Beach Cottage Favourite Things

Mon 17th, Jun, 2013

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Good morning beach cottage peeps from a bright but chilly Sydney, we are really in Winter now in New South Wales with temps of  18C today and feeling it in this old cottage.

Right now I am snuggled up with Barley by the fire in the sunshine doing a bit of blogging.  However the blogging gremlins are surely out to get me this morning – after all the problems with my new site I thought I had had my run of techie stuff for a while, but no, my laptop decided to get a virus this morning, so I thought being clever I know, I’ll email myself my images, but hey don’t be silly I can’t attach any files to my email at the moment because my computer has a cold, oh ok hang on I’ll hop on the Mac and do it on there…Mac is not playing nicely with camera, Mac won’t talk to camera…finally Mac talks to camera…can’t get pics to load to the new site…the battery runs out on the Mac mouse…finally I am there, I have a picture of a few favourite things…I am about to write, we have lift-off…oh no, hang on the keyboard and Mac have lost connection…and on and on it’s gone…hey ho….remember when things (like that very old tape measure I showed you the other day) worked???  Like things worked for years??? Anyhoo, another day another blog post, let’s get this party started   20130617-02-beach-house-coastal-vintage-style-Favourite-Things-abeachcottage.com_
So here we are with another exciting instalment of Beach Cottage Favourite Things, with real girl homewares that you can actually afford and won’t mean you will need a mortgage interview before you purchaayyse them.  You can, potentially, too, avoid the whole magic wardrobe situation with these, being as they are small and budget friendly enough to quietly slip into your life un-noticed thank-you-very-much.

These favourite things this time are rather more bits and bobs…I like myself a bit and bob….at one point in my life when I was much younger and less saggy I tried the minimilst look, probabably wasn’t the most inspiring point of my life…and for two reasons this phase had a very short stint 1. I felt like we were living in a hotel, without the added benefits of housekeeping 2. I felt as if my life was devoid of any life.


But let us get onto things then, favourite things and pretty things…now this is a beauty…really can twine be beautiful?  Yup in this old cottage it can…I have had my eye on this for ages and finally bought some…I have been eyeing this up for, literally, years, but somehow it never did seem right to buy twine in a tin with a fancy label.  I know about twine, I have spools of it, balls of it, cards of it and every single time I go to any shop that sells it I buy it..if you are ever in need of twine (or fabric conditioner) you know who to call.  Ghostbusters.

There is something somehow handsome about this twine and while you use it you feel almost as if you have gone back a few years…if there is such a thing as nostalgic twine, this be it.

The little measuring spoons are very sweet, I have some of these from a rather nice and VERY much more up-market boutique, sadly I am kinda scared to use them…these though were on sale at Sussan and I have used them to make some bread already…pretty sweet.


A preserving jar in Favourite Things Beach Cottage style?  Well we all know I have an unhealthy collection of these, but all joking aside, I use jars for so many things in this old cottage and KMart coming in at $2 a hit is a lot less than I have paid elsewhere…I am about to make some marmalade (not that I like the stuff, cannot stand it but two males in this old cottage love it) as the tree out the back is positively groaning with fruit and needing someone to get out there and save it…this jar will be good for marmalade making…


The bottles, well I like these because they are blue and I will be turning them into, probably, some kind of hanging thing with the boutique twine of this same post…to be honest I am not a miniature person in anything, twee little things don’t normally do it for me, but I was shopping with my friend M when we came across these, and actually quite liked them…


Lastly a nautical stripe basket in a whitewash…I have been looking for a basket such as this for herbs and things from the garden, I always come in with either handfuls of the stuff or it lost in a too big basket…I liked this because 1. it was in the sale and 2. the liner can be removed and washed which is good for herbs and things…errrm note though to those making these baskets…might be cool if there were not big dollops of paint underneath the liner, just sayin…

OK, I am out of here, I am going to lunch today by the sea with a lovely friend, oh and painting a floor…happy days

What do you think of my finds, and so tell me do you have computer gremlins in your house at the moment???




p.s. thanks to the huge response to the vintage bike giveaway at the end of last week, you haven’t missed your chance, go here to enter



china measuring spoons Sussan $9.95 on sale

mini blue bottles Bed Bath and Table 2.95

coastal lined basket Bed Bath and Table 9.95

preserving jar $2 Kmart

Twine $10 Nutscene      

*all products paid for by me and not gifted*

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29 Responses to “Beach Cottage Favourite Things”

  1. Laura says:

    Love the blue bottles, they would be wonderful for summer flowers.

  2. Oh, am I first in the queue today?!? Lovely bits and bobs you have here. I especially love those spoons…must dash to google sussan!! xx (and yes, twine is indeed beautiful!)

    • Nope..too slow to be first!!!

    • sarah says:

      Sussan has quite a few nice homey bits now, they obviously have a new buyer in there, I am enjoying my shopping more and more every time I go in – now if only they would align their prices to the rest of the world everything would be sweet ;-)

  3. Kirsty says:

    I love Nutscene Twine! I have some in about 10 different colours! :D

  4. Selby says:

    Beautiful bits n things:)

  5. All looks gorgeous Sarah…

    I had to have a little giggle though from this computer “illiterate” nearly 56 yo is the “nearly new 46 yo”!!~ woman/lady..?

    I have apple probs all the time…not from a technical aspect, cos I LOVE my laptop my son bought me for my mothers day pressie a few years ago…
    My problem is that I am a COMPUTER NERD…
    I am fab with my sites I am “au fait” with…BUT other things give me the you know what…

    SO…I do have to ring/phone my technical support in Brisbane…
    26 yo son…in his legal office whilst trying to work…
    guess who rings for support.? MOIS..

    (i have even been known to ring him whilst on a train travelling in Japan…OOPS i forgot he was overseas but i was a “desperado”)..

    ps…good thing though he can actually hack into my sites and see first hand what I am doing or not doing and he fixes it ALWAYS…for FREE@!!~~
    xx andrea

  6. Rukmini Roy says:

    Pretty pretty! Nothing about this is something I dont want.
    I have 3 basket waiting to be whitewashed and twines are super cheap in this part of the world. I even got home some hot glue….eyeing to DIY a twine rug :) They look lovely in a beach setting!

  7. alison says:

    Can’t computers do your head in? The rather large organisation I work for just cannot keep up with our IT work needs… or does that translate as staff cut backs? Mmmm. Just love waiting on hold for the IT Help Desk!

    OK…I’ve had today’s whinge. Thank you for your patience. I now feel better.

    Isn’t twine one of life’s joys and fascinations?


    PS Glad you were SHOPPING with M this time.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm what I would give for an IT desk – for me it’s called Google hahaha ;-)

      yes love twine x

  8. Neen says:

    Oh oh oh I have those little bottles in blue and clear, just the perfect size for violets which grow here in abundance…..thanks for the shopping eye candy ;) must get to Kmart ( as if I need any more jars says hubby/conscience )…….. ;0 Neen xx

  9. Alice says:

    Oh gosh Sarah I am just getting over our computer gremlins! How painful…Managed to recover most of our stuff…Hubby is very clever (thank goodness – I wouldn’t know where to start!). Loving those cute bottles!!!

  10. Honeyaar says:

    Hi Sarah!
    OMG!! I just “purchaysed” that jar from Kmart , the blue bottles with a pretty pink one too ….and was lusting after a similar lined basket at the local $2 shop!!!
    Loove the twine too, but have yet to get it….
    I’m going through a soft pastel phase in homewares as I want to assert my feminine / goddess energy in my testosterone heavy household!! ;-)
    Love your choices…thanks for the ideas.

    • sarah says:

      spooky! I love the feminine goddess energy…I try to do that in this male dominated household too ;-)

  11. Rochelle says:

    Love it Sarah!

  12. Aisling McCarthy says:

    Sussan just closed down in nz a little while ago and i miss it. There were some cool things in there.

    We still have nz company Glassons tho – not so much in the way of homewares unfortunately, but the good priced fashion really rocks at the moment.

    i hate those days when technology gets a mind of its own.

    My 9 yr old dd and i are reading hitchhikers guide to the galaxy together at the moment … Don’t you just wish you could tell your machines to get over it sometimes :))

  13. merilyn says:

    hi funny girl sarah, what a tonic you are … as i always say about you … you have that medicine factor!
    is that your newly painted floor on which you placed your foofing? if so, it looks good!
    yes, i have computer gremlins here with downloading email it gives me the ……!
    it used to be simple but now too complicated!
    anyway! like the string! … lol m:) x
    ps hope you found that info ok the other day.

  14. Sara says:

    Just love your blog and style! Thanks for all the inspiration. It is so fun to read about your winter temperatures and you freezing, 18°C is actually summer here in Sweden :D
    Lots of hugs from sunny Sweden (25°C today, hot!)

  15. Honeyaar says:

    Oh Sarah! I forgot to say that I was THIS close to getting the Sussan measuring spoons and the measuring cups too : BUT decided against it, as I ( OR my testoterone heavy household ) would probably chip them…hehe.
    They are very sweet though…I ended up getting the pastel melamine spoon and cup set by Cuisena at Myer instead for safety and to enforce and consolidate my Fem/Goddess look :-)

    • sarah says:

      yes I was worried they might chip too but so far so good…how long they will stay the same though is another story!

  16. jody says:

    Good morning from florida Sarah! love your post and new purchases,
    the best part about it is that you use everything! yea Sarah!!!

  17. kathny says:

    18C and you’re freezing? I just did the math and that’s springtime in NY! 64.4°F LOL I wish our winters only got that cold! Enjoy your lovely purchases!

    • sarah says:

      haha yes I have certainly got used to Sydney temps and feel 18C is cold nowadays lol x