We have a beach cottage winner

Wed 8th, May, 2013

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Hellooooo, guess what, we have a Beach Cottage winner.

I’ve read through lots of entries to this little giveaway, to be honest I had had a lot advice about not doing a giveaway that involved commenting because people can’t be bothered to comment, it takes too much time nowadays. But when I thought about that I thought, yeah, totally agree, I am guilty as the next person of flying on into my favourite blogs, reading, nodding, smiling, getting my fix and then getting out of there.  But the point of this was for me to say thanks to you for stopping by and if you commented great….what happened was you were kinda nice, so that’s really cool right?

Sometimes it’s weird being a blogger…like really, you talk to other women on the net about painting things white and flowers???  And finding vintage things.  And the Swedish Boutique??? And they like give a ****??!

Yep baby I sure do.  They are out there too.

Anyway the winner is Pam  :  pamb_au at yahoo dot com

Many Congratulations and thanks so much to all of you for being part of this blog, I really appreciate it, sorry I couldn’t stretch to an iPad mini for all of you.

And, I have to tell you that the Beach Cottage Giveaway Coffers just got a little bit of a top-up, woot woot to that…there has been a lot said of monetizing blogs lately, yadda yadda, for me this is the good side of it.

Watch out for the next one soon.


p.s. I have been asked if this giveaway was sponsored, ahem, yes 100% by moi and abeachcottage.com, thank you and goodnight.

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38 Responses to “We have a beach cottage winner”

  1. Kim says:

    Congratulations Pam … Cheers and hope you enjoy your win :)

  2. Yay, go Pam. Hope you and your lovely new mini iPad have a long and happy life together. x

  3. IrishMum says:

    Good on you Pam! And you Sarah!

  4. Neen says:

    Enjoy winner Pam !!! ;) Neen

  5. Congratulations Pam.

  6. Julie K says:

    Congrats Pam! Enjoy your new iPad mini!

  7. Lidija says:

    Congratulations Pam, enjoy :-))

  8. Bridgette says:

    Congrats Pam, thanks Sarah for the competition :)

  9. krissie says:

    sarah, who got the free aussie trip that you mentioned some time ago? was there a winner?

  10. Rachel says:

    Congratulations Pam! Lucky fish.

  11. Selby says:

    Well we all know what Pam will be doing on the weekend- gazing lovingly at her iPad mini & browsing the boutique surely?!:)

    Congrats Pam!

  12. Kirsty says:

    Too busy to leave a comment to win an iPad mini? Really people! That’s no life! Thanks for hosting Sarah! And Pam you lucky duck! Yeah.. I’m jealous!

  13. jody says:

    Congrats to Pam and blessings to Sarah for her kind and loving spirit of generosity she shares in life! xo jody

  14. Mumofsix says:

    Well done Pam! How exciting. Such a generous giveaway Sarah xxxx

  15. Mari says:

    Sarah, Thanks again for y-o-u-r gift of a Mini iPad and happy hours/years for Pam! Will need to scroll to read her comment. A bit rainy today in Connecticut; hope the sun is radiating its warmth upon you and your lovelies.

    • sarah says:

      yes it’s a lovely and sunny day here Mari, thanks so much for your comment, I think Pam will enjoy it x

  16. Congrats to you Pam! Thanks Sarah for the giveaway.

  17. Amanda says:

    Congrats Pam ..Thank you Sarah for your kindness.

  18. Pam says:

    Oh thank you Sarah . What an absolutely wonderful suprise . I have logged on this morning and read this ten times to make sure I was reading it right. Thank you , I am so excited. Thanks for all the comments girls . What a wonderful day today will be . X xx

  19. Kelli says:

    Big congratulations to Pam on her new iPad mini! Cheers!

  20. Enjoy Pam!

    Love your message above too…it will indeed be a wonderful day!

    Melissa :)

  21. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations Pam! Enjoy that little beauty and thank you to Sarah for running such a fabulous and generous giveaway. It was super fun reading all the comments.

  22. Jules says:

    Well done Pam :-)
    Sarah how do you pick the winner? I was reading another giveaway last week where the blogger put all the names on bits of paper on the floor and let the dog choose one with its’ paw!

  23. Jazz says:

    Thank you Sarah, it has been a great idea. Your blog is a box of surprises!! ;)

  24. Shar y says:

    Congrats to the winner! And thanks for such a nice thing, Sarah!

  25. Jacqui says:

    I can’t believe people think commenting takes too much time! For me, I often don’t comment because I feel like I have nothing to add to the existing comments, or nothing interesting to say! But I think if you’re going to the trouble of doing a giveaway then it’s really not too much trouble for people to comment if they want to be in the running to win :) Thanks for doing the giveaway and forcing us lurkers to come out of hiding once in a while!