Pea and bean mash recipe

Fri 17th, May, 2013

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Good morning Beach Cottage Lovelies, well here we are, it’s Friday, love the end of the week, so how about a really really really easy pea and bean mash recipe (with a touch of Parmesan and lemon) to round off the week?

I first started making this when Honeymoon Baby was a just that a baby, fat, gorgeous and so laid-back he was quite horizontal – nothing much has changed there, oh except the fat.

Anyway this baby of mine enjoyed home-cooked meals pureed and one day I had made a typical English style dinner for Mr BC and I – he does like his meat and two veg (note to self must cook that soon to earn a few brownie points)…on the plate were mashed potato and peas (can’t remember what the other veg was)  and that evening I popped some of the mash in little trays to freeze for the lovely babba…there were some peas leftover and so I threw those in too.

When the time came for feeding time at the zoo, I threw some cheddar into this combo and Honeymoon baby seemed to lap up it up rather than spit it all over the house and so I tried it too and its been with us ever since.


My kiddos still love this, we had it the other night and they all said it was delicious and it was – I serve it with plain roasted meat mostly but it’s great to make the day before and then throw some meat and wine in the slow cooker in the day, pull this out of the fridge and either microwave or just warm through in a saucepan and all is done and dusted.

You can also wing it with just this as a bowl of comfort food that is about 5 or so minutes to throw together – I certainly do not complain when I have this and nothing else, it feels like it should be bad for you but it’s not – if just having this I like it drizzled with olive oil and lots of pepper.


PEA AND BEAN MASH RECIPE with Parmesan, Parsley & Lemon

I just eyeball this but here’s roughly what I throw in

handful of parsley
1 can cannelinni beans
500g frozen peas (about half a pack)
1/2 to 1 cup of Parmesan
2 to3 tbsp lemon juice
salt and pepper

1. pop peas and beans in a saucepan and mash or pop into a blender and whizz

2. add lemon juice and Parmesan and heat through

3. top with extra Parmesan, Parsley and stir through and serve

Beach Cottage Pea & Bean Mash Recipe Notes*  perfect with any meat, I normally throw a piece of chicken in the oven and while it’s cooking make this while doing all the six hundred and thirty five things there are to do at that time of day  *extra parmesan and parsley is good    *nice with chorizo stew here   *any old cheese can be used but Parmesan gives it a bit of oomph

I hope you like the look of it, pea and bean mash has certainly got me out of a few fixes in my time

It’s Friday, oh yeah, I am going to the beach to get some Vitamin D in my old bones today…

bye for now


p.s. we have a fringe in the house and half of my hair is gone, looks weird.

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14 Responses to “Pea and bean mash recipe”

  1. Diana says:

    Good Morning to you Sarah -
    The pea and bean mash looks interesting – will try that!
    Enjoy your new hair ~

  2. Kris says:

    Your photography makes everything look delicious :) And how gorgeous is that yellow bowl! Thanks for sharing

  3. Jos says:

    YUMBO – having that with your world famous 40 cloves of garlic roast chicken tonight – will toast you with the first slurp of much needed Shiraz!!!!!

  4. mellie lang says:

    I can’t wait to see the hair!

  5. Rukmini Roy says:

    Ah! What a great mash recipe. I think I pretty much love everything in there..
    Would throw in some with the roast on Sunday and see how it goes with these finicky eaters ;)

  6. Had to drop you a note and say wow, anybody who can make bean and pea mash look that amazing is incredibly talented! ;) I featured your post on my blog today — the recipe looks yummy and I will be trying it this week. Great post — great pics!

  7. Kim H says:

    Your photos just get better and better! Love that gorgy yellow bowl. The pea and bean mash looks delish. Will definitely be making it around here. Happy weekend to you, Sarah:) x

  8. Michelle says:

    This looks great for a summer time dish, very fresh. I have never heard of this recipe before, I will have to give it a try.

    Have a great weekend.
    Michelle. thebashfulnest.blogspot.com

  9. Michelle says:

    Ok first off, how gorgeous is that yellow dish?! And secondly, yumbo! I do the bean mash thing, but never thought to add peas and Parmesan. Looks delish.