beach house sofa

Fri 6th, Sep, 2013

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Good afternoon Beach Cottage friends!


Ahhh my sofa, call me old and saggy and woman with such an exciting life, but every Friday I do a big clean up of this old cottage, crack out the Dettol, tidy up the Sitting Room and I look forward to a night with her and a nicely dressed table, yes I look forward to a night with a sofa…


She’s a teenager now, she’s soft, sinkable and comfy, she used to be very white, but now she’s showing a bit of love.


She epitomizes to me beach cottage things and how I wanted this old cottage to feel when I was thinking about beach house decor when you walked through the front door – bare floorboards not too precious for sandy feet, old vintage furniture with marks of life, heaps of washed linens, soft nautical stripes, open windows, shabby old wooden chairs propped here and there, cool coastal colours, simple flowers in big old jugs, a mismatch of lamps, fisherman’s baskets, crocheted throws and coir rugs…


When I decorated this house I wanted it to be white and airy and coastal but also to show us, the things I’ve gathered, things I love, not all new and perfect…and she is part of that…travelled overseas literally over the oceans to a new life with our family, casual and not perfect…

She’s wearing the softness of time now, she’s a bit on the tired side but boy does she welcome you after a hard day.


Recently after she got adopted by a sweet pup by the name of Barls she thought she might not make it through the extra love, so now I like to dress her up.

Today she’s had a primp, a fluff and a plump and is sporting a beachy Turkish towel on her mid-driff.


And very soon she will also be sporting a woman with a rather wobbly upper arm lifting a Limoncello

Good-day to you all


p.s. wow the response to the fashion post on printed harem pants on the Beach Cottage Newsletter was huge, who knew there was a world of forties out there who wanted to try them!   I hope that I made it back to everyone who has emailed me today – if I missed you, and you wanted deets of where I got my harem pants with a nice fit and an even better price I’ll get back to you as soon as I can  - it’s busy in my inbox right now lol :-)

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9 Responses to “beach house sofa”

  1. Nola says:

    I to look forward to Friday night. Love lighting lots of candles and curling up on my sofa with my ipad and reading your beautiful blog. Since getting my ipad I love spending time catching up on all thing to do with homes and decor. Your house is so lovely and look forward to new posts. Have a great weekend!

  2. Marie says:

    I love your style and attitude to life Sarah – a few of my friends here in Ireland love dipping into your Blog – our only gripe is that you make us want to jump on a plane and move to the Lucky Country. That old sofa looks pretty darned perfect to me. Have a lovely weekend.

    Marie x

  3. Victoria says:

    Hi Sarah.I’m wondering where to purchase the harem pants you have?.Have paid way too much for a pair and don’t want to ever again.We live on Gold Coast and regularly go to Byron and surrounds,how great is it.Thanks,Victoria.

  4. merilyn says:

    this 60′s is the new 50′s woman and she loves harem pants!
    she had them the first time around and when she did belly dancing for 4 years (a couple of years ago)
    and she will be getting more … she likes to keep them very flat around the waist area or else they could make her look too dumpy!!! thanx sarah lol m:)x

  5. Anonymous says:

    Again I love your photos. Thanks for the joy they deliver.

    I used to focus on how my decor looked but have recently focussed on how things make me feel when buying or arranging things for my home.


  6. Mog says:

    Your sofa is absolutely lovely, all covered with beachy pillows. It would look perfect with Barls on it as he is so cute. Much better than mine, I have to wash the slip covers often cause it gets covered with cat hair. Not much fun, I prefer lounging.