vintage French bottle for coastal beach decor

Thu 27th, Jun, 2013

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It’s a funny old world Beach Cottage ladies, isn’t it, a few years ago who would have thought that I would be pulling my heart about out over a vintage bottle / canning jar (in blue no less) with a ceramic lid (no less) from France (no less) on the other side of the world in the Lucky Country (no less).

But it is a funny old world indeed and that I surely was.Now let me just say here, right up front, we are NOT talking about how much this vintage blue French bottle cost us, ok?  We are not doing this in case one’s husband decides in a fit of madness to see what his wife does in the daytime and takes a gander at this blog and then finds out…

Certainly said bottle is in hiding at the moment because if there is one thing we did not need in this old cottage it was another vintage bottle…though if you said that to me I would, actually, take great pains to explain to you that this bottle is French and blue and has French writing on it and a ceramic lid, so technically I have nothing like this at all.


This was ridiculously expensive in my book, like actually a bit embarrassingly so, you know when you look at the price of something and kinda wince a little bit?  … if I hadn’t been on an experience which I may never repeat again anytime soon I may not have parted with the cash for this.  But.  I did weigh up how much it would cost to get oneself onto a Qantas jet, fly oneself to Paris or the Provence and spend time perusing the brocantes.  Oh wait, errrm, quite why am I considering not doing that?  I could right go a little trip to France at the moment, couldn’t you?  Lose a few Beach Cottage kiddos and take myself off this school holidays to the side of the world where all is chic….perhaps I should shelve the workshop idea and change it to a Beach Cottage on Tour and we all go over to France?


Anyway, yes, the cost of a plane ticket to Paris and the chances of me getting one of these bottles to Australia was pretty slim, so I sucked in the muffin top, thought of Old Blighty and handed over my cash.

Here she is in all her French vintage blue oh my gosh gloriousness…if you could reach your hand through the screen of the computer too you would know that she is a fine woman, she has a full busom and a nice bit of sturdiness going for her too.


I adore the deceptive art of a vintage glass bottle…for sure it is rather on the plain side, you could say not fancy but yet adorning a table, taking part in some vignetting or just casually sitting on a shelf it adds a richness, a whiff of days gone-by that is not in your face ‘vintage’ but rather more subtle than that and I like it….


I love teaming stuff like this with the gathered things in this old cottage…


…nothing is fancy, everything is old and, if truth be known a bit worn…the old sofa, an odd stripe or three, some lavender brought in from the garden, vintage mirrors, and old things, found discarded and now, here, leaning around…for coastal vintage style…

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So tell me, do you love a vintage bottle in your life?



This vintage French bottle is one of the things that came home with me from the shopping experience I went on with Mastercard the other weekend (if you missed that post, go here to see my new hair and the chance to win your own trip worth $1300!)

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18 Responses to “vintage French bottle for coastal beach decor”

  1. If it makes you feel better, I found some in an “empty you attic sale” (what we call “brocantes” in my corner of France) of those green blue jars and they were quite expensive as well, maybe not “Australian” expensive, but still too much for me, though I did hesitate for a while.

  2. Theresa says:

    I’d be happy taking a trip to France for the shopping. Passport is ready to go!

  3. Anonymous says:


    in my opinion your decision to purchase the french vintage jar is perfectly reasonable! ;)
    xo jody

  4. Selby says:

    Speak to me not of the siren named vintage bottle- hehe:) I am a vintage bottle tragic- and my hubby laughs at me swooning over them in old shop windows in funny little towns out the back of nowhere that arent even open so ive got no chance of coming home with them- but gosh they are lovely!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did you notice your lovely mat featured in Jonno and Trixie’s apartment on the Block this week, Sarah?

  6. that coir mat sure is making the rounds of your house or do you have multiples? I love an old jar, I have a few filled with marbles for the kiddos.

  7. merilyn says:

    always gorgeous photos sarah … love a French anything!
    they just do it so well! lol m:)x

  8. Seriously gorgeous pics lovey!! I keep patting Barley’s cute little nose!!! x

  9. Kimberly says:

    Sarah, she’s gorgeous. You did the right thing buying her. Think how sad you would’ve been if you let her get away. I always say if you are that taken with something, BUY IT, you can always return it, or re-sell it on eBay or Etsy later. It’s not like you bought it and your kids are going hungry because you spent the grocery money on it, right? :D I’m still closing my eyes and dreaming of that gorgeous beach cruiser you have in the give-away, I come to your blog from time to time to gaze upon her loveliness and dream of one day riding my own bike down by the sea! Best, Kimberly

  10. Adam says:

    Not only does it look really cool, but it’s sure to be an amazing conversation starter. Enjoyed the pics. Nice work!!

  11. Keren says:


  12. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I love your vintage bottle Sarah sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and buy the things we love and don’t tell the husband the “real” price that is the trick I have found .I have a few coloured glass pieces I do not know their age or country of origin but I don’t care,i love coloured glass I have a blue little old jug a real depression glass bowl that was my grandmothers and a cute little blue vase I bought from a vintage seller as long as I like them I don’t care I will keep on collecting things I love.Your Mat is on the block ,did you see? Trixie and Johno the coolest ones ( I think) have it in their house,copycats hmm.

  13. Alice says:

    Oh my Sarah… The thing about this lovely bottle is the color. I can’t seem to find any in this shade (plenty in burgundy or plain glass or brown… but not this shade of blue/green)… You see the fact that it has a ceramic lid… looks ever so sturdy and the fact that I could think of a million uses including one that involves shoving slices of lemon with some warm water to keep at my table secured by that lovely (and I mean lovely) ceramic lid so I can drink more water(without worrying about plastic chemicals leaching into my water), would be enough reason for me to pay that extra bit of hard earned dosh (and well worth the extra bit of resulting exercise from the massive cringe moment, though I probably would look like I was suffering a fit followed by the dance of joy…and lots of shrugging and saying “nope I don’t care” many times over to ward off the tide of guilt that usually creeps in once above sequence is completed..hee…hee)… Yes I do like the bottle very much :)

  14. Mrs. Canet says:

    I have a vintage bottle in the shape of an Anthropologie cushion. As soon as my eyes stumbled upon her on the Anthro website I just new she had to be mine. To be honest I did not even look at the price, I was just in awe of her beauty and had convinved myself I had not seen such beauty in a cushion before. The only time I did consider the price for an instant was when I hit ‘buy now’ and the price with shipping to Australia did make me whimper slightly but it did not stop me from purchasing. I just new my husband would kill me but he does not understand my love and obession with homewares. That purchase was 2 years ago and I admire her as much today as I did when she arrived into my arms The incredible amount spent on her was well worth the investment and one I am quite sure I will repeat again at some stage. I love your vintage bottle by the way :-)

  15. alison says:

    I have my passport ready too for the BC tour de France.

    I thought of you today Sarah as I perused one of my local Salvos which is a gem. I made a new “friend” with one of the women who works there. She is amazing and can pick a customer’s style and taste instantly. She was pulling out stuff left right and centre to show us. Fabulous customer service without any pressure to buy. I will return on the days she works.


  16. Honeyaar says:

    Bonsoir Mme.Beach Cottage,
    Ah! Zee vintage bottle, it is c’est maqnifique!!! What a pretty picture too it makes with the beautiful lavender…merveilleux!!
    Do not worry about Monsieur Beach Cottage…he does appreciate Mme’s housekeeping..and other talents ..non?
    Till next time..Bon chance -

  17. Deb from Maine says:

    Oh Sarah! You have happened upon another one of my vices! old blue bottles and jars. I put them away during the cold, dark winter, and bring them out in the spring… They get filled with beach stones, sea shells, buttons, marbles, and sometimes even Legos! Yours is gorgeous. Lucky Lady!

  18. Candy says:

    Oh my…be still my heart <3