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Tue 23rd, Jul, 2013

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Well G’day and hello from the latest Beach Cottage Favourite things – real girl homey things to treat your house to, beach, country, cottage or not, with a real girl’s budget ;-)

Here are a  few home decorating items that have recently somehow magically transferred themselves to my possession – I am so so so very grateful to have a magic wardrobe in my house, I mean can you even believe that the day I found that old 1940′s beauty on the side of the road ready for a spruce up, that I had no idea that she was no ordinary wardrobe?  Nup.  She was a wardrobe with magic powers….

So today from the land of white, flowers and beaches I have a few pretty things for you that will not break the bank…this is the cottage ‘get the look’ round-up magazine style but without the cray cray price tags…


First up,  I love myself some white china and this all-purpose dish with a hint of a vintage Frenchie feel was right up my alley, it caught my eye while shopping for birthday presents for a certain male in this little family and because I haven’t got enough china in my exciting life and looking at yet more flouro-edged mens undies was getting rather tedious, in it went baby.

Next up an iPad / tablet cover with a knitted feel?  Hullo!!   Come to mumma.  I love myself a cable knit in just about anything, but pale blue, lined with flowers and covering up the techie bit of technology, well yes sounds so very good to me.


While in the shop that sells knitted ipad covers that make you go weak at the knees, a little blue vintage style clock was calling my name… I have been looking out for a real one of these, as in old, vintage and authentic for as long as I can remember…and I have never come across one that is either in my budget or not in a dark colour, so pale blue, vintage style Made In China or thereabouts it was to be ;-)


Lastly these adorable little pouches of seeds…we all know I am a sucker for anything with a seed and I love these…these are perfect little gifts and much nicer than a regular card and not much difference in price


I hope you like them lovelies!


blue knitted iPad cover  Cotton On Typo $20 

poppy seed gift card   Sow n Sow $8.95

blue vintage style bedside clock  Cotton On Typo $20

white vintage inspired china dish  Target $15

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nautical fish float, napkins and pretty blue bowls here

fish bowl vase, hello yellow and sweet vintage style mug here

beautiful jute, blue bottles, easy preserving jars here

Favourite Things from ABeachCottage is a little round-up of pretty things you can easily treat yourself or your home to (if you missed the post about why I started favourite things without  breaking the bank, go here)

* these prodcuts have not been gifted  / not a sponsored post, all products via abeachcottage.com

**Since starting this series I have had lots of enquiries regarding ABeachCottage Favourite Things – yes you are more than welcome to send me products you think I might like…however only products I love and think the Beach Cottage ladies will love will be featured, thanks so much :-) 


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20 Responses to “Beach Cottage Blog Favourite Things!”

  1. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Well Bonsoir Mme Beach Cottage!
    I have been waiting, waiting, waiting. …oh so patiently ;-) oui…but with great anticipation for today’s post.
    You do not disappoint…non.
    Beach Cottage favourite things…ooh tres bien!!!.
    Oui I like …non! I love lurve your selection…infact, I too have been hankering for a pastel blue old fashioned timepiece!
    Zee Tarjay dish is noice crockery but the IPad cover…is giving moi G- Rated flutters ;-))

    • sarah says:

      I am liking zee feel of zee comments you are leavming moi, oui oui

      get zeeself to Typo (or CottonON) and cosy up your iPad ;-)

      • Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

        Ah…”penser la meme” …my sentiments exactement Mme…
        Eet is pleasure to converse ..oui.
        Your love of zee vintage, pretty (vintage) china, unfitted relaxed rooms, neutrals, zee coast, zee teas , Coffee, cuisine…eet is all simpatico!
        Oui. X

  2. Okay I do not know any french but I can tell you in a very Aussie accent these little goodies are bloody great!! xx

  3. Isabella says:

    I love this feature on your blog!

  4. ali thompson says:

    yes, i agree! really enjoying this feature. and–that rope rug?!! amazing.

  5. merilyn says:

    good morning sarah … always a pleasure to look at your blog!
    it all looks great and your white painted floor makes a great backdrop for your photography!
    surely a book could be on the horizon one day … hope the sun is shining there today!
    cheers m:)x

    • sarah says:

      thanks Merilyn, there has been talk of a book with a few publishers yes!

      the floor makes a very nice place to play :-)

  6. Suzanne says:

    Nice collection Sarah!! x

  7. alison says:


    Have you done an ipad review? I’m thinking of buying one. I just haven’t bonded with my laptop at all.


  8. Helen T says:

    Hi Sarah, one of my favourite things on your blog is that seagrass? mat on your floor, would love to know where you got it from, it’s gorgeous. Cheers Helen

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Lovely little things Sarah ,so pretty and so at home in your beach cottage,i love the clock and the ipad cover is very pretty too,I remember my dad having a clock like that…………..I wonder if he still has it!

  10. Emma says:

    Now you’ve sparked an idea! There I was thinking that a knitted hot-water-bottle-cover was a lux little pressie idea, but you’ve brought me up-to-date! I should be making knitted ipad covers instead ;-) Silly old me, a hot water bottle indeed… though there’s room for those beauties in life too methinks. Thanks for sharing your lovely things!

  11. Michelle says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Many thanks for including our Poppy Gift of Seeds in your favourite things! Your post is lovely and the pictures are just gorgeous! Such a nice thing to discover on my Sunday evening. Congrats on a beautiful website.
    Regards, Michelle
    Sow ‘n Sow

    • sarah says:

      ahhh my pleasure, thanks for a lovely idea, I am loving mine and I gave one as a birthday gift and it was very well received :-)