A Beach Cottage Afternoon Country Style with BabyMac

Fri 19th, Jul, 2013

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20130719-02-babymacs-house-outside-front-door 20130719-07-babymac-winter 20130719-06-babymac-playroom- 20130719-05-through-the-window-babymacs-house 20130719-04-window-babymacs-house- 20130719-03-beth-babymacs-house-

….the sky was a deep grey white

….the air cool and crisp

…looking in the fire was burning

…lamps glowed

….I buttoned up my coat

…wrapped on a scarf

…and walked

…taking in the delights of life in the country

20130719-08-babymacs-house-tuplips 20130719-12-outside-babymacs-house 20130719-11-winter-window-box-babymacs-house 20130719-10-babymacs-house 20130719-09-winter-veggie-box-babymacs-house


…pictures this morning Beach Cottage ladies from my friend Beth’s house of BabyMac fame.  Let’s just say I nearly died and went to heaven when I spent a weekend in the country at her place recently.   If you have little dreams of moving to the country (as do I) in the back of your mind, this abode (in white no less), topped off with pretty countryside and a country pub down the road might just have you packing your bags and leaving the city.

20130719-13-babymac-adirondack 20130719-15-babymacs-blog-house-dining-room- 20130719-14-window-babmacs-blog-house

What do you think, fancy a weekend away here?


Beth lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands, has style oozing from her every pore, is married to the lovely Rob, has a little spot on the tv every week and is mother to two beautiful girls – a few years ago they chucked in city life and moved to the country…and haven’t looked back, read more here ….she likes very clean floors, a good wine and can churn out a mean vignette or six. 



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22 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Afternoon Country Style with BabyMac”

  1. Honeyaar(Sonal) says:

    Not Fair Mme Beach Cottage!!
    Now I am envious of 2 loverly places… ;-)
    The 1st at the beach cottage and now Mrs.Beth’s country “lodge”!
    It’s beautiful and I can understand why Beth’s family has moved there.
    Thanks for sharing your friend’s home. :-)

  2. So pretty I love it, that pitched ceiling is amazing – I can imagine you were pinching yourselves the first time you viewed it. Next time you have a little get together Beth, if you need someone to keep the glass filled up, pull chairs out for the guests and keep the fire stoked – I excel at all of those things ; )

  3. jaime says:

    I will start packing as soon as I quit gasping at the beauty of this cottage!

    I must admit, however, I would be hard pressed to decide which cottage I wanted between yours, Sarah, and Beth’s.
    Oh, perhaps a beach cottage during the week and a country cottage for the weekends. Or maybe the other way round! Decisions, decisions …

  4. Where did you get that red pouffe (I hope that’s what they’re called) from if you don’t mind me asking?

  5. Just lovely. And such clean windows for the country!! Very impressive!!

    • Jill says:

      Janelle@a white farm….I just found Sarah’s blog and was going to recommend it to you! But you are here already ) I’m sure you windows a lovely and clean ;) x

  6. kat says:

    I love Beth’s house, just as I love yours. How do your houses look so beautifully styled & mine not. Ah yes I know, school holidays with four kids & one husband home. Pass me a wine as I attempt to tidy!!

  7. Oh, take me back. Now!

  8. Katie says:

    LOVE THIS!!! Its beautiful.. Just what I’m looking for.. Now following your blog Sarah :-)

  9. alison says:

    Be still my beating heart! Absolutley beautiful AND attainable, not sickenly perfect. Overflowing with charm. Thanks Sarah.

    I had a similar reaction when I visited Millthorpe NSW recently. I’m still recovering.



  10. Jill says:

    What is it about wanting to move to the country……it’s something I have dreamt about for a long time. Originally from a small country town in Victoria , I have spent the last 20 or so years in a big growing city. Mind you, it sits beside the beautiiful Pacific Ocean….but….well….it just isn’t country! I long for a more community oriented lifestyle…oh and lavender and alpacas to boot :)

  11. Peta says:

    Can I be painful and ask what lens you used to take these breathtaking photos of Bev’s house? Ta x

  12. Teresa Wilson says:

    Beth’s house looks gorgeous. I particularly love to see houses that are full of personality and style, but also look lived in and loved. Thanks for sharing, will check out the blog later!

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Yes please I love Beths hosue it is beautiful and that countyside stunning.

  14. Rukmini Roy says:

    Sleek..but Id rather have a weekend at yours. In all those whites :)
    Lovely home tho!

  15. Natalie says:

    Oh my, that green chair is to die for! I’ve been looking for one for my future nursery, so if anyone has any idea as to where I can get my paws on one, please let me know! x

  16. Candy says:

    Lovely but still partial to your perfect cottage. It speaks to me!

  17. Emma says:

    Oh Beth, you and your beautiful home…
    Loved seeing it all through Sarah’s eyes/lens, a great new perspective. Have never spied that gorgeous timber sideboard near your dining table – am on the hunt for something similar! Need to get a’scouring some antique vintage shops in Adelaide Hills me thinks. The front veranda styling is gorg as well, I need to lift my game in that department, on the hunt for an old church pew…
    Beautiful photography as usual Sarah xxx

    • sarah says:

      yes game lifting springs to mind for me too when posting these pics haha – Beth’s house is beautiful :-)


  18. [...] Sarah took some photos of my place when she was down here for Mrs Woog’s 40th. She wrote a post about it here if you want a gander. It all looks a bit cold, dead and dreary…she has promised [...]