easy simple green smoothie recipe and real life

Wed 1st, May, 2013

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So, good morning lovely Beach Cottage ladies, and one man in the Netherlands, I hope you are good, I hope you are well, and if you are not, then get one of these easy simple green smoothies down your neck.

It’s time for some real girl talk.  Strap yourselves in girlfriends, let’s get serious.

Now, I am not one for dishing out the cr*pola in my life on this here little blog and I think that, if you have half a brain cell, you may well have gathered by now that this is the place where you get to see the good stuff and just like any other woman with three children and a busy life there are times when all is not rose-tinted and painted white.  I have been criticized for this take on life too, but my view is take it or leave it, there ain’t no way you’re seeing the state of my laundry room on a bad day, but there are times when I hold up my hands, throw a few plates around and retreat to the bathtub.  With the door locked.

So about two months ago to the day, rose-tinted was definitely not on the radar, it was about as far from rose-tinted in this old cottage as it could be.  It was a Monday morning and I had been invited by a lovely friend for a day out to an exhibition.  We had been talking about this for ages, in fact for a couple of years we had juggled dates to both go – I should have been looking forward to it and be happy, instead that morning I woke up and groaned and dragged myself out of bed.


I felt tired, bloated, irritable, slow and lethargic.  Let’s not mention how I looked, but if you want to imagine, as I looked in the mirror what stared back was pasty, huge bags under my eyes, limp hair and grey skin.

It all started a few months before that when life all of a sudden just got way too busy for one woman with a whitewashed oar.  Up until this point I have pretty much always coped fairly well with most things thrown at me in life – three kiddos on my own for long days on end, no support, yep, a huge move to the other side of the world, walked it baby, buy a wreck of a house not fit for human life and turn it around on a budget, I’m so there man.


And then the blog – I love this blog, I have to say that right up front, I don’t know any blogger, whether successful or not, who can turn up repeatedly and yabber on on a blog unless, really, they love it a bit.  And that’s why I’m still here.  But with this blog has come busy.   It’s good to be busy and I love it, but crazily I found myself taking on more and more and more.


About the time when things started getting a bit tricky and as I look back now I can see I was just doing too much, one of my kiddos had a bad accident in Bali – things were not pretty.  When it happened I was in the bathroom by the pool in my swimmers when I heard Mr Beach Cottage scream ‘QUICK!!!!!!’

You know as a parent when you hear the tone in the other parent’s voice that this is serious?  You know when you have to run?  That happened.

I ran to the side of the pool and what ensued was an hours ride in a hair-raising Balinese ambulance with sirens blaring and about a million scooters in our jet stream, the boys and Mr BC I had no clue of where they were, a round of doctor’s who I didn’t understand, exposed bone, some serious sutures, the possibility of a transfer to Singapore, talk of skin grafts and all sorts.

It has happened to me before but it seems that I am fairly good in a crisis, I went in to calm mode, travelling in the back of this ambulance still in my swimmers.  I talked my kiddo through it, said all would be ok, repeated again and again to stay calm and that our bodies know when we are positive while inside I was in a huge panic and wanted to sob and sob.

It was stressful and scary and worrying and I was out of my head with not knowing what to do…however after a couple of days of this the injury which had the doctors talking about all different scenarios turned out to heal like a dream and on arriving back in Australia (after having to decide whether or not to ‘patch it up’ to be ‘unpatched’ when we got into Australia or transfer to Singapore, we took the Australia option – that was not the nicest journey of my life) it seemed with a bit of care all would be good.  If you have ever seen the human body heal like this you’ll be as amazed at this as I was and you’ll know what I mean.

After all this adrenaline, shock and worry life just moved on …at a very fast pace…it was almost as if it didn’t happen…kiddos went back to school, Mr BC’s business got busy, he was away from this old cottage a lot, blog opportunities came in, the sporting schedule ramped up and I just put my head down and got on with it.


And a few things started to slip.  If I am totally honest they had been slipping for a while.  I have always been big on getting outdoors and doing sport – as I have gotten older I knocked the sport on the head a year or so ago but walking and lots of squats and toning / yoga stretching on the beach has been my thing – most days I would be out there after school taking in the sea air.  But all of a sudden it was down to only a couple of days a week, if that, I found I was too busy for exercise for the first time in my life – I suddenly got it why people made excuses that they couldn’t fit in working out.

The other thing that went to pot was my eating – thank goodness I had to make a healthy dinner every night for my kiddos or I wouldn’t have eaten that either.  I realised that in the daytime, rather than my salads and soups that have been part of my daytimes since I first had Honeymoon Baby, I was skipping meals, drinking too much coffee, getting really starving and then eating crap ‘too busy’ to eat properly.


And in the evenings there were one too many Limoncellos – now I like a drink, I always have done, but rather than a treat at the end of the week this was happening too often too – I was grabbing a drink as a stress-release and that was not good.

And this toxic little combo was not going anywhere apart from around in circles and was like a little time-bomb of waiting to go off.

Underneath all the good things in my life, which there are many, many and which you seen here on the blog  which I LOVE and celebrate daily, things were feeling, I don’t know…yuck…and you know when you know that things are far from yuck and that is not how you should be feeling?  Far from it.

And so on that Monday morning I woke up, feeling rubbish – one too many the night before, the not exercising, the stress, the being too busy, the sketchy eating and looking back on it, the not getting over the hospital thing (let alone the hospital trip that came next).  It was a boiling hot Sydney day and I was so lethargic and yuck that I pulled on the only thing that was ironed, jeans a shirt and a scarf.  I rocked up at my friend’s house down in the dumps, over-heating, and just not myself.

I spent the day feeling terrible – tired and with no energy – all the lovely things that we had come to see just passed me by, I just wanted to sit down get a coffee and a muffin, I needed caffeine and a sugar hit.  Looking back, my poor friends, thank god they took my offloading.

The day was hot, bothered and long, I had not enjoyed an inch of the day and when I got home I had to ask myself why.

The answer was simple really, it does not require one to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to work out that putting the wrong stuff in and expecting the body to perform won’t work.  And I hated hated hated to admit it, but I was trying to do too much.  My friend on the day had told me that in no un-certain terms – she asked me questions about blogging and the housekeeping and the kiddos and all the other stuff and just raised her eyes and said how many women do you know who do it all and do it all well?

So the next day I decided enough was enough.  I need to get some help somewhere, either in the house or on the admin side of blog (my email is a life force of its own), I needed to start taking my health as seriously as I used to, I needed to stop drinking in the week and seriously minimize the whole thing, I needed to get out in the fresh air and walk every day as I always have done, this is a crucial year to be a good mum, what year isn’t and most of all I needed to quit making excuses.

And so I got stuck into it…I must say it has not been easy the last few months.  I have had ups and downs.  We have had more injuries in this old cottage, more trips to the hospital, more sport, more business things, a big year for one of our kiddos, just more stuff.  I have, on many occasions, thought about throwing it all in, skipping lunch, glaring at vegetables instead of eating them, downing copious amounts of coffee and sinking into the tub every night, too late and too moany with a beer.

But, I have really really tried and I have to say that I am feeling better. I have realised that I cannot possibly write this blog and take all the photos, and do all the styling as I want to, keep this house going, cook all our meals, do the garden, and still have time to do my fave thing finding vintage furniture and painting it white blah blah blah and most importantly be a good mum without getting someone to help with something, somewhere.

And so very gently I have put a few things in place – a few things in the house, and a few things on the blog side, it feels weird to do that, since all those years ago home alone with Honeymoon Baby I’ve always just go on and done everything msyelf….and all the bad stuff that was going in, well it’s on the way out (errrm if you went on the trip to the Whitsundays with me I am NOT including the Peronis in this part of the healthy eating OK?)

Which leads me to the green stuff and where this post started with easy simple green smoothies and a recipe.

I have been dabbling in smoothies for a while now, I posted about them before (I went back and re-read this post and it’s interesting because 10 months ago there were red flags that I was doing too much then) and I love how they are a simple, easy, healthy hit and before this few months of disaster they were helping me get some really good stuff down my neck without any fuss – and back onto them again the last few weeks these have been a way to get me out of this funk… like insurance in a glass.

I really think that these smoothies help with things, and the simple green smoothies even better – it hasn’t taken me long to work out that the greener the better and the greener, mostly, the more, ummm, dedicated you need to be to think of England and throw it down your neck…


I am sure that you have seen that every man, woman, blogger and his dog has tried green smoothies on the internet, on Instagram, on Pinterest lately….and if you haven’t, well let’s just say if you have an hour or six to kill, just put ‘green smoothie’ into Pinterest and see where you go.

But what I have learnt is that many of them are waaaaaay too fancy…many of them require ingredients that I have never heard of, some include things that are just expensive fads and others taste reeeeevollllting.

So this is the basic one that I make for simple green smoothie goodness that still tastes ok (I hesitate to say tastes good like a lot of these smoothie sites claim, in case you hate it) – but chuck one of these down your gullet every day and you will feel if not good, a bit better and definitely virtuous.


easy simple green smoothie recipe

2 cups (packed) green leaves like spinach, kale chard (any or all, for this I used kale & chard b/c it’s free growing in the garden)

1 cup water (I use coconut water too)

1 scant tsp honey (organic if possible/in your budget)

2 oranges

1/2 cucumber

1. pop all the ingredients into a blender and whizz for a couple of minutes

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes**  using frozen berries too makes it cold and adds a bit more fruity sweetness (throw in any berries), a banana is good here, milk (coconut, soy or regular) makes this creamier and more filling, yoghurt is also good, *no rhyme or reason anything goes * leave out the honey if you don’t need a sugar hit (I love the properties of honey so add it here)

If you are looking for something to help you get healthy quickly, need a boost or basically are too lazy to eat your veggies when you should, this may well help.

So that’s it from me and my tales of woe today, if you made it to the end, you get a Beach Cottage Tufty Badge.

If you see me out naked in the street running around swigging a bottle of Limoncello over the course of the next few weeks you’ll know the simple green smoothies are not doing their thing and please call the police.

Have you ever had a time in your life when it all just got too busy?  Do you think as women we like to think we can do it all?  Do you have any tips for keeping a healthy life balance?  Love to know lovelies.




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45 Responses to “easy simple green smoothie recipe and real life”

  1. marylou says:

    First let me say I have been with you from the beginning, and even though I don’t always comment I am here!! I also want to say I have loved all of your posts, your ideas, your style and your humor ❤ That aside, this is my favorite psot EVER in all of blogland…the honesty in this little beauty is so refreshing and reassuring that we are all human and can only do what we can do…thanks Sarah for being the delight that you are in so many ways, may you and your fabulous family be blessed for all time….xo

  2. I love that your posts are positive, fun and happy. I can’t imagine anyone criticizing someone else for not posting ugly stuff that happens in life. The news is full of the negative stuff to bring a person’s spirit down; give me the positive to lift me up!
    I sooooo appreciate your posting this easy recipe. Timely, too, as I’ve been thinking the last couple of days that I’d love to try a simple smoothie recipe. I’ve never had one. Most that I see have (as you mentioned) ingredients I’m not familiar with, or they have a ton of fruit; I’m not big on sweet stuff. Your recipe sounds perfect for me. I eat a lot of salad (having one right now: romaine, mixed lettuces, cucumber, feta and slivered almonds). Salads really fill me up and I like to chew my food; I’ve read that chewing stimulates the digestive enzymes so we utilize the nutrition in our food better. I think a green smoothie would be great, though, if I’m on the go and don’t have time to eat salad. Thanks so much!

  3. Jody says:

    Bravo for you! You listened to your body, mind and spirit! There is nothing better than taking care of ourselves. And what a great example and inspiration for your kids!
    Yea all around! xxxooo. Jody

  4. Jody says:

    Ps Sarah, I so appreciate your openness. It will bless so many, and already blessed me. A great reminder. Xxoo

  5. Mel says:

    Good Morning Sarah!
    I am very impressed and thank you for your honesty! Although I know that you are human ;-) I’m always impressed about all the things that you do. I couldn’t do half of this because the www and books are always to distracting for me.
    I can truly say that you doing a very good job with your blog, ’cause this is the only thing I know ‘well’. I thank you for the views you allow into your life. Please keep on with it… But if you need more time, why not post only every second day, to begin with something. Return to your project no connection to the www once a Weekend.
    Just some ideas…
    What helps me with my health is ginger tea (with fresh ginger), apples and if I’m really feeling ill a lot of sleep :-).
    Have a wonderful day!
    x Mel

  6. Sue says:

    I’m a bit older than you, meaning my kiddos flew the nest for college in 1990, but before that we had a major adjustment when I began full time work in 1983. Wowsers. I feel for ya, Sarah. I just couldn’t do it all. One thing that helped me cope was off-loading the laundry. You want clean clothes, children and husband, I’m giving lessons — make that one lesson in how to do it cause from now on, you want clean clothes, here’s the machine. I didn’t care when they did it — late Sunday evening seemed to be most popular. And I didn’t ask where they put the clean clothes afterwards. Mostly they just stayed in the laundry basket, being taken out and worn, then put back. End of the week the whole basket was put through the laundry again.
    It wasn’t the way my mom did it, but it saved me.
    As for the accident in Bali, did you tell us when it happened or keep it bottled up in that lemony nectar? Bottling it up is bad, bad, bad. Trust me, I’ve tried it and the result is not good. Much love from the other side of the world.

  7. IrishMum says:

    Great post. There is no shame in getting help. We all need a hand sometimes :)

  8. Selby says:

    Oh yes sister you are singing my song!
    Feed toddlerman well, eat crap myself & expect body to look good feel great?! Yes I have- what a twit! The worse thing was I knew I was doing it but couldn’t scrape up the resolve / energy to fix the crummy job I was doing: now I’m paying for it & like you did need to change a few bits n things to look after myself better:)

  9. CeeEmm says:

    Sarah, Sarah, Sarah….you don’t often hear from me (though I’m a daily reader) but on this one you will. I was you about 5 years ago, almost exactly, just minus the perfect house and white. But I had a blog huge following that required me daily, a successful online business because of it, and every type of offshoot enterprise there could be from either of them. Add in a family and some health problems just to round it out. When you came out with your huge, exciting news a few months back, I said out loud to my myself “this is going to be what puts her over the edge”. Not THAT edge, just AN edge….the too much to handle because I want to do it all edge.

    I’m SO glad you caught yourself before you really got lost. I didn’t I’m afraid, and I ended up chucking it all and walking away one week in a horrible state, it was really tragic because I had worked so hard to get where I was. My story is the bad ending you’ve been able to avoid by realizing it when you did. You’re wonderful, you’re talented, and you’re enterprising. But you’re NOT superwoman honey, nor would any of us want you to be. You’re one of us, which is what makes your blog so engaging. Don’t beat yourself up one bit, most of us have been there in some manner of speaking. I’m just SO glad that you’re taking steps to better take care of Sarah and her family, and that a little green shake (that I’m making tomorrow) is helping you get there.

  10. Megan S says:

    Oh Sarah you have expressed so perfectly the “real life” of your post’s title and given us an antidote for our own real life struggles. Looking after oneself and keeping healthy is top priority and I find a good cry every now and then helps too :)
    Thank you for sharing because as the saying goes: sharing is caring.

  11. mellie lang says:

    Blimey, it’s scary how everything can be ok one minute and before you know it it’s all gone crazy. Things just pile on top of each other sometimes, but at least you have some help now which is great, well done you, I never ask for help, it has been one of my fall downs through my years. Thanks for filling us in on whats been going on, hope you get outside this morning, I’m off out now with my pooch, it’s so good for clearing and calming the mind.
    Have a great day Sarah, you deserve it xx

  12. Shar y says:

    Oh, such a great post from my favorite blogger! So nice to know we are all in this together! Love green smoothies. Really! Going to try your version!

  13. Corne says:

    I’m with Jody on this one! Be blessed as you have blessed so many of us with beautiful photos, great ideas, awesome tutorials and the amazing-bring-a-smile-to-my-face-everty-time blogs! You will be rewarded for your honesty!
    I’m like you – always go-go-go! Until my hubster told me to slow down, enjoy things more, take time out for me to exercise, because a happy mama makes for a happy home! So, take one step at a time, and it’s OK to take time-out! No one has ever starved or died from one Mama taking time out – they will survive and you will feel revived for doing so!
    I bless you with Grace & Favor Sarah x

  14. SmithShack71 says:

    Take care of you, woman.
    The deal in Bali must have been a nightmare. Glad it healed.


  15. Yep, I’ve nodded and hmm mmmm’d all the way through this post. Did you find it therapeutic to write it? Hope so. And I hope you start feeling smoothie benefits soon!! I’m just jumping on that wagon so big thanks for sharing such a normal achievable recipe. And ALWAYS find time to paint old stuff white…that is vital for a woman’s health !!! xxx

  16. Mimi says:

    I started to worry in the middle of the post that you were going to say you were chucking it all in and the blog was going. Thank you for not going there! I love reading your blog and your honesty . I’ve so been there done that with what you’ve been going through. Family comes first — we, your readers understand that. I can only say just know I’m cheering you on from my little corner of the world and I’m glad things are better.

  17. Nadine says:

    Sarah, you need to read Dr Libby Weaver’s ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’ – it’s a life-changer. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  18. lg says:


  19. Rukmini Roy says:

    I got a Tufty badge alright and how I love reading you! Know what? Thats exactly what i do everyday. Breakfast is not my thing and way too many coffee happens in the morning…feel hungry by 2 and eat quick crap and grab a drink when i get back and eat late at night…wake up lethargic. I am just this, nothing else…everyday.

    For the heck of feeling good, for this universal business that we never show to anyone and for you- I shall make green smoothie today, close my thoughts and hide my to-do list. Today is my grey day and I need to feel good.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I have to say that the smoothie looks super delicious. You are incredible and despite the busy and the BUSY you make such a difference to peoples lives. Thank you for what you do. Some weeks I too fall into bed almost in a coma by the end of the week with all the responsibilities and blogging but we really would not have it any other way except for a good ol holiday now and then – hopefully your next one will be just beautiful with no hospitals. xxx

  21. Nellie says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Where you have plodded, so many of us have also. Thank you for being brave enough to speak of the ugly realities of a busy life on your beautiful blog. As stunning as your home is, and as pretty as the flowers and the beach pics are, sometimes honesty is the most gorgeous thing going.

  22. Jojo3b says:

    Hugs to you Sarah, I can’t add anything else to what the other lovely beach cottage ladies have written. Maybe you could print off all the comments written, to remind yourself we all think your lovely, and know you are human.
    Gotta say, I’m grateful I love and NEED brekkie..which normally consists of my three weetbix or porridge now that it’s getting cooler, coz I’m not convinced on the green smoothie. Love the straws though. ;)

  23. alison says:

    Thank you for my BC Tufty badge. I will treasure it.

    You did start to mention your wobbly bits occasionally and I started to think “Mmm, what’s changed in Sarah’s life?” It seemed out of keeping for you.

    I relate SO much to this post. I made a HUGE change to my life a couple of years ago and took some time out BEFORE I got to meltdown. But it’s a constant challenge to stay true to myself. My problem is, the more I do, the more I do. Apparently I appear to do this effortlessly.

    You know girlie that you are such an inspiration in my life. I love your honesty in this blog, You always deliver such fun and joy to my day.

    Take it easy. We’ll still be here.

    alison xo

  24. Sabine says:

    Hi Sarah,
    As I am no native English speaker I often not comment. But this time: Thank you so much for making me smile and calming down after a very busy day every time I read your blog in the evening. These positive stories from the other side of the world with sun and ocean and white and most of it all your charming humour help me seeing the beauty also in my life and reminding me not only to work more and do everything perfect but to care for me and take time for my mind and health. So this is what you do: Making me smile and calming down. Daily. And all I can give back is: Please take your time for yourself!
    And maybe with a tip for your green smoothies. I learned that only a bit of “green” is needed as the body can absorb (not sure if this is the correct word in English) the nutrients of e. g. salad and spinach so much better if your crushed them in a mixer. This means you need less “green” and could hide the “green” taste behind bananas, kiwis, apples or oranges. Better explained here: http://www.greenforlife.com
    Take care

  25. Melinda says:

    Yes Ive had those times where its all got too busy. I havent looked after myself as I should – its all been too much.

    To combat and maintain:

    I walk or run EVERY DAY – 6am ish, rain hail ( dark with a headlamp) or shine, 5km, I dont try to beat any times I just go at my bodies pace on that particular day- because Im over 40 and allowed too!!. As its every day there are no excuses or putting it off. Its not too far that its arduous but it keeps me fit, keeps me moving, lets me sort out any troubles, gives me time to prepare for the day and as a result lets me cope so much better for the rest of the day. And its over and done with early. Id say this is my Number One SanitySaver….it works for me.

    Also sleep, those magic hours before midnight, lots of water, rarely drink mid week, mulivitamin, cook healthy food, try to think good thoughts ……… and rarely feel guilty for saying “no” in the interest of self preservation

    sure there are treats, caffine, overindulgences etc etc – I try to keep them kind of occasional

    I used to think I had to be perfect, I tried so hard to maintain the illusion – what a waste of time. Now Im happy if I can be a good person and feel satisfied – Im kinder to myself, more forgiving – it makes life a lot easier and far nicer

    I loved your post, interesting to hear your story and so great that you are on the up – thanks for sharing and a big hug to you xx

  26. Lark says:

    Somehow your posts seem to be really hitting home with me this week, but this one is a reminder that I need to take time to take care of myself. The past couple weeks have been extremely stressful (a forced roof replacement is never a good surprise!), and I have fallen into the usually stress mode habits. Too much take-out, too many thrown together meals… Of course, exercise is the first thing to go in times like these. I have been promising myself to get on a better eating routine, but have somehow just put it off. May and June will be busy months around here, and I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. Thanks for reminding me to get my act together and put the important things first!!! ps. It should be a sign to me that I’m posting a comment while up with a bout of insomnia.

  27. Julie Johnson says:

    I do it all because I have to. My husband works away from home a lot and everything is dumped on me. I, too, get in a funk and sometimes you just have to let things go to retain your sanity. No one is going to take better care of you than you and in order to be productive in a positive way you just have to take time out for yourself for optimal results. I keep a journal and every day I think of 3 different things that in some way had a positive impact on me. It definitely helps keep the positive mojo coming. You amaze me with all you do. I follow you blog everyday and it always gives me a boost.

  28. Emma says:

    Alright, yep, am hearing you woman! We’re all the same, trying to do too much, taking on all the family stress, skipping things we shouldn’t skip. But, yes, you are right. So were the good friends recently visited who fed us freshly made juice daily whilst we were there, and that was after a scary trip to hospital too. I’ll get the blender out and I’ll juice! And then we’ll all be happier :-)

  29. Helen says:

    Dear Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear life has served you some lemons lately and pleased your kiddo healed quickly – - must have been our wonderful Aussie sea air that did the trick. Whenever I’m feeling a little down or fed up I love to escape for awhile and read your blog – - your photography is always so inspiring and refreshing and I love your sense of humour. I’m sorry I’ve been a lurker – - I’ll make sure I always leave a comment when I drop by your blog in future. I really appreciate everything you share and your honesty is admirable. Hugs from Canberra. Take care, Helen x
    ps. I think Mel made a great suggestion with maybe dropping back to blogging every second day so you have more “you” time. Also, it sounds to me like you might be suffering from treasure hunting withdrawal symptoms – - there’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush that comes with finding a new vintage treasure : )

  30. Patricia says:

    Wow! You are a real, live person. I enjoy your blog so much. Most of all, I wish you health in every way and peace. Thank you for all that you shared, as well as, your green smoothie recipe. I love smoothies too. I always have fresh squeezed lemon and fresh ginger along with whatever else is at hand. I will try swiss chard or spinach soon. Thank you for all of the energy you put into your blog.

  31. rp says:

    Did you know that Simple Green is a cleaning supply?

  32. s says:

    What an amazing post! I have told you before I LOVE your blog and the inspiration you bring me. As my Mom used to say, sometimes you just got to stop and smell the roses, Keep up the great work and big hugs to you and your family!

  33. Claire says:

    The most important thing is to recognise when you need a bit of a life edit! Funnily I’ve been doing a bit of a detox myself this week as I have been becoming too reliant on sugar in recent months and eating all kinds of rubbish to keep myself going. Horrible headaches for the first 3 days, but now I’m feeling lighter and clearer and a little bit of weight is starting to drop off. I also no longer feel the need to ram down sweet and carb heavy things all the time. I love this Long Life Lemonade recipe, it’s honestly really delicious and so good for you! http://www.thedigitaliris.net/2012/02/long-life-lemonade.html

  34. Mumofsix says:

    Good for you for realising you were close to a burn out and doing something about it. I wish I had. I am 43 and 2 years ago I was struggling. I have 6 full on kids (is there any other kind?!) teenagers down to a baby and a few in between! i had a crumbling home and a husband working 7 til 8.30 (commuting to London, often home 9.30). One of my children had recently been hit by a car, he was relatively unhurt amazingly (a footballer who knows how to roll) and another had been hospitalised with streptococcal scalded skin syndrome. We had started taking in students as I wasn’t working and I was at breaking point but I did nothing. One evening I was watching my son in a concert at his school and I went into cardiac arrest. I really shouldn’t be here. We were just about to leave. I was very lucky that my sons friends dad, an Aussie ;) doctor realised I hadn’t just fainted and started doing CPR until an ambulance arrived. I woke up 3 days later in the ICU. I really believe I was completely stressed out. I had every test under the sun. My heart is healthy. I wasn’t looking after myself. And I still struggle to put myself first. Not quite sure what kind of kick up the bum I need fgs! Anyway… Long rambling cautionary tale. Of course not everyone who is stressed out is going to have a cardiac arrest but we need to remember to look after ourselves before we can look after others. I’ve started drinking green smoothies too. They’re pretty good. So much easier than juicing! Will never be able to resist crisp though xxx hope your kiddy is ok xx thank you for your blog Sarah. It’s so friendly. I love your chatty style x Sarah back in England x

    • sarah says:

      thank YOU for leaving me this comment, it’s more appropriate than you think but I didn’t want to go into that on here but I am not surprised what happened to you – I hope you are looking after yourself now :-)

      I know those long days when the other half commutes to London, my hubby did that too and it is not for the faint of heart, I can only imagine of course what it is like with double the amount of kiddos that I have

      keep up the smoothies and please look after yourself, good job you had an Aussie nearby ;-) xxx

      • Motherofluvlies says:

        Hi Sara I haven’t.been reading the blog myself for a few weeks as I was having a little down patch myself and…….I don’t even know if I can say this……your life always seems so perfect! so thank you thank you for being so honest and reminding me that not everything is as it seems and other women struggle too.i have missed you and that’s why I,m back and……the sun s shining in sunny England.Thank you for sharing.xx

      • Mumofsix says:

        Thank you Sarah for your kind comment. It’s funny because looking back I am not surprised that it happened to me and yet of course I am surprised because you never think it is going to happen to you, do you? Something had to give I suppose and yet I was so used to keeping on keeping on. i thought i was invincible. I’m sorry you had a scare. I think being/ feeling stressed may be buzz words but it is very real and it can lead to more serious problems. It is a wake up call and we must listen despite being conditioned to think of others and care for others, for the most part, before ourselves. We do need to carve out some time for ourselves and nourish our bodies well as our children’s. I am still struggling with this one. There’s always so much to do! You’re right 6 kiddies is a lot but so is 3! Goodness! I found 2 tricky enough. Anyway I hope you are able to find some balance and calm in your busy life. Love to you and little Barley. I’m still trying to convince the husband to let me have a dog. Having a CA wasnt enough! Now trying to convince him the benefits of owning a dog for our daughter who has hit the teenage years with a vengeance xxxxx Sarah

        • sarah says:

          Barley has been VERY good for our family – although more work, not sure if you need that lol! He has been especially good for the teenage thing, we all love him very much and can’t imagine life without him here – I only wish I had realised what a pet can bring to a family before

  35. hello Sarah – I discovered you blog via Grace and was stunned to see the exact smoothie I’ve been dreaming about on the very day I’ve been thinking of drinking smoothie’s next week. Your photography and writing are beautiful and now that I’ve discovered your blog I will follow. I admire your honesty with writing about your crap when you usually don’t – I’ve been only writing about my crap and stress for over a year now and suddenly want to strip it all off my blog and to start over. But we do what we do. Thanks for your inspiration and I cannot wait to try the smoothie later today…and to read more =) Phyllis

    • sarah says:

      thanks very much Phyllis and welcome to Beach Cottage Land ;-)

      yep my life is pretty good here but it was getting a little bit overwhelming to be honest – from the comments and emails I have had it seems I am lucky to have recognised that

      cheers, good luck with the smoothie drinking xxo

  36. Tamara says:

    You make sure you look after yourself Sarah. I am well aware of all the hard work that goes in to your blog so that people like me can have the pleasure of reading it for absolutely nothing! Thats on top of all the other a million and one things you do in your life! I have had a spell in my life when I lived to earn money and wanted to prove myself – I became a horrible, twisted up person and got no joy out of life. One of the best things my husband ever did was to employ a cleaner in the midst of that madness, I had never considered it before, nobody in my family had ever had one. But for a very modest fee for a couple of hours a week she saved my sanity! Today I enjoy time at home being creative and although I have to watch the pennies I am a relaxed and happy person who feels so lucky to have what I do. Good luck with everything Sarah and thank you for always showing us the good stuff and being so uplifting X

    • sarah says:

      thanks for your lovely comment, I hear you…I think finding the balance is key and that was beginning to run away from me. x

  37. Heidi says:

    Love your frankness here Sarah. It’s so easy for us non-bloggers to get caught up in the “oh her life is peachy and amazing and mine is cr*p in comparison” rubbish via beautiful photography and writing about life’s best bits. It’s nice to have some honesty thrust upon blogland and, while we know that deep down the grass isn’t greener on the other side, sometimes blogs do have the tendency to make us question that…..anyway I’ve been a follower for years and have to say I MUCH prefer your new layout – the previous one was a bit “bitsy” for me (which of course didn’t detract from the content), but this new one is so much clearer and easier to read. Keep up the great work. Cheers from NZ.

    • sarah says:

      thanks very much Heidi (love your name, love) – I remember seeing you pop in and out of the comments since the early days, I love the new look, but then I loved the old design too

      yes it is easy to see other lives as perfect, mine is pretty good and that’s what is on here but getting too busy was NOT doing me any favours at all – it was time to get real!