did anyone say super easy super energy KitchenAid smoothie recipe?

Wed 21st, Aug, 2013

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Well hello happy days of smoothie making and smoothie recipes with a boom boom de boom today here in Beach Cottage Land.  Oh I’m feeling all bright and breezy and full of beans today, woohoo to that…I’m sitting in a little sunny spot with my little dahhhhling, no that is not my husband, or indeed one of my kiddos but my lovely Barley…yup I’ve turned into one of those people…the mad dog lady who talks to her dog as if it is her fifth child.

 Yup I be her, dressing him in putty and white stripe jumpers and scavenging the net for, someone please somewhere who makes pet accessories that speak to my soul.


Anyway here I am this morning with a smoothie for your guts.  If your guts, or indeed your buds (as in taste) are a leetle bit on zee delicate side I am thinking you may want to just look at these pictures while eating chocolate and pretend you are all healthy and full of vitamins and all of those things…because while this is good for yee guts, you indeed need guts to down it in one.  Not that I have ever downed anything in one of course.  Ho ho ho would I, woman who wafts around surrounded in white, ever partake in the downing of anything in one?  Gosh no! ;-)


If on the other hand you are wanting less Muffin Top and more energy in your life, well then gangbust yourself to the nearest blender and start pulsing, cos by golly oh gosh this one gives you zing de zing.


Talking of blenders we may or may not have a new KitchenAid addition to this old cottage…I mean hello those of you who have logged onto this blog for a while now will know I’ve waited long enough for this collection….surely then at that time of year when one looks in the mirror, sees another wrinkle and says goodbye to another chance to ever wear a sleeveless top again aka my birthday, a white KitchenAid it had to be…all joking aside I have been using a $10 blender for over a year for these smoothie things, and it’s been fine… before I invested (or indeed my hubby invested for my special day, just call me a princess) in a big girl’s big ticket one….I’ll be presenting my findings on the improvement or lack thereof of the KitchenAid blender rocking in in Australia at $250 (!!!!!, boy are we getting ripped off down here) compared to the $10 el cheapo brand very soon…so far it’s interesting.



Soooo I have been smoothie making for a while now and I have to say it’s very nice to know that throwing one of these down mid-morning means I’ve got some good stuff in despite what else goes on (or doesn’t more like) for the rest of the day.


This is a combo that does it for me, I do go a bit more hardcore too with just green stuff but I love the strawberries in this one…amounts are approximate – for my smoothie recipes and smoothie making I eyeball it all the way to the bank…you can’t really go wrong

 easy smoothie recipe

1 handful of strawberries (about a cup, fresh or frozen)

1 handful of Parsley (ditto above)

1/2 cucumber

1 cup of liquid – for this one I used raspberry & acai juice (bought in cartons) but mostly I use coconut water

few cubes of ice

a few springs of garden herbs


1. throw all in the blender and zap


* I buy coconut water in cans or cartons and one lasts me a few of these smoothies  * a teaspoon of honey doesn’t go amiss if you need a sweetness boost


So tell me, are you into smoothies too???  What’s your fave smoothie recipe if you have one…love to know…

oh and tweet tweet a little birdie told me that a certain blog from the beaches of Sydney might just be giving away a certain little KitchenAid blender this week…you know you want to ;-) hahahhahaha, stay tuned my lovelies, Beach Cottage Giveaway time coming right on up this week….

Goodbye, goodbye, boogeye

S xx

talking of tarts, pies and galettes, which we are not talking of but I am in a weird mood so whateverrrrrrrrrr, go here for my Galette recipe, it rocks the vicar’s socks off I’m telling ya – btw have you ever ripped off a vicar’s socks????? that would be an interesting comment in my comments section today now ladies of zee web wouldn’t it.




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11 Responses to “did anyone say super easy super energy KitchenAid smoothie recipe?”

  1. Motherofluvlies says:

    Morning Sara..back from Camping in France Spain and Switzerland and lovely to catch up with you again :) feeling motivated myself and inspired by your home as always.Not quite ready to start the healthy muffin reducing yet but gearing up ;)
    light is the key to your kitchen I believe…..now Sara how do you keep clutter free?and…totally changing the subject ..my daughter has got herself a permanent job in Brisbane…she has totally fallen for Oz and doesn’t want to come back…she loves the positivity,the sunshine and the lifestyle ….I don’t think I can quite justify a kitchen aid but it does look loverly

    • sarah says:

      oh my! camping in France, Spain and Switzerland??? can you send me some Brie, chorizo and chocolate please ;-)

      hmmm I try to keep clutter free by regular culling, though I am not that good at not collecting which makes culling tricky lol

      I don’t blame your daughter for falling for Brisbane….I fell for Australia hook line and sinker xooxoxox

  2. Laura says:

    Here in the States Kitchenaid have brought out their Pro Line series. I’m currently coveting the electric kettle. The hubby has said he’ll buy it me for Christmas… There used to be a time when I’d get fancy things for me… Now I get appliances! Oh, and while I was in Sydney my favorite juice was th Aussie Atheletic (from a juice bar over in Potts Point Verjuiceria) it was apple, pineapple, & mint, with a shot of wheatgrass. Delicious!

    • sarah says:

      oh would you look at that kettle!!!! on my list it goes lol :-)

      I haven’t heard of that juice bar…nice part of Sydney, I am wondering how much that juice set you back indeedy xxoxox

  3. Erin says:

    Hi Sarah, about 6 weeks ago I started making my 13 year old a smoothie every morning to help with her skin problems. Can’t believe I’m actually getting avocado, cucumber, spinach, blueberries, strawbs, chia seeds, a whole orange and Greek yoghurt, plus an opened probiotic capsule, into her before she leaves the house every day. Amazing! It’s like eating a super salad for brekky! Don’t mind a cupful myself…yum.

  4. Rukmini Roy says:

    I swear by this smoothie and this is a coolant + blood purifier + has digestive properties. On a hot summer day, after a whole lotta gardening, a glass of this could really pep you up.
    low fat yogurt
    fresh coriander
    fresh mint
    a pinch of salt
    a pinch of pepper
    3-4 slices of cucumber

    Blitz, Ice, go :)

    also, yogurt, vanilla, beetroot and strawberry. That’s one more we swear by :)

  5. shar y says:

    I call them green smoothies and I love them! Some folks are weirded out by the color, but not me! I usually do about 2 handfuls of spinach plus several fruits. I like to put at least half a banana in for the creamy factory. Then blueberries or strawberries or pears or whatever is on hand. Have not tried it with yogurt but I am sure its’ good. I also throw in a bit of slivered almonds, I like the crunch! I just like the fact that I can get all of the fruits and veggies in such a quick way! And, of course, I make them in my white KA blender!

  6. Selby says:

    Hehe that sounds pretty full on for first thing in the morning- but it sure does look beautiful:)

  7. alison says:

    Call me boring but I just love blending low fat soya milk with a frozen banana. Cold, creamy and delicious.


  8. Deb from Maine says:

    My favorite is banana/strawberry “ice cream” – a cup of frozen strawberries, 3 frozen bananas, a tsp. of vanilla extract, and a half cup of coconut milk, or more to your taste. That makes about 4 servings. I freeze whatever is left over, and eat it throughout the week for a yummy treat!

  9. REFRESHINGLY AMMMMAAAZZZING! I have always been a fan of yummy smoothies because of their naturally delish taste and also because of less calories.
    One question: Could you please recommend something else, if I don’t use cucumber? My boy friend doesnot like cucumber and I was thinking of making it for him. But with some other substitute. Could you suggest?

    Jessica x