Beach Cottage Makeover, Deck Renovation, it’s not pretty yellow

Mon 9th, Sep, 2013

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Good evening Beach Cottage friends from my very large deck.  My very large yellow deck.

Sigh it’s all going well here, but in the middle of a manic weekend with the kiddos (can someone tell me if in the not too distant future I will have a weekend that does not include copious amounts of kiddos activities and appointments?  thanks kindly) we had to, according to our lovely tradie, oil the deck…

these are the steps of the deck without oil

this is after the removal of the old decking



this the new screening to the side – it’s not over-looked but I wanted it to feel cosy and for there still to be a ‘corner’


this where the yellow has faded a bit


Now I am sure you are aware that yellow or orange or bottle green as this deck was when we inherited this cottage was not, in any shape or form, on the agenda for the colour of  this new decking.

So while taxi-driving my offspring to various far corners of NSW I was instructing my lovely husbo over the phone as to the colour of the oil to be purchased.  You see my first choice was what was there before, the painted grey look that I liked a lot…easy to clean and didn’t show up too much dirt, only a putty and white striped puppy’s footprints occasionally and popped with lots of white.

There were a few problems with the painting of deck scenario

1. lovely husbo refused to pay for installation of new deck and then have to paint wood

2. I could see his point

3. that would mean I would have to do it

4. too busy taxi driving

5. and wearing harem pants

So we settled on a coloured stain, the problem was that I hadn’t had time to go look at the stain and after much conflab on various shades of grey and me wondering if really he has any clue on colours, we decided to go for ‘natural’.

Which as it happens turns out to be natural yellow.   Was seriously not loving natural yello on Saturday arvo as husbo was walking around in socks with a sheepskin covered brush.

It’s now faded a bit and not looking quite so…yellow.

It won’t be staying this colour that is for sure.

If you see a woman in a pair of patterned harem pants deliberating over the shades of grey deck oil in the local hardware store, I’ll give you a little tip, do not approach especially if she has a white-washed oar about her person.

Good night


p.s. many apologies if you haven’t heard from me re the pants, I’ll be getting back to you tomorrow xx


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(I truly truly live with this God, I know, so hard)

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31 Responses to “Beach Cottage Makeover, Deck Renovation, it’s not pretty yellow”

  1. Oh poo about the yellow. It’s really not too bad but I see where you’re coming from. I also know you’ll have it looking fab in no time!! Back to the harem pants…..looking forward to more forties fashion!! Not that it applies to me of course….ahem ahem…xx

  2. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Allo Mrs BC
    Yup yellow not noice! Hmmm..
    Greyish frenchy tones, very very noice!!
    Go forth …I urge you to transform this BC extra large deck into a cool grey/ whitish deck….

  3. suzy says:

    Hi Sarah
    I’ll be very interested to see what you decide to use on your new decking as I have exactly the same problem though my decking was already pressure treated a yellow colour and will fade over the next couple of years – I just don’t want to wait that long! I found this grey oil but don’t know if you can get it in Oz and it seems expensive http://www.silvatimber.co.uk/wood-care/sioo-impregnation-solution.html
    Suzy xxx

    • sarah says:

      thanks for the link, looks interesting – I have seen a grey oil stain, not sure of the brand but will report back x

  4. Jan Withers says:

    I would be interested how the grey oil stain goes Sarah – just about to stain our deck and don’t like the yellow look either. Thanks. X

  5. Kim Buca says:

    omgg! sarah we redid the deck here in our cottage by the lake a few months ago and it was exactly that color which I renamed baby diaper diarrheah lol! I didn’t like it at all!!! hubby insisted it was a honey oak! I was like uhhh honey that is NOT honey oak!! oak is NOT yellow!!!! I hated it for a few days but then it lightened up and now it is not so bad! shhh don’t tell hubby I said that!!!it has started to grow on me! deck is looking lovely sarah! have a g’day!

  6. Kate says:

    Love that the dog is checking out the decking too !

  7. katerina says:

    Tradies and husbands NEVER seem to get it do they ? ! Sarah I really think u would do well to consider an overseas Asian student to help you out with the kiddos…..i know someone doing so….the Japanese girl is great….They only have her for about 5 hrs a week ..in one hit, and although it doesnt sound much , if you plan really well , you can get a LOT done without them in 5 hrs…anyhoo just sayin….btw they are NOT rich ….the girl is happy to get a little money . Moreover she’s happy to hang out and get to practise her English at ground roots level….she laughs a lot and the kids think shes excellent…..think about it…. xxxx

  8. jody says:

    the year of deck blunders, i had not one but two such unhappy experiences!
    while away from home,
    one – an upper deck was repaired in a ghastly ugly way with a hideous brace that now will be easy crash into and bonk my head.
    two, stained such an ugly brown, i decided i could not live with the color, and found a great grayish taupe. initially i felt guilty even thinking of repainting/restaining. but, i live here, see the porch umteen times a day…so why not be pleased with it. the new color is a benjamin moore, and blends in with the dull gray bark on our oak trees here in florida.
    Sarah, i hope your yellow mellows to a color you like, if not, think what will make you happier on a daily basis. and then enjoy. you will love your new deck! xo jody

  9. I believe men and women don’t have the same eyes as far as colour is concerned. I told a friend I was going to paint my kitchen a light sea green. He told me not to buy any paint, he had just what I needed and he came back with a bright kiwi kind of green!!! I bought my own paint, of course!

  10. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m with you re the colour of the deck, not liking the yellow at all. I’ve had a bad experience with letting males choose paint/stain colours before, so know who you are feeling.Even though it may take some effort and money to get it how you want it, I think it will be worth it in the long run.

  11. Kathryn Besanko says:

    Hi Sarah your dilemma is a repeat performance of my sister’s, my darling man created a huge deck, sis stained it with consultation from the Paint Shop people and you guessed it the same yellow, it is now grey but after much effort & repainting. I have lots of decking and I have stained it all black, although that fades but is easy to re do every year. From your photos it looks like you have used pine which is a lot lighter than merbau. Like you, I love the natural faded grey look but keep the timber does need protection. Next time make sure they sell you a grey that will cover what is already on it. pps I just bought a 3 metre big blow up pool with filter & cover for $80.00 from Kmart to sit on our llarge outdoor deck currently under construction in prep for the hot summer nights that are on the way, we are putting extra strengthening on the deck to take the weight, sounds rather dorky but we hade a big pool in the last house and never used it, but took forever to maintain.

    Have a happy Tuesday

  12. Di says:

    Hi Sarah
    I had the same trouble. I looked EVERYWHERE for a suitable “coating” – I wanted clear. No such animal I’m afraid. So we used Ultradeck and it wasnt too bad, not too good either. However, I purchased one of those ‘plastic’mats and it looks good and covers the yucky yellow colour. And I can change the mat whenever I like to a different colour. Like all things, it will grow on you when you dont have a choice!!!

  13. Debbie says:

    We just built a larger deck across the back of our house (we’ve been referring to it as “mega-deck” and stained it Cape Cod grey (Cape Cod is a peninsula located in Massachusetts on the east coast of the US). It’s very weathered looking and ages wonderfully as the old deck was also this color. We reroll the stain every two years… everything fades with time, so your yellow isn’t permanent even if you don’t get a quick fix. Good luck and hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing some lovely pictures.

  14. Kat says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am now really intrigued about the harem pants. It seems I missed that post and I also didn’t receive my bc newsletter, so pleasen enlighten me?!
    You always wear such lovely things and I am on the lookout for some patterned pants at a good price, so would love to find out about yours.
    Argh the stress of getting the deck colour right. I will keep this in mind when we need to do our deck.
    Goodluck finding the right shade :)

  15. Neen says:

    Oh Sarah I feel your pain, our floorboards are orange I DO NOT LIKE THEM AT ALL. Funny how hubby and I see a different colour when we comment about the floors, he sees beautifully aged floors, I see ORANGE FLOORBOARDS. Sorry to shout but reeeeeeaaaallllly annoys me !!
    The deck here was magnificent for two years, then we ( hubby) re-stained it and YUCK it’s a mission brown colour, it was a really thick coverage YUCK YUCK YUCK.
    Aaaaargh this subject gets me ready to jump on my broomstick…….time for a cup of tea before kiddos arrive home….
    Great post to let me vent……thankyou… ;0 Neen

  16. Sarah, your pain is palpable… try having a dear husband who likes to paint rooms with the leftover seconds etc that Bunnings sell off cheaply. He loves those paints .. I have a bright yellow and pea soup bathroom and toilet. It is a colour tragedy. Lucky I am pulling the house down in the next 12 months and have suggested he go and buy another project house for himself and paint it what ever he wants.Sometime I wonder whether the male eye lens has a different colour filter. Good luck with the fading but the deck looks great. Enjoy

  17. merilyn says:

    O..K..!! … i’m with you honey in harem pants! … hate anything resembling 70′s pine looking!
    men don’t get it though! … all along I have loved that grey you had and begged you for info on it!!
    I know you can get a grey washed look which has been nice and subtle, we put it on our deck years ago …
    it’s called INTERGRAIN timber finish and you still see the knots in the timber, which is nice, right?
    but now that you’ve oiled it, you might have to wait until it’s weathered a bit … good luck! lol m:)x

  18. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness. All those sad deck painting tales. They are very reassuring though, because I no longer feel alone in my paint and stain colour chart dramas and disasters.

    Now…Sarah, pleeease enjoy the taxi-mum stage because next stage is when they drive themselves or get lifts with their friends!!! Nail biting and sleep depriving stuff. You will emerge from this stage of your life and before you know it, enter another stage full of challenges you never dreamed of. You see it doesn’t get easier, just different.

    alison xo

  19. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Good luck with the deck colour i am sure you will find the t=right colour soon and it will fade and be lovely anyway x