an interesting discovery and 9 ways to drink more water

Tue 18th, Jun, 2013

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Morning beach cottage ladies,I’m having a chat this morning stemming from things we’ve been talking about on Facebook (over here if you want to join us), talking about drinking water and the bottom line being…do you drink enough water, does it give you more energy when you do and the main question seems to be the answer to this question: how to drink more water in a day?

Before the Facebook chat though, for me, this all water rabbling started when I recently went to the Whitsundays for a blogging thing…there I got talking to one of the others who has been dabbling with the alkaline diet and what it did for health…I was kinda interested…interested enough to take a little strip with me to the bathroom and see what my PH levels were like and once I had done that, see how I could improve….long story short, I was pretty much ok, but upping my water intake significantly changed the result on the little stick a lot…


Before that I thought I was drinking enough water, but I was actually coming in about 750ml short every day according to the results on the stick.

All that ‘diet’ stuff aside though (I have NEVER been one for any kind diet plans, always never been able to choose to only eat grapefruits or follow someone’s diet plan), I suddenly realised that increasing my water intake, even though I was drinking plenty before, significantly effected my energy levels…let’s not get carried away with ourselves here, I certainly am not buzzing around after 7pm twiddling my thumbs wondering what quite to do with my time – I still collapse at the end of the day on the sofa, after that bra-off moment and wonder if, pray, I will ever ever get up again…but the water thing has helped muchly.

So I thought it might be good to write about my experiences here, seeing as some of you might be in the same boat as me?  Please note though that the water intake thing has not apparently been proven, so these are just my findings on how I feel and the comments from a few Beach Cottage friends…

We started talking about it on Facebook…What came up? …we are all women, in different situations, with different lifestyles and ahem have differing amounts of crinkly skin on our necks, but what was evident is that most people have learnt the answer to why they should drink water and want to drink more water because it makes them feel better…but they also want to know how to drink more water…but some found it tricky to remember to get in the full amount of water every single day…suddenly they realised it was the end of the day and they had been running around after littlies all day…they’d been to work put their head down and never looked up let alone had a glass of water and some just simply forgot…


Some of the things that were said

I hardly drink any  and I am very tired all the time… I feel my water intake definitely affects how I feel. Why don’t I drink more? I forget most of the time, and that’s pretty much all it comes down to.  Rebecca

I drink nowhere near enough, I think I am just too busy feeding my young son & making sure he’s hydrated that I neglect myself!  Rebecca

Here are some of the comments from real girls about drinking water and their energy levels…

Go water. Take a bottle to bed every night as well as car and near computer. Try and have a drink on the hour each hour to get 8 glasses in. Definitely agree about headaches. Often caused by dehydration.     Simone

I try to drink at least 2 liters each day and then the rest from foods. I feel so much better when I do and I definitely notice when I don’t.    Janis

I looooooooooooooooove my water and feel very dehydrated and drained if I’m not having it on the hour every hour. I would have at least 3 litres a day. I also mix up a big jug of water and add sliced limes, lemon, fresh ginger, mint, cucumber, apple slices and a good slug of chlorophyll and have that all day too. If I don’t drink water all day I get headaches and feel very cranky and tired. I love my water!    Eva

I normally feel best if I put a pinch of Himalayan salt and vitamin c in my water. Also drinking spring water instead of tap water has made a difference.    Sonja


Tara, a nutritionist also left me the comment below on how to work out how much water you should be drinking … I did this, worked out how much I was short and upped it to this and am feeling the difference…

Hi, I’m a qualified nutritionist. To work out the minimum level you need times your weight in kgs by 0.03


Drinking Water

9 Ways to Drink More Water

1. pretty up your bottle and bond with your water – this may sound silly but it clearly works for me (this probably will not surprise you, you now that anything in a vintage bottle and I am there)…just the fact that it looks nicely presented seems to help…

2. drink a third of your intake as early on in the day as possible – obviously it’s better if you don’t leave it to drinking water at 8pm when you suddenly realise that your vintage, or not, bottle is still sitting, prettily dressed up on the counter and very much un-touched…to be quite honest this has been the biggest change for me…I was clocking in a good deal of water in every day but often wouldn’t get going on it (unless I had been exercising) until the afternoon…now I am drinking water in the morning and it’s making a difference to energy levels in the afternoon – plus doing it this way, even if you have a busy middle of the day you know you are well on your way to being hydrated rather than de-hydrated…

3. keep a bottle with you wherever you go – another thing I find works a treat…being chief taxi driver in this little family every evening I pop on my delivery cap and deliver various children to various activities…having a bottle of water with me means I keep the water intake up…I try always to keep one in my bag too…think of all the places you can stash water too – under your desk, beside the sofa, in the back of the magic wardrobe while you are rummaging around looking for things ;-)

4. set reminders on your phone or computer, bing! drink water, get healthy!

5. set a challenge – drink 1 bottle by lunchtime, refill and another bottle in the afternoon etc

6. add things to it – adding some lemon, lime, herbs etc can spruce it up a bit if you feel that drinking water, in any shape or form is the last possible thing you could do…

7. try hot water – this totally changes the drinking water thing …I kid myself that I am making a cup of tea and instead just add lemon to water – another cup of water ticked off the list!

8. brew up herbal teas – I am very into peppermint lately and surprisingly have replaced some of my regular tea intake with Peppermint (please do not mention this to any passing Englishman, I will never live it down)

9. drink water with your meal – add a bottle of water and a glass on the table when you eat as you find in a restaurant…you will be surprised how you reach for this and find yourself drinking extra water!


I hope you found this interesting, or at least you liked the vintage bottle and the Mason Jar ;-)

So tell me, what are your views on drinking water (or not) – do you think it’s a whole load of poppycock, do you feel different if you drink more water or do you not feel much either way?

Cheers ears



p.s. Beach Cottage ladies of the web, especially ladies with crinkles, I have come across a lot about water and the plumping up of one’s skin, please take note I have NOT seen this in any shape or form to be the case for me…but it’s worth a go is it not?

p.p.s. it also came up on Facebook that you can drink too much water and that is not good either…interesting too if you look into it.



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35 Responses to “an interesting discovery and 9 ways to drink more water”

  1. Selby says:

    well no wonder i feel im not getting enough water! based on that calculation im about nearly a litre short a day- makes sense really. Ive been sticking to general reccomendations not remembering that being rather err…girraffelike in stature I really should be getting more than average-doh!

    • sarah says:

      yeah it’s interesting when you do that calculation – if you are tall then I guess you would be needing more – i’ve upped mine to the recommendation and defo noticing a difference :-)

  2. Julie says:

    Great post! Beautiful images!

  3. Mumofsix says:

    I definitely get headaches if I don’t drink enough. A nurse friend of mine told me to drink 2 glasses first thing. Gets you off to a good start.

    The thing that stops me is needing to go to the loo more although that’s supposed to settle own, isn’t it, as your body adjusts?! Pelvic floor…. That’s a whole other blog post!

    Thank you for all those tips. Must get back into the habit of hot lemon and water in the morning. An old friend of mine always drinks this and has the most amazing complexion. Xx

  4. ChrisC says:

    Cucumber added to water and poured over ice is sooooo refreshing.My hairdresser taught me that.Well worth what she charges….:-/

  5. I try to drink plenty of water, I haven’t had coffee for several months now and I think that makes a big difference too! But drinking the ‘normal’ quantity of water we should be having is simply impractical in most workplace situations. For example, WE teachers can’t keep popping out to the toilet when we like- who’s watching the kids?? Sometimes we don’t get breaks for well over 4 hours- which is standard in many jobs- many older ones have bad kidney problems after years and years of not going all day! Just remember, more water in means more water out thus more trips to the bathroom (which sometimes I simply don’t have the time for!)- and don’t forget more toilet paper in the shopping basket. :)

    • sarah says:

      ahhh yes, a very good point on the coffee…I am on one cup a day and love it but wonder what a difference it would make if I cut it out…one step at a time, I am doing the same with alcohol lol!

      no you can’t keep popping out to the loo, that must be hard for teachers!

  6. Claire says:

    Great tips Sarah, thanks! I find that often when I crave sweet things or think I’m hungry in fact what I really need is a big glass of water…

  7. IrishMum says:

    Yeah, I love water, especially with my whiskey ;)

  8. Love this … in winter I’ll switch to herbal teas throughout the day to keep the water intake up as sometimes difficult with the water bit. Love all the suggestions above.

  9. Kirsty says:

    Great post Sarah! I drink hot lemon water too. Right now in Tassie it is absolutely freezing and I feel like drinking cold water is out of the question until I’m in front of the heater haha. So hot water with a slice of lemon it is. I love how you’ve found the “prettying up” thing. I have done that for years! For some reason changing up what I’m drinking my water from really works. Bizarre though really!

    • sarah says:

      I have just been Skyping with someone from Tassie and I hear it’s very cold and grey…cold here too, well actually it’s 18C and sunny, but that’s cold to me haha…

      yep prettying up certainly helps x

      • Kirsty says:

        Whaaaaaaat!? That’s cold to you! You’re a nut! I would kill for some 18!!! Today is the first day it hasn’t poured in a week. The grass is loving it but I’m not!
        The hottest I can remember it being lately was 15 but mostly it has stayed at 10 or under. Brrr!
        I’m a sicko today so me and the kitty are snuggled up in bed with the electric blanket on. haha =)

  10. alison says:

    That formula from Tara cuts to the chase. Thanks. I drink enough. I put a bottle in my bag, car and spares in the boot. It’s amazing how they get used when they’re easy to access.

    In the past I’ve tried to up my water and I spend all day going to the toilet. I found it really annoying and I didn’t feel better.


    • sarah says:

      yes I think your body tells you when you are going to the toilet too much…I think I have found my optimum…

  11. Julie says:

    I am an Australian living in Germany where the whole country is obsessed with drinking bottled water. Bottling water is so bad for the planet and there is no reason to drink it all the time when the water supply is clean. I cannot help thinking about Vietnam and China where I have also lived, and where you cannot drink water from the tap. We should be grateful for what we have in developed countries and drink lots of water from the tap. I do!

  12. Melinda says:

    Water definately has a big effect healthwise, energywise, skinwise etc for me.
    I drink a big glass of warm water from the tap as soon as I get out of bed – one down and great rehydrate from the night.
    Peppermint tea, one or 2 before a mid morning coffee. Peppermint tea in afternoon, one after dinner and then a cup of boiled hot water in bed while I read my book – somehow I find it easier to drink water warm or as peppermint tea, especially in winter.
    Love the calculation too.

    • sarah says:

      yes I am finding Peppermint Tea really really good to get extra water in without it feeling like water…after a while even though I love water it gets boring :-)

  13. Jan Withers says:

    Hi Sarah. Have just read your blog on drinking water. How funny I started making sure I drank more water this morning by filling up a bottle of water and leaving it on the cupboard top to remind me. What a surprise when I saw your photo,
    exactly the same bottle! I was meant to increase my water intake.

  14. Kim says:

    Drinking a jumbo mug of Chamomile tea as I type :) It definitely helps my brain to ‘settle’ after a hectic day and helps me to sleep. The extra ‘water’ benefits a bonus too!

  15. Camilla says:

    I have these huge 0.4 litre beer glasses at home. Five of those a day, and I have drunk my 2 litres. What I do is drink one glass upon getting up, then refill the glass while I check blogs, eat breakfast etc. Before I move on with my day, I empty the glass. That’s two. One glass with the lunch, one glass with the afternoon cup of tea and one with dinner. Not hard at all, when you have a big enough container for the water. :)

  16. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Hi Sarah, Thanks for your post about increasing your water intake. I essentially do what Camilla has described. I start early! Some days I forget or I’m too busy. If that’s the case, I try to do better the next day. I do feel good when I drink a sufficient amount. Wishing you a great day!

  17. Allegra Bridges says:

    Sarah, what is a normal ph range? I am also dabbling with the alkaline diet–for acid reflux.

  18. Sarah says:

    I am working on drinking more water too. My goal is to drink at least 64 oz a day. Having it written down really helps, as well as having my water bottle out on my desk at work all day, and having a water bottle that marks the ounces. 2 bottles and I’ve hit my goal for the day, and now I find myself going over the goal. Also helping me eat less and making pants looser, which is a great bargain in my book. :)

  19. MDN says:

    Great post! Thanks for covering important topic! Appreciate the nutritionist’s info, too!

    More + info regarding drinkiing your fair share of H20: (I’ve a friend who’s an urologist.) He advises that though it sounds counter-intuitive, it’s good to always keep your kidneys working. If you don’t get enough water, chances for stone formation increase, since one’s urine becomes more concentrated. He suggests drinking at least a little bit (3-4 oz. or 88-118 ml.) every time you “go”. (Yes, even during night trips!) PS – Do you know that urine is sterile? Who’d a thought it?

    I don’t know Australian sites, but more great (reliable) info about water consumption can be found at the Mayo Clinic (www.mayoclinic.com/).

    Other info indicates that dehydration can be a contributor to yeast and urinary tract infections. In the ederly (esp.), dehydration can lead to confusion. (One of the symptions mentioned by some bloggers here.)

    Besides the teas or fruit additions, I also like to switch things up w/ of sucking crushed ice (not in winter) or adding no calorie flavorings such as Crystal Light or other generic store brands. Of course, there also are no-calorie popsicles.

    PS – Just as a precaution, for those avoiding water because of frequency issues…or if one finds herself going more often, it might be a good idea to check w/ your doc to rule out pre- or diabetes. (Better to catch it early and be able to control w/o meds!) (OK one male, this applies to guys, too!)

  20. Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for bringing up our need for more water. I love drinking ice water in the summer, and definitely up my intake as it gets hot. I have one downfall which i know how to remedy; i would drink more when i’m out and about by just putting the bottles jn a cooler. Water and lemon, hot or cold is a lovely way to drink it. By the way Sarah, if you are having a get together or just want to serve water beautifully, float lemon slices in water in a large white bowl. It is just so pretty…pretty as a picture.

  21. Great post! The little calculator (0.03) is a handy and very simple way to check if you are getting enough. It’s so easy to get busy and realise at 5.23pm that you’ve had three sips of water and wondering why we have a rotten headache isn’t it!

    Tara (aka The Nutrition Guru)

  22. Renate says:

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