Do we call it Beach Cottage antiquing?

Fri 12th, Jul, 2013

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Whatever we call it, antiquing, thrifting, treasure hunting, I’ve been doing it and this vintage kerosene bottle is in the house.

And I lurve it.



Beach Cottage classic?  I do believe it is.


Happy flowery Friday.



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15 Responses to “Do we call it Beach Cottage antiquing?”

  1. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Ah Bonsoir Mme Beach Cottage,
    potatoe, poh-tahtoe…whatever vee call this finding of the objet de Art
    This bottle it is- oui, it is the tres beach cottage classique… But …
    …….eet.is.very. …. ” NOICE ” ;-))
    Enjoy the last couple of days before the school run begins again….
    Happy Weekend!!

  2. Sam says:

    lovely as always Sarah!

  3. Alice says:

    Beautiful! Loving it with the Camellias!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    What a great bottle. I love it. If you ever get tired of it….you know where to send it….lol.
    Have a super week end.



  5. andrea says:

    Gorgeous! Love your clarity on those photographs…the colors really sing.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I always thought the color gray was a cold and dreary color, but the more I see it used in fabrics and paints – I just love it! Thanks for adding more likdes to my imagination, Jennifer jennsthreegraces blogspot

  7. Jojo3b says:

    Oooh very pretty…..

  8. I’ll take two of those please! LOVE! You can include the flowers!

  9. Neen says:

    Antique bottle luuuuuuuurve …..mmmmmm. ;) Neen

  10. alison says:

    Oh Sarah

    You were in my thoughts so much this week during my driving holiday out in central west NSW. It’s full of well stocked Vinnies and Salvos!!! Every country town seem to have one or both of them. Thrifters’ heaven.

    All the towns seem to have those very sweet craft shops too, full of crotcheted, knitted and home baked goods manned by delightful volunteers.

    The community spirit in the country towns may me feel proud to be Australian.


  11. Twexploits says:

    Oh Sarah, how lovely! Ive loved old bottles since I was a child and have quite a collection now. My husband and I have a summer house on an island where my father grew up. A lot of people lived here years ago, and since the 1960′s people have been coming back for summer holidays, weekends and so on. Our place is new, and we’ve been clearing brush around the perimeter. So a couple of weeks ago I stepped on something and heard a crunch of glass. Remember this is an island and everything has to come and go by boat. So anyhow, I moved the weeds and brush and found an old pile of trash. It became obvious it was a bag of trash left behind in the late seventies, summer trash, and had a Heinz 57 bottle, mustard (39 cents!) dish soap bottle (that was the crunch, too bad) and a variety of summer holiday staples in glass: sandwich spreads, cheese spread. All the tins were nearly rotted away with time but the glass was pretty well intact. I thought of you when I found it. So everything is now scrubbed and bleached and a sparkling reminder of my childhoods here.

  12. Jill says:

    Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous bottles :) I have spent the afternoon going through your ecourse, Sarah. Finding it very helpful. Thank you ! Looking forward to reading more of your posts Cheers. Jil

  13. Nicole says:

    Are you able to post something other than flowers in jars? nice photos but I would love something new and original..

    • sarah says:

      Dear Nicole

      Thanks so much for your feedback, delievered so beautifully too.

      Have a happy day now :-)

      Much love


  14. Sara..!! I love them all. These antique pieces are perfect for my bedroom.