they call them Beach Cottage Pretties x

Tue 20th, Aug, 2013

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Hello there!

Beach Cottage pretties that have made me smile today


*  little corners of my home that are tidy and do not have a tradie lurking in them, knocking down walls or sprinkling dust

* a big cosy scarf with tassels for a late Winter sunny but cool day

* beautiful baskets

* crocheted blankets for snuggling up under with a drink

* scruffy old plimsolls

* air-dried laundry

* mid-day pre-school run baths

* the ordering of fabric from London, big fat sigh of deep pleasure

* over-sized long grey jumpers with skinnies

* a putty and white puppy to cuddle on the sofa

* the thrifting of a vintage heirloom quilt

* home-grown white flowers picked from the garden

* whitewashed floors


and with those beauties of my day I will be off…



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18 Responses to “they call them Beach Cottage Pretties x”

  1. Narelle says:

    Hello Sarah, I do love your basket and cosy grey scarf :) My trio of pink camellias picked from a friend’s garden made me smile as I left for another day at work this morning. I can’t wait to have my own garden again so I can pick fresh flowers on a whim!

    • sarah says:

      oh Narelle I have to tell you having things to pick from my garden has been so so so lovely – when we moved in here it was barren and I hated it and then I had disasters with gardening in a climate that was alien to me…now it’s slowly getting there and I have green stuff and pretty stuff to bring in! still far from how I want it but at least pretties are around now xx

  2. Helen says:

    You inspire me everyday Sarah, while I have a lot more colour in my life I so enjoy the tranquility of your white on white styling and I think you really must be a cleaning fiend to keep it looking so pristine!

    • sarah says:

      um, no I am not – I go in fits and starts and I don’t show you the crapola bits of course ;-) but thanks xx

  3. I’m liking the sound of your pretties. Pictures not too shabby either!?! x

  4. Jodi R says:

    Where is the pretty picture of the quilt??? sounds like a divine day :)

  5. Laura says:

    We’re vacationing in Cape Cod at the moment, so, after hitting the beach yesterday I nipped into a little thrift store, where I spied a vintage crochet blanket (perfect or my bedroom). I didn’t get it & now after seeing yours, I could kick myself! Maybe, I’ll pop back before we return to NJ! Lx

  6. DeAna says:

    Loving this post… :-)

  7. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Once again some amazing pictures to inspire us with. I to have recently got an amazing crochet blanket from the local thrift shop, and after some TLC washing it is now back to its former glory and was of much comfort last night when I could not sleep. xx

    • sarah says:

      ahhh that sounds nice – I LOVE thrifting crochet and have just found the most AMAZING vintage quilt, can’t wait to get it on the bed lol x

  8. Selby says:

    Beautiful pretties:) the best sort of treasure really the home grown kind really.

  9. Mark says:

    I can’t help but notice the pictures. Something I would love to blow up and get framed for hanging on my wall – especially the first picture.

  10. Joanne says:

    I just love it when I find the simple beauty in the things that surround me! I think its one of the most satisfying things for the soul, sarah a you do have some very beautiful things and take some very beautiful pictures, I hope to accumulate some wonderful vintagey bits like this :-) especially a crochet blanket, that’s been on my list for a while….

  11. alison says:


    You just bought back memories of a crotcheted bag I used to own many decades ago.