Beach Cottage in Chaos – Painting Floors

Tue 11th, Jun, 2013

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(photos via my phone today, couldn’t face the big girl’s camera in there with all that paint)

Good moaning Beach Cottage friends, foes, anyone who would care to listen really…today I am here to show you a cottage in chaos…well not really, one does tend to be on the dramatic side , but, right now my lovely husband, aka Mr Beach Cottage and I are camping out in the study while I paint our bedroom floor white…this has not been met with the most favourable of comments but after lots of quotes from tradies, upwards of $15,000, talk of us moving out of the house for  a week while our floors are painted, other speak of loading all of our furniture (of which I am not short) into one half of the house and other various scenarios, I decided to go the DIY route and start on our bedroom and see what happened.

And while that is all going on, tradies outside are ripping out the ugly concrete surrounding this old cottage…well not all of it, but some of it…the old driveway that I have wanted to change since we moved in here is no more of this world…it was ripped out earlier this morning…I bet our neighbours are loving us right now, have you ever had concrete removed, not that’s noisy…

…and remember ugly patio area out the back as you come out of the Summer House?  Well it is no longer, good bloggers get photos, I however, was, ahem, still in bed in the study when they arrived, refusing to deal with the reality of bedroom furniture all over the house, a floor with one coat of paint on it and one woman having to do coat two….


Sooooo, yesterday, when most normal people in Australia were having nice bbq’s and enjoying the monarch’s holiday, in Beach Cottage Land we were emptying the contents of our bedroom and moving into the study…..

I wanted this floor to be really rustic and distressed rather than ‘painted’ a block of colour, if you see what I mean…so after coat two I will see what this looks like and then do some sanding, I think it might need three coats before the sealer…

I will be back with part two soon and some vintage treasure from the weekend…






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52 Responses to “Beach Cottage in Chaos – Painting Floors”

  1. Selby says:

    Cute! Can’t wait to see it all finished & dressed:)

  2. IrishMum says:

    Wow $15,000??!! Good on you for DIY, I would be the same. Looks great. You must take a picture of the first time it is covered in muddy dog prints ;) Or does you dog get his feet wiped before he comes in? Mine do. Saves me a lot of bother.

  3. michelle says:

    You go girl!!!!!

  4. Tash says:

    I’d love to do this to our timber floors but am worried about the dirt showing up? ….. do let us know how the daily wear on it goes when you are done!! – BTW, its looking awesome!!! and YAY for DIY!

  5. This is exactly the look we’re going for as well, but I’m very nervous about keeping them clean with a dog & a husband. Please share your thoughts once it’s been lived in. Also, curious if you watered down the paint & what kind of sealer you plan to use.

    So far I’m loving it & very inspired!
    Cheers ~ Erica

    • sarah says:

      I did water down the paint yup…hence why I will be doing a few coats, I wanted that washed look and for it to distress easily with sandpaper…

      I am not sure about the dogs, the three kiddos or the husband but I will soon find out!

  6. Keren says:

    Oooh that will be lovely! I would love to do this in our bathroom, however I am a bit sus as to waterproofing issues… Will have to look into that as I have definitely seen pics that it is possible. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    • sarah says:

      I would think twice about doing it in a water area, though I guess it’s the sealer that is important :-)

  7. Smaggle says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product! I would never attempt to DIY a floor because I’m very impatient.

  8. So therefore Mr BC needs to pay you $15,000 for extra bits to stash in the back on the wardrobe. Because you saved him so much money?

  9. merilyn says:

    love that nikki,.. good idea!
    i have painted a huge area in white on our particle flooring board and it is still like it 15 yrs on … but it is more like a washed look because that is the white washed look i give my pieces of tat!
    i used a squeegie with watered down white on the floor … no sealer
    still have that too … this floor always looks ok even if things have been dropped because it’s more patinated it’s rustic and it’s easy peasy! lol m :) x

    • sarah says:

      sounds interesting, I did something similar in our study on the floor before we had a new floor installed and the paint held up really well…

      I am hoping that this is going to be rustic but then will be coir rugs on it so it doesn’t really need to be perfect…which is a good job ;-)

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Ooh this will be interesting Sarah to see how it turns out ,I love DIY not me actually doing it but other people.I can’t wait to see the end result.I love those white chalky milky floors and don’t make them perfect they will have more character if they are distressed looking.Enjoy!

    • sarah says:

      I can’t wait to see how it turns out either!

      right now I am preferring other people doing DIY too ;-)

  11. Oooohh!!!! Looks lovely so far! Fab idea going with the more distressed look, I would imagine that will be kinder to you what with 3 kiddos, a husb and a puppy!?! Cannot wait to see all finished and foofed…xx

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah, Looks awesome and everytime you look at your floors believe me you won’t see the footprints you’ll just see self-satisfaction that comes with going DIY!! Painted our hallway floor white (used paving paint for extra hard wearing ’cause of the heavy traffic issues) then distressed it a little so the daily bits and pieces don’t show up and ta-dah isn’t beach love!!!! I know you’ll love the finished product. Nothing screams beach like distressed white timber floors!!

    • sarah says:

      oh gosh THANKS!! I have been having hot and cold sweats wondering what on earth I have done today lol ;-)

  13. Alice says:

    oh gosh Sarah you are bloody brave going white floors. I love the look but I don’t think I could (and then there’s that husband test too… would be big fail lol). I can’t bloody believe my eyes 15 grand?!!! I really shouldn’t be surprised but I know a rip when I see one. I don’t blame you doing it yourself..It will look great once you start sanding it back, very excited to see the end results… Loving the idea of Mr BC paying you the money hee..hee..

    • sarah says:

      yes I know I am now thinking I am a raving mad woman!

      yep $15,000 was one of the cheaper quotes…everything is sooooooo expensive…I am in the wrong game for sure :-)

  14. Karen says:

    Oh absolutely love what you are doing with your floors. Can’t wait to see the final reveal . Love the DIY and saving$$$$$$$$

  15. This is going to be great Sarah.. you are doing such an awesome job! It’s going to look just fabulous. We are all here cheering you on!!!!

    Love Nat xx

  16. Amanda says:

    Good on ya Sarah this is looking great already!
    I am considering painting over a ceramic floor in the kitchen as the tradie price to take up and redo was a complete joke!
    Think I should have trained to be a plumber,builder and carpenter.Amazes me that although we are in recession etc their charges remain so high!
    Hope you arent too achey later after all that floor painting!
    Amanda x

  17. Chantel says:

    I Looove the floors. I tried talking my husband into letting me do that a few months back when we were refinishing our floors but he wouldn’t budge. He did agree that after our 4 young kids get older and stop trekking in so much mess I can but for now a no go. I guess I’ll just have to drool after yours for a few years.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm well the trekking in of mess has tripled since my kiddos got older lol! ..just do it when he’s out ;-) xx

  18. alison says:

    You are such a mover and a shaker. Your energy inspires! Can’t wait for the next instalment.


  19. I love painted floors, I’m seriously considering it for my bedroom (this should be phase 23 of the renovation…) so while I’m in the middle of cottage chaos and phase 3, I’ll enjoy watching your floors!

  20. Susan says:

    Love it………… LOVE xx

  21. Kim Buca says:

    its looking great Sarah cant wait to see it finishged I go back and forth on painting over the dark wood flooring we have to deal with here which sadly was here when we bought the house I was gonna tear it out and put in bamboo but I am thinking now cheaper route is sanding and lightening it up! much work! I would love to see a before and after of the front of your house have you ever done that yet? I am doing a lot of stuff here to this house and plan on doing that when we are done if we are ever done!!!lol is one ever???
    have a great day Ü

  22. I love painted floors! I often wish my clients would go ahead with it when I suggest it… why are so many people afraid of this awesome idea?

    Love your space!

  23. I am thinking of painting my bathroom pine floors white. If I missed it I apologize, what paint did you use? I was thinking of using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. They look beautiful! So fresh!

  24. Clare says:

    It’s looking fantastic!! Can’t wait to see it finished!! The light in the room will be brilliant once it’s all done ;)

  25. Can’t wait to see the finished floor! Your distressed idea sounds really lovely. Your existing floors are already beautiful too and while my soul is normally okay with slapping white paint on something, I was actually kind of sad about your floors. haha!…until I read that you might be distressing them. We’re finally switching up the bedrooms & will be painting our (gross) master hardwoods this week. Haven’t decided between a white block of color or a subtle warm gray. I’m catching up on posts, so maybe you’ve shared the finish floor. $15k? Gulp. Yeah, it’s a DIY life for me too thankyouverymuch.

  26. HRH Sarah says:

    I think it’s fabulous already! Can’t wait to see the final result. I have wanted to paint a couple floors in our house, but oh no, never paint natural wood, heavens no! Maybe one day I’ll inherit an old farmhouse with big wide pine planks??? And I’ll paint them white and sand them? Or, I will just enjoy looking at your lovely work…

    • Anonymous says:

      Love love love, white floors. I just visited my favorite home store in a quaint little village, and the floors are painted white. Worn with time and they look awesome. Wish my hubby would let me do ours.

  27. Tamara says:

    Looks great Sarah. I admire your guts and energy. I’m sure you got some high eyebrows from Mr. Beach Cottage too.

  28. Any advice for painting a cement slab? I so want to rip up the carpet and just paint the cement!!!

  29. sunny says:

    Hi Probably you know this but if you decide you must have a sealant on top, be very careful what you choose. My cottage floors are bleached white, pickled…but somehow the foyer floor got overlooked, so yes indeed I painted it white. But then I decided…because of sand and wet feet etc, that I needed a coat of satin polyurethane on top, to protect the white paint. Big mistake, the sealant turns yellow almost immediately, so I have a nasty ecru floor instead of white. One of these days I ll sand and start over….


  30. Petra says:

    Oooooooh, I’ve always wanted to see white floors being painted – can’t wait to see how it all turns out (or have I missed that post?!). You are so brave to paint timber floors (my husband would have my head!), but they do look super amazing painted white. :-D

  31. Eva says:

    White floors are my favorites, and wanted to have one like this with some shabby chic decoration… look so great

    • Jennifer says:

      I love what you’re doing to your floors and actually I’m doing the same at my cottage…I’ve painted the old tongue and groove walls white (what a job that was!!) and now I’m about to paint the floor. I would like to know what kind of paint you are using? I was going to use the same wall paint which is water based and then distress the floor a bit instead of the heavy duty oil based floor paint.
      Please let me know your thoughts…I love your taste by the way :)

  32. mandy meza says:

    I have painted my living room floor white and it was one of my better ideas,,i really wanted sea grass but we had blown all the budget on the rest of our cottage by the sea, so i painted it all white and bought a cheap ikea sea grass rug for the centre of the room,We live on the west coast of wet Scotland and have a dog and cat that are in and out all day long,my husband thought i was mad when i said i was doing it,but it has been great so easy to keep clean and some of my friends have know copied me.For anyone thinking of trying it just try it yourself easy to do and it makes the room feel light and bright.My advice nothing ventured nothing gained.