gosh, really, it’s nearly Spring?

Thu 18th, Jul, 2013

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Well you just never know do you?  There I was just a few days ago starting a blog post with ‘baby it’s cold outside’ and talking about the chilly 17C when wham bam thank you mam, a couple of days later Sydney, bless her little cotton socks, throws in a 23C ‘winter’ day and has me thinking oh blast Summer will be rolling around again soon and ahem that bikini-ready body, all sculpted and toned that I promise myself I will work on every single Winter still has something missing again this year…that would be the sculpted and toned bit.


Sooooooo anyway on the way back from dropping one of my kiddos off at school and rapidly stripping off layers because I was wrapped up for weather more like the Arctic than a warm Winter’s day in Sydney, about everywhere seemed to be whispering Spring to me….as I drove past the beach I dunno but the air and the clouds had a hint of it…and then I stopped for coffee and the greengrocers next door was about falling over itself with Spring flowers….don’t you just love that???


That hint of warm things to come that arrives with the beginning of Spring…I love all the Seasons really but the more I think about it Spring has always been the favourite…in Australia it’s a bit different to Old Blighty though…


…that huge awakening and celebration coming out of a very cold and grey Winter is not quite there because Sydney doesn’t do the grey bit that often…but it’s still just as promising here…those longer days once the clocks have changed, the wearing of flip-flops and the carrying of a basket to the beach…the thinking of Christmas…yup Christmas means Summer to us now.



I will still always love a cold brisk festive season but sitting on the beach with a Peroni and a santa hat has its benefits too…this year we have some big things planned for December including a Christmas with good friends…


Oh how did I get started about Christmas?  Who knows?

20130718-07-abeachcottage-coastal-decorating-blog-abeachcottage.com_ 20130718-08-beach-house-coastal-blog-beach-cottage-decorating-abeachcottage.com_

Somehow then on the way home I found myself with armfuls of Spring flowers, even though it seems a bit premature as it’s the middle of Winter….but who can resist a bit of tidying up, a bit of Sitting Room pottering and a bit of therapeutic flower arranging, not me for sure…I actually felt quite inspired to clean, and when I say clean I mean like clean, like clean behind the Hugarian trunk clean, wowzas,  how very very odd Malcolm.


Windows have been opened, tables have been Dettoled, mirrors have not been dusted, I’m not that inspired, windows flung open, cobwebs have been hoovered…

And I did what I love doing best, foofing and shopping the house for Spring coloured things





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16 Responses to “gosh, really, it’s nearly Spring?”

  1. Lilla says:

    In Europe can be frozen even in summer. I like summer! Great! I like your arrangements and pictures.

  2. Anna says:

    Nice post Sarah! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Selby says:

    Lovely flowers:)
    Spring must be in the air I think .. I too have got the bug & pushed around the furniture & foofed things about with little bits if green from the herb garden etc:)

  4. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Yeah, that’s Sydney for ya!!
    Lovin the pictures of the beach cottage is its crisp pristine glory…vignettes and spring time flowers….
    So, really when do I visit this lovely fantasy cottage ;-)

  5. Alison says:

    Hi Sarah, I really love the change of seasons. That’s one thing I really started to miss after all this time living on the Gold Coast. .. But now I have Fig Tree Cottage on Tamborine Mountain I get to experience that all over again. :) Beautiful photos by the way. When is your book coming out? … It would be so great!!!
    Ps if you come to Brisbane or the Gold Coast let me know.. It would be great to catch up.. We are so alike.. Love the same things and being pommies too in Aus!! :)

  6. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Ps…OOPS….I meant “..IN its crisp pristine glory…”
    Not “is” ….I’m still in winter hibernation and incapable of writing a proper line.

  7. kathny says:

    I always laugh when you talk about how cold it is at 17C. In the US that would be 62F – springtime in NY! People are out in shirtsleeves at that temperature!

  8. MDN says:

    Those Springy clogs are the BEST! More info on them, please? (I usu. wear Dansko clogs – which are soooo comfortable and give me a tad of height: how do you like these?)

    Oh, to have your 17C here! We’re at 94F w/ heat index of 100 – which really is hot and muggy for us in Louisville. (No ocean breezes to help cool us, either – sigh!)

  9. MDN says:

    Forgot to ask…don’t mean to be thick, but, could you translate “very, very odd Malcolm”, pls.? Also, could you provide info/source for the teapot w/ the fleur de lis, please? (It’s our city’s “symbol”…) It would be neat if there were cups and plates, too!

  10. alison says:

    Spring is nearly here but sadly we will soon see our first Christmas cards and decorations in the shops!! It gets earlier and earlier.

    Mmmm, are you planning a trip to the UK for Christmas??

    I need the origin of and a translation for “very, very odd Malcolm” too. ;)


  11. Hi Sarah…
    21 degrees in good Old Melbourne today…BUT with a horrid north wind nearly blowing me away..
    GREAT for drying stuff though!!~~

    BUT the bad news is , i think they are predicting 11C for Saturday…what tha??

    ps…PLEASE don’t talk about Christmas just yet lol…!!~~

    x andrea & sooty

  12. Alice says:

    I think this summer will be a scorcher (more so than usual) and that spring will come early this year. I am loving these warm winter days, they have been a life saver for me :). I am very much in spring cleaning mood and am feeling so much more energized because of this warm spell (I really should just hibernate in winter, I am useless)… That cup with the yellow flowers reminds me(pretty much looks identical if you turn the cup upside down) of a linen skirt that I have hanging in my closet waiting to be worn when spring warms up a bit more! Sooooo excited!
    This spring/summer I am taking a page from your book Sarah and dedicate time to fill my soul cup… Many years of neglect has caused much damage and it must be repaired :)…

  13. Kim says:

    Hold the boat … it’s another month and a half until winter is over Sarah :) I’m loving winter here in Qld … balmy 20 degrees most days … don’t wish summer on us too soon … frizzy hair, humidity and ceiling fans going 24 / 7 :) Oh but the storms I do love !

  14. Rukmini Roy says:

    So unusual to hear of Spring at this time! Love those shoes— dont know if they are there for decorative purpose only :)

  15. jody says:

    yup, the tulips are pretty, but i couldn’t take my eyes off the yellow cup and those great clogs!
    xoxo jody

  16. Claire says:

    I do love the inbetween seasons, spring and autumn, that lovely feeling that a change is afoot, you can’t beat it!