Dressing up a Chest of Drawers Beach Cottage style

Wed 11th, Sep, 2013

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Good morning internet, good morning Beach Cottage ladies, feeling full of the joys of Spring today and popping in to show you a new old dresser tall boy…


So a while ago when I forced my husband to move all of our stuff out of our bedroom so that I could paint the lovely wooden floorboards white and then wondered what on earth I had done when everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong and the paint certainly did not do what it said it would do on the side of the can, I also decided it was time for new storage in our bedroom…it’s all very well liking a small 1940s magic wardrobe picked up from the side of the road on the way home from the beach, but on the practical front, absolutely rubbish.


So I started looking around at wardrobes, found nothing I liked really, nothing that grabbed me by the balls enough to make me part with my cash and carried on perusing…


Then I decided that the only way to go for me was fitted wardrobes…oh the possibilities!  Lots of shelves and nooks and crannies and organising bits and little hanging sections, oh my lordy yes yes yes!  I stalked the IKEA wardrobe department and various other stores that say they will fit these things in to that small space in the corner of the room where you sleep and change your life.

But there was a nagging in the back of my mind, yup I wanted storage but I cannot stand fitted wardrobes…hmmm conundrum.


And so all ideas went on the back burner and every day I whinge and moan that I don’t have enough storage, it’s particularly pretty in this old cottage when we are going out and I am running around in undies with no idea what to wear….I have to delve into the rammed full stacks of stuff to look for a dress.

And then there is the added problem of the daughter borrowing one’s clothes so at the point of looking for any item of clothing I know not if actually it is in fact in the wardrobe somewhere or scrunched up under her bed (she is good at making smoothies though so I think I will let her off).


So recently while vintage treasure hunting I came across this tall boy and picked it up for a song and while waiting for a more permanent solution to the bedroom storage problem thought this could work.

So I got her inside with all intentions of removing her knobs, showing her some love and painting her, perhaps, a frenchy distressed grey, or at least painting her fronts grey.

She was in pretty good condition for a pre-loved special, but I hoovered her out and disinfected with my beloved friend the bottle of Dettol and lined her drawers ….and then she sat there doing nothing.


Well actually nothing is not true, she gathered every available bit of cr*pola possible – you know how that seems to happen if you don’t have a purpose for something?  Books, clean laundry waiting to go away, jewellery, make-up bits, it all gathered up there on top of the tall boy almost taking on a life of its own.

And so at the weekend I declared enough and knew that a tiny bit of foofing would resolve this out of control area.

A few Beach Cottage things, some layering, a bit of foofing and bob is your coastal bedroom style uncle.

Not bad for a few bucks this one.  And now of course I am raring to go frenchie beachy grey.

Be seeing ya


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14 Responses to “Dressing up a Chest of Drawers Beach Cottage style”

  1. Beautiful pics, gorgeous styling, fantastic thrifting….but the puppy is still the winner for me!! x

  2. jen says:

    Hi Sarah
    Love your styling and cool vintage mirror. May I ask where you bought the lovely tan shoes from I really need summer shoes and these look nice not too high and great for the warmer weather!
    Jen :-)

  3. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    as always the house looks amazing, love what you have done with the dresser. Any chance you can disclose the name of the grey frenchie coloured paint you are talking about? Might be just what I need to mix things up a bit,partner not keen on to much white.

    • sarah says:

      Hi Jenny

      There isn’t a particular colour, I have lots of grey paint out there lol – I look out for those little pots – I think Dulux or British Paint do one called French Grey though but I water it down as it’s very dark, hth xx

  4. Karen says:

    It looks lovely, v nice styling and pix. Clutter-free always makes something feel more restful – I don’t suppose you fancy coming to Scotland and doing mine while you’re at it? :) x

    • sarah says:

      oh gosh if only you knew! I would LOVE to come up and see your beeeeeyouteeefull country again …bit of a long hike now ;-)

  5. Eva says:

    Sarah this looks so serene and calm! I LOVE how you’ve combined just the right elements to create such a beauty. The bottles are perfect, reminds me on message in a bottle. Complete beach makeover! LOVE it!


  6. merilyn says:

    looks great as usual and I certainly noticed those lovely shoes honey!
    that will perk you up after the deck saga!
    which isn’t really that bad in the scheme of things! … or is it???
    won’t go there! … lol m:)x

  7. Kathryn Besanko says:

    Hi Sarah, I could hug you – everything you comment on rings true with me, I have all types of shabby recycled tip reclaimed furniture painted white and really should move on to fitted cabinetry for ease of storage and less frustration of how things fit – but I just can’t part with my lovelies. I am leaning to the odd black piece these days and about to spray a set of drawers silver with brass shell knobs found on ebay. xx