Beach Cottage Style – Fashion Friday What I Wore

Wed 3rd, Apr, 2013

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G’day Beach Cottage lovelies.

OK, if you have been with me for a while, you will know that there was a point on this blog where I took it upon myself to bestow on the world out there in cyberspace my dabbling with style and fashion, cough cough.  It all started with a pair of ballet flats, got egged on by the blogging of a scarf and at its height featured moi, forty-is-the-new-thirty woman of substance, modelling a stripe tube skirt down by the sea on a hot Summer’s day.

Never again.

The funny thing is though that I am always asked to do more fashion posts.   Like always.   When we did a survey on here of what anyone might like to see more of, fashion, was up there.   It seems that there is a gap in the market for real-girl fashion on a real model, not a 16 yr old without any hips.


(neutral shorts, a basket and a stripe work for me)

This strange phenomenon on my blog of has always made me laugh but so be it, the world of blogging is a new, odd and ever changing one I suppose and so for a bit I did continue with blogging clothes and What I Wore posts…

Then I decided to experiment with ‘fashion’ as in what hits the shops and is on trend.  Big big big mistake, Pretty Woman-to-snooty-shop-assistant-on-commission mistake….if there is one thing I have learnt as I have trodden this path they call life, fashion is not my thing.   Whether it be in home decor, cars, clothes or make-up, I normally get it very wrong if ‘on-trend’ is anywhere in the vicinity.


Luckily in this fashion experimenting I had the sense enough to steer clear of fluorescent pink and those t-shirts that I wore the first time around that say ‘Choose Life’ or something similar and I can’t see how they give any female, be she even super-beautiful, any shape or style whatsoever.


Shall we just not bother talking about floral leggings?  Hello to accentuating the three babies I am still wearing as a muffin top and places around the top of my legs I have heard referred to as love handles.  There is no love lost between me and those.

Sooooo, after dabbling with a few things on trend, and then catching myself one day in a shop window as I walked past in the city on the way to a meeting, cringing, like dieing and wanting the pavement to open up and swallow me up, I swiftly went back to the look I know and love well…


(love a white shirt & a pair of Mavi jeans with a big tote & sunnies)

I’m not big on buying clothes these days, I never really was hugely into it, my husband thinks this is a good thing I am sure, but not having the right things in my wardrobe at certain times has left me feeling old, crappy, ugly and that I look like ****.  You don’t want to be feeling that in your life do you?

I dunno, what is it about us women though and clothes?   They effect the way you feel quite a lot don’t they?


(over-sized tote, chunky scarf, capri pants & a stripe helps me through life)

So for me to feel even half way decent I rely on a uniform…I pack it for trips away like the one I have been on for Tourism Australia and work it around things in my life where it might need a bit of jazzing up…

Daytimes for me go like the things you see here – pretty much wherever I am unless of course it needs to be smarter and then I just add a blazer maybe a blouse too and some heels…basics are neutrals with stripes with some interest on the arms in the form of a bit of an arm party…hair, messy bun…

Accessories are always tan leather and natural materials…and the scarf is my lifesaver that makes me feel half decent even when I may be feeling quite different….and of course it covers up the forty-is-the-new-thirty neck, always a bonus in my book….


Since doing a few more things through this blog too I have found myself on more than one occasion, stuck with what to wear – mostly things where I wasn’t sure of the dress code and mostly when I got to the event and got it very wrong…I’ve learnt from that now and I stick to wearing what I love and then adding pieces as to the occasion.

The answer for me has been a jacket, dressy blouses/shirts and shoes – and I just use all the basics I already have and then dress them up – it’s easy, it means I am still comfortable (both psychologically and physically) and most importantly I still feel like me….Mr Beach Cottage, fountain of all wisdom, and man who puts up shelves and builds no-dig gardens in his spare time, imparted me with his advice years ago to always be yourself…it seems he is somewhat right.


But don’t tell him I said that, will you.   We wouldn’t want that now would we?


See you tomorrow ladies of the internet, I am down deep deep down in the Lucky Country tonight and man is it chilly on the willies in these parts. x

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26 Responses to “Beach Cottage Style – Fashion Friday What I Wore”

  1. Karen says:

    V lovely post, missed your clothes ones! You have good style, nice and simple. I dig your stripes too, they are v, erm, stripey?!?

  2. Michelle says:

    I love your scarves! And your tan leather accessories. I love the way you’ve laid the outfits out and shot them. This is fab! You’ve got a great eye, and that’s what matters here. I think it’d be great if you did more posts like this.

  3. Claire says:

    Yey! More clothes posts please Sarah, we love them : ) You’re right, it’s not all about fashion, it’s about getting the balance right and feeling good in what you’re wearing, knowing you don’t look like a dog’s dinner or that you haven’t bothered at all. We’ve all turned up somewhere and then spent the day/night feeling uncomfortable and inappropriate and not enjoyed ourselves because of it – so silly and there’s nothing worse! I think your style is lovely and I’ve picked up a few ideas from you myself since following your blog (although maybe not the shorts so much here in Blighty!). Real girl clothes is where it’s at x

  4. Jill Palumbo says:

    I love your style and always love your fashion posts. I’m hooked on stripes myself and love, love your purses!

  5. Mel says:

    Love these posts and would love to know where the leather bags are from! Classics!

  6. Tamara says:

    Hooray! A Beach Cottage fashion post! I have loved the one’s you did in the past. I do so love your style and thought it was great when you did your own modelling – please do not cringe you always looked super stylish to me! I also love neutrals and stripes and totally agree about dressing to suit you and not being some fashion victim especially being in the Forties is the new Thirties category myself!
    Lovely pics of simple, classic clothes :-)

  7. Oooohh Friday Fashion is back…Yay!!! Love the clothes, need the totes…xx

  8. Julie says:

    Yes! Thank you for this post. I never wore scarves until I started reading your blog. Now I love them. Please feel free to blog what you are wearing, or any new finds, anytime. You always look and dress fab!

  9. Suzanne says:

    Yes I enjoy your fashion posts too!! Very nice selection there!! xx

  10. I like your fashion posts, because they’re practical things that I can wear around my island or even on the beach. My style changed quite a bit when we moved from Chicago to our island, so I think your style is a natural outpouring of your lifestyle that therefore is very stylish in a beach cottage. :) And incidentally, I sure hope forty is the new thirty!

  11. Kat says:

    Have always loved your fashion posts and always will Sarah, so do keep them coming.
    Real fashion for the real woman I say! :) (btw you always look great, so don’t be afraid to jump in front of the camera again.)
    I have to know where you got your lovely crisp white shirt I spy?? I am still on the hunt for the perfect white shirt!!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about how you enjoyed your time in our little state of Tassie and where abouts you visited.

  12. Oh, this post is just what I needed! I’m headed to Hawaii next week, and choosing clothes for a tropical situation is new to me. Thanks for encouraging me to take the things I know I love! Clothes shopping isn’t my forte…even though I’m over forty! (ha!:)) Love your blog!

  13. merilyn says:

    I hope 60 is the new 50 that’s for sure! really trying to keep on top of those wobbly bits!
    hope you haven’t been blown of a rocks sarah! here in south aus
    this is a particularly annoying wind but it’s not always like this!
    lol m :)

  14. Surely Sarah says:

    Always be you Sarah! I freaking love your stripes and scarves and THAT TOTE OMG. I am currently trying to find my own wardrobe style, it’s taken me a few years to realise what you so eloquently point out here, that sometimes you just gotta give up wasting energy trying to be “on trend” and figure out what suits you best – and of course what makes you feel good when you wear it :)

  15. Lidija says:

    ” it’s easy, it means I am still comfortable (both psychologically and physically) and most importantly I still feel like me…” – totally agree with you, Sarah !
    Perfect fitting jeans with stripe tee, sunglasses and big smile and women immediately look ten years younger :)

  16. Jazz says:

    love it, as usual! Have a nice trip.

  17. Shar Y says:

    Funny, cause I think you are incredibly stylish. Maybe, because I like everything you just showed us up there and how you put it together. It’s the kind of look that just works. Casual enough to be comfy but with that extra pizazz!

    So, what might Barley be wearing these days? We miss him! Hint! Hint!

    • sarah says:

      well thank you lovely Shar!

      Barley is very well, he just got a haircut (he will be back soon with his own spot on the blog – I am having a new design which will make it a lot quicker and easier for me)

  18. Julia says:

    Great options!
    Do you know polyvore? I discovered it recently, is for creating outfit boards…. You might find it lovely to try out your outfits in the laptop. Just a warning: First night with it, I lost 3 hours in front of the computer. Just a heads up!
    Beautiful pictures! Julia

  19. alison says:

    Sunglasses and a scarf add style and make one look younger instantly.

    Thank you for your fashionista advice. It always gets me thinking about how I can tweak my wardrobe and make it work better for me. It’s great to open the wardrobe and always have something to wear.

    Great advice re always being yourself.

    alison x

  20. Sandra says:

    Love your “what I wear” posts. You touched on what you wear during the day – what about dressier or even evening outfits? Would love to see how you adapt your classic style to those occasions.

  21. I do love these posts. I love your style and it’s fun to see it broken down and arranged so beautifully in a
    style still-life, if you will ; )

  22. Malgorzata Podgorska says:

    Dear Sarah, love all your posts, I like you fashin style – timeless, simple with modern twist. I wonder if you can give us some info where did you buy some of your wardrobe essentials? scarfs, white blouse, devine bags and shoes, many thanks looking forward to many more of your great posts!
    Greatings from coolish Brissy

  23. Zoe says:

    Hey Sarah, always popping in for a little sneak peek at your blog…love your recent fashion post….easy, stylish,classic and relaxed….just what a busy mum needs to look “put together” when the whirl of life keeps us on our toes :-P
    Thanks xx

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