And this is why I heart you Australia

Mon 29th, Jul, 2013

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Oh man oh man oh man, Beach Cottage ladies, come on a walk with me why don’t you, you so won’t be disappointed.

So last week I was bitten by something while I was gardening……this is the third time I have been bitten since being in Australia, which I think is quite unusual…it seems I am particularly sensitive to thingies that bite…the last one was on my wrist and had me a black and blue arm from a spider who took a fancy to my pale English skin, the first one had me in the back of an ambulance on the beach and this time I am not sure what it was, but whatever it was it punctured the skin in the middle of my middle finger…yes I was wearing a glove…Mr Beach Cottage was with me at the time and I was like ooh I think something just bit me…thought nothing of it…by the evening said finger was twice the size, whole arm was hurting, glands were sore…long story short I ended up with anti-biotics and now while still not back to normal, it’s on the mend…


Why I am telling you this I have no idea.


So all last week I was feeling a tad under the weather to be honest…even with my new-not-so-new-I-used-to-loathe-you-but-may-now-keep-you made-over white leather sofas (go here if you missed that, I am a lady who is dangerous with drop-cloths) and so with my sore finger I decided that with the Beach Cottage Crew all back at school, Mr Beach Cottage back in the office, I would sneak off very quietly and go out exploring a local area that I hadn’t been to before.


Be still my beating and very proud new Australian heart.


I said back at the beginning of this year that this was the year I wanted to ‘do more’ and ‘travel more’ and though some of it has happened, certainly with a whirlwind tour of Australia I found myself on earlier in the year, some of it hasn’t…mostly I wanted to drop in little trips to places around here that I haven’t been to…


…this is one of them….this is one of the nice ones of them…this is one of them I will be going to again….and again….in secret…with my body covered in fake tan…in a bikini….with my new body (did you know I have ordered a new body to arrive for the Summer?  you pay for it in sit-ups, squats and by jumping around your Sitting Room looking like a complete lunatic while someone from an iPad on YouTube shouts at you from the coffee table)


Anyway, so Thursday night I got myself a little secret picnic for one, picnic basket, book, Turkish towel, a bottle of lemonade and packed it away in the back of the car…the next morning with all three offspring that reside in this old cottage dropped and delivered at their various places of education, I took myself off to the beach….not just any old beach though…this would be Balmoral Beach…and quite nice it is too….


It’s actually quite unbelievable that I haven’t been to this beach since we moved to Australia, ahem talk about starting with finding new things in your neck of the woods…in nigh on my back yard…all this time it’s been sitting there looking like this and all this time I haven’t been to say G’day…


I ask you!!!!!!!  This place is magic!!!!!


All joking aside, I got a bit choked up posting these pics…just ****** love it…the middle of Winter….a camera…. a forty-is-the-new-thirty-English-turned-Australian…and the best thing in the world…an Australian sky…


…this my friends is why they call it Lucky and this is why we packed up our life, pulled our kiddos out of school, and started a new life Down Under…

Like the pics?? I’m kinda stoked with these



p.s. this is Balmoral Beach Part I …when I uploaded these there were way too many for one blog post, more on the way, I hope you like xo


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40 Responses to “And this is why I heart you Australia”

  1. Jan Withers says:

    Love Balmoral Beach. When we are in Sydney in a couple of weeks will have to visit again – haven’t been there since the 70′s when we lived at Mosman just up the road. Beautiful beaches in Sydney but we now live on a beautiful beach at Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Jan, I would love to come and see the beaches down your way…I have lots of times to Adelaide but not the coast of SA…

      ummm I think Balmoral will have changed quite a bit since the 70′s in terms of what’s around it… :-)

  2. More pictures to come? Great, now I don’t even mind if it’s raining in Brittany!

  3. Karen says:

    V lovely pix – the skies are amazing!

  4. katerina says:

    Those clouds dont look right.

  5. Mary Kaeding says:

    All beautiful – especially the blues,…but LOOK at that last photo – with the arch over the walking path. Now, LOOK at the two trees to the left of the arch – repeating the arch shape! Wonderful!!

    Mary in MN

  6. Pam says:

    Hi Sarah did you coffee at the boathouse @ balmoral? It’s one of my favourites.
    Photos are beautiful. Hope the hand is feeling better. Pam

    • sarah says:

      Hi lovely Pam!

      No I didn’t actually, I only go there at the end and I had already had coffee…it was packed and busy as it was a lovely day.

      hope you are well x

  7. Sam says:

    Sarah, Cant believe this was your first visit. WE love it down there. Thanks for reminding a born and bred Sydney sider how truly blessed we are !! XX Sam

  8. merilyn says:

    ESP told me something is wrong with sarah! … just feel these things in the ether!
    hoping it’s cleared up now. :)
    balmoral looks gorgeous, haven’t been there though! … and those beautiful Australian skies!
    the weather has been fantastic this winter it makes one want to get out and about … it thinks it is spring!
    but rain is coming today! never mind just foof! lol m:) x

  9. Suzanne says:

    Yes Balmoral is one of my local favs too!! Love taking phots there too!! So beautiful!! xx

  10. Jos says:

    Spent many afternoons there when the 12yo was a bub – my fav beach for spending lots of time roaming and playing in the sand and water! It’s a magical place!

  11. Karin says:

    Divine photos Sarah. This is my ‘backyard’ and I never take it for granted.

  12. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Stunning pics Mme Beach Cottage!!
    Balmoral is so lovely, oui oui.
    Yes we do reside a wonderful place with spectacular beaches…
    Eet is enchante…
    Ps.. Wishing you zee quick recovery. X ;-))

  13. Melinda says:

    This is the beach of my childhood.
    I had a great aunt living there and we used to leave the farm for holidays in Sydney with her. Bucket and spades, sandcastles, icy poles and in the later years windsurfing lessons all happened at Balmoral.
    Lots of happy memories and your lovely photos have just given me a trip down memory lane


  14. Kathy says:

    Just have to love a Sydney winter!!! Yesterday was t-shirt weather!! Hope your finger is on the mend…think you have been unlucky as I often garden without gloves (I know…naughty…my husband always gets cross at me). Your photos are always so lovely and make me see well-visited places through new eyes. Thanks for making me stop and appreciate my own backyard just that little bit more.

    • sarah says:

      my pleasure :-)

      I am surprised you garden without gloves! this latest bite has put me off a bit actually…

      • Kathy says:

        I know I really shouldn’t but I prefer the feel of the soil and plants than the gloves. But my husband always tells me off and scuttles off to find me some … and now hearing of your latest episode with spiders, I will wear them from now on…I promise…

  15. alison says:

    Re your bitten finger: Bugger!!
    http://www.stjohn.org.au has a good Australian spider bite fact sheet & first aid advice.

    Thank you for those lovely winter beach photos. They touched my soul and grounded me as I wrestle with a situation this week. I know things will work out and the photos reminded me of that. Hope that doesn’t sound too weird or deep!! LOL.


  16. Marz says:

    I absolutely love the floaty-ness and flow of your last pic. Divine!!! I can’t believe you had never before been to Balmoral but so glad you found it. It sure is a special spot. You picked a cracker of a day to discover it. Thanks for the wonderful pics.

    • sarah says:

      I know, I can’t believe I had never been there…it was almost unbelievable after I got out of the car, it was like wow this has been on my doorstep all this time!!!! …the day was spectacular… xx

  17. Kathy Yutzy says:

    Love, love, love your photos! I don’t get outside nearly as much as I like too. The beaches are always so beautiful. You do them honor, as you capture their magic with your heart and soul, and big girl camera.
    And you are always such an encourager! I pray your new body arrives in time for spring! I love the payment plan! Did no one else catch that?!? I was roaring with laughter, and loving you from afar! I have ordered mine, too, but am behind on payments! Now I really need to get with it, knowing you are their working so hard for yours!

    Don’t ever quit writing, Sarah. You have a wonderful ministry with your words, and touch people around the world. God has truly given you a gift, and I pray you feel his Presence as you walk the beaches and capture His incredible, breathtaking creation to share with the rest of us so far away!

    • sarah says:

      thanks so much Kathy, such a sweet comment :-)

      errrm the payment terms are pretty tough on this one…much easier to use a credit card hahhaha xxx

  18. Alice says:

    I am sure I have been there before…it looks vaguely familiar… Sooo beautiful in your pictures! Then again I think you could make anything/place/being look lovely, maybe I should book a session, HA! Might add it to the list of places to go for our stay – cation this coming summer. I can’t wait to see part 2! So sorry to hear about the nasty bite! I am so paranoid in the garden, I always seem to sport new bites every time I am out there (always on the ankles even when wearing multiple layers and boots (go figure – determined little buggers – what ever they are!)The cherry blossom trees have started to bud and sprout blossoms around here! Yep my suspicions are confirmed spring is around the corner! I can’t help but break out in a little dance (which is great for my “new” body hee hee)!
    Looking forward to part 2!


    • sarah says:

      thanks! yes I seem to get bitten a lot too…mainly on my upper body though, I don’t think much gets through my Hunters haha

      we are seeing blossom here, I’m loving it! Spring defo my fave month x

  19. Eleni says:

    Very nice pictures….!

  20. Riana says:

    You make me miss “home” so much!
    I’m not from anywhere near Sydney but am an aussie living over seas. The way you express that overwhelming feeling of love/awe/gratitude that comes over you on days just like the one you captured, that’s what I miss. Shes a place that demands respect, she has an amazing ability to make us stop in our tracks and thinks holy cow, life is BEAUTIFUL!! I’m searching for places like that here coz no doubt they also exist!

    • sarah says:

      oh I hear you! I get all those feelings you said…yes I’ve stopped in my tracks many times here at the beauty, I hope you get back soon :-)