the best Beach Cottage day trip for a long time

Thu 8th, Aug, 2013

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Yo (that’s my street hip-hop voice, like it? you can rap the next bit if you like, I’ve had lessons in rapping from my youngest while on taxi driving duties this arvo, every day’s a school day, right?), feeling grey, feeling down, feeling cold, feeling old?  Well you’ve come to Happy Town!  It’s Friday, it’s warm, it’s Australia, it’s the beach!


…ahhhh lovely lovely Balmoral, what a beauty of a place, welcome to Part II of my little picnic to Balmoral recently, talk about travelling in your own back yard, so very very pretty and so close to me yet I had never visited.


That will be changing.


As I walked around here I have to tell you it was nothing short of breathtaking…

After a little while I headed back to the car to pick up my phone and book and set myself up with a drink and to find out a bit more about the area. I love to find out the history of places…there is lovely history here, you can almost smell it…


One of the things I love about the internet is information, yup it can and very often all gets a bit much, but for me the internet has been a massive massive positive in my life, especially

..in terms of history


…my interest in the world war and history in particular has benefited greatly from the internet and moved from library books and stalking the History Channel to being besties with Google searches on all sorts…lately it’s been the history of Poland in WWII, the French Resistance and the underground tunnels under my home city…every night I sit Googling…it’s a hobby, a Historical Google Hobby and I like it..


Anyway sitting on that beach 8km from sydney central business district I was eager to hear more about Balmoral and its history…I’d read a couple of those signs for tourists but really there was nothing much to learn…so out came the internet on zee beach, love that…


And wowza, what would you know, up popped my other confidante Wikipedia with some very interesting information!

Balmoral Beach.  Guess where this little treasure, bathed in glorious Aussie sunshine, topped with blue sky, sunshine and brimming with ocean blues is named after?


That would be a place in Scotland.


Now I’ve visited Scotland, so so so beautiful and for sure I want to go back, but Scotland wouldn’t have been the main place that sprung to mind when sitting on a beach Down Under, I mean for starters that part of the Northern Hemisphere is on the tad, errrm cooler!

Yup Balmoral comes from Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, strange kinda but true….bloomin’ loving that!


…hello beautiful beautiful old white building, can I sleep under you for the night?  This Rotunda was built in the 1930s and is a stunning example of this area’s historical landmarks….I’m thinking a Beach Cottage meet-up with a string of bunting or six might go down quite well here ;-)


I adore coming across places like this, I love old arhitecture, sad really that I don’t get to see old English buildings any longer but I have to say this area  is my era, I love the 1930s time between the wars, which I have learnt thanks to the internet is known as the Federation style…


The English style promenade (the laying down of concrete replacing the sand dunes was a controversial one), which is such a beautiful place for a stroll was built in 1924 after an influx of visitors due to the completion of a tramline, attracting crowds of picnickers and bathers, some 30,000 people arrived here in summer either by tram, ferry or bus – can you only imagine this beach with a tramline…oh why did it go?!


…this is the shark net remains which was was controversially dismantled in 2008 having been built in 1935 consisting of a steel net enclosure to keep those flesh eaters at bay after a few shark attacks with not nice outcomes…



And that’s it from me and Balmoral, a bit different to the other Balmoral I think, what a fantastic connection…I am off exploring again tomorrow in my own back yard, hoping the weather is good and my camera is a-clicking.

Be there, be square, be one with the world


p.s. did I tell you it’s quite nice here, that place they call ‘stralia xoxox






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13 Responses to “the best Beach Cottage day trip for a long time”

  1. Jan Withers says:

    Love Balmoral Beach and nearby Chinaman’s Beach. Always took my 4 year old son, who is now 43, to play in the water and dig in the sand, it was a really special time! A beautiful part of Sydney.

  2. Marz says:

    Hi Sarah, it’s always so nice to hear how you have completely embraced Oz. By the way, have you checked out Chinamans Beach just around from Balmoral? If not, it’s a must. Your camera will adore.

  3. Chantelle says:

    What stunning photos.

    I used to live at Balmoral when I was a live-in nanny and we were at that beach pretty much everyday. It’s just beautiful. x

  4. Janet Purcell says:

    Gorgeous. I had forgotten what sunshine looks like! Love, love history so I now volunteer at the local museum and have learnt so much.

  5. Oh I do love Balmoral. We had our wedding photos taken there, on the little island and in that Rotunda. It holds special memories that place x

  6. Just beautiful. And you are definitely sounding like a true blue ‘stralian’!!! x

  7. Alice says:

    Beautiful! I love federation period houses! I always dreamed of living in one when I was a kid (I grew up walking past and admiring these houses as a kid – I have always lived in an apartment and for a year as a teenager I got to live in one (family rented) and I was so happy! I was crushed when we had to move out back to flat). My dream is yet to come true (and at this point in time it would seem it will never come to fruition unless I come by a heck of a lot of money). I live in a very shabby post war 2 cottage(better than nothing, I am not entirely ungrateful just ….disappointed in myself)… Technically it is the size of the 3 bedroom flat my family moved into after that lovely stay in the lovely house. It is weird that I feel so crushed by this realization( that I will possibly never own one of these beauties as a family home), personally I don’t even understand it! Even worse I visit the houses that I loved admiring as a kid from time to time (how I wish I lived closer)as if they were old friends! lol There is just something really beautiful about federation architecture that speaks to me loud and clear (whatever that means! lol). The whole facade is very easy on my eyes :). Ok…. I will stop now… Thanks for the eye candy! I think I will hop onto the real estate websites now ;)

    • Alice says:

      and yes my fav photos of the lot are of the ones with that gazebo(I don’t know what else to call it) and the beautiful white building gleaming against the beautiful blue and sandy hues :)

  8. alison says:

    Don’t you just love the buzz an environment like this gives you?!


  9. Mary says:

    You sound a bit like a yobo? Are you making fun of us?

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Beautiful i am a 7th generation Aussie and you have taught me something,Thankyou Sarah ,i love history and you are so lucky to have the beaches close to you……………enjoy!