Magnolia, Wattle & Beach Cottage Perspective

Tue 6th, Aug, 2013

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Well G’day, some lovely blue Austrlalian skies from me today, come on in :-)


I wrote a while ago in the school holidays about a new little series to start here in Beach Cottage Land going by the name of Perspective…


…just before those school holidays I decided to switch off, go down the beach every day and look inward a bit without sounding all hocus pocus, weird and wonderful…


…what happened surprised me, I’ve always loved to be out and about in nature but taking my camera out for little trips with the regular old going about my day stuff, awakened it and opened my eyes…

20130806-05-abeachcottage-coastal-house-decor-blog-Sydney-Australia-abeachcottage.com_ 20130806-06-Australian-Australia-wattle-abeachcottage-blog-abeachcottage.com_1

…when life gets busy, kiddos have a million and one things going on, business is, well, business and the week just flies by doesn’t it??? … it’s so easy to put your head down and not look at much at all really…and then bing bing it’s already Friday again…well that’s what seems to happen to me anyway…


So I’ve been slinging my camera around my neck, grabbing Barls and hitting nature with all my might…and not just the beach…it’s good out there people…


And then last week three things happened in the universe I frequent that were telling me to keep on waking up and smelling the roses…firstly a friend received some bad news with the journey ahead not looking like it will be a fun one, next another family that we know well is sadly breaking up and lastly I heard the news that someone I knew who I used to play sport with passed away very quickly recently.



This week’s Perspective then for me is to smell the roses, or indeed revel in Australian nature, that would be wattle and the most beautiful magnolia this year…you never know what’s around the corner.


How do you go about smelling the roses?




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17 Responses to “Magnolia, Wattle & Beach Cottage Perspective”

  1. Jo says:

    Absolutely beautiful, in particular the wattle and your photo of the deeper pink camelia could have been a fabric print. Stunning photography Sarah

  2. Felicity says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Such gorgeous photos. If you don’t mind me asking what camera and lens are you using?
    Many thanks!

  3. Julie Johnson says:

    Gorgeous photos. “Istop and smell the roses” pretty much the same way. Being in nature somehow makes you feel happier . You just have to stop and take a moment to appreciate what you have.

  4. Ellen, A French Apartment says:

    A regular early morning walk down the dirt paths, not the streets. So many impatient sleepy and unhappy faces in cars on the streets. Even the iphone camera distracts my thoughts. Here I can sort through my life, and find purpose in all my upcoming happenings in the day ahead, in the dreams I dream. My dreams take on shapes; I am able to look reality in the face and decide,” but this dream is worth the sacrifice”. So it is the dirt paths i take which ultimately see me to my realized dream, and not the necessary sacrifice which is always required. France, spring of 2014.

    • sarah says:

      I like the sound of your dirt paths :-)

      I often leave my phone at home for exactly the reason on of not being distracted by the camera or the time x

  5. kat says:

    Wise words Sarah. Perspective is so important,.along with a chance to slow down amongst the hustle & bustle. Sometimes its just our minds that need to slow. Being in the moment & noticing the little things helps me. My best teachers are my four gorgeous children, especially my little miss four year old. When I take her on a walk in the great outdoors she helps me notice all the little things as we walk, talk & explore. I love it & will miss her when she is at fulltime school next year.

  6. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Beautiful photo’s – your thougths today have given me a gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy the things around me, especially since i’ve taken some time out from work to catch a breather.

  7. Alice says:

    Lovely photos Sarah…. I am still coping with the news of my Grandmothers death… I have realized that I am finding it really hard to accept that she is gone (and that she couldn’t live forever like I had hoped)… The worst part is I couldn’t be there to say one final goodbye…I feel my life is one heavy anchor and chain and I am too tired to continue to drag it along…For now I am stuck in this one spot in my life and I can’t move…I am just stuck…. So for now I will enjoy watching you move about and pretend that you are doing so on my behalf …Thank you for sharing so much beauty….Those colors, they do wonders :) I am glad that you have the freedom to move and breathe Sarah, breathe all these goodies deeply Sarah and then some for me too ;)

  8. Gigi says:

    Yes, its easy to get caught up with everyday things, and it is usually some bad news that pulls you up in your tracks….then when you stop and ‘smell the roses’ you wonder how you could be so ..fickle??..
    But then, with time, we seem to just slip back into the old ways… If only it wasnt bad news that took us to that place.. I think your idea of a ‘perspective’ page is a wonderful idea for all your readers, Sarah. Good for you.

  9. alison says:

    Oh Sarah. A timely post AGAIN!!

    I dramatically reduced my work hours as of today, for many reasons, not all of which everyone knows about or will ever know about, and decided to spend Day 1 of this really big decision walking along the beautiful Illawarra coastline under the picturesque blue sky soaking up the vibe and people watching. It all felt so right. I was determined not to ruminate about what people thought of me and my decision; how I think I have inconvenienced others; did I do the right thing? blah blah blah.

    My mantra I have developed the past couple of weeks to stay on track has been:
    1. be still ( and that means SLOW down girl)
    2. don’t fill (these new spaces in your life with just more stuff)
    3. don’t spill (the news on what you’re doing. I think it’s my way of seeking approval from others. Ooo, now that’s deep.)
    4. Trust (the process)

    All the flowers you showed ironically hold some meaning for me. I think the wattle in your photo is Cootamundra Wattle. I was recently in Cootamundra and realised just yesterday upon closer inspection that we have one of these types of wattle in our yard. Have you ever listened to John Williamson’s song, “Cootamundra Wattle”. An absolute tear jerker…but maybe not for non Australians. Unfortunately I couldn’t find his version on YouTube.

    Cheers big ears

  10. Karen says:

    Stunning pix and wise words x

  11. merilyn says:

    “THE POWER OF NOW” by EKHART TOLLE is a good book to read, (albeit intense!)
    to make one realize that ‘this moment’ is all we have! so my mantra is ‘be here NOW!’
    but it takes vigilance to retrain the monkey mind! … as we are complex human beings!
    yoga is good for me, watching birds, being on the beach and mindfully doing things.
    have a happy day m:)x

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