a beach cottage postcard

Mon 23rd, Sep, 2013

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Morning!  Happy Monday!  I’m away on a little beach cottage break on the Sunshine Coast at the moment, it’s fabulous and the weather has been divine for us so far…here are a few pics from my iphone lately, I have been snapping a lot that is for sure! 


I’ve been busy doing not too much, funny how that happens when you are on holiday…strolling with a coffee, lazing on the beach, we had a delicious bbq lunch yesterday by the pool, mooching in the shops, sun toasting, the time is flying past…


Today I am off for lunch inland a bit and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the countryside – big girl’s camera is charged…


Have a wonderful start to the week Beach Cottage lovelies …

20130923-04-beach-cottage-blog2 20130923-05-a-beach-cottage-blog-coastal-nautical-beachy-australia

Love from the Sunshine Coast, she’s living up to her name thank you very much






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8 Responses to “a beach cottage postcard”

  1. mel says:

    Gorgeous photos Sarah, it is gorgeous on the Sunny Coast but you make it look even more gorgeous with your photos. Have fun snapping more today :)

  2. Fleur says:

    Welcome to the Sunny Coast – hope to see you up in Noosa soon xx

  3. You are extremely lucky with the weather. Bring on lunch today!

  4. merilyn says:

    superb! … looks like noosa to me!
    love it! … my daughter lives in the hinterland and that whole region is gorgeous!
    looks like nikki is looking after you, so she will know about the markets and Tewantin wharf stuff …
    lots of great things to see and do … or just chill … all sounds good , so have a great time sarah!
    lol m:)x

  5. bec says:

    welcome to my world!….it sure is beautiful.
    Bec x

  6. Beck says:

    Looks beautiful! Warm and bright, a great start to spring and summer. Do you use a specific app to get the photo montage? I love it, any suggestions would be appreciated (and not treated as an endorsement!)

  7. jenny s says:

    Looks fab Sarah! If you get a chance to visit the Spirit House restaurant & cook school – do it! The most beautiful Thai food in the most serene but stunning setting. I & my family were blown away! They grow a lot of their own ingredients & herbs. Its inland from the Sunshine Coast at Yandina. SO worth a visit – complete with friendly water dragons in the gorgeous man made lagoon! Enjoy your break :)

  8. Deb says:

    The place looks fabulous! Can I come, too?