a delightful coastal combo, vintage doors, shells and things from the sea

Fri 30th, Aug, 2013

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Gosh Beach Cottage ladies are we having a lovely lovely day here in Sydney!  It’s the last few days of Winter and clocking in today at about 26C – I’ve been for a nice walk by the ocean with a lovely friend this morning and back home for some Spring cleaning – does opening every single window in the house constitute as cleaning?  Well the cobwebs are blowing away that is for sure!


Out the back of this old cottage, there is much industriousness, we’ve been digging up plants (bittersweet for sure!) and work on the new deck has started, in fact the frame of the new deck area is up and ready…it’s looking good already and I’m envisaging what it will be looking like for a certain woman of the forty is the new thirty variety to laze on a sun lounger at Christmas time with her husband in a pinny serving her Pimms No 1 – sound like a good scenario to you?  haha  I’ll be blogging the progress of the deck soon…I’m going to be needing furniture ideas I think – seems to me there is a heap of black outdoor furniture out there at the moment, that and chevrons and pineapples.   Anyone else over pineapples trending?


Anyway, I’ve been sorting through a few shells and bits I collected on from my trip to Byron…something lovely about a shell as a memory of nice times isn’t there?


And my favourite…the delightful combination of old painted wood weathered by time with that gorgeous patina of wear, with shells and things washed up from the sea…my fave…


Always good to play beach cottages with your shell collection and an old vintage door when one should be cleaning.

God bless







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15 Responses to “a delightful coastal combo, vintage doors, shells and things from the sea”

  1. alison says:

    I’m a bit of a holiday shell and rock collector. Turn one batch of shells into a wind chime outside my kitachen window. Love it.

    Mmmm, bipassed the pineapple trend, although I did notice some around and about.


  2. merilyn says:

    lovely photos sarah as always!
    nothing like the beauty of shells … so exquisitely formed.
    I thought I was going to do some cleaning today but alas I became distracted by more interesting things!
    lol m:) x mirka mora’s book is available from the abc shop x

  3. Laura says:

    M daughters aways collect shells. The odd one would end up on the bathroom windowsill.. Now it’s turned it to quite a collection & is full. Each shell has a happy memory attached. This past trip to Cape Cod was all about finding Sand Dollars. They both found the perfect ones & they too are on my cramped bathroom windowsill. I think we’re going to have to start a new collection somewhere else! Lx

  4. DeAna says:

    Can’t wait to start collecting sea shells on the sea shore…*woot!

  5. Lori says:

    I have a question. I just inherited 8 old doors!! I KNOW I am so excited. I have cleaned up a few but am wondering about the flaking paint. What should I seal them with so the paint stops flaking? I love the way they look with the green and blue peeking out under the white but I need to stop the flaking.

    • sarah says:


      Can you lightly sand them and the use a clear varnish?? Though I’d not be wanting to varish really – perhaps just see how they go after most of the bits that will flake do if you see what I mean. good luck :-)

  6. Mog says:

    I love collecting shells when I go to the beach which doesn’t happen often enough. Clever the door treatment, nice and beachy.

    I only did pineapples in salads so didn’t get in on that trend.

    As to outdoor furniture, I’m into white and turquoise and still haven’t found what I want at a price I can afford. Time to peruse my favorite Swedish boutique.:)

  7. Hi Sarah,

    I have always loved your blog and have been reading since I found you featured in a decorating magazine where you made shutters out of fence palings. This led me to your blog (I hadn’t even known there were such things on the internet). Your blog lead me to other blogs and I just love reading all the wonderful things you do. Dragging pieces of furniture from the side of the road and creating a wonderful home on a shoestring.

    I love your house tour but I was wondering if you could put all the rooms you have done in that category? Love looking at the before and afters. Seeing how the rooms have evolved over time. I know you have done some wonderful things in the bathroom and powder room cut I can’t seem to find them all.

    It could just be I am not very good at navigating my way around the site!

    I know you are really busy and you have so much going on because your blog has been a huge success. You deserve the credit because you have so much effort into the whole blogging thing.

    Congratulations and hope you continue your success.


  8. Samantha Lynch says:

    Beachwood at Avalon have lovely outdoor furnitre!!

  9. Selby says:

    Love me a pretty shell:)

  10. Wonderful decor. Sea shells can be pretty versatile when it comes to decorating, aren’t they? And I’m personally not very fond of black furniture. Dark wood, maybe.

  11. Deb says:

    Who needs to clean when beautiful shells are calling your name? Love the look on the white weathered wood.
    Debbie in Texas