Beach Decor with Beach Cottage Favourite Things

Fri 31st, May, 2013

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Helloooo, welcome to Friday, oooh yeah to the weekend, so here today continuing the Beach Cottage Favourite Things series…little things that are pretty for your home and beach decor, but won’t mean you’ll have to hold up a service station or feed your kiddos baked beans for a month to pay for.

I love, as you have probably gathered by now, treating my home to little things, it makes me happy actually, but as life got serious and kiddos got ahem costly, it wasn’t always first on the agenda, but I found little ways to still love home wares, the Swedish boutique has played a big part as have op-shops and doing the secret vintage treasure hunt.


So today’s things are a few bits and bobs I am loving at the moment (if you missed the post about why I started favourite things and you want to see other stuff I have bought for cottagey beach decor without  breaking the bank, go here)


Now, brace yourself,  because I am going to tell you I love a tea towel from the Swedish Boutique, oh yeah, this is not any old tea towel, it will add a pop of colour to your life and a gingham check, gotta love that right?   If you actually have children in your house who do any chores (tell me your secret please) do not however let them touch this tea towel just keep it to hang around your old cottage on hooks or ceremoniously dry your favourite mug from Anthropologie that was not ahem cheap and needs to be treated with kid gloves.



Talking of mugs, this blue one is pretty nice…a vintage kinda vibe, a sweet shade of blue and a few of them lined up in your kitchen looks quite divine…Tarjay is doing herself quite proud with this vintage-inspired line…at $4 you won’t need to treat this one  to any special treatment…


Next up we have the little gathering of nautical fishing floats which are perfect for beach decor, from my new favourite place to hang out, Pottery Barn, at $24 on the pricey side I believe, but for someone like me who foofs a lot these are a multi-tasking item – Pottery Barn Australia refers to them as vase fillers, which I have used them for, but I am also liking them grouped together and hanging around waiting for someone else to clean the toilet, rather like their owner…I’ve also used them in a tablescape, so bottom line pretty handy to have around…

…and last, but not least, a fish bowl vase, I have been lusting after these for quite some time – I had only seen them in the boutiques initially, we won’t go there on the budget needed in those shops, and then I saw them for real girls, a couple may or may not have hit the back of the magic wardrobe.   On sale at under $20 at Freedom at the moment, run don’t walk.


I hope you enjoyed Favourite Things, Beach Cottage style this time?  I must say it’s quite funny, as getting this ready to blog, I thought for the first time in my forty-is-the-new-thirty-oh-my-gosh-what-has-happened-to-the-skin-on-my-neck life I almost have an excuse to legitimately add things to the back of the wardrobe – all in the name of blogging!  I mean hello, I knew there was a reason I have stuck around here the past few years ;-)

I wish you peace and real girl home ware shopping

Goodbye and good health from sunny Sydney



yellow gingham tea towel IKEA $4.99 2 pack 

fish bowl vase ON SALE Freedom $17.90

nautical fishing floats / buoys Pottery Barn Austrlalia $24

vintage style blue mug Target $4


p.s. please let me know if you are also having problems seeing my pics (if you don’t like to leave comments, which I know many of you don’t, you could email me at abeachcottage blog at gmail dot com – thanks so much to all of you who have contacted me I am hoping to get this sorted out in the next few days with an expert, there are problems behind the scenes too, thanks for your patience)

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18 Responses to “Beach Decor with Beach Cottage Favourite Things”

  1. Anna says:

    Great post Sarah!

  2. Kathy says:

    Thought it was just my computer (at work…ahem) but the pictures are all long and stretched and they aren’t on any other blogs I read. I guess that is what you are talking about. Good luck with it.

  3. Twexploits says:

    Enjoying this new series of posts very much. The pics are lovely and there are no viewing problems on my iPad or MacBook.

    • sarah says:

      thanks for letting me know, I can see things fine too – others are seeing long stretchy things lol

      glad you like the series, I am too, haha, an excuse to shop has been in my mind for a long time ;-)

  4. So if I keep persisting with my little blog I get to wardrobe stash stuff too?? Alright!!! You are such a mentor!! xx

  5. IrishMum says:

    The pictures are not distorted, but huge. They take up the full length of my Mac screen, and take a while to load. They look much better on my iPad, and iPhone.
    Love the fish bowl!

  6. Nina Downes says:

    I’m seeing the long stretchy photos on my work computer but can read the post fine at home on my tablet :)

  7. sunny says:

    LOL. Only you could make the fishbowl thing looks amazing…and it does. I love the cut lavender you used too. BTW I often see real fishbowls [old florists' vases?] in the thrift shop. Polished up they d give the Look for even less, maybe a dollar?

    Also..the tiny floats! Oh I MUST have them, tho the sand here makes an incredible amount of dust and they look like tiny dustcatchers. [dusty in AU? your place looks so pristine...?] We have a PB Outlet here, awesome. Can’t wait to go…

    thanks as always, neat post!


  8. merilyn says:

    hello sarah … you always brighten my day! what a tonic you are!
    photos are just gorgeous! they are so clear and they maybe a little longer than they used to be but we get more of them and isn’t that ok? doesn’t bother me lol m:) … = lots of love!

  9. Jojo3b says:

    Ohhhh vases….I like vases…they sneak their way into our house all the time, but like you, I like the bottles, tins and anything else I can stick a flower or three into….enjoy your weekend. jojo

  10. alison says:

    Don’t stress too much about the skin on your neck now. It gets worse. LOL.

    Brace yourself for 50 girl. Despite looking after oneself, there is somewhat of a decline in everything at the 50 mark. Thank heavens for scarves worn around the neck and sunglasses. ;)


  11. Kay says:

    I am having a problem with the pics. They are stretched out l-o-n-g to about 18 or more inches per photo, just estimating! I have stopped looking at them so often because it is tough on the eyes! They are very much distorted on my screen.

  12. Candy says:

    Pictures are coming through just fine…have had no issues at all. Love, love, love the fish bowl vase..what a deal!!! I found the same color cups on clearance at the Swedish boutique for $1.50 each. There were 4 left so I got them all. Also picked up two small, deep bowls in the same color. One more thing..bought the big check duvet in the khaki ish color. Oh, and the woven rug. Whew, had a great day!!

  13. Neen says:

    Luuuurve the fish bowl vase….mmmmmm.luuuuurvly……Neen ;)

  14. Kim H says:

    love it all! I’m so loving yellow at the moment and am going to have to get myself one of those gorgy tea towels from Ikea. Loving your fave things:) x

  15. Deb says:

    The fish bowl vase is such a versatile item to have. Looks lovely!

    The pictures all look fine on this end, but the entire site is now slow to load initially. Have to hang out for a few seconds, then all is good. It’s a long way from Australia to Texas!!

    Debbie in TX

    • sarah says:

      thanks for letting me know – errrm yes it is a long way but I don’t think you should be hanging around for 2 seconds – i have found someone to help me with the site so all should be good soon…

      oh yes the fish bowl vase has been a great ‘investment’ ;-)

      • Lucinda says:

        Hi love all your gorgeous things and am also a lover of old wooden
        Ladders – 15 at last count lol and picking up furniture from side of road last item I got was an old wooden bench in a disgusting dark brown colour love your blue you did your chair with but was thinking of a grey but not sure
        What colour have been looking at murobonds think its called a beach grey
        What greys do you like as saw you mentioned you were going to write about that soon? Lucinda