Pottery Barn Australia for Beach Cottage coastal vintage style

Thu 9th, May, 2013

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Well, here we are again, another day, another delve in coastal vintage style with a bit of help from Pottery Barn Australia ladies of Beach Cottage Land.

I must say, if I am honest, I was rather surprised by the Pottery Barn Australia lurve that came my way when I blogged about it, also the interest in seeing more.  Really though I shouldn’t have been, what’s not to love right?


I had more than a few emails from readers of this little blog with their hide-in-the-back-of-the-wardrobe purchases and also a few more from people who got made their way to the Sydney Pottery Barn at the weekend to find stuff completely and utterly sold out!  I don’t quite know how that must of felt.


Anyway, here is another gathering of things that I bought – I am planning a day trip back because there is a serious lack of linen in this cottage and I need to re-plenish my stocks (that’s the story I have told the lovely Mr Beach Cottage, if you see him on the beaches please re-iterate my needs).


I was just a little bit over-excited by this, it’s a bit embarrassing really to be like this about a shop.  I know there are a lot more important things in life.  I know about the commercialism (please don’t email me about that, I am not responsible for whether or not the world buys new things, yes really I did get emailed that).  .


I think I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms for good home decor shops since leaving the Old Country.


You have to admit I do give the Swedish Boutique a really good go, but lately I have been rather sad at their pricing differences between here and the rest of the world…don’t get me wrong, still love IKEA but it’s taken the edge off it a bit for me when I feel, however much I love to go there, eat meatballs and stroke sofas for the day, that they just might be ripping us lovelies Down Under off a bit.  Hey ho, that won’t stop me going there.


This throw was right up my alley.  There was a fleeting moment when I thought about my dear dear dear husband’s eyebrows when he caught sight of this. That didn’t last long.   There is one very good thing about being a collector of neutral crochet throws : even though you can recollect exactly where each neutral throw came from, be it either vintage, new or previously loved, and you can describe it down to the last stitch, including what hue of neutral it is, whether it is for Summer or Winter use and if it is to enhance a sofa or a bed, the males in your life couldn’t tell a Pottery Barn one from a dollar shop one.  This works really well in your life.

It is fitting in very very nicely in here I must just say.

And then we have these.


I have no words.

A white towel avec ruffle?

Would you, or would you not, have felt the same?


With the Pottery Barn Australia thing I even loved the bags….that’s such a part of shopping isn’t it? Barley had to look away when I took photos of shopping bags…being male I guess he just didn’t get it


But for me, well there’s nothing quite like a Julia Roberts moment in my life.  You???

See you tomorrow


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52 Responses to “Pottery Barn Australia for Beach Cottage coastal vintage style”

  1. Gorgeous once again Sarah. Reading your blog is a great way to start the day. I’m all inspired to tidy my house now. xxxxx

  2. IrishMum says:

    Love the towels, love the crochet throws, love paper shopping bags! I think my allegiance has changed form Ikea to PB.

    • sarah says:

      I am feeling quite similar – like you don’t have to pay for a bag in Pottery Barn and the staff smile at you! xx

  3. Clare says:

    Gorgeous photos as always Sarah, and those ruffle towels *sigh* I have to have them!!!

  4. Patricia says:

    I love all of your PB loot: especially the hand-crochet cotton throw. “Towels avec ruffles”-how divine! I have never been to a PB. I would be afraid to be in one. I do enjoy all of these wonderful things that I see on your blog-does that make me shallow and unaware that there are more important things in life? PERSPECTIVE!! LIVE AND LET LIVE! can’t think of any more profound sayings right now…So, thank you for sharing these delights.

    • sarah says:

      I know, weird email to get but hey ho – I didn’t like to mention that my whole house and furniture got saved from landfill lol xx

  5. alison says:

    Love the girlie white towels. Nice to visit your bathroom again.

  6. That throw and the ruffly towels are giving me that anxious nervous greedy feeling…you know the one?!? xx

  7. Keren says:

    A little off topic, but I really love your first aid box!
    Of course the ruffles, crochet, etc all gorgeous. Won’t be going to a Pottery Barn anytime soon though, unless they open one in sunny Queensland.

    • sarah says:

      I hope Queenslanders get one – you can order online, though I think that might be dangerous!

  8. Amanda says:

    Love all your beautiful things ..I would so love your bathroom mine is so not me however hard I try!The tradesmen here are charging such ridiculous prices considering our current economic climate.I should train as a plumber/fitter!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Amanda – I waited a long time for the bathroom and I must say have been very pleased with it apart from the fact that it’s the kiddos bathroom really – I would love to get mine done too (we just did it very quickly on a budget, it’s plain white and nothing fancy)…so pleased I went with the subway tiles and the bath has been great – especially with the door LOCKED :-)

  9. Kim says:

    I want PB to come to Brisbane NOW!!! I went to IKEA yesterday and picked up a few little bits ( mainly fake plants and white flowers ) and yes, agree, didn’t see a smiley face on any staff member and also had to buy the $1.00 bag at the check out in order to carry all the bits and bobs to the car !!!

    • sarah says:

      yeah I never thought I would say it but I am a little bit over the service, especially when you get to the checkouts – is it really too much trouble to put things nicely on the belt or put in a bag – I have spent hundreds if not more before and had to spend more on a bag and then try and race to fill it up…compare that to the service I got in Pottery Barn, the lovely and HAPPY staff and it all gets into perspective a bit…IKEA may well be for meatballs, kitchens and a few bits and bobs for me in the future….still love the whole Swedish experience though when you shop there, can’t really beat that!

      • Kim says:

        So much for the Swedish experience … everything I bought was made in China … I had the chicken salad and a side of salt & pepper calamari which I might say were both ok :|

        • sarah says:

          Yes I know, is there anything that isn’t made in China (or India) anymore??

          hmmm salt and pepper calamari not quite the Swedish food I was thinking haha – for me though it’ll always be a little bit of Europe that’s a lot nearer for me than a plane ride!!


  10. N of BNE says:

    I don’t know about the towels (okay, they ARE gorgeous), but that photo with the medicine box – what a superb photo :) PS love pottery barn.

  11. Kristi says:

    I have read a few excellent stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.
    I surprise how a lot effort you set to make this sort of fantastic informative web site.

  12. Surely Sarah says:

    Oh that throw. To quote Rachel Zoe: I die.
    Also, whenever I see that silver mason jar I just get a little thrill. So cute!

  13. Claire says:

    Sadly no PB in the UK yet Sarah (as I’m sure you know!), but I’ve seen that they do ship overseas… Having said that we’re heading stateside in June for a week and I’ve spotted that there are FIVE stores around about the area we are visiting :))) Have you got any tips on how to home shop ‘sans other half’ when you’re on holiday? Of course he’s welcome to come along, but as we all know these little trips can be quite nice on your own then one doesn’t have to justify why said items are essential purchases (esp if one then has to fit them in one’s already bulging suitcase and get them back home to Blighty!) x

  14. jami says:

    Ooh! I have not seen those ruffled towels, but I haven’t cracked my catalogue open. Yep. Would have felt the same way! Pottery Barn towels are another “staple” I forgot to mention last time. They are so thick & stay fluffy and last forever and ever and ever. Worth every penny.

    • sarah says:

      yes I could tell that by the feel and quality of them – hopefully these will be staying away from kiddos too…x

      p.s. I haven’t forgotten your email, will be getting back to you soon – I have 246 emails to reply to!

  15. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Luv this extra post on PB! Love the towels and throws! I may need to stop at PB on the way home from work tonight for the towels. My blue ones are so old and tired. Loved seeing the bath again. I think it turned out great.
    Have a lucky day!

  16. Rukmini Roy says:

    I could eat those towels, they are so yummy. Great picks Sarah.
    Wishes to the i-pad winner. My intuitions somewhat told me it would be me but alas….#jokin’

    happy for the lady! :)

    • sarah says:

      ahhh well there will be another giveaway soon – I love doing them so all is good for everyone!

  17. Julie Murphy says:

    Love your style! PB is wonderful! That throw is to die for, really good find there!

  18. Diana says:

    Oh, that throw!!!! BE STILL MY HEART!!!! and the towels!!! with the ruffles (avec???.. no lo comprende??)lol.. totally up my alley!!! thanks for the views.. also LOOOOVE the blue mason jars!!! Ahhh.. must get thee to PB SOON!

  19. Christine says:

    Cannot wait for the Melbourne store(s) to open. But in the meantime I keep scanning the Aus PB website planning my online purchases.
    Love your photos. Just beautiful. And inspiring. My home is the polar opposite to yours – terracotta and stained timbers (I am someone who in the 90s was stripping white paint off antique furniture so I cannot paint anything white) but your images give me loads of ideas to play with.
    That’s the glory of Pottery Barn – they have something for everyone.

  20. Love it all! The towels with that trim and the crochet edge blanket. So sweet! Thanks for sharing… and making me go back to Pottery Barn for another look!

  21. I love the Mercury glass Mason Jars – I haven’t seen them locally here in the US – perhaps it’s time to pay another visit to Pottery Barn.

    I had no idea they charged for bags at IKEA. Maybe I never buy anything that fits into bags?

    • sarah says:

      they do charge for bags in Australia, but then again we pay over the odds for everything here!

      I would like to take a trip to PB with you in your neck of the woods ;-)

  22. Alice says:

    Sigh…. There is a lot of loving at the moment going to you dear Sarah from here… I loved all your pictures especially the one of the bathroom. That little box hanging there… Just seems perfect. Loving the crochet throw too. The towels are gorgeous but would not pass the husband test hee..hee.. I am loving that soap dish, but what I really need is a nice rug for our soon to be study. I am hoping they have a nice selection. I have really liked a few on their online site but I want to see them in real life. I hope they will be here to stay! I am not surprised that most stuff is sold out. We (Australians) are starved for this kind of stuff (with a reasonable price tag)… We are travelers, We are very aware what is on offer to the rest of the world and it just seems constantly denied to the average Joe (or should that be Barry?) Australian. You are right about Ikea (it is why I now buy so little from them), it is dis-heartening… The whole made in China and India stuff… I read an article placing the blame on the consumer… Really I am responsible for moving jobs offshore (where it is so much criminally cheaper) so the company can make astronomical profits and using advertising to convince the consumer that they need to consume more to feed their shareholders need for $$$$? Arghh! I could go on but then it would turn into an essay!
    Anyhoo… Thanks for all the eye candy!

    • sarah says:

      I hear you, I think we could talk about it for a long time, especially the off-shoring…for whatever reason, the pros the cons and all that we are definitely paying more here for the same goods and it’s not all about economics x

  23. Kathryn says:

    Smiles Sarah, I am drooling, I wish there was one in Victoria – although the web site is not very extensive as yet. Also, wld like to mention the difference between KMart in USA, in particular the stock they have the lucky buggers, as advertised in American Country Living (iron outdoor setting and cane to die for) compared to our KMart stock here, which is predominantly clothing. Have you seen the Restoration Hardware website. Just gorgeous.

    Have a happy weekend…

    • sarah says:

      yes I have seen it and yes I don’t know why we get different stock here – same in the UK, lots of budget shops carrying good stuff which is why I was surprised when I came here to see how much Aussies paid for the same stuff…

  24. Tamara says:

    OMG white towels with ruffles! I HAVE to have some! Hopefully they do mail order to the UK ;-)

  25. sunny says:

    Huh! I was going to suggest that things from IKEA cost more in AU because of the expense of shipping the goods all the way from Sweden to AU. But hey, if they re coming from China? Sounds rip-off-y. I got over IKEA about the time my kids’ second chest of drawers fell apart, as did the beds, and the armoires etc etc, tho I love the styling.


    • sarah says:

      yeah I don’t touch their furniture, but still good for things – I am pretty sure nothing comes from Sweden lol

  26. bev says:

    Sarah, I love the PB throw. So I checked it out. $100 dollars in US. As much as I love it . It is a little pricey for my sofa.