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Wed 17th, Apr, 2013

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Good moaning from Australia, let us have some coastal nautical beachy style deck decorating with vintage blue mason jars shall we?  Yah, that would be good.

How about throwing in some vintage ribbon for good measure?



I have this thing for hanging things for coastal style from the roof of this old cottage and the tatty old deck that sits out the back, I think you may have ascertained that by now.  It’s been much in evidence here – there have been phases too…there was the tissue paper pom-pom phase which swept the decorating Pinterest world and took bloggers by storm, I am still not sure whether to laugh or cringe at the copious amounts of tissue paper pom poms my poor Beach Cottage Crew had to suffer as they went about their day when that was going on.  Then there is the vintage bottle hanging stage, I don’t think this will ever end…

And now we have, dun dun dun, the amazing, the spectacular, the astonishing!

The flying vintage blue mason jar!

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I did promise that I would not publish on this here little coastal nautical decorating blog another vintage blue mason jar for a very long time, but my friends, after much protest from dear readers, how could I not comply with your wishes. Winking smile


As you know I am here to serve.



This is a super easy tablescape / vignette with a vintage coastal twist – the mason jars are secured with fishing wire or ribbon and then just hooked up to the ceiling with drawing pins (I am told by my now Aussie kiddos that you may indeed call these things thumb tacks).

The flowers are from the garden – I have to tell you that after much waiting and whining I am VERY pleased to be able to go out in the garden and actually come back in with flowers

I kept everything else simple, not much colour and lots of white – one does not need too much foofing and fuss when one has to dodge whacking one’s head with a vintage blue Mason Jar when sitting down to eat.


I hope you like it!

OK, that’s it for me, we are heading down the beach for a coffee and a school holiday ocean dip (I may just take the lazing on the sand bit the water is cool now) and I am finishing up the bits and bobs to this new blog that after a busy day yesterday didn’t happen…who knows what will happen in the school hols though??  I do know one thing, I am itching to move things around…just what is that strange phenomenon that takes hold of one every now and then?

I’ll be seeing ya lovely Beach Cottage people.



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13 Responses to “vintage blue mason jar decorating tablescape abeachcottage”

  1. I know what you mean about that moving around thing…I am so…in the mood for that right now. Spring fever has gotten me and I want some things changed inside and out. Lovely idea with the Mason jars I’ll have to try flying some of my blue ones. Ha! Ha! Glad you are enjoying the holiday!

  2. What a light and lovely look! I wonder if our thumb tacks would hold them up, though. I would think the weight of the glass and water would pull them down. I’m glad that yours stay up so prettily!

    • sarah says:

      I think they would, you would be surprised, I just make sure I don’t put too much water in x

  3. Alice says:

    I have been told that strange phenomenon is called nesting hee hee…. I love this Sarah…The combination of blue and simple white flowers and ribbon floating in the air like that… If I was organising my wedding today I would have tried to recreate this look… Very simple yet super classy…But alas not so lucky to have such amazing inspiration in those days…Boy are brides to be now days spoiled for choice or what?!
    Sooo lucky!

    • sarah says:

      yes for sure, I always wanted to be a wedding decorator…I don’t think I could take the pressure nowadays though, not with Pinterest and all the wedding blogs around lol x

  4. alison says:

    Do the BC kiddos speak with an Aussie accent? And laugh at the way you and Mr BC speak and the funny words you use?


    • sarah says:

      yes! all the time! especially me! the word ‘salt’ is highly funny in this house as is ‘knickers’ and ‘pasta’


  5. Rowen says:

    That would be lovely for a wedding! I think the clearing and moving bug must be catching, I’m in the middle of a mammoth session at the moment. Trouble is when I take something to the charity shop I seem to come back with something too! I’m not sure that is very productive, but it is fun :-) Rowen @ Coastal Colours x

  6. merilyn says:

    I’m like that too Rowen, in fact I come back with more than I take!
    oh well … we are recycling and that’s my excuse.
    Sarah, I knew you couldn’t stay away from those mason jars … they look beautiful!
    lol m:)

  7. Love, love, love this!! I really want to get some blue mason jars but find them quite hard to source but I bet you’d know exactly where to find these because you’re so clever!

  8. Twexploits says:

    Those scissors are available at Lee Valley Canada. They have a website http://www.leevalley.com. They are a reasonable price and good quality. I saw someone ask abut them on another post.

    Cheers from canada