coastal vintage bottles and sea glass

Fri 10th, May, 2013

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Yeehawwww, happy Friday Beach Cottage lovelies.

Guess what?  For Mother’s Day the Beach Cottage Crew are picking me up in a vintage limo this arvo, we are heading straight to the airport onto a private jet and we are flying off to Paris for the weekend!  Can you believe it!  How lucky am I????

Not really, I am spending the weekend with a day at the beach, hoping to go to a farm and with the vegetables, which I might add, have been attacked by rabbits.  So not impressed with this, after all that hard-work with the no-dig garden I was so there.  Then the other day I went out and found things had been stripped.  Like stripped back to their bare veggie bottoms.  The cauliflowers are about gone, just little tufts left, ditto the cabbage, kale and chard.  Though I do have thriving rhubarb.


So jets and Paris will not be on the agenda but netting and digging will.  It’s a tough life.

Anyway, this, as you can see is a collection of sea / ocean / nautical coloured coastal vintage bottles that I decided might like to take themselves over to the deck table and gather together for a little styling session.  Better than cleaning toilets.


You see I have been spending a bit of time on pinning lately in the evenings – it started with me looking at kitchens for this kitchen renovation that hopefully will start soon, moved to bathrooms, skirted around coastal fishing floats and ended up with vintage bottles.  Click the button if you want to join in.


So this is my version of  some of the lovely inspiration floating around on Pinterest in the vintage bottle department – I collect these but none are special in terms of their brilliance, collectability or worth and none cost me much…but all mean a lot to me…anyone up for a bottle fest?

A nearly perfect thing to collect – easy to display, easy on the pocket, easy to hide in the back of magic wardrobes and easy on the eye. ‘

‘til we meet again

Sarah x

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40 Responses to “coastal vintage bottles and sea glass”

  1. You nearly had me convinced!

    Love the peaceful serenity of that bottle grouping….we have actually been lucky enough to dig many pretty vintage bottles from our woods. (and mason jars)

    • sarah says:

      wow how lucky are you to dig up bottles from your woods – I would die to find a mason jar in the earth while doing my garden! x

  2. IrishMum says:

    Oh, that’s such a pity about your garden :( We have a no dig garden in the works, and I suppose one of the advantages of being surrounded by other houses and high fences is no rabbits.
    Your photography is amazing, how can a few bottles look so good?!! I love the glass ball.

    • sarah says:

      thanks good luck with the garden, I think you might be surprised what you find when you plant!

  3. Neen says:

    Bottle envy ;)
    Enjoy Mothers Day gardening !! I am looking forward to a visit from my parents, no doubt we will be discussing my drought ridden garden. Looking forward to a relaxing day with family xx Neen

  4. Kirsty says:

    Think I need that glass ball!!! So pretty!

  5. Love them Sarah- I have one or two lugged back from Ol’Blighty that I like to put with my Australian ones…I even have some from my Grandfather!
    Seems we are very easy to please!
    You know Fairlight has some VERY good sea glass on a quiet mid week morning ;)

    Maybe some chicken wire round your garden beds? We have the rabbits too- cute in terms of the *country by the Coast feel*…but not so good on the unwatched veges…Sorry they got to them!

    Enjoy your Friday- Melissa :)

    • sarah says:

      thanks, yes I am not finding them at all cute at the moment, it seems someone somewhere doesn’t want me to go veggies!

  6. lg says:

    Rabbit Stew…………….

  7. Marz says:

    I hear you lg. Possum Stew at our house as they seem to be the cause of garden destruction here. Not cute at all, especially when they cheekily spend the evening copping a squat (feet up and all) on my cane lounge on the balcony.

  8. Rukmini Roy says:

    You have rabbits running around free? What a great place you might be living in! We have lots and lots of ugly cows roaming around the streets. So quintessentially India.
    I have a rabbit at home though and I know how my lemon tree went kaboom. Netting is what you need! And water sprays. That sure pisses him off :D
    Have fun!

    • sarah says:

      we have way too many rabbits there, they are far from cute and a real pest at the moment..

  9. Sam says:

    Oh my goodness….a trip to paris ….now that would be a mothers day to remember !

  10. Alice says:

    Lovely hues of blue amongst all that white… The serenity… Are you sure it was rabbits? I had a patch of strawberry plants…They were growing like crazy yet I could never get a strawberry… I could see them but they would be gone way before they were ready to eat… So I put a net over them thinking it may be the birds… I found massive holes in the net.. I turned on the dog (she eats mangoes that are hanging within her jumping range or that fall to the floor and nectarines – I am yet to try one from our very small tree)… Then one day I caught the real culprit (by sheer luck, it was so quick!)… Damn river rat! It was freaking huge! They are also responsible for digging around the compost bin! Once I cuddled my dog and apologized and spoiled her I dug it all up and turned into a playground… Now how to rid them from our wall cavities and roof! The scratching and knocking is driving me crazy! If it had been me in my teenage years I would have thought it was a poltergeist and would have completely messed myself… euwww

    Hooray for Friday!

    • sarah says:

      hmmmm we have lots of rabbits here so I assumed it was but I will do some investigating!

  11. Ha! You had me there on the trip to Paris. I was so jealous.
    I’ve had a similar experience to yours in the garden. Woke one morning to find caterpillars had stripped my gooseberry bushes completely, not a leaf or bud left. Just lots of big fat juicy caterpillars. Funny the way that “cute” things like rabbits and caterpillars can cause so much damage….. they are not always the friendly happy little creatures from childrens story books!

    • sarah says:

      no they are not, I was very disappointed actually, especially the cauliflowers b/c they were looking brilliantly healthy and doing so well – all gone!

  12. merilyn says:

    absolutely gorgeous coloured bottles and superb photography sarah!
    yes you deserve a trip to paris!
    and lapin de moutard could be on the menu … perfect in the slow cooker! … yummy!
    lol m:)

  13. Amanda says:

    Have fun in the garden.I think i have missed a post re the kitchen !!!Are you extending?
    have a lovely weekend xx

    • sarah says:

      no we aren’t extending but we are knocking down a wall and putting a new kitchen in to take in the breakfast room too x

  14. Laine says:

    Hi, may I ask a question? I have read this blog for a while now and cringe every time you allude to hiding purchases from your husband.
    Is it because you think it ‘cute’ or because he really does control the household spendings? Either way, your choice of words paint him as a controlling asshole.
    Do you honestly think it funny to lie to and hide things from your husband? Would you like him to speak about you this way, I think not.

    • sarah says:


      errrm duh it’s a joke ;-)

    • anon says:

      whaaaaaaat?!?!? crazy lady! Mrs BC is clearly kidding. All i am seeing here is clearly your lack of understanding of her style of writing (which is bril. and loved by thousands btw). Please back away from your keyboard, and leave Mrs BC and her deligthful tales alone! *steps off soap box*

  15. Lovely bottles Sarah! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend even if it isn’t in Paris!

  16. If it’s any comfort, my cats thought the other day my salad patch was the perfect place to practise boxing… Two salads died during the battle and three were badly injured… The cats are ok!

  17. KMP Modern says:

    Well, jetting off to Paris is not very eco-friendly. But gardening is! Love your collection of bottles, especially the short one in the front with the vertical stripes with the bloom. Lately, I have been collecting glass bottles with tops to make all sorts of fun drinks, like homemade fruity kombucha. Happy Mother’s Day!

  18. sunny says:

    Beautiful photos and very cool bottles. We find them on the beach sometimes…do you? I love the seaglass aquas but the lavender ones are the most treasured by us here at the beach.


    • sarah says:

      no I haven’t found whole bottle as vintage as this at the beach, I have found parts that are green and blue and I have found clear glass bottles – lucky you to find them :-)

  19. belinda says:

    I love collecting old bottles, but never know what to do with them when I have them.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Crushing blow to your first sojourn into raised bed vegie gardening. Life can be cruel. If life gives you rhubarb, make rhubarb-ade.

    Mmmm. Paris for the weekend? You’d only have time to touchdown then take off again to be home for the school run on Monday. It costs nothing to dream. LOL