Don’t Mind Doing it for the Kids, Beach Cottage does Byron

Mon 26th, Aug, 2013

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Well G’day, happy Monday lovely Beach Cottage friends!  I’ve been on a little trip up the coast to Northern NSW this weekend for my birthday.

I’ve been to quite a few places up this way for various sporting activities with the Beach Cottage Crew but somehow the lovely Byron and all that goes with it has escaped me – many people have told me I would love Byron….how right they were.


At the beginning of the year I decided that this would be the year I did more for me, that sounds a tad on the Princessy side doesn’t it, but quite frankly I couldn’t give a flying hoot if it does or not, I have to tell you that I am positively embracing it…


So with an upcoming birthday, not getting any younger,  with or without muffin top and after years of watching another of my birthdays going past without doing anything other than not having to unload the dishwasher on that day, I announced to the world that not only would a new KitchenAid be gracing the shores of this old cottage but two of its members would be gracing the shores of another seaside town for the weekend.   A re-charge weekend for Mr and Mrs BC.  Hello Byron Bay.

20130826-04-beach-cottage-coastal 20130826-06-beach-cottage-coastal-abeachcottage.com_ 20130826-05-a-beach-cottage-coastal-blog-abeachcottage.com-blogger-nautical-decor1

We had a fabulous time doing not much but going for lunch, walking around looking at old buildings, driving around lush countryside that reminded me strangely (because the sky was pure Aussie blue) of the Old Country, going to the markets, lazing on the beach for hours with the weekend papers, reading books out on the deck, mooching around the shops, watching the sun go down by the sea, people watching at cafes, taking in the ocean at amazingly beautiful lookouts, picnicking on pate, gherkins and baguette on the beach, chatting about our ‘gap year’ and where it will start (right now tossing up Southern Italy and Poland)  and reflecting on the last few years and what’s been going on…which has been a LOT, no wonder a re-charge was on the cards!

20130826-07-fish-abeachcottage.com-australia-beach-coastal-nautical-blog 20130826-08-driftwood-abeachcottage.com-coastal

I ought to mention too that if you haven’t done this with your significant other for a while it’s quite a good idea.

Beats knocking down walls.

Adios my friends.


p.s. thanks for all the bday wishes xxx



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20 Responses to “Don’t Mind Doing it for the Kids, Beach Cottage does Byron”

  1. Neen says:

    Looks amazing, sounds amazing. Yep, must do the time out with hubby as soon as winter sport finishes.
    March 2012 we went to Tassie with 3 other couples and wow !! How nice it was to be a couple !!
    Must do list NOW !!
    Luuuurve the beach photos as usual, AMAZING seeing our home country through your lense.
    Thankyou Sarah, luuuurvely read ;) Neen

  2. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Bonjour Mais Beach Cottage!!!!!!!
    Tres tres bien!!! What a wonderful well deserved time /celebration for your birthday.. And for Monsieur too… My Monsieur and I joost visited Byron and Ballina 10 days ago!!! Oui …ah eet was spectaculeiur zee sun zee blu skies ocean…zee lighthouse and hinterland…markets, zee river…Breathtaking.
    Young prince age 9 was invited …he loved Movie World and was a delight …and our “cup runneth over” too. We re-charged a leetle and re-connected after an emotionally stressful time leading up to zee break..( mais papa is very very ill )
    Well done Sarah and Monsieur…”.appy Beerthday” again ;-))) x Honeyaar

    • Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

      Oh dear! Oops and Sil vous plait!!
      Not only am I totally and tragically incompetent with Frenchyisms…but lacking in social niceties with salutations…
      ” Bonjour Madame Beach Cottage…”
      Please forgive ;-/

  3. Ahhh … so good Sarah. Byron Bay is very good for the soul and a couple getaway is always good for the couple!

  4. Looks and sounds amazing…well done you!!

  5. Jan Withers says:

    Your trip to Byron sounded so good. Always does mum and dad the world of good to have a bit of time together! Haven’t been there for years but will put it on our ‘to do’ list. Lovely birthday present. I would like a Paris birthday one day! X

  6. marianne says:

    Sounds so lovely, Sarah and Mr. BC; you made me smile and nod in agreement!
    Best wishes for a wonderful new birthday year and keep looking after yourself, Mr BC and your family.
    You seem to be doing so many things right!

    Hugs and keep blogging (I love your style!)

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Happy Happy bBrthday Sarah and this looks like heaven a great place to recharge your batteries ,eat sit in the sun and just talk and be together.Go for for it re spending more time on you it is good for you to do that however small or big the thing is enjoy!

  8. merilyn says:

    great that you had a break together … all looks and sounds good to me sarah!
    haven’t been to Byron bay for a long time but I remembered those beautiful beaches! … cheers m:)x

  9. mel says:

    We went to Byron for my Birthday this year and it was the best. So relaxing, you feel special there even if it’s not your Birthday, something on the air just feels good. So glad the skies were so blue and the sun shone for you Sarah. I was in a dream state for days afterwards :)
    I love to see my dog when I get home, he makes me feel happy cos he’s happy we’re home :)

  10. Your pictures are amazing. My cats are drooling over the fish skeleton one and I’m wondering if I should go to the beach with them for Milo’s first anniversary at The Little White House…

  11. Debs says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Many Happy Returns….albeit belated! Glad you had a good one, and did something for you! Must take a leave out of your book…lovely pics!
    Debs x

  12. Debs says:

    Oops forgot to say I visited Byron Bay when I backpacked Oz 14 years ago now…that whole coast is beautiful! x

  13. Alice says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a birthday! Hubby and I have been talking a lot lately about how we are missing doing things just the two of us but at this moment it isn’t possible (I can’t trust any body with my kids – issues I know)…It is taking its toll on us…Everything you just mentioned is what we used to do on a regular basis (every weekend really) only closer to home before kids came along and we moved away from it all (I am still trying to cope 6 years later)… Haven’t been to Byron myself but have been curious. Like you I have heard many good things… I still dream of going whale watching…. One day ;)

  14. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    As always the photo’s are amazing. AAH a weekend a way with my partner would be just the thing for us right now, but not possible at the moment so reading about your special weekend has reminded me that even a few hours here and there will make the world of difference,so will need to make the effort to organise it.

  15. Kate says:

    Wow, it all looks absolutely beautiful !

  16. Rukmini Roy says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady! What are you 25?
    Beautiful place, beautiful photos.

  17. MDN says:

    We’re singing you the “Birthday Song” wishes from here, in Louisville, KY. (BTW the tune itself originated here in the 1800s when 2 teachers “composed” it using words “Good Morning to You” for their school children…little trivia!) Glad that you and Mr.BC got some koalaty (sorry – weak attempt at Australian pun) time together. Loved the pics, as always. Gotta ask what the two pics with “seeds” (or what?) being held are, pls. You have the best eye for things to shoot and share w/ us!

  18. alison says:

    “At the beginning of the year I decided that this would be the year I did more for me, that sounds a tad on the Princessy side doesn’t it, but quite frankly I couldn’t give a flying hoot if it does or not, I have to tell you that I am positively embracing it…”

    You are definitely NOT princessy. Happy birthday. Thank you for continuallly reminding me to look after myself. It’s so easy to put other things and people first, scarily without even realising!

    cheers big ears

    PS Has Mr BC considered being a hand model??

  19. Ashlea says:

    Byron is my hometown and each time I go home to visit, I always feel like I am on holidays. It truly is a very special place! A must see for many. Thanks for sharing x