I needed this

Mon 1st, Apr, 2013

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Morning campers!

Well I am here at home and have been very much enjoying the Easter weekend break – after last weeks whirlwind tour visiting three of Australia’s states in as many days you’ll know that I needed a quiet weekend.


We had a couple of things though where I needed quick, easy, simple food that tasted anything but.

Please enter roast beetroot, aubergine and onion.


This is a Beach Cottage Too Easy recipe hitting that delicious note of easy and tasty and it also fulfils the Dump & Go criteria at the same time…if you are new here, which I know a lot of you are (hello) not the dumping you are thinking about….no, Dump & Go in this capacity means dump the ingredients in slow cooker/oven/hob or heating element of your choice and go and get in the bath.  Preferably with an instrument of your choice that facilitates the perusing of favourite blogs.


I feel the inclusion of getting in the bath should be mandatory for recipes for mums, don’t you?


It’s not just its bath-ability though, it’s the regular ingredients and at a push if you leave out the aubergine this truly is a Bottom of the Fridge recipe – I don’t know about you but I always always have onions in my fridge, more often than not a bunch of beetroot and am never without a jar of feta cheese in oil in the door of the fridge…

When I am away from this old cottage for a few days or so without my family and particularly if it has been busy and filled with activity I always have the urge to just come home and fester…pottering around doing nothing but making a nice big roast dinner, doing a few bits in the garden, going out on my bike…simple things like that you know?  I guess that means home when you can just let it all out and do that.


When I got home I walked around the garden, picked a few flowers and stroked a few pieces of furniture and thought about doing something with that old girl who lives on the counter in the kitchen – it has been said by some about me that I am, yawn, only about flowers and white sofas and how possibly can that be? …but I make no apology for that, and coming home after being away accentuates what is me even more…there is nothing better to me than coming home to the beautiful beaches of Sydney, foofing with flowers, fluffing up a few white pillows with a Limoncello in hand, partaking in doing nothing much on the hammock and throwing a few things into the oven for comfort food…

Love it, own it baby.

I write my own story.


Beach Cottage Recipe

Baked Beetroot, Onion & Aubergine


2 aubergines (you may call that eggplant)

1 bunch beetroot scrubbed

feta cheese

herbs (parsley, chives, oregano but whatever you have to hand)

olive oil

salt & pepper


1. thinly slice beetroot, onion and aubergine

2. place onto a baking tray (you might need more than one) and drizzle with oil, add herbs, seasoning

3. roast for 30 to 40 mins on high

4. remove to plate, sprinkle with feta extra herbs & salt pepper


**Beach Cottage Recipe Notes    *any onions will do, red onions are nice  you may want to lose the skin of the beetroot, I don’t bother but do scrub well  *dried herbs are fine if you can’t get fresh   *I roast this at 200C but my oven runs high  *this works very well as a starter if you are entertaining or a light lunch on its own  *this is an easy way to get veggies – if you are worried about calories go easy on the oil, it’s quite tasty without too much oil  *the thinner you slice the veggies the less time they will need in the oven but don’t go too thin on the onion or aubergine or they will disappear into a charred nothing


This was tasty, lovely and hit the beach comfort spot, let me know if you try it…

Do you write your own story?

Sarah x

You can find more recipes Beach Cottage style (that means easy, simple ingredients and look and taste great without too much effort) here.

p.s. Beach Cottage Giveaway this week ladies, it’s a good one, lookout for it xo


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15 Responses to “I needed this”

  1. Rukmini Roy says:

    You know what? I hate both beetroot and eggplant. But this looks so good that I might eat it.
    Browsed through your travelling post and you are looking lovely :)
    Have a great day.

    • sarah says:

      wow really! beetroot is one of my fave foods :-)

      thanks for the compliment, too kind x

  2. alison says:


    Travel is great but home is a lovely place to return to.

    Could you recommend an eggplant substitute in this recipe? This may sound weird but I have a food intolerance to eggplant. I’m thinking sweet potato as a substitute?

    I’m currently grazing on a large batch of my version of your carrot soup. Fabulous and nutritious.


    • sarah says:

      yes I have tried this with different combos of veggies and sweet potato would be good

      I love the carrot soup x

  3. Surely Sarah says:

    My mouth is watering for roasted eggplant now! Yummo.

  4. Jenny Bowman says:

    That looks so yummy my tummy is rumbling. Definitely one to try! Thanks Sarah.

  5. Rowen says:

    That does look good! I may have to try it, am liking the sweet potato idea too. I love ‘jacket’ sweet potato with sour cream so thinking this would be similar. Thanks Sarah.

  6. Yes I do always try to write my own story!! And at the moment it’s all about baking so am looooving your pretty food shots!! Now you go and keep enjoying your white sofas and flowers…..xx

  7. Sarah says:

    First, I want to tell you how much I love your travelling series. The more I see and read from you and other Australian blogs, the more I want to find myself in Australia soon. You give the best tour of your beautiful country. Probably also because you write so well and take amazing photos!
    And, I have all your dump and go recipes in a file. I thought I was the queen of the slow cooker but you may rival me! :) I do believe I have all the ingredients for this one and that tells me it’s a sign, I should make it tonight. :)

    Have a lovely day! xo Sarah

    • sarah says:

      thanks Sarah, I must say I have been experimenting for a long time to find easy recipes that taste good – I like the idea of cheat recipes that you can just leave and cook themselves…LOVE my slow cooker – I have recently been trialling new slow cooker recipes, so hopefully have some of those on the way soon too…

      I am sure you would love Australia, I cannot see much how anyone wouldn’t…but then I am biased!

  8. merilyn says:

    welcome home sarah!
    this is my favourite blog!
    especially all the white foofing! as well as the variety and diversity you provide.
    your energy scoops us up and takes us on your journey too, just like a good book.
    you looked too cute in the travel photos! especially in the helmet.
    yes i certainly write my own story too … i paint every day!
    if you can’t write it yourself who can ??? that’s what i say! thankyou sarah … lol m:)
    one day would you tell me the colour of your back deck please … i know i’m trying! x

    • sarah says:

      thanks Merily!

      I went in with a pebble in the colour I wanted and they matched it…I may be able to find the numbers, it was Dulux x

  9. Selby says:

    Beautiful photos! & even though none of that is in my fridge it looks so yummy & inspiring I want to go get some goodies to give it a try:) – my crisper has half dead carrots & some home grown lettuce hehe gourmet non?;)