Beach Cottage Beachy Coastal Table Decor and a well-rounded tart

Tue 9th, Jul, 2013

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Hello, top of the morning to you people of Beach Cottage, anyone for some home decorating via the deck and Mason jar style?  Are we sick to the back teeth of vintage Mason Jars yet?  Apparently we are not. ;-)

Well I am happy today, let’s ring the bells, yeehaw.   The sun is shining here and boy is this the bestest Winter in zee world….ahhh just look at us living Winter like it’s not even happening…


Umm, since I have been lazing around letting my children cook me dinner, my husband take me off to remote beaches and my pup cuddle me most all day long, I have been having, along with de-cluttering extravaganzas secret little yearnings to tablescape…

It’s been so very long people since I decorated a table…what on earth have I been doing???   I love messing around out here, especially if the big girl’s camera gets a go too :-)   Why didn’t’ anyone tell me when I was rambling on and on about beaches and soul cups that tables need some foofing?


And so for friends popping over for a spot of school holiday lunch, well what can one do but play around with some home accessories and tablescape?

This though was not the usual affair when I tablescape, lavishly throwing around home accessories like there’s no tomorrow, because mostly I was still in my pj’s with unwashed hair, no make-up (and a face full of very odd hormonal things, not digging them in the slightest) and didn’t have much time, so really that puts paid to spending shed loads of time on one’s table…so no, this is more just a gathering of things on the deck table to make it look a bit inviting.


 It’s always quite amazing what a bit of foofing and decorating can do – before I decided to clear off the crapola that manages to grow all over this old cottage in the school hols by way of the three kiddos that live here (nothing at all to do with me, cough cough) this was more in the bombshell category than the coastal vintage style category.

After all that was gone I just used a simple crate and filled it with a few things….I up-cycled some gyp I bought last week so it goes a bit longer…I am well aware gyp gets a bad rap, but I don’t care. I know it’s about the un-trendiest flower ever to plaster all over your deck, heck your blog…I know stylists all over the world would shudder to their decorating toes should they come and sit on my ratty old deck and be presented with gyp…

I love it though gathered together in a huge bunch and I love it like this too in little pots of happiness here and there….


Trendy?  Meh, who gives a rat’s ***


Lunch was nice, you get one guess as to what is hiding under this pastry, ha!


I am right into pies and tarts at the moment…I’ve been dabbling with making pies easily and have found some very interesting twists…


Must say I do like myself a well-rounded tart.

See on the the flip side




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20 Responses to “Beach Cottage Beachy Coastal Table Decor and a well-rounded tart”

  1. jody says:

    lovely Sarah, lovely post, lovely tablescape, lovely baby;s breath flowers we call it here. your table top posts are so doable and inspiring and fresh, thank you! xo jody

  2. penny says:

    There’ s something timeless about vintage canning jars, I don’t think they will ever go out of style. Baby’s Breath was popular in the ’70′s…we wore it in our hair and carried it in bouquets. It is beautiful and brings back many happy memories. I love your tablescape. It would be lovely anytime of the year.

  3. merilyn says:

    yes we love foofing! … it’s good for the soul … I believe it too sarah!
    to get lost in the moment is a good thing!
    and yes we love gyp too, it’s so delicate and has that feeling of seaside daisies
    it was used with everything in the 70′s … memory lane visit!
    I think the main thing is to express ones own personality, not copy someone else …
    pity, too many sheep out there.
    good to see you back renewed and with beautiful big girl camera pics! …
    thanks sarah … have a happy day! lol m:)

    • sarah says:

      haha tell me about the sheep!

      I really enjoyed getting my camera out…love that xx

  4. Honeyaar says:

    Bonjour Mme Sarah!
    How simple and sublime…delicacy of the “baby’s breath”, the contrast of the sturdy crate, the design of your anthro cups and coastal blue jars. The yummy tarte in the cast iron enamelled pan and lovely “Swedish” ? Plates , smart pendants with organic shape and form…. Wonderful winter time.
    So when do I come to your wonderous cottage?!? ;-)

    • sarah says:

      haha you have to bring Limoncello to get in the door…

      actually know I do believe the plates are Tarjay ;-)

  5. Who gives a rats indeed!! Lovely lovely lovely xx

  6. Beautiful as usual! Lovely way to start my day.

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Always love your photography. You show such beautiful pics and I love your blue bottles. I always feel happy when i see pretty blue visuals.

  8. Alice says:

    I find it weird that stylist would shudder at the thought of babies breath… They are gorgeous in their dainty glory… They are sure missing out! I have been loving these cute little flowers since I was a small girl… I have always found them so beautiful and remain one of my all time fave blooms alongside the blue Iris, the oriental lily (oh boy did I discover what hay fever was about with a bunch of those beauties…knocked me out for six literally, I could not get out of bed), the rose and recently hydrangeas and peonies! I love wattle too, my grandmother would create a beautiful wreath with them in May to ward off the devil. I never understood but apparently something to be done in May… Unfortunately like the Oriental Lily the wattle seems to bring on my hay fever at it’s full force… I love how you are trying to live as if winter isn’t happening… I tried it this morning… Didn’t last for very long, might try that hot water bottle trick of yours… Hee..hee

    • sarah says:

      haha well Winter hasn’t been happening here …until it came in today lol!

      I like the sound of that wattle wreath :-) xx

  9. alison says:

    I’ve noticed my local Woolies selling bunches of babies’ breath a lot lately.

    What’s your set of rules re pyjamas? If I’m still in them by 4pm I shower and put them back on or change into fresh ones if it has been a really big day of foofing.


    • sarah says:

      haha good question, errm I normally shower and put clean ones on…cos there’s nothing like that feeling x

  10. Mason jars have been around a long time. Whether for canning or sprucing up your decor, I think their simplicity will be craved for a very long time. And your centerpiece is darling!

  11. Sue Warren says:

    Hi Sarah, just to say I love receiving your newsletters! I have been looking for some cane light shades and see that you have them in your kitchen above the table. Are they ‘vintage’ or have you purchased them from a department store? As you can see from my email and web address, I am a kiwi, and have a B&B near Cooks Beach, on the Coromandel Peninsula. You are an inspiration! Hope to hear from you soon, Sue.

  12. Petra says:

    Oh, I’m loving the babies breath too! Such a classic. Love your tablescape – so pretty for Spring. Well, up in Qld we don’t get winter. At all. But it did rain today so felt a little wintery. Just looked at Sue Warren’s response above – and looking at her website made me so homesick for NZ!!!