking how to paint furniture, it’s one of the things I get asked about a lot…how to paint old vintage things for a fresh coastal look…thing is it’s simple, easy and best of all you can work it into any style and it definitely doesn’t have to be white, or coastal shabby chic for that matter either.


So, when I was thinking about painting the tallboy chest of drawers at the weekend, I went to look at what paint was in the garage…no shortage of paint out there that is for sure, lots of different shades of white, you name it I’ve got it, old white, creamy white, vintage white, linen white, winter white, white with a hint of blue, and talking blues, yup, those are out there too and greys, seems to be rather a lot of greys out there…thinking I might have to get a magic wardrobe for the paint collection too ;-)

What I did have a lot of was what I call Frenchie grey, I don’t buy a particular brand but when I see one of those little cards and it feels like the grey I want I buy it.   I also always go to the paint section where they sell off those little pots of paint that people have had mixed up and then leave in the paint store or bring back unwanted…this is a little treasure trove of the DIY store, it’s like treasure hunting hardware style, I have bought lots and lots and lots of these – if you like to play with paint I highly recommend these, you do have to be prepared for a shock when you open the tin though…that colour that you thought was a light primrose yellow may actually turn out to be more bright lemon.

So this little stool was rescued, saved from landfill, a bit too modern for me, with a yellow varnish to the top (let’s not talk about yellow tinged wood right now, may not be a good idea for a woman who has a very large bright yellow deck on her hands), and shiny-ish white legs a bit like the owner save the shine.


I decided to try out a grey but also wanted some white so I painted the bottom of this stool with a grey – I used one of these little pots that someone had made a mistake with at the paint store which I picked up for a few bucks….


and I like it, I chucked it on and then scuffed over it with a dry paint brush to get nice marks, I think I might distress the bottom too.

If you want to know how to paint furniture I wrote a super easy How To Paint Furniture tutorial over here, or click the picture for my step-by-step vintage furniture painting tutorial


The top I went vintage old white, meaning a creamy white rather than the cooler white I normally go for in this old cottage….


Result?  Not bad for 5 minutes work, not bad for a free stool and not bad for a cast-off pot of paint.

What do you think?

Over and out girlfriends


 You can find the Beach Cottage full step-by-step tutorial on How to Paint Furniture over here – don’t worry it’s super super easy!  


Did you miss this week’s Beach Cottage Newsletter?  a special little Fashion postie went out to newsletter subscribers, I found a dress that works in all the right places in a shop you wouldn’t think would have a dress that did so many good things…love that…



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19 Responses to “How to Paint Furniture, and an easy makeover”

  1. Lucy Baker says:

    Missed your painting you lovely lady x

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh wow you never fail to impress me … one question? where did you get that beautiful curtain? I lurrrrvvvv it !

  3. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Bonjour Madame!!
    Tres chic. Marveilleux.
    More; Sil vous plait…
    Ps. Where is my newsletter?! I am oui subscribed.

  4. merilyn says:

    great photos as usual and love the look of the stool sarah! … good bargain too! lol m :)x

  5. I must say I am loving those curtains! Such a pop of pretty amongst the white! Xx

  6. Neen says:

    Phew one piece of yellow wood disguised !!
    Looks at home now, all vintage and beachy white ;0 Neen

  7. Alicia says:

    I love seeing the result, it looks amazing Sarah. I would ask how do you find the paint lasts without a primer? Modern paints are pretty good but I am curious. Also do you find that matt finishes feel more coastally, or gloss?

  8. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Yahoo some more yellow wood hidden away. I’ve got some bar stools that I was keen to bin because I thought painting over them would have been a major exercise, now looking at your tutorial it seems so easy so will have to give it a go. I also did not get your fashion newsletter and am a subscriber?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr BC is special isn’t he? You are one lucky woman to get away with your delightful stockpile of assorted white paints. Mr alison wouldn’t cope at all.


  10. Lusine says:

    That looks so lovely :), I love the idea of using it as an end table (as opposed to a stool to sit on). Beautiful photos as always!

  11. Zsuzsa says:

    Beautiful photos, and the stool looks great. I just painted two folding chairs a very bold turquoise-blue. I think my family is still in shock…

  12. Love the transformation on the stool. I am all about the easy peasy paint makeovers ;)

  13. Furnish says:

    Looking at a very nice table for my dining-room right now, but just seen
    a near identical table for sale at ikea however.
    Im lost with unassembled furniture though

  14. I have 3 stools on my secret side verandah just waiting to be painted! Love a white stool, so versatile!

  15. suzanne says:

    Hi Sarah
    Beautiful colours, its alive with that summer breezy feel. Can you say where you got the beautiful curtains. I would love you to do a post on beachy window dressing.. I am having the most difficult time trying to get a soft beachy window dressing look. I cannot find anything on the web with any good ideas. Your the only one.


  16. Jo says:

    Oh wow – have just discovered A Beach Cottage because I live in a cottage in Brookvale of all places and am planning on painting some furniture I found at Vinnie’s (near the mall). Anyway, I’ve been reading you for hours now & simply can’t put you down! There goes the time I had set aside for cleaning said furniture. Always tomorrow, I guess! Love love love your work Sarah!

  17. Natalie says:

    This is so lovely. Can you please tell me where you go those beautiful curtains from? Thank you.