Beach Cottage Sunday Night Special

Sun 11th, Aug, 2013

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I love these little collages and I love Instagram! 

Here are a few from the last week or so…

Happy Sunday!

See you tomorrow, I have a wall to show you, yup the wall I talk to…


p.s. I’m ‘abeachcottage’ on Instagram if you want to come say hi :-)

look at this carpet of shells captured on my iPhone5, wowzas


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10 Responses to “Beach Cottage Sunday Night Special”

  1. Patrice says:

    I am converting my decorating style towards a much more beachy style. I live near the beach and love everything connected with things tropical! My question is that I have a few dark wood pieces of furniture, a number of paintings that are not tropical or beachy in subject matter but color wise are full of pinks, light blue, yellow, etc. My question is can I incorporate those dark objects into a white, beachy style? Or do I need to paint everything white? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


    • sarah says:

      I’d start small and convert a few things maybe…also change out the soft furnishings first and see how you go…I love wood pieces in my cottage as well as white and natural wood is of course beachy :-) xx

  2. Lusine says:

    Your photos make me want to paint everything I own white. Simply stunning :).

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah,

    If the pictures are special for you, then I’m sure that you can find a way to make them work. If not time to recycle them and find something that you really love to fill the space. I’m having to work through the same as I slowly change the decor in our house, with some resistance from the partner who is stuggling to get the concept.

  4. Lynn says:

    Where’s Barley?

  5. merilyn says:

    love collages too sarah!
    your cottage looks gorgeous in those little vignettes!
    also love the photo of the shells … beautiful!
    top blog 2013 … I think … where there is bang for your buck … never disappointing!
    gratitude from m:)x

  6. MDN says:

    Lovely shells: could lose myself in their beauty! One could possibly think it’s “styled”, since it’s sooo rich, diverse, and colorful! You find the best places! Was this shot from your beach visit this past week? If not, where’s the site, pls?

    Ahem…no photobomber discovered in any of the shots…is Barls OK? And, is your thumb recovered yet from the reaction? Hope you’re doing better re all of the sad news, too.

  7. alison says:

    I always love those purpley bits in the carpets of shells.


  8. Sally Gee says:

    Wow, absolutely stunning photos today!