the one where Beach Cottage puts leather shoes in the wash

Mon 27th, May, 2013

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A Beach Cottage Giveaway Today!

Sponsored Post The Athlete’s Foot

Alrighty ladies, I have something here for you today that could be right up your alley. First of all though let’s be up front about this, I was sent these shoes by The Athlete’s Foot (they don’t just sell runners) to have a look at and see what I thought.

These though came at a very opportune time for me, firstly Winter is just around the corner meaning the sandals and thongs aren’t in high rotation and secondly I have been looking for a pair of shoes that would be good for taking Barley out for walks in the bush, a spot of easy gardening, a walk before the afternoon school run by the sea, but also shoes that are just easy to do all these things and still look ok, I don’t always want to be in runners or plimsolls – you know?

Please enter cream Rockport loafers that have been made to be machine washable and they’re leather, sounds very very interesting. So these looked like they could be for me, and then there was the name. Hmmm, Seaworthy. And the fact that I love myself a pair of leather loafers with a jean and a scarf. Might work.


So when they arrived from The Athletes Foot (yup The Athletes Foot does casual shoes not just sports shoes) I was ready and raring to give them a go.

First up, what would any self-respecting blogger do? Take a picture of new shoes on the table of course. I know it’s meant to be bad luck, as of today I am still alive.

Taking a picture of them on the table though is not just a joke, for me it’s about the whole experience…for quality shoes that are not budget I want them to arrive nicely presented and feel like quality, do you feel the same?


Well yep they tick that box as you can see – I don’t know about you but I like my shoes to be in a box with tissue paper, some think this is weird, but for me it’s important, you know the opening the box bit?  Yes you do know it don’t you?

It’s quite advantageous to me if the Pretty Woman moment with new shoes is part of the deal. These may not be red, glittery, Dorothy shoes but the box and the tissue paper did cut it.

Anyhoo, so here are the shoes on zee table…pretty cream and very errrrm new and clean right?


Let’s take a look at them lined up outside with my Hunter’s that have gardened with me, done ocean walks with me, walked the bush with me and been on holiday with me – if there is anything that could match up to those I would be laughing.


So I decided to put them to the test where I might normally wear my lovely boots in a few different scenarios- a walk with Barley in the bush, a day of gardening and a spot of walking on the beach…I wondered what would happen to these very clean leather shoes….I must say too that there may or may not have been a bit of un-necessary dragging in the dirt with these, walking in flower beds and digging my feet into the sand – I really wanted to see if these cut the mustard with the washable bit.


Here they are after all of that….



yup not so clean now right?


So let’s chuck them in the wash and see what happens. I must say I am one for chucking shoes in the wash all the time – and bags, soccer boots and small children so it’s nothing new to me, I live my exciting life on the edge ladies and throw things in the laundry tub that say don’t do it if your life is worth living…but leather shoes going around on my wash cycle? Show me the money.


I threw them in on a cold wash on a gentle cycle, soooo easy, it did feel a bit odd to put leather loafers in the wash and I must say I did keep opening the lid and having a look at how they were going…how good is this, leather shoes in the washing machine!

After a cold gentle cycle I hung them to dry out in the sun on the line…it was a sunny day but they dried a lot quicker than I thought they would…and this is what they look like after the wash.



Wowzas. I am presuming you think this is good, because I sure do. Not a sign of sand, grass or dirt. As good as before!

I must say though the thing I thought the best about these shoes was the comfort and the fit…I find it tricky sometimes to get shoes that feel good, and I nearly always have to break them in, my feet are oddly shaped and I never get anything that feels super comfortable right out of the box and I have tried everything in the casual shoe department…but these were like slippers…or gloves…in fact I found myself putting them on and not wanting to take them off, which is most unusual for me, as one of the things I love is that shoes-off feeling…

…but these seem to wrap your foot up in comfort like a slipper would but because of the sturdy sole they are still robust enough to take out for a walk (apparently the reason for this, you know the science-y bit is it’s Adiprene in there that works its magic, who knew?). Can’t put my finger on the fit or this feeling this gives when out and about on your feet all day, but slippers on one’s feet when one is doing the school run? Liking it a lot.

So at the end of this Beach Cottage Highly Professional Market Shoe Review I am saying these are great, they look good and by golly you can run around in the garden and do a walk in them up hill and down dale and then throw ‘em in the wash.

And that is it from me and my new washable shoes, if you are looking for casual leather shoes to go about your day, these could be for you and help you walk it…literally.


But how about if you win a pair?  That might be nice yeah?

To win a gorgeous pair of these Rockport shoes from The Athlete’s Foot just leave me a comment answering this question

How would you take these shoes out to play?  A nice long walk by the sea, a day on your feet doing a little bit of shopping,  a bit of exploring in the country?  I’ve been doing all of the above!  Let me know…


Adios amigos


You can find your fit with The Rockport Seaworthy at TheAthlete’s Foot online & in stores – details of your nearest store here







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187 Responses to “the one where Beach Cottage puts leather shoes in the wash”

  1. Candy says:

    No Athletes store in the US…can you believe it??? Every country imaginable but not the US!! Since they are Rockports, which I do love and are oh, so comfy, will just have to try and find them somewhere else. Boo hoo and washable, too!

  2. Candy says:

    Meant to write Athlete’s Foot Store. Doesn’t matter, still don’t have one here :-(

  3. Kathy Yutzy says:

    Just Googled it, and found this directory of US stores. Must have to have “The” in front of Athletes Foot. Happy shopping!


    And Sarah, I love your choice! They look so comfortable! I’m going to have to go search. I need more support at the ankle, because I have nerve damage in my leg and foot. Anybody have suggestions on a style?

    • sarah says:

      they are super comfortable – being in cream I NEVER thought they would come up like they did in the wash!

      since being introduced to these Rockport shoes and how well made they are I would have a look at some of their walking shoes which have support on the ankle and a lace up…

      good luck with it, finding comfy shoes that suit your lifestyle is always a big one for me :-)

    • Lovely shoes! I put my leather running shoes in the washing machine all the time, but would never consider putting leather loafers in there; it’s nice to know that there are loafers which can be washed.

      • sarah says:

        I know, it felt weird and I didn’t think it would be a success hence I took photos of them in the machine lol…washed up amazing and the fit was still the same too…xx

  4. IrishMum says:

    What would a post about a new thing be with out the de-boxing pictures?

  5. They are AMAZING! I love them. I must have them. Wonder if they come in red or orange?? xxx

  6. Megan S says:

    Sarah those shoes were definitely made for you – Seaworthy indeed!
    I have two pairs of Rockport shoes that I bought while on holiday in the US and I agree they are like wearing slippers. I have even worn the black ballet slipper pair on an impromtu bush walk with no problems.
    However, these washable ones from The Athlete’s Foot range look fabulous and I love the cream colour with your blue jeans :)

  7. Neen says:

    Ooh la la washable shoes…..wow. I would wear them to work, I teach two days a week at a beautiful farm setting. I would be able to run around the dam calling out times-tables, lie on the jetty learning spelling, participate in the exercise program and build cubbies by the creek all in these amazing Rockport washable shoes !!
    Love the box photos ;) Neen

  8. Judy says:

    I’d love to try these shoes for a walk on the beach or a date night in downtown Savannah.

  9. Fiona Garrett-Benson says:

    I would wear them (in red as am loving that as an accent colour this winter) in the studio, we’d play with paint & paper filling my sketch book with colouful images, then stroll down for a coffee & cake if we had time we’d go on a gallery hop in the inner city….

  10. AJ says:

    Perfect for me….love the colour, almost like clotted cream! I want them for my trip to Europe, I can see myself in them having a caffe latte in Paris, walking along the canals in Venice, sightseeing in Florence and Tuscany, and catching the ferry to Chica Terra in Italy! Would send photos of the Rockport Loafers enjoying the sights!

  11. cheryl says:

    I love these and I especially loved how they “cleaned up”…I would take them for walks in the woods, on photo shoots and to the movies…they look and “feel” so comfortable for summer living..
    Thanks for the chance of winning a pair..

  12. Mrs Woog says:

    I was lucky enough to be sent a pair and I have not taken them off. They are the most comfy shoes I own x

  13. Becky says:

    Gorgeous shoes! I’ve never heard of Athletes Foot (as a shoe brand) but these would be perfect for just about anything. Work, hanging around, shopping. Love em.

  14. merilyn says:

    morning sarah! … even though i’m sure you will love this story and i would love another pair
    i won’t enter the competition, because just last week i picked up an almost brand new pair (and still smelling fresh as a daisy) from my local charity boutique! would you believe it? i was a very happy chappy @ $3.00! i’ve been stroking them and they feel like kid gloves! love it! … haven’t been in the dirt yet tho! lol m:) x

  15. Patricia says:

    Yes. Those shoes, by ROCKPORT, look deliciously comfortable and the fact that they are washable is over-the-top practical, and slip-on. I have a genuine suede coat, made in Canada, that can be machine washed-how extremely wonderful is that? Anyway, if they had excellent arch support I would wear them everywhere: beach walks, gentle hikes to my eagle-family’s-tree, even out to bring in firewood, to lunch with the Queen and Kate, to the sand-castle contest, and even out to the garden to harvest veg, fruit and flowers. Yes, I may forget that they are on my feet and wear them to bed. I found out that there are two THE ATHLETE’S FOOT stores in Canada. One in the east and one in the west, in Victoria, B.C., near where I live.

  16. Patricia says:

    Sarah, as always, I enjoy your blog. Also, thank you and THE ATHLETE’S FOOT, for a chance to win a pair of these scrumptious shoes.

  17. Diana says:

    Perfect dog walking shoes and so many more~

  18. Jodi R says:

    I would probably give them a first test with a day of playgroup and toddler testing. If they are that comfortable it wouldn’t be long before they came for a walk in the bush … I will trust you I can put them in the washing machine and not die and I will try not to watch them through the window for the whole cycle :)

  19. Candy says:

    Thanks for the link, Sarah. There are stores in two FL cities but the closest to me is four hours away….sooo will have to settle for online and that can be done!

  20. Kat says:

    I would wear them to do the school run, a walk near the beach and a trip to the cafe’, the supermarket, home to get organised, back for school pick up and after school soccer training and basketball skills with the four kiddo’s in tow.
    I like that they look a bit more stylish than sneakers (which I live in now I try to get to the gym most days) and that you can throw them in the wash. Genius!!

  21. Susan says:

    I live in Colorado and this spring we have had periods of snow (too late in the year) and days when I’d love to wear flipflops, but there is still mud and muck and snow on the ground (temps in the 60s)…these would be so perfect for those days….

  22. Stacey Harrimar says:

    Hi Sarah,
    How about a mosey across the farm to feed the chickens (I promise to keep away from the cow poo), up through the woods to walk the dog, a quick run out into town to buy the groceries, a long stroll across the sand for the dog’s second walk and if I’m lucky another trip into town for movies and dinner.

  23. Keren says:

    Oh dear. I am not sure where I wouldn’t wear them! They are truly gorgeous!!

    Other than the normal out and about such as school runs, beach walks, and then home gardening, I think these would be fabuloso whilst baking. This may sound a tad strange! But I am *ahem*, a bit of a messy cook and do tend to drop random ingredients on my feet (and everywhere else)! At least my feet would stay clean if I had these baby’s on! I could just bake and wash! Awesome. :D

  24. Bridgette says:

    Love the idea of washable leather, I would love a pair of red Rockports this winter, For me i would drop my kiddies off to school, Pop into my local cafe to pick up a yummy chai Latte then i would park my car and walk to my local op shops and do a little bit of shopping for the morning :)

  25. Lyn says:

    They are great! All the aspects of the day covered. – walking, shopping, errands, & everything else we do in the day even if we caught in the rain! Particularly like a pair of red “all day slippers” ! Dorothy eat your heart out :))

  26. Stephanie V. says:

    Walk on the beach, weekend of camping, bit of gardening

  27. Thea says:

    Not being a big blog reader, I figure what the hell, give it a go and try to actually win something while stepping out of the comfit zone!
    I neeeeed a new pair of shoes that I can wear to all Cattle Shows (yes, Cattle shows) that I attend with my daughter. A pair of cute shoes (not boots) that can be thrown in the wash after stepping in fairy floss and cow poo would be awesome! These new Rockport shoes look just like they would fit the bill

  28. Fleur says:

    would start the day with a little trip to a cafe where I would sip a cafe au lait and admire how my shoes matched my drink (totally normal right?)

  29. Marilyn Schroeder says:

    I am planning a visit to my hometown Warrnambool soon and so would wear these loafers to walk along the “boardwalk” that circles the Lady Bay. In fact, they sound so comfortable, I think I would be wearing them everywhere as I revisit all my favorite childhood places. Comfort for my soul and comfort for my soles!

  30. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I would take these baby’s everywhere,hanging out the washing on a cold frosty morning,walking around at the shops and at home if they are that much like slippers I would never take them off.I have funny feet too,apart from arthritis in my feet I never find my shoes comfy at the start of a season I always dread when you go from sandals to flats and boots and viceversa I get blisters and pain and I cannot imagine a pair of shoes being that comfy first wear and being washable,that is so cool too.

  31. Laura Ramey says:

    love the loafers

  32. I would wear them to set up flower events. I always need the comfort and support but often slop water or greenery or any clippings and such around everywhere. These sound perfect!

    • sarah says:

      oh they would be perfect for that indeeed because they can just go straight in the wash

  33. Ronda Carter says:

    It’s always such a killjoy to switch from barefoot at the beach house to shoes when it’s time to run to the vegetable stand or fish market. It feels so un-vacation-like. Slipping into these Rockport beauties keeps the vacation mindset afloat. I love knowing I can toss them in the washing machine not just for surface dirt but for removing inside odor/perspiration. And if rain brings puddles outside my door, no need to hop like a frog. Sleek as a dolphin, my comfy Rockports will make a splash.

  34. Twexploits says:

    Mmmm rockports. I would wear them to work (I work in an office at a mine and all my shoes take a beating) then, after arriving home at the end of the day, I’d take the dog for a walk near the lakeshore where shoes also suffer a bit. Then I’d pop to the corner shop to get the milk I’d undoubtedly forgot for the kids breakfast (and step in the ever present puddle in in front of their door-as usual) I’d then pop them on the wash and myself in the tub (we’d both need it). Dreamy!

  35. Mimi says:

    Oh, I would wear them on my “Daily”…early morn walk down the greenway with my pups. Fingers crossed!

  36. Tari Lawson says:

    I would love to take them out for a day of shopping with friends.

  37. Anna-Ruth T. Murphy (aka ART) :) says:

    Brilliant! I would wear them everywhere….except painting furniture in the garage….they ate just too cute for that!

    • sarah says:

      yes I would draw the line at painting with them…interesting though I wonder if water based paint would rinse off x

  38. Sarah says:

    I would wear these shoes to the ball diamond, which is where I seem to be all summer, watching the kids play. They look like fabulous shoes!! I could just wash off all the dirt and dust from the fields!

  39. Kathy says:

    These shoes adorable! I would wear them many places, but first I’d wear them on an upcoming trip to Chicago to go engagement ring shopping with my boyfriend. :) Thanks for the chance!

  40. Megan says:

    Oooo…Just like slippers you say? They sound like pedi- perfection. I think Rockport have nailed it…a shoe you never have to take off… except to throw in the wash….!! Sadly, my feet haven’t been the same size or shape since giving birth. What’s with that? Very sad indeed… I haven’t worn a stiletto since…mind you, my feet aren’t all that’s changed… date night is somewhat different too….now more likely to be a stroll to the local Italian with hubby, pram and a bottle of plonk in hand. So, I’d wear them on date night for sure…and basically everywhere. Thanks Sarah for introducing us to the Seaworthy! Who’d have thought Athletes Foot would be my new store for date night shoes!

    • sarah says:

      I know, I was surprised at how good these were too! hence being happy to blog them, they are definitely very pedi friendly!

  41. Cindy Keery says:

    I would wear them all day as slippers. They look so comfy!

  42. Gwyneth miller says:

    Oh boy! These shoes are made for walking…the dogs, to the store, teaching, and soooo much more! I love how they go with so many different outfits and how easy they are to clean.

  43. Nancy says:

    I would take these shoes out to play on our outtings to the park.

  44. Hedy King says:

    I have always considered Rockports as “orthopedics” but these sweet little loafers prove me wrong. I welcome a chance at them. Thanks, Sarah.

    • sarah says:

      I know what you mean, these feel amazingly comfy, I couldn’t believe it to be honest!

  45. Holly C. says:

    where won’t I wear these super cute flats! I would wear them to and from the gym for sure!

  46. Lark says:

    Wow! Throwing shoes in the wash would be great. I used to be a teacher, and now sub as an assistant in classes for disabled children. I always wear cheap shoes knowing that once go in the sand at recess my shoes will be destroyed. I would love to have shoes I could just throw in the wash!!! We have an Athlete’s Foot nearby…I’ll have to check it out!!! Thanks, Sarah, for the hot tip.

  47. paige says:

    I would wear them everywhere I go this summer. I love that I could be in my garden and not have to worry about them getting dirty. Just wash and then I could be running around town in them. They are so cute.

  48. Debbie says:

    Oh those are so cute & since I’m no longer working, I certainly couldn’t go out & buy a pair. I’d wear them everywhere…out to shop, out in the garden, out to feed to birds…anytime I wanted to have a comfy pair of shoes to wear with my jeans & t-shirt uniform. Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. Tamar says:

    I’d relax with my kids and hold their hands and walk by the lake near the house. Well, that’s just one possibility :)

  50. Jenny Bowman says:

    I would wear them to chase around after my lively grandsons, it’s no saying where that would lead me”

  51. Cynthia C says:

    I’d be wearing them on shopping trips and walking around on vacation.

  52. .monica zadro says:

    These look so comfy that they would likely become my favourite shoes in all colours. Love the idea of being able to wash them . Gardening would be the tops as can’t count the amount of shoes I have wrecked out there. Love strolling round the village but having comfy shoes is a must and did not know athletes foot did anything outside runneres . Thanks for sharing.

  53. Rita Sitton says:

    wow, what’s not to like. they are stylish, great fitting and washable. I probably wouldn’t take them off, except to wash. Love your posts.

  54. Tamara says:

    Well these would be perfect for me as I have been known on more than one occasion to dash out only to find myself driving in my slippers and having to do a quick scoot round Tesco hoping no one noticed sans shoes!!
    These look so beautifully soft and comfortable I could potter in and out of the house believing I was wearing comfy slippers and yet get admiring looks from fellow shoppers thinking what cool footwear I had on! (This would only work if I remember to change out of my dressing gown first) !!

  55. awgirl says:

    That is one unique shoe! love the idea that you can wash it! I would wear them everywhere!

  56. Tery Hodges says:

    Wow! Washable leather shoes! That is awesome…something I definitely would be interested in.
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway but might have to buy them anyway!

  57. Katherine says:

    Walking Disney World with my family

  58. Amy says:

    On my 1-mile walk to and from the subway station to work, around the dirty streets of San Francisco, and on upcoming vacations to San Sebastian and Biarritz (can’t possibly arrive wearing look-at-me-I-am-an-American tennis shoes!)

  59. Rosie says:

    These shoes look so gorgeous, I would wear them to bed, if I won them. Jump through hoops, look so comfy, fit for anything I think.

  60. Joyce says:

    They look fab – even AFTER the wash! They would definitely work as dog-walking footwear!!

  61. Susan patitucci says:

    I need slip on shoes and these look and sound comfortable.

  62. Susan patitucci says:

    They look so comfortable I might never take them off, for “anything”. They might come in handy keeping my husband on his half of the bed at night.

  63. ALyson Hill says:

    These would be so nice to have so that I stop ruining my slippers (6 pairs and counting) when I accidentally take my inside pottering outside on the farm, only realising 2 hours later that my shoewear is not made for outside…and looking stylish means the neighbours might not laugh and point at me as much as they currently do! :)

  64. Lorretta from NH says:

    I would love to give them many tries on my new bicycle and off walking in the woods while camping….love, love how they look.

  65. Donna Taylor says:

    I would wear these around the island shopping, dining, or for an evening walk on the beach pier! They look comfortable enough to wear anytime!

  66. Karen says:

    i would wear them to walk to and from work, and probably would even leave them on whilst there. :-)

  67. Sally Mumm says:

    I’d wear them while walking on the sandy beaches by our lake cabin…and to do berry picking!!

  68. Deanne says:

    As a girl who lives in the country but visits the city on a regular basis, I’d be wearing these babies anywhere from traipsing out the back to deal with the animals to sipping a café au lait at one of the coffee shops at Southbank! A trip to the beach at Port Fairy wouldn’t be out of the question-and as I’m about to hop on a plane to Sydney for a few days I could see them pounding the pavement at Potts Point too!

  69. Mummaducka says:

    I would take my new shoes and go about my daily business of walking on a muddy driveway [that needs new pebbles after our new shed is built] then for a day of on my feet teaching then driving me home to then walk through my house paddocks to collect the eggs from the chooks in their new chook yard that my husband is yet to build – old one was torn down for the new shed and they are temporarily in the aviary ( no little birdies at present) then i would have a play with my doggies on the lawn- perhaps treading in something unpleasant! After this fun day of life in the country I would then put them in the front loader in a washbag with liquid detergent and give them a clean ready for another round when they’re dry!

  70. Shelly says:

    Shopping, of course! And walks with my kids. And going in my yard to pick peonies! They’re almost ready!!

  71. Katie Roch says:

    I would wear these shoes on a stroll around town shopping and dining in our downtown.

  72. lucy says:

    very good looking shoes…..I would wear them all the time, to do everything! The only shoes I can wear as of now are crocs(I had a broken heel) so these would be a nice change!

  73. mjsantos says:

    Shopping for yarn…these shoes look perfect….

  74. alison says:

    I will check these Rockports out this week at The Athletes Foot. I have delicate feet and I don’t just buy any shoes.

    I’ve been known to successfully wash kids’ gum boots in the dishwasher. :)


    • sarah says:

      WHAT! I haven’t tried washing shoes in the dishwasher! hello so trying this haha

      your feet will loveeee these shoes that I can say x

  75. Jo says:

    Mmm…Nice shoes. They’d be running in my house….School runs, shopping runs, after school activity runs, beach runs, park runs, entertaining toddler runs, coffee runs, washing runs and the occasional just for fun runs ;).

  76. Carolyn says:

    Badly need a comfy pair of shopping shoes (all day shopping when I can). These look like they would cut it

  77. Kathryn says:

    Hi Sarah. did your loafers take a long time to dry? What a fabulous pair of shoes for the new age gal, we all get dirty at some stage don’t we in our busy home & work life and to have shoes so comfy, easy slip & off and look great too is a bonus.

    • sarah says:

      no they were dry very quickly, however they were on the line in the sun and it is in a little hotspot so it’s hardly comparable to say the UK (not sure where you are) xx

  78. Corne says:

    Hi Sarah, I would for sure take them on my upcoming trip to Uganda/Rwanda to visit the Orphans! These shoes are made for walking…
    Love Corné

  79. Leath Sandal says:

    Seem to be comfortable, I’ll use them while go for a walk or while having some fun with my mates at beach …

  80. Sue says:

    Sarah, these extra comfy looking, hard working, flexible and washable beauties would be on high rotation in my daily routine. Wonderfully comfortable for driving in, fashionably stylish for lunching in, resilient and forgiving for walking in,and best of all, miraculously sparkling and rejuvenated emerging from the machine after all that giving.
    You can’t ask much more than that from a shoe. Thanks for bringing these beauties to my attention!!!

  81. Alice says:

    You had my attention at comfortable… Then sucked me right in with machine washable…Bliss…

    I would wear them on the school run in the freezing morning (we walk it to school) through the frosty grass and cold afternoon… Chasing my 2 year old around… Whilst tiding up the house for a millionth time (because I need to keep my feet warm and socks just don’t cut the mustard alone in this house during winter – think messy two year old with a self made cream cheese mask and other bits of food flying around, don’t even get me started on the whole cleaning out his little potty and the back splash to guess where?Shoes! Arrhhh)… I am on the quest to find comfortable winter shoes to replace my favorite most comfortable red flats I wear during the warmer months, it took me a good 5 years to find my red ones too…Might just pop over to their website and check it out! They look really nice, my type of shoe!

  82. Louise Parrott says:

    As a Healthy Harold lady in the northern beaches…on my feet jumping around all day with the kids up and down the peninsula in the Northern Beaches Life Ed van I’d be wearing them to work and then to walk Goerge and Charlie to the dog park at Frenchs Forest!

  83. Monique says:

    Lovely shoes :) I’m a city girl with two kiddos, so I’d slip these Seaworthy Rockports on for walk to our local deli, where we’d have some egg tacos for breakfast, imagining that its a beach walk along the way. City life, but beach roots ;) Love your blogs!

  84. Lori R. says:

    I would wear them to work everyday.

  85. Shelley says:

    Sarah, I too have oddly shaped feet and I DREAM about shoes that feel comfy straight out of the box! We have just booked an amazing overseas trip for later in the year & as excited as I am, I am well aware of the huge amount of walking that we will be doing. Every holiday I’m the one who has to give up the ghost early due to aching, sore feet. Those babies would take me along the streets of New York, Vegas & L.A AND I would look awesome to boot!

  86. Niki says:

    I’d take them on a long walk down along the water towards the Golden Gate Bridge!

  87. Lyz Liebherr says:

    If I Won Washable Rockport Shoes

    I’d wear them near,
    I’d wear them far,
    I’d even wear them in my car.

    I’d wear them here,
    I’d wear them there,
    Kneeling down to say a prayer.

    I’d wear them in,
    I’d wear them out,
    I’d walk to town and roundabout.

    I’d wear them up,
    I’d wear them down,
    Go to the circus to see a clown.

    I’d wear them old,
    I’d wear them new,
    Gather my grandkids and go to the zoo.

    I’d wear them near,
    I’d wear them far,
    I’d wear them, to put shells in a blue Mason jar.

    I’d wear them aqua,
    I’d wear them peach,
    With these shoes I’d dance on the beach.

    I’d wear them scuzzy,
    I’d wear them neat,
    I’d always have them on my feet.

  88. Pam says:

    I think that these babies would have to take me for some new adventures-they look to be the perfect companion for exploration and discovery! Thanks, Sarah, for the chance to win!

  89. Dimity says:

    I would wear them to watch my partner play footy, while taking our kelpie for a walk, while pottering around in my vege patch, when I pop outside to get firewood or to feed the dog, to the farmers markets on weekend, and then to lunch, to the nursery while i work out what on earth i am going to do to our new garden (or lack there of) and while moving the sprinkler around the lawn…. just to name a few. As comfy as my ugg boots are, its really not smart to use them for the above, which I currently do!

  90. Thea says:

    I think I would wear them everywhere! I am certainly going to check them out now.

  91. deana c says:

    I would love to take these on a long walk along Cicco Beach in Nantucket!!!

  92. shar y says:

    Hey, good looking shoes! I would wear just about anywhere. It would nice to have shoes you can throw in wash and they still look good. Maybe even kayaking!


  93. Motherofluvlies says:

    Oooooh let’s start at 5.45 as they slip on my feet to keep them warm as summer is not quite warming the tiled floor in England :) Tapping along to Radio 2 as I chop chop healthy lunches for hubby,triplets and their sister!Then instead of duddy housewife with sloppy slippers to collect the milk from the front gate I could flash my heels and trot right out there.Onto the school run then to work.They could have a little nap as I nurse and then welcome my warm tired feet on leaving the ward to dash to school again and dodge the puddles on the way home!They could hug my feet as I stand to chop chop tap tap again closing their little leather (ears..could be ,could be ) to the tired goings on and the happy sounds of dinner time.A little pre wash from bathing the triplets and finally( maybe) a sigh of relief as they relax ready for the day tomorrow feeling a little soggier and pongy but wondering what tomorrow will bring!

  94. Paula Hafner says:

    I would wear them to the beach, to Busch Gardens, or around town when shopping.

  95. Sarah says:

    All of the above!

  96. Danielle says:

    I would wear them to chase after my toddler. She is constantly on the move and I need something comfortable to keep up with her.

  97. Sharon Abel says:

    I must have those shoes – that’s all there is to it!

  98. Beanie says:

    They look so comfy that I have visions of keeping up with the grandchilden, walking a Texas trail, shopping my favorite farmer’s market, looking for seashells on the beach, and sitting on my porch rocking and chatting with my bff. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win.
    I love your blog.

  99. Deborah Hunt says:

    Like you, I have problems finding shoe that feel good, especially for walking sooo… I would walk, walk,, walk. Then I would wear them sailing as they would look good with a cute sailing outfit. Thankx, Deb Hunt

  100. Claudia says:

    I would wear these every weekend, I love slip-ons! Plus, they look so classic and versatile, in such a great color, I would dress them up or down. Then there’s always waiting at the Metro in the rain. They’re washable, so no problem there. Gimme.

  101. Sofie says:

    I would love to give them to my mum!
    She has just embarked on a new health regime and is walking every morning -but she likes to walk somewhere and have coffee with her friends so these lovely shoes will be perfect -soooo comfortable for walking -but equally as stylish -no quick change of footwear required!!! Raining – no problems either! Love their versatility….

  102. Gillian says:

    I would walk for many days from where I live in the Red Centre of Australia to get back to the east coast and the beaches I love! This would take me through many patches of wild flowers, kangaroo droppings, red sand dunes, dry barson desert lands, salt lakes, muddy patches, grass and bitumen. If they can handle all this, they can handle anything, and I’d love to help prove it!

  103. Cheryl Buttner says:

    I could imagine wearing these Rockport loafers to just about anywhere – a brocante in France with blue jeans and a striped T Shirt, to a flower market in London in summer with white three quarter pants and linen shirt, on a beach in South Africa with cream fatigues pants and a floppy hat, at a Farmers Market in Australia paired with a loose cotton floral dress – and this is just for starters. I do think they look very versatile and would love a pair!

  104. Cynthia Allen says:

    I love the style….and I am a loafer style when I have to give up my sandals….not real keen on lace up because I love kicking of my shoes in the house… me and dog take walks and sometime we venture through the woods and needles to say shoes do get a bit dirty…and just at home, our back is a tropical area and we walk up about and pick veggies and fruit never giving a thought to what shoes we have on….so to be able to toss in the washer would be a very good thing….I like these….and you did a fantastic job with the photos and tales with them…

  105. Rukmini Roy says:

    I’d take them everywhere, because I am an everywhere, every-wear girl! :D
    I’d wear them with linen to work, wear it in the mucky roads and pick flowers (monsoons here), pair them with a comfy regular denim and check shirts to the farmer’s market (a hat maybe?), fish market and all markets you can think of, I’d wear them with my ultra favorite shorts and tee and ride a motorcycle and i might just wear it with a salwar kameez for that upclass look. Loafers look really smart with Salwar suits as well! They are washable leather shoes yo- why wouldn’t you take them everywhere!

    AND yes. I would, like a self-respecting blogger put them on fluffy white pillows, throw in a herb or a flower, wonder which fabric would be a good background for it for a pop of color and photograph it. I do such things :D

  106. Sarah H. says:

    I put everything it the wash, too — so a pair of white leather loafters would be great for battling the bamboo along the wall in my backyard.

    That’s right.

    You see, if I don’t go out there and clip clip clip almost every day, young tender bamboo spears start popping up all over….if i don’t nab them immediately with my trusty Fiskars, they open up like the ribs of an umbrella and start popping leaves.

    The previous owners chose “running” bamboo instead of “clumping” bamboo…and it’s almost impossible to dig all of the roots out which keep sending spies. So, yes, the bamboo wants to take over my yard.

    …and when do I go to greet the new bamboo with shiny blades?

    You guessed it…when I’m wearing shoes that shouldn’t get muddy. And I just watered the trees. That’s exactly when I spot the newest invaders popping up out of the grass…

    So! A washable pair of white leather shoes would be most welcome here in these parts.

    From one Sarah to another—Thank you:)

  107. Pippa says:

    Thanks Sarah for a great competition and totally inspiring blog, I read it with my tea of an afternoon. As for the shoes, why oh why has it taken so long for someone to think of this, one spends a lot on a pair of shoes then you can’t wear them when it’s too wet, or a little wet, or been wet … For fear of ruining them and wasting your money…. So , I would say I’d just wear them anywhere, anytime…. Because it doesn’t matter… Wash em and start again….how rad!

  108. Gwen says:

    They would be my new best friend because I would take them everywhere with me and have a lot of fun together.

  109. Marti says:

    Washable, creamy white, loafers, OH MY!!!!! I live in Florida, where white is IN every day of the year, so I would definitely be a busy girl in these babies! A walk to the village for shopping and coffee, to be followed by a quick dash to the University of Tampa for some research, downtown for lunch at the museum, then off to carpool duty we would go! The weekends would see these sweet loafers in the gulf sand looking for sea turtle nests during season or pedaling my purple cruiser up to the dog park with my sweet Dora. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

  110. Larain says:

    Just imagine being able to check the post and not have my purple (not so comfortable) slippers. No one will see me (I think) but neighbours always seem to want to have a talk , trying to hide my feet behind a bush (oops that the deciduous one) I would look the height of fashion in my really wonderful washable shoes. As comfy as good slippers, but much more fashionable. Save me from the post box dash.

  111. dani marie says:

    i would wear them walking in the park.

  112. Erin Buchanan says:

    neat shoes. I would play with our labs outback, garden a little, maybe even wash my van in them.

  113. Saoirse says:

    Greetings from good ol’ Blighty, Hastings in 1066 country to be exact! Not only would I like to win these stupendous shoes, I NEED to win them. There is the threat of summer here … someday when my feet will suffer even more than they do now. You see they are, most of the time, locked in trainers and we all know what they do do hard-working feet – with a tendency to overheat – after a day of imprisonment! Don’t we, not nice eh?

    I have resorted to wearing trainers because of where I live, all those steep hills, and my tendency to rush off to do something without giving a thought to what is on my feet! And that is how I have ruined many a loafer type shoe before! A sudden decision early in the morning to take my lovely girl, Sorca, my very, very elderly collie of 18 years (and she can’t wait for long now when she wants to ‘go’ either) to the beach.

    It really wasn’t part of my plan to dash to the edge of the waves to retrieve her favourite plastic bottle, only to have misjudged it and have my feet covered with rather a lot of very cold English Channel and sand, but she is one happy dog now! Now we continue our morning walk along to the fiserhmans beach, a working beach so all sorts picked up on your shoes here, better not too give too much detail in case any one has a sensitive tummy, or is Vegetarian/Vegan, it can be very unpleasant!! Now up one of the beautiful hills, hmmm what else have I picked up on my shoes now …grass cuttings, lovely … oh and what is this …ugh, and oh, what IS that! I do wish other people would clear up after their dogs!!

    So, if you have been keeping track, my shoes now have a good deal of sea, sand and tiny shingle on them, things we won’t go into detail about what was picked up on from the fishing beach, loads of bits of newly cut grass, that seems to have it’s own super sticking method and something rather noxious from either a dog or a fox … and we are not even home yet!

    When I get home it’s a cup of tea and into the sea-garden, it was a stormy night and the earth is a bit muddy and the sand and pea gravel is very sticky… and so the day goes. I have ruined many a loafer in days gone by so a washable loafer type shoe would make such a difference to our lives. This is why I would dearly love to win these shoes! Please!

    While I am here I would like to say how much I love what you do and your lovely dog, Barley. I hope you have as many wonderful years with him as I have had with Sorca – though I know she doesn’t have too much time left now. that’s the only downside I can think of for having a dog.

  114. Donna says:

    These are so beautiful and so comfortable looking. I can already imagine myself wearing them to the farmers market with my little basket filled with fresh fruits and veggies,to the beach to take a little stroll and then get some coffee, out with my friends for some wings and a beer. The fact that these babies are washable make me ohh and ahhh. I would love to give a pair A try.

  115. Oriel says:

    Wow! these look like just what I have been after, I wear Joggers everywhere, for comfort and have been wanting to get into something a little more stylish. These look like they will fir the Bill. Mind you, my Joggers will be most upset if they have to stay at home while the newbees get to go everywhere, but that is life, we all have to make sacrifices.

  116. Lauren G says:

    I would love to win these! I would wear them on walks with my dog charlie, and gardening in my yard!

  117. Mel Duker says:

    Sarah – after reading yours and Fox In Flats run down on these shoes I had to go check them out. Fantastic!!!! Purchased cream. Would love to go back for red pair. Credit Rockport…. Great comfy and practical yet stylish shoes. Tick!

  118. Candee Heller says:

    I’m just entering into my first sea-side summer where I’m not in a wheelchair at all, so comfortable, long lasting shoes are a must for me right now. These shoes would be A M A Z I N G for that. I’m not a fan of stiff looking shoes either and these definitely are not that either. UGH, I would just LOVE them to pieces. Thanks for the opportunity Sarah.

  119. Eileen says:

    These sound like such PERFECT shoes for my daily walks in the park in the city…cinder track, gravel paths, mudpuddles, wooden decks grass and dirt! I would be so thrilled to win a pair of these…wow!

  120. Christine says:

    Wow, yummy shoes! All I can say is that I would wear them everywhere .
    These babies have st*r power and need to be introduced . For all the lovely hardworking women that bring home the bacon,fry it up,clean the dishes and cater to everyone’s need,while forsaking her own, I have pinned these on Pinterest on my fashion! Board to share the knowledge with the darlings that can’t win,but need them, because unfortunately not everyone is aware of this
    Blissful blog! Anyhow, may the most deserving tootsies win,maybe mine :)

  121. Christine Hutchinson says:

    I have added a beach cottage to my Pinterest board,so other deserving women may have a chance….luck to all! Whomever has the unfortunate ness of not winning,well you still have won the knowledge of a most lovely blog :)

    • Sharon says:

      I also would love to wear these lovely shoes from Rockport. I live in BC Canada and these look like the perfect shoe for our weather and my lifestyle. I walk the along the seashore often and would love to have a shoe that is strong enough for a good walk and is not a running shoe. I also have a large garden and like that they are a slip on to go in and out of the house easily. They look like they could quickly become my favorite shoe!!

  122. Paula Carli says:

    Our Windmill Farm produces vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs for members of our Community Supportive Agriculture (CSA) business. It is only 5 acres, small in California farming standards, but my aching back and legs don’t know it is small!!! Our back door of our house isn’t as neat and tidy as yours. We do have the rubber boots for irrigating and weedeating; I have slip on tennis shoes for muddy days; flip flops for summer hand weeding, watering and picking. Whenever we want to go out to dinner or go shoppping, I always have to go to the back of my closet for a “decent” and CLEAN pair of shoes to show some sort of respectability!!! But farming doesn’t leave me much time to shop for shoes unless I find a pair at the same place as I get my chicken feed; or groceries; or occationally at Walmart. In my previous life (what I call what I did for 27 years) in a high paced corporate business life; I had so many beautiful leather high heel shoes, I had a whole closet just for them with matching hand bags too. It was nothing for me to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes and if I liked them, to buy several in different colors. I still have a few of those left after retiring that I keep in the back of a spare bedroom closet now. I kept thinking some day I will wear a pair and surprise people I know. But the reality is, my shoes need to be able to do double/triple/+ more duties-go to town, dress up in nice slacks and look good; take the scraps out to the chickens; wear to the Farmer’s Market, look good but be comfortable to be on my feet for 1/2 day; to be able to go pick a case of peaches and then take it to a customer’s house wearing the same shoes. After your great demonstration, I believe the Rockport Loafers may be the perfect shoe for me. Looks good, wears well, looks comfortable, but practical for people who are working people. Only problem is, I may need a few pairs-one to be in the wash at least every few days; another to wear to town; and maybe in more colors!!!! Thanks for sharing -

  123. taylor says:

    I would never take them off – I would wear them to walk the dog, to the pool, to the football field!!

  124. Nancy says:

    For one, me, who never wears “shoes”, the “play-out” will be in the comfort of the shoe, I ought to be able to go to bed with them just like I do my own feet!

  125. Susan Smith says:

    These look so comfortable. I would wear these when I take my dog for a walk around the lake.

  126. Krista says:

    Those are gorgeous and can I say as a new mum, shoes that I can wear everywhere AND are machine washable are pretty much a dream come true.

  127. Christine says:

    I found my perfect pair of shoes, I would wear them all day for work and shopping

  128. Sandra Travis says:

    Didn’t know….these look so comfy. They stood up thru the gardening and the wash!

  129. Adrienne Bireley says:

    What good looking shoes. I imagine my self on vacations in the Hamptons. Walking to do some local shopping. Then slipping the shoes off to dip my toes in the water. Amazing.

  130. kristen m says:

    Let’s see, I would slip these on my feet for dusty casual trails walks and frolicking in the yard with some kiddos.

  131. Jennifer J says:

    I would slip these on to take my doggies for a walk. Thank you!

  132. Erica C. says:

    These would be great for walking the boardwalk.

  133. Katherine Eaton says:

    You know what Sara, I would just pop them on because they are so comfy and look so darn good! I really just love them, By the sounds of it, the offer some degree of comfort and support – which I need with my awkardly inherited feet! I think they would be great for my after school care job (where I want to feel comfortable but look smart too), weekends – everyday, shopping!
    I dare say, a girl probably just needs some – right?!!
    They look/sound wonderful Sarah!

  134. Jane says:

    They would be the jewelry to a pair of chinos. For most of the day, they would point upwards as I lounge to enjoy a freshly prepared picnic washed down by a Bellini cocktail. The cocktail would be in one of those acrylic glasses that are so beautiful these days, and you would have to take a very close look to see it wasn’t real glass. The many delights would be interrupted by chasing a kite in the last gasp of Summer wind, the loafers lending themselves again in this activity.

    The evening, quick change into beige linen trousers, airy crisp white shirt; the loafers again lending themselves to this attire. Off for a romantic walk or quiet walk taking in the evening and taking some peace in this busy world.

  135. Mary says:

    I would wear them everywhere I wear my current well-worn pair of black rockport similars – though my edition aren’t washable (or at least as far as I know!!). Walking to school with the kids – a 4km round trip with a dawdle along the river on the long way home, shopping, out for a meal, when I need to stand for far too long, when I can sit comfortable for as long as I like – those shoes would get the whole rigmarole with me!!

  136. On a magical walk with my little grandsons along the fairy paths that follow our local creek, wearing Rockport loafers from The Athletes Foot, I secretly know that I would permit myself an occasional naughty splash in a muddy puddle!

    Hmmm, I can smell the magnificent perfume of our freshly rain washed bush right now.

    Now where did I leave those shoes!

  137. blkeyesuzi says:

    I’m a photographer, so I spend lots of time out and about shooting fashion, people, places… I’m always paying more attention to the shot than to where I’m stepping and my shoes get muddy, wet, dusty, or just plain dirty from my kneeling down and working to get the shot. These shoes would get a “run” for their money! They certainly look like the PERFECT shoes for me. I’d love to try them. If these babies were mine, I’d take them on a nice long trip and photograph ALL along the way…mucking through forest, tramping city streets, strolling the beach. My best shots come from inspiring people and places and it’s time for a good trip and a great pair of shoes.

  138. Vikki Billings says:

    I would wear them out for a walk with my dogs, out shopping at the farmers market and maybe even to the park with my grandson. They look so comfortable!

  139. Lorena Keech says:

    I have been trying to get in at least 45 minutes of walking a day, usually with one of our dogs along…so that’s how I’d wear these.

  140. Jill L says:

    I would would wear them as I rode around on my cruiser bike.

  141. I would wear them everywhere and anywhere. They look to be the versatile shoe that I’ve been searching high and low to find. I am not a “shoe person,” but when I find a shoe I love I will buy them in multiple colors. If this shoe proved to be such a shoe I’d be sure to purchase them in other colors.

    Thanks for the chance!

  142. Sand says:

    I would wear them on all the summer adventures we’re planning.

  143. Oh dear Rockport and my feet ***the places we would go! These shoes are so pretty and the perfect outfit pick me up my wardrobe is calling for! A beautiful beach walk , a summer night out looking at antiques , car trip to visit a new town , visiting Grammy and walking precious puppy.

  144. Karrie Millheim says:

    I would wear these to cruise the beach on my aunts property. they look comfy and would fit perfect

  145. jen gersch says:

    I would take these out on a nice long walk at the jersey shore. Then do some window shopping at their local shops

  146. Lynn says:

    Love anything I can throw in the washer!

  147. Tori says:

    Do you know if these shoes are only available in Australia? I’m in the US and can’t find them on any websites – even Rockports! They look so cute and comfortable; I’d love to try a pair. Thanks in advance for letting me know!

  148. Gaye M says:

    I’d love to take these for a walk by the sea, but I have no sea so will have to settle for a river walk. Gardening, damp yard and playing I can definitely do. These are so cute and I love that they’re washable!

  149. susan smoaks says:

    i would wear these on a day shopping at the outdoor mall. they are really cute and they look so comfortable. they are just my style!

  150. Sandra Travis says:

    I would probably wear them everyday, for all my activities!

  151. Angela Nichols says:

    I love by the beach so I would definitely take these lovely shows and do a little shell collecting in them.

  152. Louise Brouillette says:

    These are beautiful, and I’d love to have them.

  153. Linda Peters says:

    would love to try these clamming, thanks for the great chance from the other side of the world

  154. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Taking my kids to the park, slipping them on for anything around the yard, shopping, so many possibilities!

  155. AEKZ2 says:

    I’d like to show them off at work!

  156. Jennifer Reed says:

    I would take them out to do some shopping at local vintage stores.

  157. Cup_Cakr says:

    They would be coming with me on a shopping trip in Melbourne and then a trip to the beach. Best of both worlds!!

  158. judy gill says:

    I live on a farm with black soil which is pretty awful when it is wet.That would test these shoes out.Then i would love to take them on holidays with me-hopefully an outback trip later this year.And meanwhile they could go for a visit to the beach in July.my feet would just love to have them on anytime! thanks

  159. Laura Dykema says:

    I have never been a fan of socks, so these are the perfect shoe to go sockless in for a day of river walking,shopping, and of course, ice cream eating! ;) (Also, they look gorgeous with tanned feet!)

  160. Karen says:

    I can not believe that you can wash them! Totally amazeballs excited about that. I would take these shoes on adventures to my clothesline, school trips and shopping expeditions. But even better is I could pop them in the wash and head out with the girls on a night out and they would still look awesome and be super comfy!

  161. Deb says:

    Ooooh, these would replace my ol’ faithfuls that have been worn to total collapse through long shopping trips, several holidays and lots of gardening … they even had a ‘swim’ at Cable Beach, however, this was very much their undoing …. sooooo, it would be wonderful to have a replacement that could easily endure a swim as well as all other tasks … and these do indeed fit the bill! :-)