Beach Cottage Dig it In the Garden

Wed 3rd, Jul, 2013

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Morning Beach Cottage ladies…come on in, let’s dig

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A few pictures from my garden – we have had really very wet weather here for about a week and we have an old garden that likes to think of itself as a river when it rains.  And when it rains in Sydney, does it rain, that always surprised me when we first moved here from England – being used to constant drizzle I was surprised by the full-on downpours here that drench everything for a day or so, the next day to wake up to a totally clear blue sky and full sun.  I am so not complaining.  It’s amazing the way nature works, isn’t it?
20130703-15-beach-cottage-rhubarb-abeachcottage.com_ 20130703-16-beach-cottage-flowers-abeachcottage.com_


I am taking this week and next week off from a lot of things, it’s the school hols and my littlies aren’t so little any more and there is no way I’m missing out hanging out with them…not that we are doing anything super special….but just doing nothing with schedules and all that jazz…I decided too that these two weeks would be a ‘holiday’ for me (hohoho she says as she sits among chaos from three children on school hols)…. as I wrote about on here before I was a bit over-whelmed with stuff recently and needed to change things around in this thing they call my life…everything was out of balance – and I have made a few changes, most haven’t, if I am honest done a huge amount, some have been little but very effective (more on those soon)… but one of the biggest things I have put in place is taking time out like totally and I’m doing it now – while I’m blogging because I pretty much love blogging photos of flowers lol, I’m not doing anything else like that…I’ve put an auto-responder on my email (boy oh boy the email situation is getting ridiculous – how many emails a day??? how did the life go round before email??)….big big big old sigh, so nice to just be spending time out in my sodden garden and down the beach (pop over to ‘abeachcottage’ on Instagram if you like, there’s a video of the beach in Winter, talk about the sound of the ocean ;-) )


The sun is out here, the birds are singing, the fire is ready to go on this evening, I’ve been down the beach, worn my wellies, got my fingers in the earth, looked at the sun through the frangipanis, stripped the cordylines of their old leaves, swept the Summer House deck, cooked jacket potatoes, eaten carrots straight from the ground, weeded with Barley as a helper, looked up at the sky, stroked camelias and cleared cobwebs from Adirondacks.


I hope you are well too.


p.s. winners from the vintage bike and shopping giveaways are on the way, woohoo we have winners in Beach Cottage Land x

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3 Responses to “Beach Cottage Dig it In the Garden”

  1. Emma says:

    I love winter gardening too Sarah. At our old farmhouse we had several different varieties of very established camellias, I miss them. Here at our new/old farmhouse in South Australia there is no garden to speak of, which is quite the contrast to our old jungle we had to tame but still rather uninspiring and sparse. It’s difficult because it’s not our house and we don’t know how long we will be here (probably only a few years) so I don’t want to spend lots of money on a garden which we will walk away from. I’ve got pots on the verandas but there’s only so many pots I can put out there before I become that crazy pot lady! Camellia’s are so great for some winter colour, hellebores too. Beautiful photos as usual xxx

  2. Neen says:

    Enjoy……kiddos, garden,beach and Sydney winter.
    I too am taking a little time for gardening,walks and a cup or two of tea with friends. Roast lamb with friends was lovely last night, so we are having a lazy morning here. Thinking I might potter around town in this winter sun.
    Might even do a leeeeetle de-clutter of my life and house……….. ;) Neen
    ( The droplets of water on your lettuce leaves are beautiful. )

  3. MDN says:

    You’ve such a wonderful “eye” in capturing your pics…esp. enjoyed spying the bee – busy at its task of tending Nature’s business. Almost missed seeing that bee…confirming your point about slowing down and fully appreciating/enjoying things! (PS – Can only imagine how fun your weeding was w/ Barls’ “assistance”!) Today, we’re taking time to celebrate America’s Birhday (Independence Day)!