Burlap Crafts, Ideas with Coastal Stripes & Succulents abeachcottage style

Wed 29th, May, 2013

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Hello Beach Cottage Beautifuls, well I was getting a little crafty over the weekend just gone and made myself some burlap gone coastal succulent pots…hmmm sounds interesting…perhaps it might sound better saying burlap wrapped succulents with a coastal stripe and a few shells. Whatever this is a craft for the non-crafty…if I can do it anyone can.

When I first started in Blogland burlap (you may well call it hessian) was hardly heard of, a few of us DIY bloggers started wrapping things in it, making bags out of it and turning coffee sacks into cushions and before you could say rustic texture it was being made in China and in every other shop you walked into.   Hello faux coffee sack cushions.


It all went a little burlap crazy and I must say I found I might never look at a coffee sack in quite the same way ever again.


The other day though I had an urge to get creative with my succulents – I had taken some cuttings and grown some to a decent stage and thought they might be nice to give away as little gifts.  Truth be known I also found myself in a spot invited to something where I couldn’t turn up empty-handed, needed something small and not too over the top and wanted to bring something home-made rather than a box of Ferrero Rocher but it needed to be quick too.

On their own  a small pot of the succulent variety does not look much… a bit of Beach Cottage foofing was in order…the succulents needed a wrap…and what better to wrap a succulent in than some rustic burlap, some neutral linens and the odd stripe or two?  Throw in a shell and everything is looking mighty dandy.


This is an easy little burlap craft how-to, you certainly don’t need any special supplies, I used old scraps of fabric that I already had, jute, string and a coffee sack..


The really good thing about these though is that they don’t cost much but I think they look like you made a bit of effort . If you haven’t grown your own these little pots of succulents are pretty cheap to pick up, add a terracotta pot for under a dollar (or you can leave the plastic one too), add your fabric and you are done.

It’s nice to give these away as gifts – and for that a clay tag goes very nicely here (I have a tutorial on how to make clay tags, you can find it here, they are super easy and much much more budget friendly to make your own ) or you could tie any label on, a card luggage label would be good too.


I don’t think you really need a how-to for this, I eyeballed it all the way to the bank but here’s what I did…

Burlap Craft Idea


* cut strips of fabric / burlap roughly to the height of the pot
* pull the edges of the fabric so it frays a bit / does not look perfect
* wrap the burlap around the pot and secure with string
* cut strips of fabric with a stripe about 1.5cm to 3cm and wrap and tie around pot
* pop some shells onto the pots
* tie with a clay tag or luggage label


I like the look of them and think they would make nice teacher’s gifts or a take-along hostess gift and the best thing is that there aren’t many people that can kill a succulent, burlap wrapped or not.

What do you think of this little burlap craft session and do you like succulents? I am well into them.




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31 Responses to “Burlap Crafts, Ideas with Coastal Stripes & Succulents abeachcottage style”

  1. Selby says:

    I think just the ticket!
    Know just want you mean about needing a quick answer to take along that is budget friendly & time friendly- this looks the goods to me:)
    Beautiful & as you say I’m quite sure we can pull this one off crafty or not hehe
    Cheers for the inspiration.

  2. I am great friends with burlap – ha! I love using it in projects. Great post!

  3. bonitarose says:

    loved it… got so inspired and i had all the supplies.. did this this aft.. so much fun.. thks for your inspiration! we live by the beach in Ormond By The Sea in FL USA… heaven on earth for us.

  4. IrishMum says:

    Ferrero Rocher is my go to gift. You know that you need to be somewhere in a half hour, and you’ve got nothing. You didn’t even think about it till you were leaving. A quick nip into Coles, and it’s all sorted :) Your cute succulents would be much more thoughtful.

  5. Keren says:

    Ohhh I really love succulents and have been making little mini succulent gardens for gifts too. I have been finding in op shops all sorts of different things to plant into. Like teacups, old baskets, bowls, anything really! They just look so cool and there are so many different varieties! Succulents kind of remind me of coral! Lots of different shapes and colours and textures. And because I also live by the sea, having them around the house makes it feel that little bit more coastal for some reason! They are definitely on a comeback along with terrariums which are also a lot of fun!! I bought some burlap for a no-sew tablecloth and also a different colour burlap to cover a bedhead. Really looking forward to creating those. I really love the smell of it for some bizarre reason!

    • sarah says:

      I think they are like coral too! and I too have been buying all sorts to put them in from op-shops!

  6. Patricia says:

    Hi Sarah, it may be only with my computer, but your photos/images are very loooong and distorted in the last 3 posts. I wonder if someone else has this problem also.

  7. Okay, you may just have converted me to succulents… x

  8. K.Marie says:

    The photos are large but seem fine to me on my computer! Lovin the lil craft very cute! Just saying Hello! ~K.Marie

  9. Oh yes, please … but can you just make them for me?

  10. Ellen says:

    I think they are wonderful! You have once again inspired me and made me laugh all in a short time! By the way, I recognized the stripe fabric from the little Swedish shop on the corner, right?I have also become so inspired by your blog, I am trying to say, “one, two, three go!!!!!” on starting my own blog. You are such an inspiration and I love that!

  11. So much better that Ferrero Rocher! To me Ferrero Rocher just says: I didn’t take time to bother! This says: I took some time thinking of you.

  12. Rukmini Roy says:

    I finally found them darn succulents! But I paid 4$ for one :( I dont know if they conned me!
    Love the burlap touch to the succulents :) Also, is there any homemade booster for these? I have heard egg shells are good for them. Would love to know about how you take care of your succulents :)

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I don’t take care of them – they like the sun in my garden so I just keep them there and water them only every now and then – I take cuttings by picking off the little babies and then shoving them down the side of a pot – too easy and I haven’t killed any yet, in fact some are positively thriving lol x

  13. merilyn says:

    thankyou sarah. they look fresh, uncomplicated and yes thoughtful and you took a little time to create something aesthetic! lol m:)

  14. Gorgeous. Love them!

  15. Lidija says:

    Super diy project and beatiful gift, Sarah!
    I adore succulents, they’re so colorful and beautifully structured.The symmetry of so many different succulents is astounding.
    My home is filled with succulents :))

  16. ali thompson says:

    the simplest crafts are the best and sometimes make the biggest improvement!
    love these.

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