pots, plants, books and herbs

Wed 17th, Jul, 2013

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G’day from Beach Cottage Land and woman with pots, books and herbs.

Over the school holidays and my little break from technology, I have been spending time in the garden and out in the fresh air as you know…and the garden…well, it’s getting there but still so far from my dreams, I guess that is life eh?  We can’t always have what we want.  I’ve never quite gotten my head around that in life, the old you can’t have it all thing.   I just have to accept that I traded an English country garden for a great climate and an Australian beach or 22.


Anyway when I started buying up half of the supply of herbs and vegetables ear-marked for New South Wales residents recently when my lovely husband built me a no-dig garden I had a lot left over and decided then to put some in pots on the deck and see how I’d go with growing them there as well as straight in the earth.  In researching things for the no-dig garden I had come across lots of blogs displaying fantastic veggie growing on balconies, on patios and high up above cities.  Just so inspiring.


My little section just on the edge of the deck has been going well…there is definitely room for success growing veggies and herbs just in pots and I reckon an easy way to start.  These here are some of the ones that are doing well for me.


I have also had a couple of questions about any good books regarding vegetables and eating better since the Beetroot Tart post…in terms of books, I already mentioned Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall but I also do enjoy and have been inspired with veggie and herb growing with Jamie Oliver’s book Jamie At Home (if you can get past the fact that he is in another world to you, well at least he is in another world to me, and has a team of help with his veggie ‘patch’ , it’s very inspiring, he’s so passionate about eating well and manages to inspire you to grow your own).  The Jamie at Home book is good for me because in particular I like the way it is sectioned – for example you get a little chapter on rhubarb with a bit of blurb from the Essex boy with his views on it, how he cooks it and why he likes it, followed by a few recipes and then at the end of the chapter a bit about how to grow it, failures success, what he’s done to grow it, how to plant it, what conditions it likes etc.  This book is about 5 or so years old and while, to be honest, I haven’t tried a huge amount of the recipes per se, I’ve definitely been motivated to shove things in the earth to cook with.  Obviously for me and if you are in Australia too,  it’s all upside down in terms of the months if they are mentioned and some, actually many of the things, that do not grow in England in the Winter actually do grow here in Sydney because of the climate, which is always a bonus…

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I also have quite enjoyed Gywneth Paltrow’s new book It’s All Good, I must say I read a lot of quite horrid stuff about this book before I bought it (I always research a lot before I buy a homey/cookery book because often in the past I have been disappointed and they are not cheap)…the criticism is that she is far removed from the real world, her budget to eat the way she does is also not reality for 90% of the people who will read the book, and the photography is heavily based on her wafting around looking good and not the recipes….hmmm…. and then I saw someone on Instagram saying they thought actually the book was pretty good and secondly a local shop had the book at a discount.


In the basket it went.   I tell you what I have been enjoying it quite a bit!  Yes the pics of Gwyneth on the beach are there for sure but you know what, I like that.  There are some good recipes in this one, and if nothing else it just kinda inspires you while you are tucked up in bed reading the book with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate to resolve to eat a bit cleaner in the hope that you may also be in your early forties and look like her ;-)

If you have been thinking about popping in a few veggies but can’t be faffed with either digging up a veggie patch, preparing soil or building a no-dig garden, a pot or two outside the front door may well be the way to go – it’s definitely worked for me to have a few extras just in pots ready to go with the most work being the remembering to water them.

See you soon


p.s. the postie didn’t let me down, my delivery is here, but there is a problem, I thought they would be gorgeous, but it seems, as ever in life, they’ll need a bit of time, a bit of love and a bit of patience…more on them soon ;-)




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7 Responses to “pots, plants, books and herbs”

  1. So am I the first stalker here today? Yay! These pics have given me the first pangs of how-long-til-spring?!! I love the idea and look of pots on my deck but I am truly hopeless at the remembering to water them bit however you are too damn inspiring and I’m now off to see what pots we have lurking behind the shed! xx

  2. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Thanks for the post Sarah! Once again gorgeous pictures too :-)
    But, Oh we don’t need books by Gwyneth or Jamie…..or anyone else
    Why would we?
    We have Mme Beach Cottage for beautiful pictures ,tablescapes, recipes ( tried and tested too!) and…lots and lots of INSPIRATION!!…for foofing, cookn, creating, decorating DIY and now healthy balanced living!
    Merci (and YOU look wonderful and REAL ;-))..

  3. Alice says:

    Hmm I have been contemplating buying Gwyneth’s book but I haven’t because of the bad reviews. It sounds like it is full of recipes that might actually work for me… Maybe I’ll go into a book shop and sneak a peak through the pages to see… Plus there is nothing better than new smell book… If they could bottle that scent I would be buying it and wearing it for the rest of my life! Loving your little pots! Did you find out what culprit was raiding your veggies? Was it the bunny?

  4. Melinda says:

    I hope thats not your only garlic plant – knowing how fond you are of it I think you’ll need a bigger crop!

    I have GP’s book, I like it. It certainly makes you think about what you’re eating and indeed shopping for …that combined with good photography and so far some good recipes = inspiring.


  5. Sarah says:

    Sarah- if you’re going to try only one recipe from Jamie at Home it has to be the Tray Baked Meringue with pears, cream, hazelnuts & choc sauce. O. M. G. !!
    Might be best to skip Gwyneth for a day or too before and/or after, though, to lessen the guilt!

  6. isabella says:

    Now if Gweynth would just give up smoking, then I would believe she is for real. In an interview with Harpers Magazine, she says she still smokes on Saturday nights and truly misses smoking regularly. She said she might pick it up full time later in life. What???

  7. Rukmini Roy says:

    Ah yeah! Herbs in pots for me – Rented house you see! But they grow well if you take care…
    Btw I would never be able to tell Parsley from coriander… :P