Beach Cottage Barley

Wed 11th, Sep, 2013

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Hello Beach Cottage people, just to let you know I am still holding the fort here in Beach Cottage Land and enjoying my life lazing around on white beds, snoozing, cuddling women in their forties, going for walks down the beach and getting home-cooked chicken dinners.  It’s a dog’s life for sure.

love Barls xoxoxo



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9 Responses to “Beach Cottage Barley”

  1. MyOodle says:

    You should post your home-cooked chicken dinner recipe Barley, I’m sure Jet Cavoodle would love me to try it out for him. Always good to see you Barley, you combine my two favourite things…..Cavoodles and your Mum’s photography :)

    • sarah says:

      thanks, I’m working on perfecting the DIY dog recipes – never ever thought I would say that either hahah x

  2. Min says:

    Hello there Barley! We adore you here all the way from Brisbane. The two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that live here in our house say “wooffallo* (translated as HELLO) to you and applaud your efforts at finding the best snooze spots in the beach cottage. Keep it up!! :-)

  3. merilyn says:

    barls is one adorable puppy! … always ensconced beautifully lol m:)x

  4. Dear Barley,
    Your bed looks gorgeous, do you sometimes share it with humans? At night, I share mine with my human and sometimes she complains that I take all the covers! Who is she kidding, she’s bigger than I am!
    Shadow, the true Little White House master!

    • sarah says:

      haha no I am not allowed but I jump up there whenever no-one is looking – actually I have my own room ;-) with a little house, a white quilt and a blue polka dot bed – every night I pop off there until the morning xoxx

  5. shar y says:

    The Barls is back!!