how it flows, a beach cottage style

Thu 6th, Jun, 2013

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Hi-de-hi Beach Cottage campers, hope all is well with you out there, here is good and we swing into Winter in Sydney as only Sydney can, with chilly nights and crisp sunny days…the Winter uniform is out – I LOVE boots and when I first came to Australia slap bang in the middle of a ragingly hot Summer I did wonder if I would ever wear them, or jeans for that matter, again…the short 12 weeks of Winter here has me revelling in the partaking of boots…


Warm coffee and tucked up weekends are going down very well right now…


I think I have finally found my favourite cafe around here for coffee too, shame it’s not by the beach, it has no view whatsoever, but it is unpretentious and the coffee rocks…when not in there I have been trying different brands at home…


Polka dots are reaching many areas of my life…a little birdy told me spots are back and all the rage in the fashion world…funny they never went away for me


Barls is just being lovely as ever…can’t imagine life before him now, I know it’s boring and soppy but he has brought so much to our life – as I type this in the study he is curled up in a tiny ball in his little house we bought him when he was a tiny puppy, it’s one of those crates that you use for puppy training and we never thought he would still be in it…it’s very small, but clearly his safe place, so so so sweet…he hops in there curls up very tightly and snoozes for England…I sometimes wish I had his life…


I have been cranking up this baby…


I must admit when I got her for my birthday I was a little bit apprehensive about the price tag compared to her cost per wear – as you know the humble KitchenAid is far from humble in Australia, clocking in at about $800, yes eight hundred dollars, we are paying WAY over the odds compared to other places in the world, just like everything else…so I was a bit worried that that was too much for a mixer, hello!


…well I have to say she is earning her keep about ten times over…just so easy to sling stuff in here and turn on, clean up is super simple too.  I have to say, apart from the obvious aesthetic delights of using this beauty, she packs a punch in the usability department too – indeed she has encouraged me to have a go at stuff that before would be just too much trouble…

With the aid of the KitchenAid I have been dabbling with bread making…I did own a bread maker previously and we did, for a while, wake up to fresh bread and a very very nice smelling cottage, but really it never was super and with extremely limited counter space and the fact that the machine was on the opposite end of the spectrum in prettiness and cottage-worthiness in terms of looks, I decided to release it to the world…

20130606-09-beach-house-blog-abeachcottage.com_ (2)

…since then I have been messing around with bread recipes – it is nice to have home-made bread about one’s person, even if it is just for the comforting smell that it wafts down the street as one’s offspring come home from school…the easiest recipe in the world to come soon…


In love with enamel at the mo’ – I have a growing collection of vintage pieces, I love it for coastal style, it’s rustic and beachy and very easy to throw in a picnic basket…here’s a new one ready for some dings and a bit of battering



In makeovers and collecting, ahem, this is a little side table picked up while treasure hunting, not great and a bit grubby and needing some love….


This is it so far, I tried a new thing on it, sort of rustic brushing…


..the beach?  well the beach is still the beautiful Australian beach that I love…it’s a holiday weekend here in Australia, for the Queen’s birthday, yes I know odd that Old Blighty don’t celebrate it but we do here – I am planning a Winter beach outing, yup very Pommie of me but to me sitting on the beach rugged up with a flask of something warming, a picnic basket with some nice cheese and bread and sitting on a blanket an tucked up out of the wind, well that’s quite doable to me and how going to the beach in England is…in the Summer ;-)


I have been making my famous anti-cold concoction for Winter – my kiddos run a mile when I mention the hard core version of this, but, we all know that it works…I have now made a milder version for them that includes more honey and less ginger and I only put a drop of my secret ingredient in…


…recipe to come, I swear by it, even though it is probably totally psychological and is not based on any fact, works for me…

…the addition of a French Mason Jar always goes down well in my life…


I will see you soon with a recipe and if you are a Beach Cottage Newsletter subscriber you’ll know what’s coming soon…a giveaway and it is very very nice and likes to have a basket with it at all times ;-)

Pull on those boots ladies, have a coffee for me..



and make yourself a lemon concoction in a mason jar


p.s. thanks for the emails re my pictures and the new site – I have now got a lovely techie person looking into all the problems for me – thanks so much for your patience, this hasn’t been one of my better experiences – if you are seeing stretched pics, want to see the new Barley blog and are having problems with load time etc it is* on the way to being solved….thanks :-)  …it’s not much fun this end when this stuff happens lol!

p.p.s Beach Cottage Newsletter goes out soon, if you haven’t subscribed pop you addy in the box and get in quick

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16 Responses to “how it flows, a beach cottage style”

  1. Susan says:

    Okay, I LOVE the bag and boots…and where did you get those lovely measuring cups!

    • sarah says:

      I have had them ages, sorry can’t remember… they are a bit delicate though actually, amazed there are no chips yet!

      thanks love bags and boots :-)

  2. MrsLucyB says:

    Hi Sarah, love your life, love your country, you are one lucky gal :-)

  3. Jo says:

    Lovely….Can’t wait for the bread recipe. :)

  4. Corina says:

    Thanks for bloggin! Every morning some “me-time” with your blog and a coffee; than the day can start! Love your pictures!

  5. Rukmini Roy says:

    I love the photos! But Sarah, are they loading slow at yours too?
    Btw, my fav from all of it would be the little kettle/ French press! Absolute love!

  6. Helen Fryers says:

    Beautiful pictures!

    Air temp at Filey on Yorkshire Coast Wednesday last week 10 C, sea temp 7C, but of course we sat on the beach and went in the sea!

  7. Tracy says:

    Excellent post. When I was on holiday in China a couple of years ago, we stayed in a French hotel that had bonne maman on the breakfast table every morning with French breads and croissants. Just yesterday, in a frantic dash to the grocer, looking for honey for a sore throat, there, on the shelf in all it’s glory, a big jar of 4 fruit compote winking at me, my favorite! I was stunned. Here on my chilly island in the North Atlantic – a jar of French sunshine that brought back happy memories. And the jar is so pretty that I could not bear to take it off the counter. There was jam toast for my bed lunch last night!

  8. Claire says:

    Lovely pictures as ever Sarah! Funny ~ today I put on summer clothes for work for the first time this year, things are starting to (finally) hot up in old London town! Enjoy your long weekend x

  9. Candy says:

    Love.love.love the handbag!!!

  10. Janet says:

    Ok I want the boots, bag, milk jug, hat, recipes, and yea! Barls..please… I about fell over at the price of the Kitchenaide . I bought a heavy duty pro series a few years ago and it was just over $300. Of course mine isn’t the gorgeous blue like yours but it is lovely white. I use it a few times a week and wonder how I ever lived without Her. Even sitting on the countertop unused it is worth the price. We moved to panhandle of Florida last year and we had such a mild winter I only got to wear my boots a few times. But that’s fine with me. Now it is hot and flip flop, shorts and tee top weather. It is always funny to me that you are talking about winter coming on your end of the world.

  11. Tamara says:

    How lovely to be able to say ‘winter only lasts 12 short weeks’! I wear my leather boots for about 11 months of the year! Here in Suffolk UK I actually got to wear my shorts all day today for the first time this ‘summer’!! and my poor vegetable garden is about a month behind schedule :-S

  12. Kathy Yutzy says:

    As many others, we are just starting our summer, too. But when I saw your boots and leather bag, I actually said “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Sarah!” out loud! I miss my boots!

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I love all your photos Sarah they are really lovely.I prefer old wooden things not to be perfect in fact I like them a little distressed and banged up they look more loved that way I think and your floor boards make me drool they are my absolute favourite sort in the world, original old distressed and worn down by feet over the years and if I ever get my beach house I am having them in it ,and lots of old wooden furniture and white couches and cushions.
    Love your house it is so beautiful and Barley is so gorgeous ,dogs are special I think.Have a wonderful picnic by the sea.