Beach Cottage vignettes

Thu 18th, Apr, 2013

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G’day Beach Cottage people who like to vignette Winking smile

You know those days when you feel like doing nothing but there is just so much to get done?

I am having one of those.

An inbox full of stuff to reply to (especially after what went on on my Facebook page yesterday, thanks for all the lovely emails!), so many photos to go through (I have, lately, found myself being asked to take photos for all manner of things – portraits, real estate and parties….now I need to sort them out), things to do for the kiddos, getting this new blog finished, household stuff and errands to run….yadda yadda yadda….

Instead I held up my hands this morning and thought stuff it, I am taking a day to mooch, I will be making a galette, perhaps a clafoutis, talking to my veggies, foofing in the Summer House, sweeping and Dettoling the deck, doing some vignettes, hanging out with my boys, drinking lots of tea and making something long and slow for dinner….

I am thinking everything else can wait…sometimes you just need to take that approach in life, right?

And I’m heading down the beach – it’s another stunner of a day in Sydney, I can’t quite believe Autumn is this good…I need to make the most of it.

Have a nice day wherever you are in the world…



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38 Responses to “Beach Cottage vignettes”

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Sarah … just letting you know that there is something wrong with the layout of this new website … as I am on a Mac the left hand side of the blog is cut off … I am missing those words on the left hand side … not sure if others are experiencing the same. Kind regards Kim xo

  2. Karen says:

    No issue my end with Mac. Totally agree with you Sarah. Make the most of such a stunning day and time with your kiddos.
    Karen NZ

    • jan says:

      i’m a non MAC user. maybe that’s part of the problem.

      • sarah says:

        I will look into it Jan x

        • alison says:

          I’m a non Mac user too. Each blog post is aligned hard left. Is that how it’s supposed to be?I keep feeling I’m missing a border or something similar down the left hand side of the screen.

          BTW, I love your “stuff it and mooch it” philosophy. I was talking to a mum this morning who is juggling a great business, a home, 3 kids, her kids’ sport and a husband recovering from a health scare. She’s doing a great job but I felt like crying for her after we said goodbye. We ALL can so easily get caught up and dragged along in the slip stream of life. This encounter was a timely reminder to check in and monitor my own life.



  3. It’s ok on my iMac, Sarah … and the comments are here today! Hooray x

  4. Thoroughly enjoy your day of mooching, foofing, boys and beach!

  5. MDN says:

    Hope you enjoy your well deserved time for yourself!

    By the way, saw Barley’s pic to the R and, wondering about pup accompanying him, checked out his secion under “pics”, but, nothing’s seen there. You’d mentioned working on something new for him. Has that link been incorporated yet? (If so, unable to pull it up. Last pic is #127.) So, on pic to R, Is this a new friend, sibling, or potential “spouse”? If there’s no link yet, did you set up a new blog site specific to Barls? Haven’t heard much about him since beginning of New Year w/ wt. gain following your return from Holiday. It looks as though he’s well! TNX

    • sarah says:

      thanks, no Barley has not had his page set up yet – but it is on the way…the way the old page was set-up with a gallery was quite time consuming and fiddly and it just got a bit too much for me actually but now with this new design I hope it will be easier…

      ummm that’s his new girlfriend, she is here on holiday, she is very funny :-)


      • MDN says:

        Tks for expln. – & great that you can now streamline this. Had missed his “contributions” to blog of late. You always so much going on – don’t know who you do it all! (Enjoyed “joining” you on the recent treks! Many experiences I’d like to have, too, esp. hot air balloon. Your pics/narratives were almost as good as being there and served as a wonderful respite!.

        PS: From pup pics last 2 days, it appears they’re getting along famously. Hmmm – they’ve got a bit of “yin-yang” goin’ on “styling” wise…did you plan that? Oh, had to giggle, too.. Recall initial stance re not being on sofa…right! We told you – and, now, 2 on sofa! (He he he!)

  6. All good and VERY gorgeous on my MacBook Sarah- and I also got your reply from my comment yesterday- seems you’ve sorted it!
    Melissa :)

  7. Selby says:

    Cheers to moochy days!:)

  8. Felicity says:

    I had a pyjama day yesterday, wasn’t suppose to but like you said “stuff it”. We run and run around chasing our tails and sometimes you just need to say enough’s enough. Hope you had a great day xx.

  9. Amanda says:

    Enjoy your day ….we all need more of them!
    I am intrigued what went on to facebook so have sent a friend request.xlol

  10. Rowen says:

    G ‘day Sarah, nothing wrong with taking a day for yourself and the family, everything will still be there tomorrow, or is that today now lol. MDN mentioned a pic of Barley to the right and I’m not getting that, I’m on my iPad though so wondered if this was an issue? All I get is the main centre panel and no side bars, I just thought that was how it was supposed to be until I read that comment. Can you advise please :-) Rowen @ Coastal Colours x

    • sarah says:

      MDN is referring to my Instagram pics which push through from my Instagram feed to the sidebar of the blog (I am not sure if this shows on tablets/mobile).

      thanks I am enjoying doing not much and baking :-)

  11. Fiona says:

    I assume you knew about the comments then before my message then. Glad it’s all fixed. your new site shows up fine on my computer (pc) now. It must be good to get all these kinks ironed out. Lots of work no doubt. Hope you enjoyed your lazy day and the dogs, Fiona

  12. merilyn says:

    hi sarah, all good here with technical issues.
    i always say give yourself permission girls to basically do what you like
    it’s your life … good motto hey!
    but as women we are conditioned to nurture and care for everyone else and to put ourselves last.
    so as a women of the baby boomer era finally i have learnt to allow myself time out!
    we deserve it!
    enjoy! cheers m:)

  13. Jenny Bowman says:

    That sounds the best sort of day ever, especially as I look out my window at the moment to grey clouds and almost gale force winds..and it’s meant to be spring here!

  14. Deb says:

    All looking great here on my mac.
    Mooch, and foof, and whatever else takes your fancy!
    We are very lucky with thys fantastic autumn weather we are having. I will be sad when it comes to an end, but still looking forward to winter too!
    Have a great day.
    D. xx

  15. Kirsty says:

    Lovely! I feel like this far too often but so nice when you can enjoy it!