a beach cottage ocean moment

Mon 16th, Sep, 2013

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Morning Beach Cottage lovelies and hello from my iPhone :-0) 

When I was walking by the ocean recently I stopped to look out to sea, a beautiful coastal Australian day…this surfer jogged past, not trying to be trendy or done up in all the right gear…just her and her board…she stopped and paused, looked out at the sea looking for the waves

a moment that struck me right between the eyes, it was just her, her wettie, her board and the sea…

….and a fabulous Australian sky…

it’s great to get out there with nature, cheap therapy in my book, what have you done lately to connect with the beauties all around us to brighten up the day?

see you soon, I’ll be back with a mason jar tutorial, you’re gonna love xo


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15 Responses to “a beach cottage ocean moment”

  1. MyOodle says:

    Love that you bring me my dose of Aussieness each week, I don’t need to feel the water just need to see it. Everything is all right with the world when I can see the beach just like this.

  2. Oh how I love this pic!! Bring on Summer and beach holidays I say!! xx

  3. Deb H says:

    Just read an encouraging word from a fb Friend and she said to think of something very positive before going to bed. I think your photo is all the positivity I need to sleep well tonight. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography…Your blessed to have such beautiful scenery to photograph.

  4. Emily says:

    So lovely. What a stunning sky. Yes, there’s nothing more therapeutic than the sound and sight of the ocean!

  5. Shirley says:

    Great shot! Penny for her thoughts, eh?

  6. alison says:

    I get a real thrill out of nature every single day.

    Yesterday I watched a group of long legged water birds, including chicks, on a very, very tiny crowded island, as they went about life on the river at Audley in theThe Royal National Park. As we walked back to our car I was silenced by the beauty of the huge pale trunked deciduous trees with new growth, the carpet of light green grass underneath that included a scattering of deep green grass tufts.

    Later at home I had the joy of watching two rainbow lorikeets having fun in my grevillea flowers directly outside my window.


  7. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,
    To end a crazy we of running around after the family I decided that an aftenoon at the beach was well deserved, its a place that always charges my batteries, just need to make sure I take the time. It was amazing how just a couple of hours chilling in the sun with a book and the camera totally relaxed me and I felt as though I had been there all day. So thanks for putting up your amazing pictures of your trips to to beach they have made me stop and think about doing this for myself also.

  8. merilyn says:

    always inspirational sarah!
    I thought it was you being a brave surfer girl! … (without my glasses on)
    the beach is always healing for me and my spirit. love m:)x

  9. Lassiegirl says:

    Wow, that makes me want to be her right now…she looks about 20, too, which I wouldn’t mind being again, at least for awhile. I, too, must have a dose of nature daily and so enjoy my little patch of it in our backyard. It’s the reason we have put so many trees and plants in it – to block out the crazy of the world and indulge in our very own private sanctuary. Love to just sit and gently rock on the back patio swing while little nature sounds like birds and the breeze in the tree leaves, quietly speak up through the peacefulness of that little yard.

    • sarah says:

      oh yes I love doing that too :-)

      she was more like 40 and looked like she had spent her life in the surf, loved that x

  10. Kim says:

    Beautiful Sarah! (Very different sky to yesterday/today though, but the garden has certainly needed the rain!).
    Must say, you’ve party inspired me lately to create my own blog about my little ‘peace of heaven’ on our gorgeous Northern Beaches. It’s very rough at the moment, but thanks to your blog tutorial I purchased recently, I hope to be able to learn a lot more and ‘pretty it up’ soon!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Kim x

  11. Lusine says:

    Aren’t those moments the best when you remember to step back and appreciate nature! Such a stunning view, Australia has long been on my list of places I must visit :)