Beach Cottage coastal vintage mirror makeover

Tue 7th, May, 2013

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Hello Beach Cottage ladies, well this morning I have the mirror makeover zooshed up with a bit of Beach Cottage coastal vintage style to show you.

As you know I have loved coastal vintage for a very long time, as soon as we got our own little Australian cottage I was there all the way – mixing up lots of white with coastal vintage things – I love to collect old vintage oars, seaglass, old ocean-liner trunks and suitcaases and love lots of mirrors leaning around for gorgeous light.


Here’s the before post of the mirror as I found it – it had many things going for it in that it was huge, pretty plain without too much fussiness going on, easy to paint and in good condition.  It was not good that it was orangey brown timber.  But, we all know how easy that is to change that up and make it a bit coastal vintage, don’t we?

So I asked in that post for you, lovely readers of Beach Cottage Land to guess how much I paid for it, humph, you all guessed very low knowing what I am like for finding super-duper happy day bargains in the home department.  Shar Y reckons this would be about $300 in her local Pottery Barn – hey guess what I can go and see what’s in my local Pottery Barn now too (love saying that).


And I was so looking forward with wowzering you with my skills as Chief Vintage Treasure Hunter in the coastal style department and the fact that I paid only $12 for this hugeeee mirror that in any shop would have been many many many times that, but you beat me to it.  Hey ho it still makes me do a jig.

Anyway I am liking how this turned out – it was a bit of a devil to get a photo of – have you ever tried to get a photo of a large mirror in a very white room filled with vintage coastal things and too many doors while you are still in your pyjamas, have bed hair and a very old fleece navy blue and white striped jumper on with no make-up and a hot water bottle stuffed down your bottoms?

I am here to tell you that that is not one of the easiest jobs in the world and when you do actually catch yourself in above fetching outfit you gasp out loud and then go into all sorts of interesting manoeuvres to ensure that you get a photo of the mirror for your blog that does not include you in this get up for fear of losing not only all your readers but any respect anyone ever had for you ever in life.

Yours in Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Style

Over and out.

Mrs Beach Cottage

p.s. love Beach Cottage coastal vintage things?  come on over and see my new boards on Pinterest – having a fun time over there! x


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26 Responses to “Beach Cottage coastal vintage mirror makeover”

  1. IrishMum says:

    Wow! $12? Amazing what a little elbow grease can do. And not a hint of bed hair in the photo! Shame ;)

  2. Neen says:

    Bahahahahah I would luuuurve to see an ‘accidental’ photo bomb of yourself !!!!
    Your mirror is amazing, I am in love with that vintage door too. ;) we have one such door hanging as a door that will need to be removed for renos and yes sireee it will end up in the lounge leaning casually and keeping things shabby beach mmmmmm:)

  3. Kirsty says:

    Beautiful! Love the white shells hanging down too… beautiful! And of course gorgeous photo’s as always Sarah! :D Hope you’re relaxing and not catching what those kiddo’s have! Good luck! I’m in the same position… oh the man cold! Soup is definitely on the agenda today!
    Stay warm and well.

  4. Ezt Glide says:

    Very informative and interesting post.It is really a big help. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  5. Not even a small peek at the fleece?? Mirror looks very much at home in the cottage…nice job!! x

    • sarah says:

      no way, it’s old and not attractive, but sooooo warm and like my comfort blanket – I stole it from my teenager ;-)

  6. Jenny Bowman says:

    That is lovely and very timely as I have a couple of little stools and a lot of bedroom furniture all lined up for a paint job! Better get myself out in the garden and get started.

  7. Alice says:

    Oh well done Sarah… Excellent bargain find and make over! These bargains make my heart sing! There is nothing like a good score! I am still reeling from one of my own made a couple of years ago!

    • sarah says:

      thank you very much Alice, yes a good bargain and a makeover make my heart sing…a lot xx

  8. Mumofsix says:

    That is just beautiful! Had to laugh at the thought of you trying to photo it attired as you described! I definitely need some more mirrors around here. Where to find a bargain in brighton these days though? Xxxx

    • sarah says:

      it’s bad enough in Sydney lol, trying to find a bargain these days since ‘vintage’ got trendy x

  9. alison says:

    Tulips! Be still my beating heart.

    What’s in your suitcase??


  10. Lidija says:

    Almost guessed the right amount ( 13$) – hahaha !
    I bow down to you Sarah – bargain queen, fluffing master and white paint doctor :-)

    • sarah says:

      haha, I like to think fluffing master or should I say foofing x

      • Lidija says:

        Sorry ,dear Sarah – oh, silly me :P
        Too much thinking on FLUFFY Barley (xoxo) when I comment and see what happens.
        “Foofing” is a good word :)))

  11. Beau….tiful! What a find for 12 bucks! Thifty bargains are getting hard to find around my parts as well. Too many people catching on to a craze that I grew up with….Great job as usual and love those tulips!

  12. Tamara says:

    The mirror looks fab! A total transformation – but how brilliant it would have been to see a tiny fleecy, water bottled Sarah in the back ground ;-D

  13. This looks so gorgeous, Sarah. The tulips add some subtle colour pops too. Gorg xx Fi