another day another beach cottage ikea pendant light

Fri 24th, May, 2013

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Good evening, I am here again, with another pendant light in my oh so amazing Beach Cottage life.


Before we talk about coastal lighting though, since we have been looking at properties for A Beach Cottage II (more to come on that soon, we’ve been up the coast looking at properties this week, including a delightful boat shed, be still my heart) I have realised that not many places have what was known as a Sitting Room anymore….it’s much more trendy to have open plan living at the moment…but I love our little room at the front…the place where I collapse at the end of the day after a bath on a 13 year old white sofa with a lovely puppy…


There’s no fancy pants stuff in here but it’s slowly come around and has been gathered together, love that – the Hungarian trunk rescued from a garage sale will always be in my heart since I found out her story, and the door, the collection of mirrors and the old chair, all come with memories of finding them in our new life in Aus…


However, the overhead lighting situation was dire…it was not important because it is hardly ever on, the lamps are all we need for light and make it super cosy but really one always feels better with a light fitting at the front of the house…


This is the room where I intended the three lights to go – this big one and the two smaller ones that I blogged yesterday which are now on the deck…once I got these home though I knew there was no way there would be three here, these are not small and the sitting room is very small – talk about overpowering…

It wasn’t the easy of things to get a photo of, cue me as chief photographer in this old cottage standing on chairs and all sorts…probs not my best but you get the feel?

Anyway, if in doubt take a pic of a vase full of shells and a vintage blue bottle…


I will see you lovely Beach Cottage girls later…

oh and have you visited my Facebook page… hop on over here for the Beach Cottage Facebook page – tonight we are talking tailgating and this week we’ve been chatting about fave soups, courier companies and how to keep fit with a busy life…



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12 Responses to “another day another beach cottage ikea pendant light”

  1. Karen says:

    They are made for the cottage!
    I adore your wee little grass woven rug too.

  2. Alice says:

    I am not going to lie… Your sitting room looks very inviting especially after a long tough day dealing with all sorts of “issues” (I call them pain in my massive behind)… I have to say that Hungarian trunk is my favorite piece and the lantern fits in quite nicely…The bowl with shells is also gorgeous(as are those sea glass bottles…sigh lets just include everything else in the room)…Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Narelle says:

    Oh Sarah, I wish I too could sink into this sofa with a lovely puppy. Gorgeous and homely. Narelle

  4. Julie Johnson says:

    Beautiful and love the little “flower” rug. I love everything you’ve done in your little cottage by the sea and wish I could have more white in mine. Unfortunately we have wood paneling and my husband loves wood stuff so it stays and I just decorate around it. I suppose he has to have something too. I do gain a lot of inspiration by looking at your blog every day.

  5. Shar Y says:

    Such an oasis to retire to after a long day, beautiful!!

  6. Mog says:

    Love the shells and the bottles, I have shells, lots of those but not so much bottles. Next to collect for sure. You always inspire me.

  7. jo says:

    Thanks for the facebook reminder! I always forget… :( The new lighting looks good too.

  8. Miss Sew & So says:

    Love love love Sarah x

  9. Martha says:

    Gorgeous! Perfect for a beach house :)

  10. I love the vintage blue bottles! Just pinned this :-)

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