Every Day’s a School Day

Tue 9th, Apr, 2013

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My oh my am I one lady who is pleased to be home.

I learnt a lot of things on my trip around the Lucky Country…I wasn’t expecting to come away with a life lesson….


..every day’s a school day right?

20130409-03-abeachcottage-coastal-nautical-seaside-blog-australia-abeachcottage.com_ 20130409-04-beach-house-cottage-blog-Australia-abeachcottage.com_

So anyway this morning with a quiet old cottage, a coffee from one of my favourite baristas on the beaches and a bunch of dahlias I got back to doing what I know best…a bit of coastal living and decorating, beach cottage style

20130409-05-beach-house-coastal-nautical-blog-australia-abeachcottage.com_ 20130409-06-005A7921



Also known as vignetting / creating a vignette and definitely trending right now…I have been indulging and blogging (with a hint of coastal living thrown in for good measure) in this little past-time since the day I started this blog…it’s what I do.

Good Day to you wherever you are in the world….I am off out to see a friend now, it’s pouring with rain in Sydney and I’m kinda liking that…

What will you learn today?


all furniture thrifted & painted coastal / nautical white by me (the cupboard is half way through completion lol), vase IKEA, lantern Tarjay


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20 Responses to “Every Day’s a School Day”

  1. Your images are so breathtakingly beautiful.

  2. shelley says:

    Love that burst of hot pink in there!

  3. That pink is making me smile into my Hunters in the rain here!

    A little life lesson- buy oneself bright flowers on rainy days- thanks Sarah!

    Glad your trip was fab! x

  4. Felicity says:

    Really love the old door, so much character and the flowers are just so pretty. No wonder you love to come home, who wouldn’t if they had such a cosy, welcoming home. Have a great week. x

  5. Kat says:

    I love it all Sarah, but especially the cupboard and lantern. Love, love and I am not even a fan of pink!
    Enjoy your rainy day outing.x

  6. alison says:

    Well…today I’m regrouping after a bad foof.

    I returned a bed comforter that I thought would be the first step in redoing my bedroom. I had grand plans. I foofed 2 days ago with a lovely outcome in my mind, the comforter looked so-so, my intended look was all wrong.

    I know I now get to probably create a better bedroom look but where’s a good starting point?? Suggestions are welcome.


  7. I believe I’m going to learn how to mend a cat’s leg. Unexpected, huh? One of my cats came back after being awol for two days and he’s limping and obvisouly in pain. There will be no foofing for me today as I’ll probably spend the day running to the vet’s, to work and back to the vet’s. So I’ll be enjoy the vignettes you made!

  8. Selby says:

    Beautiful flowers just gorgeous!:)

  9. Rowen says:

    Hi Sarah, I quite like the cupboard as it is, I liked the whole look in the second photo. Good job I don’t have an Ikea closer to me it wouldn’t be good for my purse! Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  10. Goodness you’re a good foofer! And funnily enough you’ve just taught me today’s lesson…I’ve been wanting to add a little colour to the farm, which I have been doing, but after looking at your pretty pics I realise I really do love white best! (with just a hint of colour!!) Thanks as always you lovely foofer you…xx

  11. Fairlight Marz says:

    Tarjay!!! Really!!! Looks much more swish than that. More along the lines of an emporium boutique on these northern beaches. Love it!!!

  12. So lovely to see this vignette this morning. After a bad sleep and a very stressful few weeks, just looking at this shabby chic space brings a smile to my heart. Thank you. And your blog was sent to me by one of my past clients… who just knows me so well. Love your blog!

  13. emmieandemma says:

    gorgeous! i love your mix of shabby chic and stunning pink, fab and inspiring as always!and I’ve loved reading about your trip!

  14. Hedy King says:

    Your pink dahlias have reminded me I have to put them on my garden list this year, oh so pretty. I have enjoyed your trip around Oz almost as much as you did. Thanks, Hedy.

  15. Mandy Parker says:

    Hi Sarah, gorgeous Foof today, and you included one of my favourite flowers, Dahlias! Of course, here at the Flower Farm, I have just started my Tubers into growth on heated beds in the Polytunnel. Lots to look forward to!
    Spring still hasn’t arrived …

    Enjoy you wide open, Ozzy Blue Skies … even in the rain!


  16. That’s exactly what I blogged about yesterday:) I love ‘foofing’/vignetting and it’s so good for the soul, don’t you think? Love the vibrant pink of those dahlias against all of your gorgeous white. I sooo hope we get some of that rain of yours. I need to plant a gazillion trees and the ground is sooo hard at the moment. x

  17. Looks so lovely! Love those pink petals! I love that Target lantern too. You make it all look so easy!! Fi xx

  18. merilyn says:

    glad you are back sarah … even though your trip sounded fabulous.
    you do foofing so well, because you love it and do it with passion!
    it’s like an artist and we all have our personal palettes.
    white is the colour I use most with those touches of zing
    which makes something sing!
    thankyou for sharing the beauty … we learn something new everyday! … lol m :)

  19. I learn more and more the older I get. Everything seems to be a life lesson for me. Beautiful flowers. Really.