Mon 8th, Jul, 2013

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Good morning, how the devil are you ladies and gents of Beach Cottage Land???


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Some pics from my phone from the past week, the school holidays in Sydney is treating me very well I must say…
I’ve been hanging out with my kiddos and doing not much else – I needed to take a break, some time off to re-charge, get some downtime and think…amazing how it works!
We’ve been to the beach most days, in fact every day, had play dates, been on walks, found jobs, de-cluttered, drank lemonade, been to the cinema, sat with books in the sunshine, cooked roast dinners, had long long daytime baths, downloaded BBC shows, picked flowers, packed picnics, had sleepovers, gardened, lounged on sunbeds, gathered oranges, made smoothies and just re-charged and somehow in this busy cottage I’ve found perspective. It was missing.
I love being out and about in nature, by the sea, in the sunshine and that soul cup I was talking about, well I know how to get some perspective and fill mine.  
And with that a new little theme is born in Beach Cottage Land and I’ll be getting some perspective weekly here…
p.s. sorry about the text, I am STILL having new problems every day with this site but the good news is that I have a lovely girl helping me out and very very soon, things will work without a glitch.  
p.p. s in cottage news, we are back in the white floored bedroom, but I am planning changing lots of things out in there (and some new bedding is on the way, cos I really needed more linen in my life, do not tell my husband), there is trip to the Swedish Boutique involved and kitchen plans are slowly coming together though still awaiting a wall being knocked down…who knew tradies were so hard to come by?  
This week I am on de-clutter mission, when I did this a while ago on this here blog I formatted a little system to knock clutter down and out in 7 days – I did a Beach Cottage Real Girl style hit and run DIY version of those organising sites that give you downloads to get your house in order that send shivers down your spine….amazingly it worked really really well, chunking it down into days worked for me – so be careful if you drop by this ratty old cottage in the next few days for a pot of tea – if you are not white and vintage or plastered in nautical stripes then you’ll be swiftly popped in the box marked Vinnies ;-) 


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23 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. Selby says:

    Beautiful photos- thanks for the eye candy!:)

    Know what you mean re declutter- I’m on a mission & I started in the easy bit theli ing area- now the hard bit the study! Spare me really- big breaths & lots of tea breaks eh:)

  2. lg says:

    Clutter – be gone! xx

    • sarah says:

      you can come and help me haha – big bag just dropped off at Vinnies, feel so cleansed ;-)

  3. andrea says:

    Gorgeous bedroom, love the rug, holy cow, I want one!

    • sarah says:

      thanks, the floor has not been my best experience to be honest, even though it looks quite nice!

  4. Robyn says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pics Sarah! I used to go to Palm Beach for holidays when I was a child. All my father’s brothers and their families would holiday there together back in the days when there was a camping ground on the area between Pittwater and the surf beach.There used to be a little shop there where we would buy ice creams- it was called “The Sand Witch” shop Lol! Did you climb up Barrenjoey with your kiddos? Done that many a time! Thanks for the memories!

  5. Alice says:

    hahaha… good thing there is nothing better than getting dressed in nautical stripes for me! Your bedroom looks fab Sarah, the risk paid off in my books. The pictures are lovely and I am so excited about your new kitchen! You sound like you have had a very fulfilling week of school holidays so far… There is nothing better than that for me personally… I hope this weather keeps up… Even though my fingers and toes are all chilblains this winter has been very pleasant and I am really enjoying it too ;) Must go visit Palm Beach… It has been a very long time since I have been and it is truly a beautiful part of the world to enjoy.

    • sarah says:

      yes i totally have Alice – funny really b/c once I said to myself ‘right, take a break’ everything has actually just slotted in quite nicely – the gorgeous weather in Sydney has helped a lot!


  6. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Must be that time of the year. I have also found myself on a major de-clutter mission. Sadly I didn’t break it down and was not kind to myself….silly me. I left the guest room clean up till the last minute with less than 24 hours for the in laws to arrive. Thankfully I thrive on lack of sleep and pulled an all nighter….lol. Yes clutter you could not believe. Floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

    All good now. but don’t want to go through that again any time soon.

    The pressure we put on ourselves.

    Anyway the holiday pics look great, Enjoy!



  7. alison says:

    1. Ahhh Sarah it’s so nice to hear you are looking after your soul. We all need to do it more. My soul has had a workout lately so Mr alison n I r currently cruising country towns of central NSW. You’d LOVE the photo opportunities, home wares shops, old wares shops, cafes n restaurants along with the magic of country town architecture and history out here.
    2. My Anthropologie quilt that u r minding still looks fabulous.
    3. Thanks yet again for your lovely photos n blog.
    alison x

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    I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating on a few of the subjects you write in relation to here. Again, awesome blog!

  9. I love the white floor in your bedroom. You said it wasn’t easy and I hope you’ll share your experience some day as this is something I’d love in my bathroom. Take you’re time this will be a 2026 project for me!!!

  10. Ellen says:

    It took a year of reading, searching and downsizing until I found the home, the one room home I had wanted for so long. And was it the home my husband dreamed of? Indeed it was because it came without that horrendous price tag which only gave me room for more, well white and vintage things! During my downsizing, going through literally everything i set in play a system to be found on most tiny home blogs. ” if you don’t need it or love it, then it will be oh so happy to be gone”.
    What was left? Beautiful white antique bead board cupboards (3), lots of old bevel edge mirrors to brighten up and make the home look larger as they showed off areas oh so prettily nice old dressers, a bookshelf for displays and books and a to die for old white farm table. Don’t ever get me wrong. I could never live without my lovely little collections. But everything is in less quantity and beautiful to my eyes. I think We have found such beautiful perspective and common bonds in our life.

  11. Love your blog Sarah & happy to hear you’re in self nurture, clear energy mode.
    Next time you head up this way (Palm Beach), be sure to try the best thing for balancing the body, mind & soul in tranquil surrounds. Come Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Avalon Stand Up Paddle. We’d love to see you there (maybe in between coats of paint!)
    Happy Days,

    • sarah says:

      thanks Georgia, I can’t see me on a stand up paddle and staying on it but I’d love a go lol!

      • We’d love to have you as our guest. Bring a friend, or family and treat yourself to the best way to experience Pittwater, not to mention swooning over gorgeous boat houses dotted around the shores (the main houses aren’t bad either!) Practically impossible to fall in……
        Happy Days Sarah,

        • sarah says:

          hmmm I might well take you up on it in the Summer Georgia – I could be your first person to fall in and get eaten by a shark ;-)

  12. katie says:

    i LOVE the 3 criterion: white, vintage, stripey.

    i’m going to implement something like that.

    hey…do you get teased by your family? my son (17) says things like he’s surprised i don’t paint him!!

    LOVE your floor. how’s it going in there?

    • sarah says:

      thanks Katie, the floor is going better than I had hoped, I’ve not been super happy with it, the paint was a con but it’s ok :-) I love that it’s white but it’s definitely rustic lol!

      • katie says:

        sarah…interested to know 1) why it was SO HARD to do in 1st place and 2) why have u not been happy with it? what do you mean in your comment that the paint was a “con?”
        i’m thinking for a temporary fix, i might paint my subfloor in my bedroom white. we’ll be remodeling in there ‘someday’….hopefully while we’re still in our 40s! =) i’m super excited/scared to do it …but wondering about your details!!!!!

        • sarah says:

          the paint claimed to be able to paint over varnish, which it did but the finish is not good…to top that the sealer reacted with the paint and it’s now patchy, it’s fine with a rug on and if you like the rustic look but it’s far from perfect…I am also disappointed that marks have magically appeared up through the paint weeks later…it wasn’t particularly hard but to move out of your bedroom, live in the study and have a lot of old heavy furniture to lug around and take down and put back up twice a bed isn’t particularly fun!

          good luck with it..