Beach Cottage Soul – At the Beach

Thu 4th, Jul, 2013

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Good morning Beach Cottage friends and hello to my iPhone photos from the beach…

Recently I came across this stuff about filling your soul-cup…I was sitting on the beach reading about nourishing your soul…it was very topical for me, because as you know, that’s been a bit missing for me lately….


As I sat there a family of tourists came and sat down nearby…how did I know they were tourists, well I can just tell now, I spotted their European dress a mile off, it was nice…and their skin was different…pale, and kinda milky…and they weren’t worried about the sun…they sat down with their pretty little kiddos and spoke in what I think* was Swedish but not sure, I couldn’t quite hear that well…


…a while later they struck up conversation with someone sitting nearby…in English….as they sat there in their swimmers while I was in jeans and a scarf…


‘is it always this temperature in Winter?’ they said

‘pretty much mate’ the old guy replied with a funny little smile

‘amazing’ they said


I sat back and smiled, took a sip of coffee and thought, yes mate, absolutely amazing…a few years on and I still smile to myself when I tuck up on the beach with a coffee in the ‘Winter’ when it’s 21C and in a sun spot it’s positively meaning I am stripping off layers

We were that little family, here on holiday to check it out a few years ago…



Now…we really live here…

And I love that….

Sydney…it’s my soul-cup

…tell me, how do you nourish your soul?





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18 Responses to “Beach Cottage Soul – At the Beach”

  1. My soul cup is the American New England coastline in the summertime especially around the 4th of July (I have never been to Europe or Australia) Thank you for sharing yours.

  2. Jane says:

    There is a beach on the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland called mudjimba it is clean warm and partly forgotten due to the other competing gorgeousness in the area. It even has a little deserted green island off the beach where you can imagine a hide away.

  3. Pia says:

    I too love sitting on the beach and just breathing, smelling in the smells that only the sand and the sea can bring – there is something theraputic about it. I know why they used to send people to the coast in the UK in the 40′s and 50′s when they were ill. SydneyYou must visit our beaches in WA some time, magically white sand, and the clearest of waters……I was blown away buy the beahces here, when I visited from Sydney 11 years ago, I belive that is why I moved here as I fell in love with the white sand.

  4. lovely post, it’s all about perspective isn’t it?

  5. Neen says:

    Lorne, Victoria, Australia in the winter is my soul cup……Lovely long pier to walk on, amazing beach and inland waterfalls….aaaah the serenity. (even though I keep reading SOUP CUP…bahahahahahah)

  6. Alice says:

    I did that today… Ditched dusting duties for a picnic blanket, lunch, and train tickets to circular quay. I sat there with my kids in the shade of a palm tree looking at the bright blue sky, the ocean, the ferries and gleaming in the background – the Opera House. It was a glorious day and I drank every single warm second of it. I am in the best mood I have been for a very, very long time…. I needed this outing more than I realized…

  7. alison says:

    What a lovely story. I teared up.

    You see, I’m having a crap week full of unexpected events. I’ve been trying so hard to carve out some “me moments” to chill out and recharge but the “me moments” keep getting taken away.

    So you know what I did today? I thought stuff it. Then I went and booked a holiday to Kangaroo Island instead of dreaming and hoping. I just did it. I now have something to look forward to in a few months.


    • sarah says:

      oh wow Alison, good work with booking the holiday! the me moments were too far away for me recently – this past week has been AMAZING, I can’t believe how stepping back and taking time off (staycation for me) has worked so well – I put an out of office on my emails and stepped away from the computer…it’s made me see just how important it is, especially in being a good mum :-)

  8. Cathy says:

    My soul cup is definitely coastal New England, USA. Especially loving Ipswich, Massachusetts where my husband and I live. It’s a lovely ocean town with such friendly folks and the historical houses are to die for! For us it’s the place where we actually do stop and smell the roses. It’s where we slow
    down and take the time to appreciate every day things that are usually taken for granted. It nourishes us.
    So happy, Sarah, that you and your family have also found such a place.

  9. Is it really winter in Sydney? It looks a lot like summer in Brittany!

  10. Pam says:

    A week in Crescent Head in winter doing exactly what you have done here Sarah fills my soul cup at least for a little while. The other is snuggling in bed reading to little grandchildren .
    Grandparenting – A delight far beyond expectation and definitely a soul cup filler.
    Have a beautiful second week of school hols Sarah.
    Pam x

  11. merilyn says:

    a walk on any beach in the sunshine is always good for my spirit or soul cup
    that which is deep within and must be nurtured for one’s wellbeing
    I must create everyday with no particular outcome … basically foof and play!
    KISS = keep it simple sweetheart!
    I kick back, relax, chillout and meditate … give oneself a break! … and laugh lots!
    (that’s why your blog is my favourite!)
    I enjoy the abundance that we have with an attitude of gratitude
    and I try not to be perfect with everything and everyone
    forgive oneself and others quickly … all of these things help me
    a good quote … “kiss slowly forgive quickly” … have a good day sarah and thankyou … lol m:) x

  12. Honeyaar says:

    Lovely Sarah,
    So good you are spending time for you and your family.
    I sense and feel the wonder of life and the divine at the coast and when there are blue skies. But I also feel it when I get smiles and hugs from my children, their cousins ; and the look and hug of love and wisdom from my parents. I feel warmth and the sense of life’s beauty when I see nature’s bounty in herbs , vegetables and fruit…and the splendour of flowers. And I feel my soul soar when I share tea or coffee with loved ones …whether family of origin, circumstance or choice. I feel nourished spiritually when I prepare and share lovely food – as.my.mother did.every.single.day.
    I feel it when I light candles ,close my eyes and just feel…the love and wonder and infinite energy in the universe and in history. We are breathing the same air as so many others in history did! …that’s is amazing, so WOW!!!
    Have a peaceful and blessed time with your loved ones.

  13. Resa Dance says:

    Oooohhhh…..I loved reading this. A few years ago, you were that family…..and now you really live there. I hope someday that’s me.
    Tell me, what were you reading?

  14. Fleur says:

    I feel the same way Sarah, we spent a gorgeous day walking in the Noosa National Park yesterday, sun shining, blue skies, mid winter and had to pinch ourselves that this is our life!!! Xxx

  15. Ingrid says:

    I can relate to your feeling. We moved to Knysna in the Western Cape ( South Africa) from a big city, and not a day goes by when I don’t appreciate the natural beauty we are surrounded by- lush green forests on one side, and a beautiful lagoon with views of the ocean between two sheer cliffs on the other. My soul cup runneth over every day!

  16. Michelle says:

    We are hitting the beach next week just can’t wait. Nothing better for the soul then a walk on the beach.

    Michelle. thebashfulnest.blogspot.com

  17. Jen says:

    My dream has always to have a little house by the beach with water views. Alas, the funds required to do this in sydney are out of this world. I hope we get there one day though, cause the thought of always seeing the ocean calms my soul :)