A Beach Cottage, the new deck

Tue 3rd, Sep, 2013

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Morning from Sydney, another stunning start to a new Spring day here, I’ve been for a walk by the sea with Barls followed by some yoga stretches, so good to stretch out the bones is it not?  Want to see how my new beach cottage deck is going?  

So a little update on the progress of the deck….I have to say this is quite a big job…but as it progresses it is looking like it will be a good addition to this old cottage.

I was recently reading in the newspaper that the deck is the quintessential part of the Australian home, I have to agree somewhat, we use ours all year round, and for dining and entertaining it’s only a few months in the Winter at night, when it does get too chilly to sit out there, that we are not on the deck in some form or another.  To be honest it’s one of the reasons we wanted to move to Australia and one of the reasons we bought this old cottage – outdoor lifestyle and living was top of our list.

So this new deck?   Well basically this is an extension to the old deck into a part of the garden which is pretty much a space we were not using so was crying out for decking….

The new deck will be utilizing some of the old deck base with new balustrades throughout and new boards throughout – I did want to save the old boarding on the existing deck but after lots of thoughts and the fact that they do not make the boarding in the same size any longer we decided to go with it all replaced…bittersweet for me, I feel quite attached to the old deck, I know that’s silly but I feel it’s seen a lot of our new life in Aus.

The garden is a complete mess – there are lots of temporary ‘pots’ for all the plants we dug up, things I had planted and loved to life and generally just builder’s stuff, rubble around and the old decking posts and balustrade piled up – and this lovely tradie is very tidy…which is a touch because I would wring his neck if he weren’t.

I must say I am little on the stressy side with all this, work in the house, dust, mess, bottom line it doesn’t normally bother me too much (obviously or we wouldn’t have taken on the rattiest old cottage in Australia) but I do feel a bit on the out of sorts side with the garden being an utter mess…funny you would think it being outside and the fact that you can shut the door on it would mean that it doesn’t matter????


It was quite a hard job to dig out the foundations – it didn’t seem to bother my little photobombing pup though ;-)


These old steps were underneath and will be covered with the new decking…




And this is where we are about at for now.

Next step is to remove the old floor boards from this section and over the other side where the barbecue is…


There is a tonne of sawing and drilling and banging in these parts.

What do you think so far and will you be visiting with chammomile tea to calm zee nerves?

Remember to breathe Mrs Beach Cottage, b r e a t h e.




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34 Responses to “A Beach Cottage, the new deck”

  1. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Bonjour Madame Beach Cottage!!
    I have not been to visit in this past week…apologies. My dearest sweetest daddy passed away and life has taken on a sad fog. This morning I opened up to this post…and oui life does go on. People are living their lives, building decks, walking dogs, eating home grown veg, making tea, buying clothes…celebrating life. So, Mme oui breathe…cherish each other and find joy in all you have…the mess, the upheaval, the ratty sad garden…because there is renewal after all of this….and it’s in colours/ in scents /in smiles and in the love in your hearts. God bless.
    P.s OUI I shall arrive with zee chamomile tea zee limoncello and zee basil and lemongrass tea too.

  2. Selby says:

    Your new deck looks great & as you say will be perfect as a hangout come chrissie holidays:)

    Know what you mean about getting sentimental …I’m prone to that too:) Was just thinking if you wanted maybe you could save a few small pieces of the old decking board & repurpose as a coat rack or picture frame or some other cute bc style thing & then you get to have the deck looking swish but also keep a touch of the old boards that have seen so much as you say of your family history here ..any who just an idea.

  3. Neen says:

    WOW what a huge change/mess, thinking chamomile tea is not strong enough ! Looks great though, doubles your entertaining/ foofing capapcity. Think about the enjoyment it will bring and soak in the bath OFTEN !!
    Keep us posted please , Neen ;0

  4. Karen says:

    It won’t be long before you’re sitting on the new deck with a glass of something in your hand! It’ll look grand very soon, with lots of foofing to be done to make it look all pretty. You could even hold discos on it, in a 1990s style, and charge folk for the privilege – imagine your kids’ faces if you did that, heh heh…. ;) x

  5. alison says:

    Only this morning I was asking myself if it was pathetic to want to secretly keep one old floor tile and one old wall tile from our ensuite reno. I feel ok now.

    Have you ever asked a Kiwi to use the word “deck” in a sentence? It’s hilarious, to an Aussie anyway.


    • sarah says:

      I can imagine what it sounds like they say ;-)

      Funny really, when I was on honeymoon all those moons ago we met a couple from New Zealand, back then in my naivety I assumed, of course, they were kiwis…I can’t understand how I couldn’t tell the difference! Now it jumps out a mile off…says she who sounds so Aussie…not hahhhahhah

    • Jenny McAteer says:

      Us Kiwi’s say the same thing about how the Aussie’s say things.

  6. Kate says:

    I complete understand the little niggly stressy feelings whenever DIY is being done – I LOVE all things like that but just can’t do the messy, unordered bit. Probably makes me sound a bit obsessively neuriotic !!

  7. That looks huge!! You are going to LOVE it!!

  8. luckily it’s summer coming and your plants will have lots of time to adjust to their new homes~
    sounds like your deck will be well loved and your memories of the old deck will meld into happy moments of now

  9. Fanni says:

    Hand on my heart, i followw your blog almost wvery day but… So you sell your house and buy a new one nowdays ir is this the same what we read/you write about since the blog exists?? :D

  10. Fanni says:

    Sorry some extra letters came to my sentence and i just forgot put my question into past o.O .. Can imagine how it sounds now :D

  11. marcia says:

    How lucky for you to have such a handy husband! I mean that seriously…LOL!!! My sweet hubby, well…not so much. It’s OK. I still adore him. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished Sarah!

  12. Jenny McAteer says:

    HI Sarah,

    From looking at the photo’s I think all of the stress will be worth it in the end, won’t be long until you are relaxing in your favourite chair with glass and a good book.We are landscaping out the back to make a special area to sit and seeing your photo’s has given me the push to get stuck in and get it finished so that we can enjoy the warmer weather.

  13. Jenny Bowman says:

    Well sitting here this evening on my little summer house deck I would gladly exchange the mess for the fabulous addition you will soon have. And having read your blog for some time I am sure you are already planning great things as far as decorating it is concerned!

  14. lg says:

    Looks like there will be plenty of room for dancing on that new deck!!!

  15. Amanda says:

    This is going to be so lovely …can just imagine it all finished with your Beach Cottage style.
    I am so with you on the workman thing …not sure I could cope with such a big project !

  16. Kelli says:

    Hi Sarah,

    That deck looks FABULOUS! I bet you can’t wait to enjoy it.
    This was supposed to be the big summer project for my house. Of course, it hasn’t happened yet. Fortunately there are still a few months before winter sets in here in Ohio, USA.

    take care,

  17. Anna says:

    Sarah, the new deck is fabulous! Hang in there. It will be done soon.

  18. Petra says:

    Oh, it’s just reminded me what our little back garden will look like shortly – we’re about to start ours!!! With regards the harem pants – glad you found some you like – me personally, I just can’t do it!!! :-)

  19. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    it will be so worth it Sarah it will be amazing to have a big deck,you will love it x