It’s ended! Beach Cottage style with a vintage French cheeseboard

Fri 28th, Jun, 2013

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It’s ended, it’s ended, it’s so ended.

My forever ever ever ever hunt for a vintage cheeseboard with a leetle bit of a French or Italian flair on the other side of the world has ended.  I now, seriously, have one in my possession.  It was a furiously serious moment in my life and what was most strange was that this momentous occasion on a par to giving birth or migrating to the chosen land passed as if it were just another day shopping.


There were a few reasons for this non-celebration, firstly the person who shared this moment with me I had only known fleetingly for a couple of hours and secondly because of this reason I had to pretend to be all cool and go ’0h ok, I think I might get that cheese board thingy’  instead of om*g I soooooo neeeeeed that vintage French om*g cheesboard in my life and I have been secretly stalking them on Pinterest and the food blogs for like years, lusting over all these oceans for one of my own and oh gosh I think I might do a dance and oh what is going on with my heart, I think it started beating like three times faster than it normally does.

Yep because I am just so cool like that.


So that’s about where I am at with this vintage French cheeseboard.   I am going to see how many times I can weave those three words into this blog post just so that I know that it is really happening.  Vintage French cheeseboard.

Vintage French cheeseboard I love you in my life.

It did, however, occur to me as I was driving home (I won’t tell you that I lost my car for 1.5 hours in Surry Hills and had to ask a cupcake baker to help me find it, I will save that beauty for another blog post) that indeed how does one quite know whether or not a cheeseboard is French?  Or even European?

I could have in my possession rather than a vintage French cheeseboard, actually a new Australian cheeseboard made to look French…now there is a thought my friends…and if that were to be true, if we could somehow prove that by testing the wood, well then the males in this old cottage would laugh their tight little butts (all men in this house have small tight butts – I don’t do men with large butts, I will save that for another blog post) off at me driving over the Harbour Bridge all smug and happy and pumped that I finally have a vintage French cheeseboard in my possession when in fact, it is from Australia.  They, those specimens with the tight butts, would think that was rather hilarious.


But rather than butts, tight or otherwise, can we talk about how every kitchen, every house, every ratty old cottage needs one of these in their life?

I won’t tell you this was budget, even mentioning that word, sniffing that word around this vintage French cheeseboard is, well, quite wrong…. I assume that if you read here sometimes then you may well have gathered that if I have paid humongous amounts of dosh for something, I mostly don’t mention that on here in case tight butted men find out, I have not spent years at home throwing bleach down toilets at 6pm not to have worked out that purchases over a certain amount enter the realms of hazy or non-mentionable…you know that hazy, don’t you?  oh this old thing I’ve had it ages!  oh I can’t remember how much this was, not a lot!  oh this was sooo a deal, right bargain!

This then is one of those occasions, like yesterday’s post where we don’t mention dollars….ok…..but take it from me, in the few weeks that I have owned this beauty of a vintage French cheeseboard cost per wear and domestic goddess per wear is very very good.

You see, you can bring this baby out with a flourish with nothing much other than some (French) goat’s cheese, oh French goat’s cheese, oh how I love thee…a slab of rustic bread and not much else and people will assume you have been cooking all day….

Indeed you can serve a cafe au lait or rather a hastily made coffee poured into a cutie little bowl and place it onto your vintage French cheeseboard with some posh sugar and a bought pastry and people may well believe you have been baking all night.

And we very much like that they think that do we not?  We like how vintage French cheeseboards can do that to our life and make people think untrue things.

And guess why they think those things?

Because one lost one’s car in a very trendy suburb of Sydney, Australia, for an hour and a half after having invested in a vintage French cheeseboard.

And with that in mind, yes you should, too, be considering the idea of the sourcing of a vintage French cheeseboard in your life…

I will leave you to ponder…

Do, of course, feel quite free to furnish me with your thoughts on the ownership, cost per wear and general heart-raciness of a vintage French cheeseboard.


Mrs Beach Cottage

p.s. vintage bike giveaway closes today

p.p.s. I forgot to tell you about the first time I came across a vintage French cheeseboard in France, sitting in a cafe nearly touching Spain, I will save that for another blog post.

p.p.s. are the butts, male or not, in your life, tight?

p.p.p.s. if you ever lose your car for an hour and a half head to the nearest cupcakery



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23 Responses to “It’s ended! Beach Cottage style with a vintage French cheeseboard”

  1. zoe says:

    I did park my car in the nearly empty MCG car park one morning not realising there was a cricket match there in the afternoon. Got back the carpark, tens of thousands of cars, no clue where mine was, had to leave the car and catch the train home, and go back early the next morning to find it!

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    I will recommend this web site!

  3. Kim Buca says:

    I love it! I have a really old wooden cutting board I can not bear to part ways with I should but I think I will just sand it down and oil it well it is not rounded like yours I sure would love to find a beaut like that I will have to keep my eye open in the thrifts shops I like your aussie way…. and word better op shop because that’s what they are full of opportunities to get such great things! and vintage treasure! have a g’day! hope the cupcakery baker at least offered you a sweet treat!

  4. Keren says:

    1. LOVE thy French Vintage Cheeseboard!!! My mouth waters just looking at it!
    2. I have a bubble-butted man in my house. Aka he has a large and muscular bott-bott.
    3. Touch of brilliance to head to a cupcakery when lost. I think I may just have to “lose” my car one day just to taste the delights of finding it again…

  5. IrishMum says:

    I’ve lost my car too many times to remember, in fact I think some one picks it up and moves it :)
    LOL, it would be funny if it was new made to look old, but who will ever know!

  6. Melanie A. says:

    Oh, you are funny, Sarah…and your vintage French cheeseboard is great!

  7. Neen says:

    Bahahahahahah you make me laugh soooo hard, Vintage French cheeseboard, tight male butts and a cupcake baker ….what a whooooping good time I have reading your blog !!!!!
    Comedy gold Sarah, enjoy stroking your Vintage French cheeseboard……. Luv it !! Neen ;0

  8. Rukmini Roy says:

    Yes I saw that in your hand on your trip to Frenchland!
    Proudly posing with it and all :) Its fantastic!

  9. Sue says:

    You crack me up Sarah – I too have a small butted man in my house who I praise God is often hazy about so called recent purchases …. Luvvvv yr cheeseboard – me thinks I am going to Surry Hills very soon – Sxx

  10. I’ll have you know that I am sitting hear suffering from extreme vintage cheeseboard envy :) x

  11. Aisling McCarthy says:

    Love your cheeseboard sarah.

    My favourite wooden board was a small wooden rectangle one with a heart cut out at one end that i bought from the shaker shop in the kings road in london. I bought it to nz with me. I had it for years and years until it recently broke in two.

    This time last year i was perusing the brocante markets in the south of France. That trip i was obsessed with vintage embroidered linen teatowels – which i found but now don’t dare use. They look gorgeous though! Aisling

  12. Alice says:

    and if that were to be true, if we could somehow prove that by testing the wood, well then the males in this old cottage would laugh their tight little butts (all men in this house have small tight butts – I don’t do men with large butts, I will save that for another blog post) off at me driving over the Harbour Bridge all smug and happy and pumped that I finally have a vintage French cheeseboard in my possession when in fact, it is from Australia. They, those specimens with the tight butts, would think that was rather hilarious.”

    Another Tea dribbling and spurting all over the monitor and oneself moment brought to you by the lovely Sarah from the BC blog – lol!!!!

    I have a “french” dough bowl/trough that is apparently over 100 years old (bought within budget – chu ching!) that I use as my fruit bowl and is one of my most prized items in this house of mine. I have told the husband that if there ever is a fire in this house, once the kids and he is safe I am coming back in for that bowl… I can’t even begin to describe the marking left behind by the carvers tool… Or the perfect satin color… The shape and size – perfection! Lets just say after years of hunting one down I too felt that it was momentous occasion and I was thrilled… I shared my moment with a very perplexed husband but even he admits it is a beautiful piece and was quite happy for me to have it (I nearly fainted). I am constantly touching it, and admiring it and the husband took me at my word about the whole fire rescue because he has commented on the softness that comes to my eyes when I am admiring it…i could go on about this lovely bowl of mine but it is best I stop… Yes I think it is a lovely cheese board(all the rustic hallmarks that my eye seems very attracted to), and I completely understand your love and joy for it… So enjoy away :)

  13. Leisa says:

    Oh Sarah – I know exactly your excitement. I too looked and dreamt for many years. A lovely holiday in Tasmania earlier in the year was when I finally found my beautiful vintage French cheeseboard – and then I had to hope it would fit in my suitcase – it did but only just.
    Tight is a way of life around here – amounts of $20 and $60 casually thrown about seems to keep even the tightest happy here (eep) – and the beautiful vintage French cheeseboard was certainly neither of those amounts!!!
    I hope you enjoy your beautiful board as much as I am enjoying mine!

  14. Honeyaar says:

    Bonjour Madame Beach Cottage,
    Ah! You taunt and tantalise us with zee posts of zee pretty pretty puppee…and
    Zee tres chic bags …and alas, then you show zee prettee bottle (..French no less)
    Now voila!! zee maqnifique cheeseboard!! Vive Le France !!!!
    It is all coming from zee magique armoire oui?
    Clever clever Mme….fromage ,fruit, firm derrières , cafe au Lait and pastries.
    Bravo….very vintage cool.
    P.s …You save by shopping at op shops, the Swedish store, the supermarche-So this is very very acceptable /a thrifty acquisition :-)
    So, when do we do coffee with said refreshments served on zee cheeseboard at zee tres chic beach cottage ;-) hehe

  15. merilyn says:

    yes, you are hilarious sarah!
    you were obviously so on a high about your “ab fab” French vintage cheese board
    and the many bags from that shopping spree! that you became disoriented …
    no wonder you lost your car! … I did loose my car once in a car park whilst on holidays! …for 30 mins.
    as for tight small butts … they are a must! definitely the only type… lol m:) x

  16. Jo says:

    I feel SO much better. (Before I forget – I love that board!!! Good score.) I can’t tell you how many times I go to the parking lot and wander up and down looking, searching, scanning, with nearly teary eyes for my car. Finally I have to lower myself to use the alarm button on the fob! It’s happening more and more. At my age, I’m thinking I have the beginnings of Alzheimer’s. But you…you kind of saved me. You are young enough to be my daughter. In fact, my oldest is going to be 44 so you are probably younger than she. If you are doing the same thing, I feel great about myself. I’m just like a 40 year old!!! Right. I can now say 65 is the new 40!!
    Thank you.

  17. Judi says:

    I’ve just spotted a similar cheese board in my Country Style mag – just love them! It probably isn’t of French origin or vintage like yours, but very stylish all the same.

  18. Candy says:

    I’m in love with your French cheese board and my nice, tight butted husband, as well!!

  19. Duck Egg says:

    So cute and thrifty collection of Vintage interiors.

  20. Kim says:

    So, after seeing some vintage French cheese boards today and almost keeling over at the price tag, after reading your post I feel strangely like they were actually a bargain, and I should go back and get one. You make it sound NECESSARY. Thank you, enabler. ;)

  21. michael says:

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