Beach Cottage apple Ipad mini giveaway

Mon 29th, Apr, 2013

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Good morning ladies of Beach Cottage Land!  Well I am back in the land of the living, no longer jetting around Australia – I must say it’s so very good to be home.

So on the way home from the blogging trip I have just been on I had a lot to mull over – this little blog has been great for me, it’s opened a heap of doors, it’s brought about a confident new me, it’s introduced me to people who have become friends.

But, the bottom line is it’s not much around here without you out there, even though it still seems like me and a blank screen in the study talking about white paint and white flowers (which in reality it still very much is and I love that), I don’t know if I’d still be here if it weren’t for you – I call you lovelies, Beach Cottage Lovelies, and I make no apology for that – the world is full of some ratbags that is for sure but on the whole people in this little corner of the web are lovely – so why not celebrate that?


And so on the way home I was thinking about treating myself to an Ipad Mini – even though I am meant to be a blogger I don’t have many of the gizmos and gadets, have one laptop will travel, but on this trip I thought you know what, one of these babies in my bag would go down pretty nicely when I am out and about on the beaches doing this blogging thing.

But to say thanks for you coming here, stopping by, reading and saying hello, and following me along the way with this old cottage, with Hunter wellies, with our move to the Lucky Country and our next beach cottage which is just about to get underway, well I thought it would be nice to give one away too…

So here goes

What’s on offer :  IPad Mini

What do you have to do?  Answer the question below in the comments

What would you do with an IPad mini – I will be taking photos, checking emails while at a beachside cafe, visiting my friends on Instagram and slotting it into my handbag when out and about… let me know how you would love that little baby about your person…


See you tomorrow

Sarah x


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417 Responses to “Beach Cottage apple Ipad mini giveaway”

  1. Deb says:

    Oooohhhh!! How exciting!
    I would love one of these in my handbag, to have access to all that is beach cottage on the go, and to also have my up to date diary, so I dont forget any appointments, and just being able to keep up to date with all that is going on, right there with me all the time!
    Oh, and it would be super handy to keep the kids occupied here and there too!
    xxx ;-)

    • Rachel says:

      I would feel blessed to have an ipad mini. To be able to go back to school and do work while visiting my mom. Giving my boys the chance to spend more time with my side of the family.
      I would take pics of our trip, help teach my boys spanish, term paper work, and help with the special needs students in the school I work at. So, much I could do and would love to do. Thank you for this chance to win.

  2. Karen says:

    I would hide it. And then in those quiet moments to myself when the children are playing and not asking for another sandwich I would sneakily withdraw it and wallow in the peace and quiet and the joy of my own little slice of apple joy that no one else knows of.
    I would refuse to put angry birds on it, but would divulge in such sweetness as a few books, or magazine subscriptions. I could check my email on those days where I choose to arrive at school 25 minutes early so that I can get a parking spot.
    I could slip it out of my bag when at the park and the kiddies are bouncing around happily with out a care.
    We would have secret dates, my ipad mini and me. I could tell every one that we urgently needed a fresh jar of peanut butter but escape for coffee and catch up on the world. My ipad mini and me. What joy.

    • sarah says:

      OMG, I think you are my twin! I will be doing the same – it will be hidden, it will have NO games xoxoxo

  3. Alma says:

    I would use it to blog on the go. Work on photos. I would also have my husband use it to create sketches. He makes furniture from reclaimed wood and he also draws and paints. It would be interesting what he can make with it.
    Grreat giveaway !

  4. Oooooohhhhhhh, brain goes into spasmodic overdrive. I think the question is….. what “wouldn’t” I do with an iPad Mini?? As a new business starterer-upperer (technical term), a new arm of technology would really allow me the flexibility to work wherever and whenever I choose. No more fighting with the kids over the computer/iPod/phone….. I could simply let them play on my old (archaic) and brutally heavy laptop and my phone with the smashed screen, whilst I tried not to slobber (from love) over the screen of a new iPad. I could “follow”, “comment”, “pin”, “re-tweet” and “like” without a moment’s hesitation and it really would have a loving and warm home here amongst my other beloved things. Of course, not forgetting that I could read A Beach Cottage blog wherever I happened to be at the time (full appreciation is hard when trying to read through a smashed phone screen or haggling with the kids to let them play “Mutant Fridge Mayhem”?!?!). So, will keep my fingers, toes, hair and eyes crossed that you pick me, pick me, pick me……. did I say pick me??? What a wonderful opportunity, thanks Sarah and have a great day.

  5. Selby says:

    Ooh fun game!:) Good Question: If I had an iPad mini I’d take it when we go to visit our friends at their beach house on a day trip next month; so I could FaceTime my mum & show her all the fun toddlerman has at the beach paddling in the freezing cold sea:) ok ok I admit I’d check Facebook n blogs n emails too- but I’d wait till toddler was sleeping, promise!

  6. April says:

    I would do everything I planned to use my iPad with, until my daughter and husband stole it from me. I would use it at meetings, on the train, in the car (when I am a passenger of course), at cafes, to blog, to shop and to facebook on.

  7. Kim says:

    Ahhh this is wonderful!! I would take a break from being at my house and join all of the coffee shop dwellers who always look so happy blogging with caffeine !! I love writing but my gosh it would be nice to get out once in a while ;)

  8. my current ipad is a couple of years old, and is starting to play up, so an ipad mini would be a perfect replacement. I mostly use my Ipad in the Kitchen, have it set up for recipes, so i can just quickly see what needs to be done. Of course my little solitaire addiction would have to continue. :). we have found the most delightful little Cafe near where we live that i would love to sit with a coffee and get some blogging done.

  9. Its cheesy but I would give it to my amazing hubster. He works so hard and is such an iNerd but never buys himself anything. He always spoils me and his little lady rotten and I just love him so so so much. (barf right?) He would use it for very serious stuff, emails and news sites while he is operating his digger probably. But there would also be a fair bit of NRL following while on the couch on a Friday night.

    • sarah says:

      not barf at all! I love how you own loving your man – a beautiful skill in life in my opinion.

      my hubby doesn’t treat himself to anything ever either…funny really isn’t it?

  10. Jill says:

    I love your page, I’m not able to get to the beach due to my back injury, so it really makes up for it getting to see your lovely posts’ I have an old 1st generation iPad that I have just worn out… It just doesn’t work Anymore, when I saw the new iPad minis I thought how perfect for me and easy to carry as I’m limited to my home most the time… Thank you again for your generosity and God Bless you.

  11. Donna Pallot says:

    If this little ipad mini to find it’s way to my home I would use it to make up my weekly menus for the house and organise my shopping list, whilst “supervising” soccer training. I would use it as a calendar to work out my busy schedule with all that comes with having lots of kids. I would use it to surf the web and find cool things to buy to decorate my house, but most of all I would use it for me, just me.

  12. LibraryGirl62 says:

    The same stuff I do on my iPad…only smaller :) Seriously, I love games and reading and Facebook…so there is that!

  13. Jody says:

    Sarah, if I ‘won’ the mini first of all I would write you and say thank you! Then maybe you and I could Skype! Then I could take pictures of our beach in Fort Myers, Florida and compare them with your photos! and maybe I could improve my phototgrapy (!?)
    Then i would do all the daily stuff I do on my regular PC, check email, face book and splurge with blogs like yours! Books, you tubes, my lists and journaling, all could be stored in a little gem! Why I am not sure all I could do !
    It sounds like One of the greatest asset of the mini is the SIZE! I am small and don’ t carry large bags unless traveling. Regardless i could carry this sweet heart everywhere ! Thanks for lifting me up tonight by a sweet dream of a mini.
    I am glad you are home safely and i Look forward to your future posts.
    Thank you for the sweet offer Sarah.
    Many Blessings, jody in florida

  14. Melinda says:

    I would feel like I had a golden egg in my handbag !
    A LOT of blog reading, photos, internet surfing, emails, info gathering, recipe checking, music ,…. really the possibilities are endless
    I would LOVE an iPad Mini, Id love to be connected wherever I am.
    What a fabulous giveawy – FINGERS CROSSED xx

  15. judy aldrich says:

    I would be able to take the mini iPad to my cottage. I find myself wanting to go back . home and connect to my world. Having an iPad would allow me to sit on my deck swing a read a good eBook or connect to a social network and enjoy the beautiful lake.

  16. Nicole says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I would use it to put into practice all the things I have learned in your How to Blog E-course. It would give me more time to read and comment on all the blogs I love while on the go. It would be my little space to watch, capture, write and edit – no kids allowed – it would be mine. Oh! I didn’t mention Twitter – I love to tweet! It would fit perfectly, inconspicuously in my handbag. Nicole

  17. Anne says:

    I would take it with me on my trip back to england in 2014 so I could send photos back home and send emails any time. I could also lie in bed and catch up with all my lessons regarding photography and photoshop. Ah yes, it would be awesome to own one of these.

  18. Tracey Grant says:

    If I had an iPad mini I would use it in teaching to share visulas, bring in apps and add interest to my lessons. At home I would let my children use it for practicing math facts, visit their spelling website, email grandparents and to see photos of family on social media. After my work is done I would use it to catch up on all my favorite blogs, pin ideas and share moment son Instagram. Thank you for the oppertunity!!

  19. Carly says:

    My gosh – where to start….. I am currently (as in right now when I am not procrastinating by blog surfing) finalising my Masters thesis with plans to hand this sucker in before the end of the week. Thus will culminate 10 years (yes you read right) of part time study while working and mummying. I would love an iPad mini to take out for coffee and cake when I experience my first taste of free time. I will lovingly craft a homemade cover for it using one of the hundreds of craft ideas I have been ‘pinning’ but not allowing myself to indulge in. I will one day sleep in and then roll over in bed and READ FOR PLEASURE on my little friend who is sitting right on my bedside table. And once I have had a few weeks or so of downtime I will get stuck into some apps to help get my life back together (read: fitness, health, time management, budgeting and wedding planning – we’ve been engaged for 3 years already!). Oh little white tablet of wonder (and lovely Madame Beach Cottage) – you could change my life!
    What a great giveaway Sarah!

  20. Mel says:

    What a great giveaway! I would use it to catch up on the world in the middle of the night when I’m feeding my 4 month old twins… it’s too hard to juggle a laptop and 2 babies on the couch, so an ipad mini would suit perfectly!

    • Mel says:

      ah, bugger…. I just read the T&C and noticed it was a game of skill…. I’m too tired to think of something witty and fun!! Maybe in 5 years once the kiddo’s are off to school I’ll be in it to win it. May the best lady, or man from the Netherlands, win :)

  21. Felicity says:

    How very exciting! I don’t have a Iphone or laptop so it would be so cool to lie in bed and look up your blog, surf the web and it would be amazing if I could take photos like you do. I am very curious about Instagram so I would be looking into that. Thanks.

  22. Brooke says:

    If I won I would give it straight to my 7 & 4 year old. They have been asking for one for a while now. The would be able to use it for homework and my 4 year olds Reading Eggs Program.

  23. Neen says:

    A mini iPad…..mmmm……luuuuurve it to be stowed away in my basket to stroke whilst ‘waiting’ at soccer and netball training/games, it would compliment my cuppa and jam toast ( yep french blackberry one) soooooo nicely during the up coming Winter season of kiddos sport. Neen :)

  24. mellie lang says:

    Very exciting and kind of you to think of us out here, desperately seeking an ipad mini :)
    I would follow recipes from it, catch up with friends on it, write on it, draw on it, blog on it, pin on it so so much, shop on it, design on it, dress it in a pretty case and put it in my tote bag and take it with me everywhere and live happily ever after :)

  25. Peta says:

    I hate to admit it but I imagine I’ll be taking oodles of pics of my new baby and hopefully my tidy house … pfft, tidy house!

  26. Lark says:

    Somehow my kids seem to get all the gadgets, while I lag far behind. I do love the size of the iPad mini. What would I do with an iPad mini? I’d probably do my daily check-in at a beach cottage!!! I have been living vicariously through you with your gorgeous photos. What a welcome relief and refuge you provide for all of us. Instead of focusing on the extremely expensive roofing job I have starting on my house tomorrow, I just pop on over to your site and take a deep breath. Thanks for sharing a bit of your beautiful life Down Under!

  27. Karen says:

    To be honest I haven’t a clue. We just updated our technology so that hubby & I both have computers at home. I know I would use it on the couch because its so much comfortable than sitting at the dining table. Then my 9yr old daughter and 6 yr old son can use my laptop for all their games (both educational & fun). Thanks for blogging. Its a joy to read what you are up to and to see your beautiful home.

  28. Paddy says:

    Hi Sarah

    Sometimes, a girl just needs to lie down: Not to sleep but per chance to dream . . . with the help of the wonderful world of like-minded blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard and countless shopping sites. I won’t mention books nor magazines. I still like those hard copy. And I borrow them from the library. Many virtual hugs.

  29. Xanthe says:

    Hi Sarah, what a terrific giveaway! I’d use my iPad Mini to keep up with the increasing amount of reading, writing and Instagramming I’m doing as a freelance writer and theatre reviewer. With an iPad Mini I’d be the most stylish live-tweeter and reviewer at events! And when a gadget goes perfectly with every opening night outfit it’s a must-have! x

  30. Lyndsey Coya says:

    I would love an iPad mini! I am a teacher, and there are so many great uses for iPads in the classroom! As an example: in a class I student taught for, we used iPads, and downloaded pictures of a human heart. The students then labelled the parts of the heart, and traced the flow of blood, and then narrated their drawing. Such a cool way to incorporate technology and hands on learning in the classroom! Other than for school, my husband and I live hours away from family, and we are often gone on missions trips with our students at church (in fact, we are going to Ukraine for 4 weeks this summer to teach English!), and it would be so awesome to be able to Skype with our loved ones. And let’s be honest there’s always something to research on Pinterest! An iPad would be such a blessing!

  31. Oooohh heavens, what WOULDNT I do with one of those gorgeous gadgets?!! Strap it to myself and never let it go!!! Feed my IG obsession, feed my blogging obsessions, and my recipe obsession. Oh and the photos. Shopping list, reminder notes, dates to keep. Check emails. Pinterest!! Oh my lord…the possibilites and fun!!! You are a lovely for giving some lucky bc’er the chance to win one of these!! xx

  32. Samantha E says:

    As much as I would love to say I would hide it away for ‘mummy time’ I would actually set it up for my eldest to use at night. Has trouble sleeping and iPad apps seem to help him switch off his thoughts . We borrow my husbands from work and there have been a few embarrassing moments for him at work when he clicks on to a four year olds picture of Thomas and Percy :)

  33. Kathyls says:

    Oh my. What a treat. An iPad Mini all for me! I would use it for editing and playing with all my photos, lurking on Instagram, and catching up on my favourite blogs. Thanks Sarah ❤

  34. Chantel says:

    If I won that precious white little tech baby I’d be in heaven. He’d blend in perfectly with my light and breezy decor and would feel loved all of his days. No more stealing my kids’ kindles. I’d definitely take photos and use it while relaxing in my back yard on warm days reading, making many many to-do lists, and researching dinner recipe ideas. At night he’d climb into bed with me to read for leisure and maybe a little tv programming viewing and on less fun nights to read for my assigned readings for school.

  35. Kirby Howard says:

    Wow, what an incredible prize to be giving away! I am studying Early Childhood at uni, so I would take the iPad

  36. Kirby Howard says:

    Wow, what an incredible prize to be giving away! I am currently studying Early Childhood/Primary teaching at uni, so I would take the iPad with me everyday to use in lectures and tutorials. I would definitely be using it to read my daily dose of blogs, catch up on Instagram, read my magazine subscriptions and write lists. I love to write lists. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone so I would love to sync them all together to make a happily little Mac family. This would make me happy.

    I have followed you on Instagram for a while now and I absolutely love the clean crisp vibe of your photos. I get some great ideas for interior design and enjoy getting inspiration from people like you, so thank you for that.

    Thank you so much for giving us all the opportunity to win this! It is so generous of you and I’m sure each one of us would find it very useful in our own way! X

  37. Corne says:

    What an awesome lil’blessing this would be. I would be able to watch your tutorials whilst I’m busy refurbing my old bed & pedestals! Whoot-Whoot!!! I would be able to do my Worship School online course I’ve been wanting to do for some time now AND I would be able to take it with on my missions trip to Africa in July! And it would fit beautifully in my ELK handbag which I just adore!
    Thanks Sarah… Love your blog and all your beautiful ideas ~ and your KitchenAid Mixer :)

    • Corne says:

      I’ve commented already but how good would that lil’mini sweetheart be for my FIRST trip to Sydney! Mmm all a girl can do is D.R.E.A.M!!!
      i COULD take beautiful photos and start my own blog after my first visit to the PB shop!

  38. Larissa says:

    Aspiring design student, with love of all things bright, light and fresh. Apple iPad mini would be incredible to have in my handbag, to preview designs on the run, check emails, post photos on Instagram, update to my social networks. If I won the iPad mini, I would use my new iPad mini to organise my day and my life at my new job. Keep inspo from my favourite blogs such as A Beach Cottage. As well as compiling my own endearing inspirational images. Fingers crossed would love to win!

  39. Isabell Anstrin says:

    How lovely!
    I live in the US, but sadly, my family and my dear beloved boyfriend lives in Europe at the moment. With and iPad mini, which is the perfect size for any handbag, I would be able to skype or FaceTime with them wherever I go. Which truly would be priceless since it is already so hard to find time when on such big time difference. Would make my life a lot easier. I would also use it to take lovely pictures for my Instagram page (addictive isn’t it, Instagram?!), organize my days (bye bye to my paper agenda), download books for summer reading at the beach (ooh I love the sound of that). And, I confess, there would probably be some online shopping going on… Haha ;). Thanks for reading, xoxo, Isabell

  40. Nola says:

    How wonderful. I would love one as I am not very technical and I could go out and feel very special with all the new things I would have learned to do one it. All my blogs on the go-how fabulous Thanks xx

  41. If I get an iPad mini, I will use it to blog on the go, bloghop, check what’s happening with friendson facebook, twitter and instagram, load my favorite music in it so I can listen to them on the go, watch korean dramas (they are oh so addictive!!!) , it will be kids app free!!, facetime with loved ones and I will never leave home without.

  42. Michelle says:

    If I had an ipad mini it wouldn’t just live in my handbag… it would follow me into the bath room while I soak in the tub. I would listen to music on it, pin things, bookmark recipies, catch up on the goss and enjoy the only place I get peace and quiet (the bath once the kids have gone to sleep!),
    During the day, I’d take photo’s of my kids doing their usual tomfoolery, grab shots of the random insects that land in our backyard and bring us such a great opportunity to learn and investigate. Such a great tool to share with my 2 and 4 year olds. I’m sure there would be much tantruming about sharing and turns – but thems the breaks! LOL!

  43. Ariel says:

    I would be doing my uni work. Currently studying to become a primary school teacher and it would be a great resource for me! I was considering asking my friends to pitch in for my 21st but though it was too expensive for them. Would be great to win!

  44. Patricia says:

    I have a MAC laptop-5 years old, and still going strong. I have been thinking how nice it would be to get something that would be a lot lighter in weight and still do everything that my laptop does: e-mail, skype, google information, etc. Oh yes, I can watch DVD’s on my laptop. I do not have a phone, either landline or cell, nor a television. I am not familiar with what an ipad can do, but I am sure that I would love to learn and maybe even get rid of my laptop. Going smaller appeals to me. How generous to offer an ipad as a giveaway. Thankyou for the opportunity to enter my name in this giveaway. By the way, I loved all of your photos that were taken on your tour of Australia-I would love to go to many of these same locations. One day….

  45. Margaret Ardoin says:

    If I win the iPad mini, I would facetime my grandchildren in Hawaii, watch chopped on foodnetwork.com. bloghop, pinterest, shop, shop!!!

  46. Gabrielle Beck says:

    It’s always good to be home after vaca. Welcome back! I’d love a mini for staying connected on road trips and daily taxiing (is that a word?) of the kiddos. Sometimes I feel like I’m running all day.

  47. Ginny says:

    I have a windows phone, so I’d love an ipad mini for Instragram & candy crush. Two things I cannot do on my phone! It would also be great to have a kindle book in my purse all the time. My middle schooler hijacked my kindle fire for school.

  48. Well first of all AWESOME! I have been dying for an iPad, the mini is perfect! Besides using it on the go for the usual email, Facebook, etc I’d definitely use it for keeping track of my sweet little foster babies. I have a paper trail a mile long when it comes to these kiddos!
    I’d of course use it when the littles aren’t watching, mommas toy…no kid games! Unless of course I am feeling kid-ish!
    And NO HUSBAND touching either! He is a bit technologically challenged and isn’t allowed to mess with the laptop either! LOL
    Lastly is probably load my summer reading list of books to it so all those lazy days on the beach might be a bit lighter packing wise. No magazines, or books taking up valuable bag space…they’d all be tucked neatly into the tiny package that is the iPad mini!
    Oh my gosh my summer would be amazing!
    Good luck to everyone who enters! But well shameless plug…
    Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! :-)

  49. Tegan says:

    With an iPad mini I would be able to do my uni assignments on my work lunch breaks, catch up on emails and blog posts from the lounge, watch some of my TV shows when the family have taken over the main television, have an easy accessible distraction for my darling 3 year old daughter when we are out and about — and most importantly will be able to STOP hassling my partner to buy me one!

  50. Sarah Park says:

    We could order iPad mini cases with our names on it! Hah! We’ll be twins :)

    I just started my own event company this year and it would be really helpful having an iPad at my meetings. Computers are too heavy and iPhones are too small! Mini iPads…. just perfect! Thanks for the giveaway Sarah :)

  51. Jo Emslie says:

    What a fabulous compitition- good luck to everyone! This little gadget would become one of my everyday essentials that I carry around in my handbag! It would allow me to prioritise my day, schedule appointments and book meetings on the go! I would also use the ipad to Skype & Facetime my beautiful family as they travel through Europe, send emails, share photos and stay in Touch with the rest of the family and friends. I am constantly inspired by various fashion & lifestyle blogs including ‘A Beach Cottage’, so the mini would be perfect to take with me wherever I go! And I would definetly use this baby to make a sneaky purchase on payday- a girl can never have to many shoes! x

  52. Siobhan says:

    Hmm.. there are just so many things I could list here! This little baby iPad would be so handy at uni, instead of lugging around heavy text books and a laptop, I could pop this bundle of joy into my bag and be set to go! It would also mean I could read the fabulous a beach cottage blog instead of listening to my statistics lecturer. The iPad mini could also accompany me to my favourite cafes, so I could have some alone time with my coffee while having a browse.. oh and I cannot forgot how handy the iPad would be to take a never ending amount of photos of my gorgeous toy poodle! The possibilities are endless so I would absolutely love to win this prize :)
    P.s. thank you for this amazing blog.

  53. Jo Emslie says:

    What a fabulous competition- good luck to everyone! This little gadget would become one of my everyday essentials that I carry around in my handbag! It would allow me to prioritise my day, schedule appointments and book meetings on the go! I would also use the ipad to Skype & Facetime my beautiful family as they travel through Europe, send emails, share photos and stay in Touch with the rest of the family and friends. I am constantly inspired by various fashion & lifestyle blogs including ‘A Beach Cottage’, so the mini would be perfect to take with me wherever I go! And I would definitely use this baby to make a sneaky purchase on payday- a girl can never have to many shoes! x

  54. Kay says:

    I am so forgetful these days.. I’d love an iPad to help me organise my life.. to make shopping lists, check my email, read ebooks and of course check my favourite blogs

  55. Natasha says:

    If I had an iPad mini I would pop it in my handbag and use it to take spontaneous photos of the world around me, keep up with family and friends on Instagram, shop for lovelies on Etsy, and catch up on reading my favourite blogs! I too don’t own many gadgets but with this one the possibilities are endless!!!

  56. Sam says:

    Hi if I won this I would use it for my mr 6 to keep him entertained whilst out enjoying a coffee! Hehe would also use it for photos of beautiful things I see around the place And of my gorgeous boys xx

  57. merilyn says:

    Oh Sarah, … what a generous gesture thankyou! … I’d love it!
    where have all these people come from with their comments?
    OK the truth is that we all want one of those little beauties!
    I would be able to do my sketching and put down my ideas as I think of them before I loose my brain, train of thought for my concepts for my artworks and poems etc.
    a light weight portfolio! … OMG I could have my artworks on tap and work on them whenever I want to
    and ofcourse, I could do blogging and the rest!
    have to be in it to win it! cheers! lol m:)

  58. hester says:

    I just typed a lovely bit about how I would use the ipad mini to note down every flutter of inspiration digi style when my blackberry decided to post my entry half way through me typing it! So that’s why I would love the ipad mini, so I can stay conected with the world whilst on the move in an easy relaxed fashion. Trying to blog on a blackberry is a nightmare, oh how I would adore my ipad mini. Take pictures if every inspiring object you see, write down every snipped of inspiration, safe every thought inspiring website. Oh how lovely would it be to post where ever you are, on the beach, in the train, in the studio I might even make it to a blog post a day ;)

  59. Mary Campbell says:

    I would use the iPad mini while I’m with my mother while she receives her chemotherapy infusions. She has to go several times a week and it would be a blessing to be able to have it to read this blog and others like it. The iPad mini would help provide a much needed distraction during those long sessions. Your blog and those like it provide such a joy and inspiration!

  60. Barbara Salvatori says:

    Tra lalala laa, that’s what I would be saying if I won the iPad Mini. I live on a little island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius and the island has so many exciting places, views and cultures to capture on the iPad, then of course to share with others through the iPad. I sometimes look for colour ideas from the natural surroundings and try to replicate them into soft furnishings and home ideas, how ideal would the iPad be to do this! I can also do some of my other favourite pastimes like, Pinterest, email, instagram, while out and about. So exciting, I just love life x

  61. Leanne Kuss says:

    I would take my baby mini back to bed on a sunday morning… the indulgent spot in my week. I would then have my crochet, my glass of champagne and my ipad mini to source even more inspiration from people just like you and me. I could feel connected and inspired by all the beautiful people doing beautiful things – all around the world… thats what I’d do xx

  62. What a wonderful prize, thanks for running such a fun competition Sarah.

    I am heading to the US in two weeks for what I call my ‘Culture Clash’ holiday; I’ll be visiting Mississippi, Las Vegas and the New York City. This little beauty could completely change both my everyday life and travel experience.
    I can say goodbye to big bags and sore shoulders when I swap my camera, laptop and books for this one small device.
    Long flights and layovers will be less painful when I can watch movies and read books anytime, anywhere.
    I can write and publish posts from cafes, parks and airports rather than writing late at night after I return home from my daily adventures.
    I can take snaps and share them with my readers daily, rather than adding them all at once at the end of the holiday.
    I can update, tweet and Instagram as I go, taking my readers along on my adventure.
    My phone battery will thank you. Because of my frequent use of the camera, Instagram, email, Twitter and Facebook, my poor little phone has to be charged almost twice a day.
    And finally, my eyes will thank you when they don’t have to focus on such a small screen all day, everyday.

    Thanks again Sarah.
    Steph :)

  63. Pam Fairchild says:

    I would do all the things I do on my IPhone but these old eyes could see it a little better! I love to Tweet @Twitter; pin @Pinterest; share creative ideas w/my network of online friends on FB; follow the people & companies I love on FB & blog land. BUT most of all I would share it with my hubby because he’s a wonderful guy!

  64. Debbi says:

    I would love to win the iPad Mini so that I could surprise my lovely husband with it! He works so hard for his family and never spends anything on himself. He’s not too techie but our daughter has an iPad, an whenever she’s home form Uni, her iPad always seems to end up in his hands…so it would be wonderful to be able to give him one of his own x

  65. Liz says:

    Hi Sarah,
    What a great giveaway. You are so generous!
    Being of a certain age (middle!) my eyes are beginning to fail me, so my iPhone is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. An iPad mini would be the perfect alternative, so I would be able to do all my favourite things only in maxi! I would be able to surf all my favourite interior design websites including A Beach Cottage, where i get all my inspiration for my home, and I could google ‘cure for hot flushes’ without getting hot and bothered!
    Good luck to everyone who enters, but I really hope I win!

  66. Cherrie says:

    How exciting! Being able to access all my favourite blogs as well as the news and other amazing things right there in my bed at a size that I could see would be very handy. I might never need to get up again! Actually, due to a major upheaval in my life, I am moving (again) to one lonely little pad and finally intending to go from a landline to up-to-date technology so don’t really know exactly all that this little beauty could do to enhance my life but I LOVE the fact that it is white (and not having to paint it myself improves matters too ;) Thanks for the opportunity. Cherrie

  67. Alicia says:

    wow! the endless possiblities! And the fact that it fits in a hand bag such a treat! But mostly i think i would use it on our travels, would be excellent for blogging and contacting loved ones back home (and im sure my 4 and 1 year olds could make good use of it on flights..any other time it would be a no go zone for them..I know im a mean mummy!)

  68. Sheryl says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!
    To win would be a long shot, but if I did I would use it to help in setting up my little business. My friends and family tell me all the time to go into business and this year I’m going to take that leap! The iPad mini would be a great help for that as I’ve learnt so much about small business’s on Instagram!
    It would be just for me, free of games for the kids.
    I will use it to keep up with blogs (and maybe to start my own) of course I’ll use it to keep up with Instagram too, there are so many lovely people there! The lovely people on Instagram (that live in my phone) have helped me through a difficult year, it’s so refreshing to see the kindness there!

  69. I don’t even know if I am eligible for this (I live very far away – in India), but there is no harm in participating I guess :) If I could have a mini iPad, I would first dress it up in a nice white tablet case and accessorize it little blue things – blue beads on blue bell stickers! With the iPad mini blogging will become on the go. Especially because I travel a lot, an iPad mini will be a boon. And because it is so nice and handy, the amount of space it will save in my rucksack! Ah, bliss! There’s another thing I have been wanting to do.. To capture the first light that reaches out to me every morning and blog that.. (the light from my part of the world)… With the phone and the camera there is the hassle of uploading it on the system first and then blog about it.. But with an iPad mini blogging the morning light will be instantaneous!! I might even have a separate page on my blog called ‘Morning light’…
    Dreams.. dreams..

  70. Jannika says:

    I would use the iPad mini to help my little boy who has recently been diagnosed with a neurological disorder to do with his speech. I have been researching the best apps to assist us in working with him. It is going to take a variety of tools to help my little boy get to where he needs to be for main stream schooling and this would really help him. I had no idea there was so many apps created for special needs! Using an iPad would help us ‘break up’ the therapy cycle for him.

  71. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Oh I would love an I Pad Mini I could,Check emails ,read blogs on the go or in bed or in the sunshine in winter,I could bid on items on eBay and get apps that have great recipes and upload pics,and even sync it with my I phone,There is so much I could do with this i can’t even tell you all the things, thanks for the competition Sarah.

  72. Kate Clements says:

    I will be using my mini ipad to run my Avon business, to upload my hundreds of photos of my four kids, to check emails, to read a book while on the beach

  73. Marilyn Schroeder says:

    If I won a mini iPad, my long suffering husband would be the beneficiary as our “shared iPad” just isn’t. I just know he would have it almost glued to his hands searching eBay and gumtree for bargain tools to add to his growing tool shed collection. Indeed, it would be another toy for my boy!

  74. Kathie says:

    I would love to have an iPad Mini in my handbag. Mobile contact, checking out my fav thing, Instagram, wherever I am! FaceTime my Grand daughter. I am getting excited thinking of all the things I could do on the go with one of those little beauties in my possession. Here’s hoping x x

  75. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I would use one for blogging, emails, taking photos, Instagram, twitter, Facebook and I’m sure my kids would borrow it for gaming too. xxoo

  76. Keren says:

    The only apple we own in this house is currently sitting sadly by itself in a fruit bowl.
    I would LOVE to join everyone else in the 21st century and have some kind of gadget that I can do random things on… Especially to snap photos for those happy moments when you don’t normally have a camera. Which happens to me… a lot! I actually would really love to start my own blog as well. Have been thinking about it for a while and I can imagine it would be really handy to just whip out the mini and write, whenever the mood strikes!

    Thanks for this opportunity Mrs BC. Too kind.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I’m currently in year 12 and it may seem weird a teenager reading your blog but I have a strong interest design and your cottage is exactly what I hope to create one day!
    I’ve had my eye on these little surprises of goodness, of course Instagram and other social networking sites would be used but also I’m a big note writer! It would be a great helping hand with my everyday studies and addiction to capturing photos and keeping busy during my travels!

    Much love x

    Ps. Your blog is stunning!

  78. Zoe Pay says:

    I’m currently in year 12 and it may seem weird a teenager reading your blog but I have a strong interest design and your cottage is exactly what I hope to create one day!
    I’ve had my eye on these little surprises of goodness, of course Instagram and other social networking sites would be used but also I’m a big note writer! It would be a great helping hand with my everyday studies and addiction to capturing photos and keeping busy during my travels!

    Much love x

    Ps. Your blog is stunning!

  79. Natalia says:

    I really want an ipad mini because the ipad it’s so much bigger and I can’t put inside my bag. So if I had the ipad mini, would be very happy, because I could take photos on the beach, check my emails all the time, and most importantly, that I might be more connected with my mother and sister, who live across the ocean. Distance sometimes makes me sad, but if I had the ipad mini, could chat with them all day. Thanks so much for this giveaway, really you are an amazing person, and all the good you do, return to you multiplied! <3

  80. Sarah says:

    Whilst an iPad would help make my life as a freelance designer that little bit easier, in all truthfulness, my dream is to have a wee cottage by the sea, in Cornwall, with different shades of white my everyday inspiration. Your blog helps me create my own home decorating touches, sparks ideas of my own and allows me a deep sleep in my white bedroom each night. So thank you for that.

    If asked what I would do with an iPad mini – emails, taking photos as I wonder round vintage shops for inspiration, writing my own blog and face timing my family, after all, it’s family that matters most. Well that and white walls obviously…

  81. Rukmini Roy says:

    O me! For the first couple of days I’d just talk to it, caress it, wonder if there’s a speck of dust on it and do a “That’s my dodo” .
    Then I’d make it ready with photo apps and for once be on instagram. Just go bonkers and steal myself away from the world, just me and the wide world of photography. A DSLR is great but connectivity is better. ‘ican’ do so many things with it- the very possibilities of them… I think the first thing I’d do is a small road trip across North East India and show every moment of it to the world…If there’s network, I can tweet of nathu-la pass in the Himalayas, stand in meghalaya and brag about silent blue mountain lakes…Real time is fun!

  82. Victoria Leather says:

    Oh my goodness, what a cool sweet lady you are to host a giveaway like this. Found you via IG & have fallen in love with your feed & your blog. Mmm, an iPad Mini – well I’d keep up with my sister’s adventures on her 18 month round the world trip via her blog & FaceTime. I’d record lots of moments with my 3 children & the lovely Little Ones I childmind for. Kids Crafts are my passion & I’m slowly starting my own blog about those & my adult craft club here in the beautiful English Countryside. iPads have been introduced in my sons school to great success & I’d love to use one with all the children to explore news ways of learning & being creative. If David Hockney can use an iPad to create art I’m sure my gang of smalls can do it too

  83. Kate Goldsby says:

    What a generous giveaway. what a way to celebrate your beautiful place in the blog world.

    if i had an ipad mini I would…. Work on my new blog from the comfort of a local coffee shop, away from the craziness of a house of 6 people. I would research, research and research while I was in the car waiting for soccer to finish. I would spread a message of personal photography as art via my new blog through multiple social media channels, while snuggling on the lounge with my loves.

    Thank you xx

  84. Erin Joy says:

    With an ipad mini, I would finally start that blog I ave been considering for a long while. I would fill it with photos of my loves and carry it with me during sports season to help document those special moments. Thank you for the wonderfully generous opportunity!!

  85. bec says:

    I would throw this little baby in my duffle bag which I take up and down the coast every week. Here in Brissy I have the laptop but when I head up the coast on Wednesday nights to work my other job, I have no internet or connection to my blog or anyone elses blog….sometimes I go crazy and can’t wait for sunday night when I return to Brisbane to check out what everyone has been up to.
    Please help me connect my ‘two worlds’. :)
    Bec x

  86. Catherine says:

    WOW! What a great giveaway! Since I don’t have a smart phone, taking photos, and doing any kind of social networking is impossible. So that’s what I would do – make sure that I could access everything and be more connected :)

  87. Russell says:

    If I win an iPad mini I would…

    • Strap it to my chest and ‘record a day in the life of’ [I would come up with something interesting to do that day] and post it on Youtube, could be a series there.
    • Go to a party and be the DJ, taking requests and playing via Spotify.
    • Kill my 2 hour commute with the latest games and TV shows.
    • Explore my town and countryside, taking crispy images of how beautiful my town can be.
    • Use it to be my sous chef in the kitchen tell me what ingredients to add to a tasty meal and when.
    • Become a 6 second animating master with the aid of Vine and make mini ads to promote my ‘day in the life of series’
    • Flex my presentation skills using keynote and ‘swipe’ my way to a promotion
    • Entertain my nieces and animals with one of the many apps to keep them occupied [have you seen the frog licking the bugs on the screen?]
    • Laze about in a hammock and shop online from my balcony.
    • Let it aid me through various computer games with the help of XBOX smart glass, so cool.
    • Gaze at the stars at night with my girl friend and use the mapping app to find out what constellations they are.
    • Use it to help me learn a new skill via youtube, to play a guitar, piano, a new language.

    I would use it for so many more activities, I would write them down but I can’t sit a desk for too long as it hurts my back. If only I had a device I could use while reclining ;)

  88. Amber Calvert says:

    I am travelling to Australia from the UK for 2 years to get to know the beautiful country and decide if its right for me (I’m so sure it will be!) An ipad mini would be perfect to take with me around Australia so I can stay connected to the world, keep in touch with friends and family, take pictures and to help to manage my trip :-) x
    Ps my decision to come to Australia really was influenced by your gorgeous pictures on Instagram so thank you !

  89. Nicest blogger of the year award to you, thank you for sharing the love! To be honest, I would use it to annoy my employer by insisting it’s vital for research and providing consumer orientated, timely care (I’m a nurse), conversions, calculations (I suck at math but am all for patient safety) then sneakily checking out my favourite sites (blogs, Pinterst) during my lunch break….or during chocolate breaks on the couch. Whatever!

  90. Shae says:

    I’d keep it a secret from the kids, put the kindle app on it, then read in peace while the kiddos fight over the family iPad that I never get a turn of.

  91. em says:

    What would I do with an ipad mini? what wouldn’t i do? I think my first post of call would be the kindle app so i can read all the books i have downloaded to my boyf’s kindle – he keeps selfishly using it! Then I might think about blogging more again. And I would, of course, take FAR too many photo’s of the puppy! x

  92. Gabrielle says:

    Well I think the ipad mini is about the cutest little petite thing out there…I would most likely take it to the local coffee shop, starbucks or panera and sip on latte as I browse my favorite blogs, check my emails and pinning away on pinterest. It would fit perfectly in my Cath Kitson handbag…i’d have to get a matching case for it too!

  93. Susan says:

    Well… I would keep that mini in my purse for sure! About a year ago I bought an ipad for myself, to use as a reader and check my emails and my blog…. My family thought it was the coolest thing and now I never get to use it! Every time I feel like using it, someone else is using it! If I had a mini it would be in my purse or on my person so I could read my books and nobody else would even know I had a small one… I’d keep it hidden just for me! I’d love an ipad mini for sure! :)

  94. Lidija says:

    Dear Sarah,
    I have a cheap mobile phone and 100 years old PC ( heavy as hell), and when I’m out it’s like being cut off from the world. It would be so nice to have this miracle iPad in my handbag :)
    With this wonderful gift I would be able to read your blog, look at Barley’s photos (xoxo), taking photos of my dog and family,checking emails, download music, skyping with family and friends, share my recipes everywhere I go. Fingers crossed !

    Thank you for your generosity and love ! xoxo

  95. Jo says:

    I would use the lovely little ipad mini to download your ebook on blogging and read your words of wisdom over my morning coffee. I would then use your inspiration and your ipad to help me in my new adventure in blogging. What a fabulous journey that little ipad would take me on! A girl can dream can’t she??

  96. Brooke says:

    I would love to win an iPad mini to adore and accessorise. When I’m at home I could read the screen without squinting or using a magnifying glass, if I’m out and about to show off my photos and my grandmother would be able to see the screen. Eyesight isn’t the best in my family and I don’t have a computer, only a mobile. Plus I can download books!!

  97. Fairlight Marz says:

    It’s time I moved with the times. I am pretty outdated in the tech world. I would mostly take gazillions of photos of my gorgeous children and the clarity of an iPad mini would have to be better than the ol’ girl I am using thesedays. Good luck everyone :)

  98. Michelle says:

    What would I do with a mini ipad??? Everything and anything. But more importantly, what could my son do with an ipad. He would be able to download apps to help with his numeracy, literacy and social skills. He could take photos, listen to music, and record his words.
    For autistic children ipads are a tool to show us their world in a way they cannot express in words.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the comp, and your blog is my escape and inspiration. Well done.
    p.s looking forward to your book.

  99. Angela says:

    Oh! What wouldn’t I do with a little iPad mini? I’m really starting to love these mobile Apple products. I do love my iPhone so. I would just be so grateful to be fortunate enough to win! I would use it to take pictures, access some of the kids apps (& perhaps entertain them at times, while at sport etc) I would definitely start an Ebook collection & probably transfer from paper reading to all things digital permanently. I already love to read blogs on my computer & phone. Thank you Sarah for the opportunity.

  100. Missy says:

    Greetings, Sara! I would love the new mini! Fun to have the ability to skype my lovely daughter in university while I am outside on our deck in spring or summer! Also would through it in my bag for the daily run to pick up at school for the younger lovely daughter, or to bide the time waiting for her softball games to start! What a treat that would be!

  101. Corinne says:

    What an awesome and generous giveaway! I’ve been telling my husband for awhile now how much I’d love one of these and the endless list of reasons for wanting so.
    First and foremost I’d use it for my studies. As a bible student, I can download all the publications right on to the handy dandy mini iPad and have it with me at all times! Next, I’d use it for my current addiction– Instagram! I love checking the daily feed of pics from my lovely friends and family. I’m sure it’s even better to see the pictures on the bigger screen of a mini iPad! It would also come in handy for pinning some decoration insparations or what not on Pintrest! My last reason is to keep a video blog. When my husband and I went on our honeymoon we took a video blog once a day and I cherish those videos! Our one year anniversary is coming up in a month and it would be so amazing if I could carry this mini iPad with me to take video blogs on our anniversary vacation!! I would just love it!!

  102. I don’t own an Ipad though, I do own a Mac computer and Iphone. I love Apple products. With a mini, I’d probably take it with me on my various adventures around Bavaria Germany where I spend time antique hunting, traveling Europe, and eating great food. Having an Ipad mini would, like you said, maximize my blogging experience. Plus I need a way to log my antique that I’m accumulating! :)

  103. Sarah Jones says:

    I’d be using the I pad mini to take pictures of my kiddies, check out new recipes and home decorating ideas and adding them to pintrest, reading your blog on a bigger screen than my I phone, scouring etsy and eBay for bargain finds and using it as my life organizer!

  104. Maggie says:

    The first thing I would do is the unwrap it, fondle it and love it. Then I would use it to view my photo’s, emailing, looking at blogs such as Beach Cottage, and face book. Also I would finally be able to find out what instagram is all about and keep in touch with children and grandchildren.. I would buy it a very special case so that we could travel around town together.

  105. lucy says:

    what a fun giveaway!! I would use it to keep up with blog reading and Pinterest….and keep it in my purse as a handy/better camera :)

  106. Debi says:

    Hello Sarah, Good Morning from the southern US. I would read your blog on my new iPad, my like I do on my old laptop. I love 15 mins of coffee and news and then an hour of blogs, pinterest, instagram. Track my meals to encourage myself to loose weight. I’m sure that whom ever gets it will be happy for it and thankful they were chosen.
    Keep blogging

  107. Maria Malaveci says:

    I absolutely love baking, so one of the ways that I would use it is to find new recipes to try out. I also am a lover of books, so I would use it to do a lot of reading on as well. Thank you so very much for this amazing giveaway!


  108. Kim Arsenian says:

    I have three sons who are in two different touring “metal” bands. While I don’t really get their music, I applaud their courage and sense of adventure as they travel the world meeting new people and reaching for their dreams. As a Mom, I know that sometimes, conditions can be tough,and its only natural for me to worry. That’s where all this amazing new technology can give me so much peace of mind. A little “face time” goes a long way in keeping us connected as a family. It’s so reassuring!!! Son number one just got home yesterday from a four week tour of Europe. Now sons two and three our about to leave for a partial tour of Canada. How did we ever manage before the world-wide web, and how it has broadened all of our horizons in ways we never possibly could have imagined! Thanks Sarah- love hearing about your little corner of the world!!

  109. Hanna says:

    Thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway! I feel like I would use a Mini for everything! Especially reading; I try to read books on my phone while holding a napping baby, and it’s just a bit too small. The iPad mini would be a perfect size!

  110. Venus Sanders says:

    Hi Sarah…I would check my email, visit the blogs that I read daily, read my books and I’m sure a ton of other things if I actually had the ipad :-).

  111. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Hi Sarah,
    What a great giveaway! Thank you for your generosity! I’d use the mini for my work as a writer. I just got an iPhone4s but it’s very small and the mini would be easier to see everything on the web that I’m researching. It would also be easier to look at Instagram, and Pinterest for work projects, too. Not to mention lovely blogs like yours.
    Thanks again for such a great giveaway!

  112. Judy L Woo says:

    Thank you so much for these amazing giveaway. I will most definitely have it with me 24/7 whether its shopping, going to the coffee shop, and now that its finally spring here in Wisconsin we can go to the beach! This iPad would make life so much easier. If I win this iPad it would be mind blowing. I’ll be 24 in June and almost done with college. I can’t wait to start my own journey and career.

  113. Kristine Kaye says:

    Oh what a Monday morning surprise! I follow you on Instagram – your gorgeous shots have gotten me thru our never-ending winter here in the States! I would continue to login to IG on the mini, check out other bloggers, and general morning browsing….
    Thank you again for your generosity (and beautiful blog)

  114. Pam says:

    Oh thank you so much, Sarah-what a lovely, lovely giveaway. I must say, as much as I would love to keep it, i would give it to my son-his birthday i coming up, and it would help him make a success of his business. Many thanks to you for bringing us all a breath of fresh (sea) air to our days!

  115. Teresa says:

    I would definitely keep it tucked in my purse to help with resale research during my thrift store and garage sale adventures!

  116. Hi Sarah from a not so grey Blighty and WOW what a giveaway!! I was just checking in today because your beautiful blog has inspired me to write a blog for my new business and today is the day of my first post!

    I don’t have anything other than my trusty but rather heavy laptop and have taken to using a rather unglamorous shopping trolley to cart it around. I would therefore love an ipad mini to slip into my bag to keep my blog up to date and record all of the interesting events and beautiful scenery on the south coast of the UK where I live and work.

  117. What a great giveaway! Of course, I would use mine to keep up with you Sarah. I look forward to your posts and am so glad I found you to brighten my days!

  118. Angela Y says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win. I would use it to check my email, surf the web, and have my little one play on it every once in a while. This would be perfect to take along on our road trip soon.

  119. Hello! I’m from Germany and a I’m a new reader of your lovely blog. Today I try my best in english ;-) to descibe the necessity for me to have the i pad mini. I’m a shop owner of a little store near Munich, also with an online shop for living accessoires. So I’m a lot away on business to fairs. Therefor it would be practical with an i pad mini instead of carrying my old heavy laptop around the world. To put new products online, to see new orders or to make a new post on facebook or my blog it would be also useful. But the important reason to have the i pad mini, I would see updated pictures of my cute little daughter while I’m away from home.
    Many greetings from Germany!

  120. I have been wanting to update to a phone that does more than make calls and take photos, so I can’t even tell you how thrilled I’d be to win this iPad Mini! I’d use it for research while I’m buying vintage for my Etsy shop, and for answering emails and keeping up with business while I’m away from home. I’d probably also do some fun stuff, too, like taking photos, reading, and blog surfing :)

  121. Julie says:

    What a fantastic giveaway, Sarah! We like to do road trips in the summer so an iPad mini would come in really handy for those. But I can think of so many other reasons why it would be an awesome thing to have in my bag (grocery lists, for shopping in general ;), the list goes on and on!).

    BTW, love ‘ratbag’. That made me laugh. Thanks for that, I needed a laugh this cool and cloudy Monday morning. :)

  122. Lynn says:

    Great giveaway. I would love to check email, check out facebook. esty and ebay while drinking my coffee on the weekend. Love your white bits.

  123. awgirl says:

    I would use it to check email, check out my fav crafty sites, pinterest and more all while sitting on the sofa! Love it.

  124. Jess says:

    So exciting! I’m just beginning a midwifery apprenticeship, and would love a mini to store e text books, keep my life organized,throw in my carry-on, and still keep up with my blog roll. Thank you!

  125. Marian says:

    I’d be using it to watch movies, read blogs and photography forums and entertain the kiddos!

  126. Lisa says:

    Would love to travel to your beautiful beach cottage and soak up your sunsets, beaches and landscapes. Then hand deliver you some Seattle, Washington souvenirs. Then – use the Ipad mini to navigate some more beautiful beaches and explore your breathtaking country!! LOVE your blog!! Takes me away to a place I can only dream of!

  127. Lisa Marie says:

    The question really is what wouldn’t you do with a mini? As I look towards the future from this first day of retirement, an iPad mini seems to fit perfectly into my plans. Boat trip with Cute Boy? Mini for reading, music and fish pics. Girls trip? Mini for maps, reading, pics and inflight entertainment. Month long euro trip with mom? Mini for finding must see places and checking in at home. And speaking of home…Mini for finding a healthy recipe to wow CB tonight, making my shopping list, keeping track of projects, checking out blogs…like yours..for inspiration.

  128. Tabathia B says:

    I would use for couponing, saving money, helping my kids with homework, shopping, checking out my favorite blogs, and blogging, social networking, keeping up with family & friends on the go and for my youngest daughter to play on apps

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  129. Eliza Tan says:

    Hi Sarah! If I were to become the lucky winner of an iPad Mini, I would first take a few minutes to admire it. Then I would place it inside a cute case to make sure it’s warm and protected. I would name it Quentin, after my favorite fictional character from a book I recently read. Quentin would be just the right size for my hand, for browsing pages and reading e-books. Quentin would tell my old iPhone 3G that it’s about time to retire. Then I would take Quentin to places with me. I will bring him to the coffee shop, to the office, and to the park. I would use his camera to take lovely pictures of nature and the busy city lights. Quentin would help me type down notes and random ideas for whenever I feel like blogging. He would also be useful for watching video tutorials on cooking and for navigating through roads whenever I get lost exploring Manila. I would start personalizing Quentin to fit my lifestyle – I would download applications, recipes, books, and sync my music. I would stay connected to my friends more, research and check emails on-the-go, plus have fun playing games too. An iPad Mini be the perfect organizer to balance my life.

  130. Diana says:

    What a nice thing to do.
    I would be reading your blog, taking photos of my Golden Retriever that loves to use a hula hoop, and when out and about enjoy it even more!

  131. Valerie J. says:

    If I had an ipad mini, I would probably give it to my husband who is always on the road for work and still carries his books with him. He could read, check his emails and Skype with the kids before bed time.

  132. Amanda says:

    Oh my what a fantastic giveaway!I am not a gadjet person in the slightest but I would use it to read this blog,send emails etc and the rest i would have to learn as I went along!
    I might even do pin interest which i keep seeing but know nothing about!!!

  133. Brandi Nelson says:

    Ooo! I’d love to go mobile with all things internet. I’m among the very few who is still using an old cell phone (*dumb phone) :-) with no wifi, just old fashioned texting. An ipad mini would be so handy to tuck in my bag and pull out while waiting for kids practices to be over, waiting in clinics, well, just waiting. I seem to do a lot of that. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!
    Brandi N.

  134. Christy Xandrick says:

    Dearest Sarah!
    Honestly I would give this to my daughter! She is such a great person and a hard worker and deserves all good things in her life! I know she would use it for work but I also hope she would use it to keep us connected during our busy days! I would love to be able to get one for her but times being what they are…
    Thank you for such a sweet and generous giveaway! You are too kind! And thank you for sharing your corner of the world with all of us!
    ♥ Christy

  135. Sarah says:

    I would be reading your blog from my cozy bed, instead of an uncomfy office chair at the end of the day! Also, the instagram-ing, online window shopping, check emails and multi-task at the doctor’s office, etc. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. :)

  136. Mala says:

    I would pretend im on holiday and turn the brightness all the way up on the ipad mini and get a nice tan, then when im done press “home” button…

  137. Peta L-B says:

    Hello! I’m a mobile hairdresser, spray tanner & eyelash extension technician, as well as applying shellac nails. My business is ‘Home Hairstyling By Peta”, with the business name to be changed to “Hair & Beauty By Peta” as I now do a whole lot miore than hair. One of my clients is a faithful viewer of your blogs, and we have been chatting every appointment about how I can build my business. She suggested introducing blogs and highly recommended that i stop by your page and check you out. Mentioning how well you write and keep the interaction going between you and the viewer. I must say, I am highly impressed. A mini ipad would not only help me with my own business, (being mobile I need to keep things small and light) but it would be a great start to my blogging. Having it with me while I am with clients, posting about their hair or helping potential clients about their hair issues, it would be invaluable. Being a single mum with a cheeky 5 year old boy, and an adorable 2 year old girl, money can get tight as I work around my children. Needless to say, the ipad will keep them quiet in the back of the car on trips to the coast or on the way to nanny’s. Thank you for creating this opportunity to help us have a better chance of chasing our dreams. As I posted on my business facebook page, “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”
    Thank you, Peta

  138. Kris says:

    I think it be wonderful to have an ipad mini. My kids and I could face-time with my husband on his iphone when he’s traveling for work. I would catch up on your blogs, e-mail, texts, instagram and take lots of photo’s and videos. It would be a great “photo album” to bring with us when we visit both grandma’s and grandpa’s. The size seems just right to slide into a handbag. I would LOVE that “little baby”! =)

  139. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Welcome back! Photos are lovely but it’s not the same as listening to you talk or ramble on about things. Love your little stories and reminisces that get triggered by things you see or do. I’m just along for the journey and thank you so much for the ride. I would love an iPad Mini to go in my handbag. Only trouble is I might forget to go back to work after sitting on the deck of our beautiful Art Gallery Cafe here in Auckland admiring the gnarly old pohutukawa trees in Albert Park while checking out the latest installment on your blog. It would certainly inspire me to take more photos and save me carrying heavy books to read at said gallery!
    Karen NZ

  140. rachel says:

    oh what a lovely giveaway….so very generous of you! i would definitely use this lovely to take with me on my photos sessions. i have been wanting one for quite a while!

  141. Crystal says:

    I would love an ipad mini because I have asked for one for my big 4-0 this summer! Looking for a “me” gift to lay in bed at night an check out my pinterest, instagram, twitter and all my favourite design blogs including yours. I guess for selfish reasons – off limits to the rest of my family! Reward for being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker and ….. me. :)

  142. dramaqueen75 says:

    My daughter has an ipad mini and I think they are fantastic.
    I love that they are handbag sized and if I had one it would be with me all the time.
    I would use it to: take photos and upload them straight to my Instagram account; flick through Pintrest while on the bus; I am sure I could plan my lessons and use it as a fantastic tool when i am teaching and, of course, use it as a writing tool.
    All with the added bonus of NOT having to put on my glasses like I do when i use my phone these days. Ahh, the joy of a bigger screen!

  143. I’d use it to take pictures, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Internet, and email!! So many uses!!

  144. Sarah says:

    What would I do with an I-pad mini? Hide it- because if we had one I know my kids would be taking over the use of it :) I would use it for all sorts of things- after I have my children teach me what to do!

  145. Janet -Florida USA says:

    Oh la la. I would get her a hot pink outfit and take good care of it. I would use it for recipes, looking up good books and take her shopping anytime she wants. Of course reading favorite blogs like a beach cottage and I would also take her to the beach! We just moved 1 year ago to our sweet little beach cottage! So she will feel right at home here ! What a generous give away. Thank You!

  146. Jan says:

    To sit in the sun on the deck, on the sand at the beach, on the deck chair while hubby fishes, in the car waiting to pick up munchkins, showing the oldies photos in the nursing home, using it as a drumkit when the drummer forgot to come to a gig, kids practising homework skills whilst travelingthe possibilities are endless and freeing from the restriction of sitting in the office away from everyone tied to the PC….. iPad love is here …

  147. Mumofsix says:

    Goodness me! This has got us all a-going, hasn’t it? How very exciting. If I won this awesome giveaway I would definitely give the prize to my beloved mum. She’s in her 70′s now and finding life a little more difficult than she’d like. She’s fascinated by ‘the youngs’ apple gadgets. People go on about how intuitive apple products are and I think my Ma might just be able to get her head around one of these beautiful minis. I know she’d love to keep up with her grandchildren using ‘Facebook time’ as she calls it! What’s that all about? It must be an age thing, I find myself getting names and phrases just a little bit wrong but wrong enough to excite a groan from my teens! Welcome home Sarah and enjoy your new toy xx Sarah

  148. Dimity says:

    An iPod mini is what I need in my life! I would use it to scrawl through the barley fan page while my partner insists on watching football, mythbusters and top gear on TV. I would sit on my back deck in the weekend sunshine, take photos of my coffee and cake and my kelpie watching on hoping i drop crumbs. I would take video footage of my partner while we renovate our first home, such as putting in my raised vege garden, and new long sweeping steps off the back deck. Its the small things in life really, but they make me very happy indeed,

  149. Judy says:

    What a sweetie you are to think of us lovelies with this giveaway. I’d hope to take the mini with me to the beaches of Tybee Island right outside Savannah Ga and show everyone my lovely little beach town right down the road. Not to mention checking out all your pics of Australia, which takes me back almost 20 years when I was fortunate to spend 8 weeks there.

  150. Ann says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Ooooo… What would I do with an iPad mini… Being a new mom, I find myself being on my iPhone while keeping my napping baby company and learning about mommyhood & parenting, reading blogs, instagrammimg, shopping. The iPad mini would be the perfect size to switch to! Been also wanting to start my own blog so what a perfect gadget to do it with!

  151. Emma says:

    Hi Sarah. I love reading you blog and have been inspired by you (along with many other entrepenuerial and creative Aussie women bloggers) to start blogging as well! It has been difficult at first finding the time but gradually more and more I find myself sharing my musings, observations and snippets of life online. It’s early days but if I become even half as established/respected as you are I’ll be content. I would use the iPad mini as a networking and sharing tool, to do posts on the go (and even on the bus on the way to work!) and to show friends, colleagues and maybe even potential business partners my blog and other blogs that I draw creative energy from every day.
    Thanks for considering my entry!

  152. alison says:


    I really don’t know much about iPads but I know one would make my life easier as I don’t have a set weekly routine because of the nature of my work. This year I am focussing on looking after myself. A mini iPad would help me make full use of the unexpected moments I get to myself during the week.


  153. Susan W says:

    What a wonderful and generous give away! Thank you so much for thinking of us :).
    I would use an ipad mini for reading ebooks, email, facebook, keeping up with my nieces who are in college and watching webinars on antiaging and preventative medicine. I travel a lot for work and it would be great to not have to lug a heavy laptop with me! I’m also in the middle of a remodeling project and using evernote on the ipad mini would help me keep track of my plans while on the go.


  154. Shawna says:

    I would love to start blogging, you among others have made me want to share parts of my life. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time away from home and it’s not very easy to carry a laptop around. I love to share pictures of my family, especially now, when my nephew is playing baseball. That’s not very easy on my phone, just too small. And I feel like that it takes away from the joy of sharing if you do it a lot later. I would love to have an a notebook like this. Thanks for offering it too your many readers.

  155. Jojo3b says:

    After several years of resisting, I’ve only just gotten an IPhone!! I’m still getting used to it and my fingers seem to miss the right keys but all good. :)

    I really enjoy your blog Sarah, it’s the only one I comment on and even still I don’t comment every time. I think because I don’t want to come across as stalker ish …..or have “too” many comments, if that makes sense?! But reading this post I realised when you said something along the lines of bottom line is theres notmmuchnaround here without you. Staring at a blank screen. And I thought well what the hell am I so worried about. You are far braver than me!
    I’m happy to be a beach cottage lovely. Reading your blog brings a smile to my face, as I’m sure reading comments does for you.
    A for an IPad mini……. It’s bigger than an iPhone right?! If it is, well I might be able to navigate my fingers around it. But that’s not why I’m posting this comment.
    Have a good one Sarah.jojo :)

  156. Stacey Allison says:

    Hi Sarah,

    How nice of you to share an opportunity for a mini ipad. I would use it mostly for sharing pictures and blogging a bit as I have just started a tumblog of sorts. An ipad might make it easier for me to stick to it. I have been reading your blog for a couple years and still check in on you regularly.

  157. lizzie says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m not good with technology and don’t own an ipad. I would give it to my son who has just gone to uni. I’m sure it would be handy for him. Love your blog, Lizzie

  158. Lauren M says:

    Thanks for the generous opportunity! I have entered several giveaways of this sort. As a student, the technology would be massively helpful in my efforts to stay organized. There are so many apps targeted to students that I have no way of taking advantage of with the limited technology I am able to afford! (Hello recession!) It would also allow me the opportunity to facetime with my parents back home as my mom was recently given an iPad for work. Being so far away from home is tough and a phone call is not nearly as comforting as being able to see my parents ‘in person’ so to speak. Additionally, I would love to have a iPad to help me organize and edit photos (and maybe even show them off!). Photography has been a big hobby of mine for a long time, and recently I’ve gotten really into using Instagram to share my photos and find inspiration from others. Finally, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t use it to keep up with my favorite blogs and other social media! How nice it would be to do that on the go! Thanks again for the chance! Your dreamy beach cottage life is my daily mental vacation :)

  159. lg says:

    oh my gawd!! I would love an ipad mini!!!!!

    lg xxx

  160. Suzanne says:

    What wouldn’t I use an Ipad mini for? I could blog surf to my hearts content, Pinteresting, use it for accessing recipes while I cook, read ebooks, bore people senseless with family pics, take random photos and videos of ‘pretty stuff’ I see out and about, etc
    But realistically, my daughters would be playing Minecraft on it whenever I wanted to use it!

  161. Jenny says:

    Wow! How kind of you, Sarah! An iPad mini would be just the ticket for my fifty-is-the-new-forty eyes! I l’m enjoying the convenience of learning how to use my phone for all things mobile & techy, but the tiny screen does my head (&chunky fingertips) in. I would use it for storing/snapping photos, Skyping my son who’s away at Uni & my lovely sis at the other end of the country, but boy oh boy, that baby would be coming into the kitchen with me! All those great recipes on Pinterest but nowhere to park the big screen!!! You kinda lose the flow running backwards & forwards between the lounge room & the kitchen….
    You have an awesome talent for inspiring & communicating with others, and I eagerly await your (almost) daily offerings. You have helped me be a little more judicious about what comes home with me from the charity stores – keep up the good work!

  162. Lisa Woolf says:

    Ooooooh! I would love an ipad mini! I am taking that brave, scary step of starting my own business! Yep — that’s right — I’m taking the plunge. An ipad mini would be glorious, as I could use it when meeting with my clients — all of the nervous, excited students looking for help and counseling as they try to get into college — as that is what my new business is — independent college admissions counseling. I would so love to have one of these little beauties with me as I work, as I travel to college campuses for photography, to help me hone my new website into a thing of perfection and to help with my hopefully fascinating new blog! I can promise it will be a much-loved member of my little professional family and it will put a smile on my face. Help a sister out! :-)

  163. RMF says:

    First of all, thank you for the chance to win the iPad Mini! I’d use it for travel; I’ve been going all over the world since infancy (been to Australia many times and love it!), and a mini would be so light and easy to take with me. I’d use it as a Kindle, as my communications workhorse and my site for collecting and editing my photos. I hope i’m the lucky winner!

  164. Joyce tx says:

    Hey, Sarah!
    I love reading your blog (translating some of your British terms is always a hoot!). I’m a sucker for white, as you are, and have managed to turn our bedroom into a Mostly white haven- and Mr. Seems to like it too! You are an inspiration!
    What would I do with an iPad mini? Well, Pinterest comes to mind… And the ability to sit in this new-to-me Texas sun while exploring sounds incredibly enticing! Enjoy your day!

    • sarah says:

      hello Joyce, thanks for your comments, love when one comes in from you – I think you’be been following along since the early days??

      yes those British terms that roll of the tongue seem to get a few people hahah xx

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi! I have been lurking since your early days! Haha
        Besides the love often-filled white we share an affinity for that Swedish store! Imagine my glee when we moved down here that it wouldn’t take me 2+ hours to get there but that it is just 8 miles down the road! Wondrous!

        • Joyce tx says:

          Darn that auto-correct! Often-filled above should read “light-filled”…

        • sarah says:

          I dear I would love that! It feels very odd for me to be too far from IKEA, I know that’s weird – the other day when I was away travelling (and loved it!) it had me wondering and all of a sudden I thought, oh gosh if I lived here I wouldn’t be able to go to IKEA…go figure, I guess there are worse addictions in life, right?

  165. Kathy says:

    Hi Sarah

    I love your blog! I would love to win this iPad mini – have wanted one for ages. I would carry it in my bag and take it everywhere. We are just starting to refurbish our home and it would be really useful for that as well while I am out and about looking at items, colours etc. Thanks for the giveaway


  166. Tiff says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve commented Sarah, but you’ve enticed me with your ipad mini giveaway ;) What a lovely and generous thing to do for your readers. And, I want to thank you for inspiring me to only put things in my home that I love. I’ve been slowly and surely chipping away at my home and finally feel I might be getting somewhere!
    So what would I do? I’d learn how to use it! I still use my trusty laptop for everything, but I study part time and it is a pain to drag around. I’m sure I’d be able to get various apps and wonderful things to help me with my study, as well as take photos (I looooove taking photos!), check email, instagram etc.

    • sarah says:

      ahhh well hello and welcome back Tiff!

      I like the idea of your home getting to be one you love – it’s a lovely feeling x

  167. I would love to use it for always checking your blog and other areas of interest. Your blog is the first thing i check when getting on the computer. You inspire me for the day. What an awesome giveaway!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Shirl’ for always commenting and being my internet friend! I know I don’t always get to reply but I love to see your comments come in xxx

  168. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this great prize, Sarah! I live visiting you. You inspire me endlessly. I don’t own any mobile computing gear other than my iPhone. A mini iPad would make blogging on the run so much easier! And I could do my blog visiting while I’m out and about, making more time at home for other fun activities with my family. :-)

  169. Mary Kaeding says:

    Well, I thought I wouldn’t enter because I don’t comment often (but sometimes!) – seemed as if I shouldn’t, but now you asked!

    I’d use that mini IPad to take some photos – those IPads take such Beautiful pictures! – it’d be easier because of the “mini” factor. Spring and Summer are finally about to arrive here in Minnesota and I could find great things to capture! Then I could share – that’d be fun.

    Of course, there’s reading, music, fun internet surfing, all on the go – perfect!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Mary in MN

  170. Payal says:

    Hi Sarah. I really enjoy your blog. Living near the ocean is a big dream of mine. I’d give the mini to my girls to share. They love to read, take pictures, watch videos and play games so it would be handy to take along on trips and other places. My older daughter was playing with her friend’s iPad which had an app for musical instruments and she loved learning the different keys and sounds. Technology is so cool. Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. Elizabeth says:

    Well of course I would use an Ipad mini…instagram is my current love.

  172. IrishMum says:

    I would take even more photos of my kids, and blog, twitter, and facebook them…maybe it would be best if I don’t win ;)

  173. Nellie says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Last year we were funded an IPad for my daughter who has a rare genetic disability called RETT syndrome. It enables her to listen to her much loved music, watch abc kids when and where ever and see photos and videos of our family. With no functional hand use and language it has brought her much joy. And me too! On the occasion I can sneak it away I read your blog, Mrs Woogs, Baby Mac and Mrs Styling You. Such escapery, loveliness and fun. So for me, a mini iPad means more of this, without the guilty feeling that it should be in my daughters hands and not my own!

  174. Kimberly says:

    If I were to win the iPad Mini I would use it to plan my family’s migration to Australia. Like you, we are looking for a better life for our children and our family. My husband and children our Australian citizens. So the iPad Mini would come in handy for filling out Visa forms, searching for jobs and housing and anning for a new life in the other side of the world. When I married an Aussie I always knew we may not stay in America and it looks as though now is the time for us to head to the Lucky Country. Wish us luck.

  175. Megan S says:

    Hello Sarah. Coming out of Lurkdom to say that while I’d love an Ipad Mini (and would use it to do everything that my laptop computer can’t do) I’ve spoken up mainly because I want you to know that your blog is a source of great inspiration and pleasure in my life – and there are many of us sitting at our screens who can’t get enough of your white paint and white flowers :)

    • sarah says:

      thanks VERY much – people are very busy nowadays, I know I hardly ever comment on my fave blogs anymore even though I feel like these girls are my best friends! x

    • sarah says:

      thanks for your lovely comment

  176. Michelle says:

    Hi Sarah, well you’ve done it! You have lured me out of lurkdom!! First comment on any blog E.V.E.R. Fitting it should be on my fave – love all that you do!! I would use the iPad mini for recipes in the kitchen, viewing editing and sorting photos as I go ( loving sunrise pics atm) and for all things computer and transportable! (my laptop is a biggie, so stays on desk) – blog reading, movie watching, googling ( much easier on these 40 something eyes than the iPhone!). Oops, opened the flood gates! Thanks for the inspiration, you rock!!

    • sarah says:

      well hello and welcome out from Lurksville ;-)

      I feel very honoured to be the place that you are first commenting, thanks for the blog love too kind xx

  177. Erin says:

    Oooh, pick me! I am sure my nearly 4 year old daughter would claim it as hers as it is little, but we all know it would make my late night Instagram/Facebook/blog cruising easier lying down in bed! Fitting it in the handbag alongside nappies, wipes, sultanas, and toy cars will be a breeze too!

  178. Mary Harper says:

    Hello Sarah! This is a lovely gesture on your part, I feel we are the lucky ones getting to read your blog, facebook, pinterest and twitter. My life wouldn’t be the same without a little bit of Beach Cottage each day, I find it comforting you are there in blog land when I turn on my computer. What would I do with an ipad mini…probably give it away to my son on his birthday in June, my hubby is out of work so life is a little tough at the moment and birthday presents are not on the list. Have a lovely day Sarah and thanks for your great blog and updates on facebook.

  179. Angela Kimber says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I can’t wait to check out your blog each day when I get home from work. You have inspired me to paint my newly rebuilt beach cottage in Raglan NZ white, white, white inside and out. We will be moving in in two weeks and my daughter wants her laptop back so an ipad would come in handy for my daily blog and pinterest ration.

  180. Leigh says:

    Life is packed with harsh realities. Your generosity is no less than inspiring! I would love an iPad mini to keep me connected to those I love, to update Facebook page for my charity, Wings of Hope, and to carry with me as I scoot from pillar to post.

  181. Tamara says:

    What a beautiful little baby! This is the Summer I start blogging and it would be so cool for me to whisk a mini iPad out wherever I may be – preferably sitting in a sunny nice cafe over looking the sea whilst drinking a large cappuccino!
    Thank you so much Sarah for such an amazing give away :-)

  182. Helen says:

    Hi Sarah, an iPad mini would be perfect for snapping a quick pic of my vintage treasures before smuggling them into our cottage and hiding them in the wardrobe and behind the shed. I could admire my treasures in the photo gallery while they await the next room re-arrange before casually mingling and appearing from nowhere : ) Do you want to be my partner in crime?

  183. Mia Laing says:

    I would be hiding it from my kids….and claiming this one little device as just mine! I would also hide it from the hubby…along with the expensive hunter wellies I snuck into my luggage in Scotland earlier this year! Thanks to you Sarah….I have hunter wellies in Perths dry and hot climate!!!! I’ll Instagram them on my new mini iPad for you!

  184. Amanda says:

    Hi Sarah… I would love an iPad mjni for a number if reason s
    1. I have hit a certain age & found I cant see a bloody thing on my not so ‘smart’ phone (blame the operator!!!)… the text is smaller than a bees **** I have just spent 10 minutes trying to correct the spelling errors in this post rather than risk an embarassing Ellen Clumsy Thumbsy moment
    2. It will be my mobile office as I finally bring to fruition my online business selling LBD’S – total 360 mid life change of direction post-divorce. I am betting the house on it. Literally.
    3. I might actually appear uber cool for a whole nanosecond wuth Miss 11 if I actually owned an ‘i’ anything… apparently nothing rates a mention unless it is prefaced with an ‘i’…

    • Amanda says:

      Bloody heck … spotted a few already ;-)

    • sarah says:

      oooh I remember you telling me about the business a few years ago – is it really that long?

      I hope it goes well!!!!! much luck sending going your way x

  185. Christy says:

    I will organize my life& schedule! (I’m a SAHM to 6 kids!)

  186. Tracy says:

    One of my resolutions this year is to find more time to enjoy – people, nature, life. I commute 3 hours a day through the woods to a remote worksite and there is little free time and little energy left for me at the end of the day. An iPad mini would allow me the opportunity to enjoy that time, to connect with others and the small pleasures they enjoy even if I can’t do it face to face. Love the blog – it’s become a lovely part of my day.

  187. lauren says:

    Hi there,
    What an amazing giveaway! OK, so let’s be honest… I’d use an iPad mini for the same things I use my iPhone – obsessive instagramming, interior design blog trawling, continuous email checking and general procrastination. The difference is there would be less squinting than with my tiny iPhone screen! It’s all about safety!
    Love your blog and instagram by the way :)

  188. Kelli says:

    Hi Sarah.
    How generous of you to giveaway an iPad mini!
    If I were to get it I would use it to check email, read and surf the web (visiting your beach cottage of course!) in my back yard which will hopefully be fabulous by the end of this summer.

  189. Jules says:

    Hi Sarah, I feel really shallow commenting just because it’s a Giveaway! What the heck – I’d love an ipad mini to partake in all the socials – I would carry it with me everywhere!!! I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and have noticed how (like you said) it’s taken you to new places/people – I think you’re doing a fabulous job and I’m going to make an effort to comment more – splish splosh from the lovely UK :-)

  190. Julie Johnson says:

    I would give it to my daughter as she is college bound and this would be great for her to tote around in her messenger bag to check im or facebook or do a little homework on the go. Thanks for considering my entry. Have a great day on the beach.

  191. Belle says:

    Gorgeous whitewashed, English-Aussie beachy Sarah, I would use it to find all the much-loved drips and ‘droops’ that I can’t actually see on my little phone screen! I don’t have a home computer but can’t go without my daily BC dose. Thank you for whitening and brightening my days. xxx

  192. Tina Knepper says:

    Greetings, Sarah from the great, midwest in the USA! Thank you for your generous, giveaway opportunity. You have such an inspirational blog, and I have enjoyed following your posts, and learning about your “corner of the world” – So beautiful! I have a home-based Etsy business, and also love the outdoors…much better than sitting inside at a computer screen :) I would make great use of an iPad-mini in the ability to take my business to places where I can be inspired/write listings for my shop/posts for my blog…etc. I have been truly blessed to be able to pursue my passions, and there is still so much to learn! I am so thankful for the many bloggers (like yourself), who daily share ideas and motivation….makes this journey even more exciting!
    Blessings to you!

  193. Francesca says:

    Hi Sarah, what an amazing give away!! Would be perfect to have an iPad mini, would definitely be stuck on the Internet and Instagram a lot more!! I would the iPad mini to finish off creating my website and facebook page, I am starting up my own business designing baby headbands, accessories and baby bunting. Hopefully increasing to do more as time goes on :-) I haven’t had the chance to get going properly as my laptop broke :( and my partner is mid a biomedical science degree so I have no luck using his laptop!! Would be great to finally get myself going :-) my business name is creations by Khia, which is inspired by my daughter. Everything I’ve made has been for her so far and a few close friends and family. Thanks for your amazing give away! Xx

  194. Laura says:

    Hi Sarah – I would stop begging my hubby to leave his iPad at home, so that I can goof off on Pinterest, blogs, scouring craigslist and skyping with the family back in Blighty etc. He uses his as a teaching aid with autistic kids, so I guess it’s a fair cop that he needs it more than me! Lx

  195. Sally Gee says:

    I would love to have one. We began raising and selling Marans, Guineas, Mallards and Turkeys. This would allow me to be in control of my little side job, while busy doing other things. So much to do, so little time! BTW, love your blog!

  196. Mari says:

    Sarah, you are such a love!
    Let us count the ways we adore you…white, beach happiness, white, banana bread :) thrifting, flowers, white and most of all, family and relaxed craziness!
    Thank you for your generosity to US; everyday, in your blogging, you share joy in the process, in living through the bumps but seeing the sun peeking over the hurdle (and finding a can of white paint along the way).
    As we have moved across this big ‘ol country of ours in the U.S. and are starting over (sound familiar??), I would use the Mini to *discover* our ‘New World’, to *become connected* and to roll up our sleeves and *contribute; to make a difference*; we can all contribute, yes? And of course, to *take photos* to remember the changes along the way (mostly in us, I imagine) and share this journey of life.
    Thank you, Sarah, for scattering sunshine; cheers!

  197. Mel says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I left a comment yesterday but can’t find it anymore… So. A) Am I too stupid to post a comment, B) are there too many comments to find mine or C) did you delete it because of my bad english ;-)?
    Well, I try it again, with other words, ignore one if it was B.
    I still don’t have a smartphone so I don’t really know what Instagramm or Twitter is or how it works. My friends are already complaining that they can’t use Whatsap ( or whatever) to connect me. I asked my husband to buy me an e-reader for travelling ( as I’m a mother of three like you, I have no income of my own). But he complains that I already read to much ;-). You see, an iPad would be the solutionof of all this. I could make fotos, write e-mails and could look at my fav blogs AND as an mini would be perfect for a handbag, I could always look at leo.org how to spell all those english words I read so often but never write :-).
    I look forward to your new projects! Patience is not a word that fits for me so your painting looks like from a pro in comparation to mine!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Regards from Switzerland

  198. Kathny says:

    I think the iPad mini is the perfect size for a purse, so I could take it everywhere with me. I would use it to check email, organize and post photos and even use it for my job in marketing. My brother-in-law showed us his the other day and I was getting pangs of jealousy!
    Have a great day!

  199. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    I would use it for when I go back to college next Fall. I would also use it for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and WordPress, Also for composing and checking e-mail and keeping my personal calender current.

  200. Tracy p. says:

    With an iPad mini I would take pic of family, play games, take care of my business from home, check twitter and fb for important “work related” things, and just relax by playing bingo.

  201. Chrissie says:

    G’day Sarah:-) I’m fairly new to your blog and doing things quite the reverse of you! I’m from the lucky country and moved to the UK (WHY OH WHY??? … you ask….). Loooong story, but I am moving into my own little BC (50 yards from the beach) tomorrow in Cornwall. It’s a typical 70s semi (think concrete tile cladding and cottage style windows *yikes* like only the English can do!!). Anyway, I start my quest to make it a white beachy haven in just under 24 hours …. Graham and Brown wood panel wallpaper already ordered along with a tonne of white paint! All needs to be done on a thrifty teeny budget as it’s just ‘moi’ and my 5 year old (and assorted pets of course), so any chance of getting my hands on new technology like an iPad mini in the near future is extremely remote. With such a prize I could update you regularly on my mission by the sea and my ferry trips to France to find thrifty bargains for the house ….. waddya reckon?!?

  202. Alicia says:

    Oh, the ideas I have for an iPad mini are nearly endless. I could use it for pictures, pinterest, instragram; my kids could use it for games and school projects (since we homeschool)…really the possibilities are endless. I’ve been eyeing them for a long time but free is just soooo good. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  203. Charlotte says:

    I like the size making it easier to slip into a handbag or tote. i would use it for pictures, email, keeping up with news, etc. i love Apple because they make it so easy to use!
    Charlotte T

  204. Jamey says:

    I would use it for taking pictures and videos of my kids, and quickly share them with family. We would also use it for watching movies, email, reading, games, and probably many more things!

  205. Susan says:

    I think at this point the main thing I would use the I Pad mini for would be for communication with my three children, ages 23, 21, and 18. Next year my youngest will be leaving the nest to go to college(sniff sniff), my oldest will be moving to a new city to start graduate school, and my middle child will be finishing her last year of college. I am very very sad that they are leaving, despite many friends telling me that I will love it. If I had an I Pad mini I would carry it with me everywhere so I wouldn’t miss a moment.

  206. cathie says:

    I would love the I Pad mini to keep in touch with my beautiful girl who has just flown to London for two years –
    anything that brings her closer would be wonderful !!

  207. Hi Sarah,
    Well, it would be great to have a nifty mini to take along with me, because I am on of the only persons in Silicon valley without a smart phone or any other cool portable gadgets. Call me the last surviving non-techie around, but I can learn and would love to be cool like everyone else!! My I-pad is the old variety, not updated in years and my phone is almost a flip-phone variety. So, you see how desperately I am in need of coolness…
    Take it easy, Sarah everything looks great at your place, and yes, I have been lurking a lot lately!

  208. Norianne says:

    I’ve got to be honest!I love the size of the I pad mini….because I can actually see what’s on it without my glasses and I can never find them when I need them.Bythe time I fumble for the old eyepiece the moment has passed,the photo has changed,the tx has been updated and FaceTime has moved on.
    Come the end of May,four of my children will be flying solo(one to your neck of the woods actually)I want to share their adventures and I want them to stay connected to family and home.I want them to see my on going journey/unending struggle to whip our house and garden into a much loved home.I have already enough inspiration to keep me busy for months.thank you Sarah and beachcottage.you colour my world!norianne

  209. Beverly says:

    Oh, how I would love an iPad Mini!! First off, anything “mini” is just adorable!! Second, I would use it for games, watching shows, surfing, taking pictures…the options are limitless! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  210. Pam says:

    Hi Sarah
    Nice to have you back on the northern beaches still the best place in the world.
    What would i do with an ipad mini???????I’d slip a little iPad mini into my little yellow handbag I bought in Melbourne on a daughter/ mum long weekend of retail therapy and sit by the beach and FB her with all the delights of Sydney beachside as she has moved to Central Western NSW about 7 hours from here and I miss her.
    Have a good day .
    Im off for a tissue.
    Pam x

  211. Lassiegirl says:

    Well, I didn’t enter at first because I’m not sure what I would do with it. I am hopelessly behind the times on all these gadgets. I thought I was doing well to be surfing the internet on my computer, but my boys tell me I’m “lame”…though they said it in a very nice way. So, maybe if I won this little contraption, I might learn something from them on how to use it and we could have some good laughs along with family bonding time. What would they do if I became really addicted to it? Could be fun to find out :)

  212. Lee mills says:

    Hmm well let me think…..my laptop is amazing we are best buds but well…ummm..errr..sorry Mr Laptop but you are just too cumbersome for a gal on the go…how cool would it be to whip out my iPad mini at the local cafe to check my emails and grab some inspiration from my favorite blogs on the run instead of waiting for a mili second of me time when I get home…..ooooh pick me Sarah, pick me LOL

  213. Denise says:

    After having heart surgery 7 weeks ago and spending more time in hospital rooms and confined to my home during recovery than I want to recall, I so wanted to get outside to enjoy all the spring beauty. (Read major cabin fever.)
    Now that I am able to get outside I find that I want to capture all that beauty. An iPad mini would be a great portable device to carry on my walks to photograph and post all those pretty flowering trees and spring blooms.

  214. Margaret says:

    Oh wow Sarah, thank you for the opportunity to win such a great gift..
    I no longer work, so money is tight, I would use an ipad to keep up with pics of my grandkids and skype with the older ones. As I do a lot of knitting, I could download patterns free and have them with me anywhere.
    If it uses Kindle I could read thousands of free books instead of using fuel to go to the library every week.
    It would be amazing to have something so portable, I could have it with me when I stay with my grown up kids,and keep in touch with friends emails and check my favourite blogs, instead of missing out for a week or so. My mind is spinning with the possibilities.
    Thank you :)

  215. Ellen says:

    You know, Sarah, I never thought about the possibility that blogging could be lonely; or at least not in a very long time. In fact I hope you will accept my apology for lurking. I guess it’s because I am a kind of quiet, to myself type. I talk to people all the time at my antique booth or out junkin’. But i guess i’ve not often reached out online, even though I dearly love your blog. So, that being said, “What would I do with an Ipad? Oh my, Sarah, i would absolutely get out of my own selfishness (and intimidation) to become the all time “reply” queen, you bet your bottom dollar I would. I’d tell you of my junkin’ trips, my beautifully decorated mostly white frenchy booth, my absolute love of my one room tiny, beautiful, long time to search for home(!YES!) and my appreciation for this awesome gift. A girl gets kind of tired texting or whatever she does with only an IPhone! And finally, an IPad would fit so nicely in my tiny home. I’d even send you pictures if you desired. So think of me when you choose the lucky girl. And i’ll keep enjoying your beautiful site:)

  216. peta says:

    I think its more like, what WOULDN’T I do with an IPad Mini?!
    I feel like I am only of the only people out there that doesn’t have an IPad in my house. And if I was ever-so-lucky to win, I think I would be jumping on to iBooks quick smart. As an avid reader, having such quick access to so many books would be awesome. Add in some Instagram, a fresh iced G&T and a little sun and voila! One happy happy girl.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  217. Caz says:

    What I’d do with an Ipad mini is let her help me forget that I am on my daily 3 hour commute, coz that lil baby can take me to all my favourite online hangout places and ease the daily grind:)

  218. Jacqui says:

    Hi Sarah! Love your blog and your photos are a great inspiration :) I would use an iPad Mini for so many things – checking emails whilst on the go, catching up on my daily blog reading ;) and generally staying in touch. I have an iPhone 3GS which is on its way out unfortunately, I can barely use it for any of the smartphone functions because it’s very slow and the battery won’t last. Its not in the cards to get a new phone at the moment, so the iPad mini would definitely give me back some of the lost functionality! Thanks for the giveaway :D

  219. Melissah says:

    An iPad mini! Sarah…this says a lot about not only myself but other teachers out there…we are a dedicated, alcoholic bunch! I would use the iPad mini to connect to my classroom smartboard. It means that I can download books and show them on the interactive smartboard as well as use all the apps and have the kiddos interact with it. Also, I am hoping to be able to update our classroom blog using the iPad mini. I could take photos with it in the classroom and upload instantly! Oh, the possibilities! A little sad I know but I am just thinking of all the ways I could use it within the class! That and the fact that the iPad mini would fit into my handbag!
    Keep up the great work with the blog! I would not have thought of blogging as a lonely hobby but I am sure there are other lurkers out there like me :) It’s just nice to look at what you are doing with your home-real stuff, not like the magazines where everything costs a bazillion dollars. So thank you-ideas, inspiration and the chance to win :)

  220. Shari says:

    Hello Sarah,
    Luv your blog, always look forward to a new Beach Cottage post!
    You’ve inspired me to paint lots of thrift store & garage sale finds. I love what you have done with your home, it’s beautiful,
    If I were to win the iPad mini I would be able to read your blog , Instagram,take photos,read,let my son use it for homework & fun time. It would be so perfect to pop into my bag & use on my days off.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Awaiting your next post . Xo Shari

  221. Hi Sarah,

    Wow! I’d sure be a lot more freed up to blog on the go with one of these beauties! Fiddling with wordpress, editing photos, and checking orders at The Spring Shop on my little iphone screen can be a bit of a hassle… but my old laptop’s battery isn’t worth much these days so I’m not exactly wireless when I want to see what I’m up to. An ipad mini would be the perfect middle ground for my lifestyle as an on-the-go blog-preneur… plus playing around on one of my very own would be just be so darn… cool.

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  222. Aimee says:

    This is my first time visiting your little blog space, but I’ve been following you on IG for some time. Your pictures inspire me! It’s 4:45 am in the states (central time) and I’m having trouble sleeping, so I decided to take time to read the blogs I never get to read. If I had a iPad mini I would post things on etsy, take pics of my kiddos and download books.

    • sarah says:

      Hi Aimee

      thanks so much for visiting, glad you like it and I hope you get back to sleep, nothing worse than that! x

  223. Claire says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Wow! What a great giveaway! I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I love love love your style! I enjoy reading how you up cycle thirft store finds and you have inspired me with my own treasures. I would love my own mini iPad, it’s the perfect size to pop in my handbag so I could follow my favourite blogs on the go and read my books on my commute to and from work in ‘London town’. I’m also in the process of setting up my own blog so would be great to use the mini as a virtual note book to draft my blog posts. I am addicted to Instagram so it would be very handy for taking a sneaky peak during the day and uploading pics of my gorgeous labradoodle Marley. A big plus would also be able to Instagram on a larger screen rather than my Iphone!
    Thank you for this fab opportunity! X

  224. Catherine says:

    I’d love to have an iPad mini. So handy to tuck in my purse and convenient for checking daily blogs, emails, Pinterest and it would be cool to download books to read. Love your reading your blog – keep up the great work!

  225. Laure says:

    Hello there,
    I would love to get an iPad, even more an iPad mini… That would help me so much in my everyday life… I would load my book, do research about new projects, keep in touch with family and friends, create a library of my amazing 2 years old nephew, show my Mum some funny videos in order to distract her away from her sadness.
    Thank you so much for the hard work and creativity you put in your blog. I dream to move by the sea.
    Take care of yourself and your precious loved ones. Lots of love from Laure

  226. marylou says:

    How do I love thee, let me count the ways….
    1. shop online
    2. view photos of grandchildren
    3. shop online
    4. view photos and face time with grandchildren
    5. shop online for grandchildren
    am I obsessed?? yes, and I so love Apple❤❤❤
    **smiles** ML

  227. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to have an iPad Mini, mostly for having around the house for blog-checking, instagram-ing and reading emails and iBooks. I have loved my 1st gen. iPad, but she’s a bit of a dinosaur now, time for an upgrade!

  228. Maria says:

    I would LOVE a chance to win an iPad Mini!

    First off, it would be nice to have it for commuting to work purposes… peruse thru magazines while sitting in a pool and sipping some kind of summery drink. My daughter would love to borrow it for some games and videos. I’ll also use it for Instagram and Twitter! My hubby would probably borrow it for music and playing games with our daughter. Our dog Sam would probably use it to peruse his doggy websites and then blog about it! LOL! :)


  229. Diana says:

    I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE AN I-PAD MINI… I would use it ALL the time and would be ever so much lighter to tote around with me!!! The hubs has one and loves it.. so I think it only fair that I get one too.. don’t you??? :-)

  230. jessica w says:

    I would give it to my mother who lives far away and teach her to use it and also use it to facetime!

  231. Oh my, I LOVE my hubby’s Ipad but there’s no way I’ll spend for one for me!!! So I’d use it to do all the fun internet stuff…check facebook, email, blog, and of course, look at your blog :)

  232. sandy says:

    Oh, what fun, what fun. I don’t even know all the things an ipad mini can do, but how much fun would it be to learn! I love pictures, walking, beaches, GRANDKIDS and just learning new things. It would be great. Thanks for the great blog and Australia has always been the one place I would love to visit. We just celebrated our 50th and have been talking about going there and your beautiful pictures are so tempting. A beautiful place!

  233. Lolo says:

    Would love to win this mini Ipad for my little brother!! It is on his wish list, and since he is graduating from the University of Oregon (go Ducks!) next month, this would be amazing to give to him!! Oh, and I also must mention that 4 days after his graduation commencement, he will be having his United States Army commissioning as well. This would be awesome for him to have an ipad to communicate and video chat with all of us while he is stationed far away from all of us that love him so much!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway sweetie! Just adore your blog :) XOX

  234. Megan C says:

    Hi Sarah! Nice to “meet” you! If I had an iPad Mini, I would gift it to my husband for father’s day. His work requires him to travel very frequently, often internationally, and would be handy for him to have a device on which to Skype/email/take photos for our three young kids, who miss their dad so much when he’s away. He isn’t allowed to do so on his work-owned laptop. Thanks for the chance!!! megancrose@gmail.com

  235. Judy Clark says:

    I would love to have the mini Ipad. It would be so convenient to carry in my purse. Thanks for the giveaway.


  236. Liz Piccion-Volger says:

    Well what would I use an Ipad mini for? Picture Taker, Blog Reader, Book Reader, Game Player, Email Checker, Web Browser, Pinterest Pinner, Etsy Buyer, Video Taker, Instagram Viewer and the list goes on. So small and convenient. Thanks for thinking of me!!

  237. Well, Sarah, I have to admit it: I don’t need an iPad Mini, having saved up for months and just blown close to $600 buying one because I couldn’t wait another minute to have it! However, if I won the mini, I would give it to my grown daughter, (also a Sarah, called Sally). She is soon moving away and taking the grandkids with her! Boo hoo! So I would give my gal Sal the mini and we could skype and instagram and email every single day, and I could keep in touch with the kids when they are 1000 miles away from me. Thanks, Sarah, for your wonderful blog. It has kept me happy for a few years now. In fact, much of my house is now white, thanks to you, and after my daughter and the kids move, I will be getting out the white paint and doing up their empty bedrooms. And then I will spend all summer haunting the flea markets and thrift stores looking for furniture for those empty rooms. Keep the ideas coming, cutie pie! lots of love, deb from Maine

  238. Shar Y says:

    Well, winning that ipad mini would be just too cool. FB, Insta, Pintrest, email, photos, games, and whatever else trouble I could get into. Oh yeah, reading for sure! Thank you for a chance, your generosity is too much! Even if I don’t win, I think it is really special what you do for us!!

  239. I would love to win the mini iPad so that I can show clients their amazing images on it! Ohhhh to be able to take that little guy anywhere and show off my work would be bliss!!
    Thanks Sarah :-)

  240. Cee says:

    How exciting! With an ipad mini i would finally be able to see the photos I have taken rather than admit that i need glasses because I can’t see them properly on my phone!

  241. Rhonda Myhre says:

    Hi There!!! If I had an I Pad Mini, Oh the things I could try to do to keep up with my 3 tech savvy Boys!
    I could post on Instagram and Skype the night away!! I would love an I Pad Mini!!!

  242. Catherine says:

    What a great giveaway! I would use this for work mostly. (I’m an interior designer and this is a great resource for me!) Also, what a great thing to have when traveling! I could use this on the beach to read and check emails!

  243. Bridgette says:

    Hmmmm what would i do with an Ipad Mini, I Think i would pay it forward! My Nana, we call her Nana fairy, she is 86 years young and lives alone, I have moved 4 hours away from her, My mum has also moved away from her so she is getting lonely and feeling sad. I would love to teach her how to use face time and also encourage her to download some apps to keep her mind busy. She is riddled with arthritis now so an ipad would be so easy for her tiny little fingers. My Nana is one of my favourite peeps, i would love to gift her with this awesome tool. Thanks for the chance Sarah xx

  244. Jan says:

    Howdy from Houston, Texas

    Sarah, love your blog and especially the photos! I am taking your blogging ecourse..and hope to learn (among many other things) what camera you use and if you learned on your own or took professional instruction….thanks a million.

  245. Martha says:

    Hi Sarah! I would use it to help me achieve my lifelong goal that sounds so easy, but is so sooo difficult…..
    t o s i m p l i f y my l i f e.
    I try to integrate technology into my classroom and into my life and my family’s lives in order to make tasks easier, faster, smoother, greener and…..simpler. Emails, photos, bills, blog-following :), videos, recipes, fav books, catalogues, magazines, shopping, skyping, lesson plans, and more if I can do it! It takes effort every day to try to keep it simple, but I am trying, trying, trying! While I love notebooks, journals, real live books and real life, I am balancing those tangible items with technology in order to lift some weight off of my shoulders. Technology can help to de-clutter, simplify and corral much of the messy stuff we are bombarded with daily. I’ve been with you since the beginning and I continue to be inspired each time I visit. Just love your blog!

  246. Kathy Yutzy says:

    Wow, lots of great responses! Like many others, I would use it to keep up with my kids and grandkids. But, I would also use it to finally have the courage to get my own blog started. You have inspired me so much, and I look at where you are today, and how far you have come in just a few years. That reflects so much of my own journey, that I feel is just beginning So many incredible offers have come your way; and I just long to share in that adventure, and o share it with others. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  247. Nina Downes says:

    As much as I love my smart phone have not yet extended myself to something bigger and never tried anything from The Orchard! I think I would find myself lusting over my fav blogs, devouring other people’s lives via Instagram and maybe even work out how the hell I watch series online! I’m sure my kids would try to steal so may have to put some educational apps on there too :)

  248. Sasl says:

    Don’t have a smart phone or any new gadgets like an ipad. This would be very handy while I spend all those hours every week using the Melbourne train system. Love reading blogs and this would make it very easy to do so while I’m waiting on a train.

  249. Karen says:

    I would love an iPad Mini to look at pretty things….. such as abeachcottage.com! x

  250. I’m fairly new to your site, but so glad I made it! If I could get my hands on an iPad Mini I would be able to blog more often on my own site instead of just weekends & after work (my 9-5 work). It could definitely help me to launch my business by taking photos on the spot & sharing them on Instagram, Pinterest & my site. Sharing these with potential clients on an iPad would be phenomenal. And I could spend hours & hours reading blogs like yours, pinning beautiful images & dreaming!

    Thanks for your inspirational images, words & lifestyle.


  251. Ingrid says:

    I am going on holidays to the sun yippee! I think this is when the mini comes into its own it is perfect to put in your beach bag and bring to the pool you can keep in touch with your favourite blogs etc and even use on the plane and it would fit into the pocket on the plane seat easily. Super giveaway.

  252. Amy S says:

    I am about to have a baby (my first), so I would use an iPad mini to keep me entertained during the midnight feeds!

  253. Jane2steve says:

    I would take it with me to Chicago to view my first grandchild – a boy! His name is Carter John and I can’t wait to see him. I would take a huge amount of photos of him, my lovely daughter and hubby! Then I would have them in my purse whenever I bump into a friend and brag. That’s what Grandmas do, isn’t it?

  254. Tracie says:

    Ohhhh, it could be my creativity pad. Blog feeds, journal, camera, Instagram + any other new, creative apps I discover. All tucked away in my bag, ready to be used during random moments of inspiration. Yes! A most wonderful giveaway x

  255. Zoe says:

    Hi Sarah,
    “Oh the places you’ll go!” to quote Dr.Suess …..the possibilities are endless….it would simply allow me to be the most creative, resourceful, informed and connected mum,wife,sister,daughter,friend I could be…. thats it… limitless imagination ;-)

  256. tamar says:

    Hi Sara, I`m from Israel. I love your taste and I love dreaming about where would I live if….so the blog is an inspiration, thanks.
    Winning an Ipad mini, that is cool. I will be “traveling” between blogs, checking emails and taking pictures of my kids….

  257. Ann says:

    Oh! What won’t I do with the iPad mini! First of all, as with most electronics, they aren’t really mine alone, but my children’s as well! I would download Netflix so my daughter can watch her beloved “Alice in Wonderland!” and I have a Hawaii trip coming up, an iPad mini would be ideal at the beach to catch up on reading, (books, blogs.) And of course to keep up with instagram! Love this!

  258. Minna Henderson says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Would love the mini iPad, to read your blog, take pictures of my kids, check Instagram and emails. I would download a heap of camera apps as I love taking pictures and editing them with all the different apps available.
    Minna :-)

  259. Julie Bandera says:

    My daughter and I are going on holidays to New York & Hawaii in November/December. We’ll be in New York for Thanks Giving and the Christmas lights, so the photos will be amazing and I’ll be able to post on Facebook and Instagram. I carry my camera everywhere, so it would be so much more compact and versatile to travel with.

  260. jody says:

    Oh Wow, what a great give away, I would my new ipad mini for facebook, twitter, itunes (love that so much) email and photo stuff. I have only a lap top and find that it is constantly being hijacked by my children for homework so It would be lovely to have something that just is my own! love reading your blog and look forward to your posts when they arrive magically in my inbox

  261. What would i do? What wouldn’t I do.
    Read my novels. Spend hours travelling through the app store to see what’s new and cool.
    Work on my super-neglected blog. Trail through all the ubër blogs I adore.
    Share my stories, my inspirations and my thoughts through words.
    Much like the creativity you share with us every day :-)

  262. Ali Gibbs says:

    Wow – what a great giveaway.
    What would I do with a mini iPad – of course keep up to date on fb, Instagram, start blogging again. How fabulous it would be to just pull it out of my bag to take pics. & movies of the little grand babies at their school, kinder/crèche events. With a mini iPad the world is your oyster…so many hours of fun would be had.

  263. Hi Sarah,
    I simply would like a mini ipad because my daughter is leaving tomorrow for her overseas trip of a lifetime, to London to live for possibly two years. I would like to be able to access her through skype and facebook at any time and the mini ipad is so portable I can carry the ipad in my handbag with me at all times .It is a scary time for me because I am letting go of one of my babies ( she is twenty – two ) and it is all out my control. A mini ipad would allow me to be in contact if she needs me or I need her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joanne

  264. Suzanne says:

    Love an ipad mini to share with the children!! Love apple products!!

  265. Susan Barrett says:

    Since I have an Ipad (given to me by my darlin husband on my 50th birthday!) I would give it to someone who would truly enjoy it. So maybe, if I win, I’ll have a giveaway of my own!

  266. colleen says:

    I like to just say that i love your blog, my daughter come across it some time ago and show it to me as she know how much i love decorating my little home, I have be hook ever since and have taken on some of your great ideas. So thank you so very much.


  267. Connie Trouten says:

    I love, love, love the wee doggie photo bomber….thats what its all about….a beautiful creative home with a gorgeous pet!

  268. Fiona M says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the opportunity – very generous of you! I’m off to Scotland in September to deliver my Dad’s ashes to the family cemetery. I’m the owner/manager of dog walking business and will have to keep working co-ordinating my walkers/dogs while I’m overseas (unfortunately!) I’d love a mini iPad to take away with me as it would make it so much easier to work while I’m “on the run”, ie sightseeing etc.
    Fiona ;-)
    ps Love your blog!! It’s my favourite and my taste is exactly the same as yours!! Would love to send through some pics of my place if you’re interested?

  269. Erin Buchanan says:

    I feel silly stating exactly what you would do with yours but, it’s true! I’m sure I would enjoy using it over my iphone especially with Instagram&Pinterest. Thanks for this sweet chance.~

  270. Christine says:

    I would love a mini ipad…thanks Sarah for a chance to have all the fun of the internet
    in my bag…I would take it everywhere I go…

  271. Karlene says:

    Replace my traditional paper diary with iCal, keep challenging myself to get a higher on Tetris, attempt to stay up to date on what friends are up to via Facebook, catch up on the blogs I subscribe to, and just be generally smug that won an iPad.

  272. Hayley Robbins says:

    Ohhhhh I have to enter this one! I would take my iPad mini everywhere! I dont have an iPad yet and I have heard such good things. I would love to experience it all myself and share with the kids!

  273. Narelle says:

    Hello Sarah, your blog is so “lovely” and to my style, you have inspired me to think about starting my own, just as a creative outlet! But I am very slow on the uptake with all this new fandangled technology….and I’m still only 39! I guess I am a traditional kind of girl…so what would I do with an iPad mini?

    I spend many weekends visiting my parents at their own beach cottage 3 hours from home – and I have not yet mastered the art of packing light. If I could just throw my iPad Mini (white of course!) in my bag, I could save a lot of space in the car – which obviously means more room for the many op-shop treasures I always seem to bring home with me!

  274. Jannine says:

    If I had an iPad Mini, I would be catching up on my favourite blogs and Facebook during my lunch break at work. I could see the latest knitting & crochet patterns on Ravelry, and upload photos of my projects. I’m sure my children could educate me on other uses also. Totally portable fun!!

  275. I have never been out of the US, and this fall I’m going to Spain to visit my son who will be there for the fall semester.
    I’d love an iPad mini to take with me. I’ve actually been dreaming of owning one especially to take to Spain with me.
    In everyday life? I can see me using it every day before and after work. To be honest, I’m not sure what ALL I can do with it. I also blog and so many times I get an idea when I’m not home at my computer.
    This summer I want to blog about a flag a week, and it’d be so nice to have an iPad mini with me to photograph pretty flags as I dome by them.

    Thanks so much for sponsoring this contest.

  276. Ilana Sutton says:

    My 2 year old has taken over my original iPad… Watching ABC iview ‘aaah whaddabout… Octonauts!’ or playing one of his many baby apps that have taken up all the available space! So the iPad mini would be just for me, to browse and shop and pin and Instagram to my hearts content!

    • sarah says:

      hello lovely

      you are on my radar this weekend, keep an eye on your email, sorry it has taken me TOO LONG xxxx

  277. Melanie Taylor says:

    What a sweetie you are, I would give it my dad so that he could keep in touch with his family here and overseas, thanks for the opportunity to enter

  278. Cons says:

    Oh Sarah, what a wonderful giveaway! It would be perfect for my blog hopping, recipe searching, pinning (where I discovered you blog) and instagramming! :) Our laptop is a bit old, i rarely open it. I do all my my net and photo things on my iphone so a mini would be perfect as the phone has such small screen!

    • sarah says:

      yes I do a lot on my phone too – in fact most stuff apart from my blogging and I would love a mini version so I have big hopes for it x

  279. Annie says:

    Oh, I’ve been hoping to get an iPad Mini for a very long time! I would use it to build my photography website when I’m away from my home computer. I’d also use to peruse other people’s blogs – I’m always in search of beauty on the Internet! Lastly, I’d use the fabulous iPad apps to help my son. He has autism and they have several fantastic apps to help kids like him. Have a wonderful day. =)

  280. Sue says:

    I would love to have one to be able to take photos with it and use it in my studio to paint from. I’ve seem so many other artist friends using these lately and it would be a wonderful addition to my creative palette!! I could take photos on the run and then bring them right into the studio as reference photos, yeah!! And I’ll share the finished paintings with you too!

  281. Kerri says:

    I had a play with the iPad Mini not so long ago & decided it was must to go on my wish list for my business. It would make it so much easier to show clients(and anyone who show the slightest interest in my work) my stunning party linen & props and still be not to heavy in my bag.

  282. Winnie says:

    Sarah, I would take my iPad mini everywhere so I can keep up to date with my favourite blog (a beach cottage, of course) and the shenanigans of His Lordship, Barley. I’d also use it to keep tabs on Instagram, twitter, Facebook and email. Might even take you up on that blogging e-course and start up my own blog. Cheers!

  283. Anita says:

    Sarah, you are too kind! What a fabulous gift. Well I didn’t get a mini ipad from Santa, nor my birthday so hopefully Mothers Day…an environmentally friendly idea here but if I was lucky enough to win, I would cancel all of our magazine and newspaper subscriptions and replace with online content. I would also create a mini ipdad roster because in this house we love to share so between the four of us, we would all get a go! :0)

  284. Maxine says:

    I love your site! Anything that has to do with the beach! My heart and soul is there and when I close my eyes and tune out everything else, I hear the waves coming in on the beach! I have a 19 year old son with Asperger’s and he is going to college! Imagine! It has been a long time coming and anything that will help him to accomplish his goals in life is all I really want! He is very artistic, smart and wants to be a video game programer. My concern for him is that he doesn’t write fast as in taking notes but very much a techie! Enjoy your beach where ever you may be! Even if it is only in your mind!

  285. becky peterson says:

    You have such pretty things at your pretty cottage. My mood lightens when I visit your lovely site. Thank you for that, and thanks too for offering such a delightful give away. Many blessings to you from Minnesota
    . Becky

  286. Oooooh! an ipad mini!! Your giveaway was the first thing I spied on my tiny phone screen this morning and I couldn’t wait to sit down to comment. As an illustrator, painter and art instructor I dream of a million things I could do with a mini during the day – and into the evenings. Taking inspirational photos (for future paintings), pulling up references for students, show clients paintings in progress or portfolio images (I would have a portfolio in hand wherever I went!), reading blogs, writing my blog – and all on a screen I could actually see!! My phone is very portable but not very practical to view images or read blogs and articles.
    Thanks for running the giveaway – and for creating this beautiful and inspirational blog!

  287. Evelyn Schwantner says:

    Love your Beach Cottage ideas! Here on Long Island, NY, we truly experience all four seasons. I am a grandmother of five grandsons and ages 19, 16, 13, 10 and 6. I enjoy all of their games and events and having an Ipad would be such a wonderful way to document these special moments. I enjoy collecting and arranging pretty things, reading and writing, photography, the beach, swimming, golf and all things in nature. Thank you for your generosity in offering this fabulous giveaway!
    ~ Evelyn

  288. Rebecca Sharp says:

    I’d gift the iPad mini to my Nanna. We talk weekly but how cool would it be to FaceTime anytime we wanted!

  289. Maria says:

    I would reads tons of summer books!

  290. Mama B. (Trish Carney) says:

    Oh my goodness! An ipad Mini!! Well, first, thank you for the opportunity to win one. Second, thank you for your lovely blog! It is wonderful. I’ve created a beach cottage room in my inland home, and it makes me so happy just to sit in there. The ocean is in my soul and, although I can’t go there much anymore, I think of the beach every day. Someday I’ll get to Australian and see your beautiful beaches too! The Mini would become my new best friend. It would go everywhere I go, and be my eyes on the world. A bit of misfortune has me working several part-time jobs, but the Mini would be like “free” time I could carry with me. I could have time to follow all of my favorite bloggers, and plan my next home project. ;)

  291. Katie says:

    i would LOVE in iPad mini!! my dear daught has been asking for something likd that for someday…i think i would give it to her for her birthday coming up!! love your pics as usual Sarah!!

  292. Kathy Wiggins says:

    This is my first-time commenting, and I have to say, the pictures on your blog are my own personal escape…when I’m stuck working at my dreary, cramped desk on a gray day, all I need to carry me away is a quick glance at the sun-drenched, white-washed, dreamy, misty, absolutely LOVELY pictures on your website. I would use an IPad mini to help foster my creative side…look up crafts, visit crafting blogs, scour Etsy for ideas, and wile away the day on Pinterest, etc….anywhere and anytime I wanted, without being locked into a chair and desktop….and I’d likely watch my son’s trombone performances in his school band with him on something larger than our respective phones…he loves to watch them again, and again, and again, and again… ;)

  293. Oriel says:

    Orieldel 2/5/2013 at 11.49pm
    Dear Sarah,
    I have been following your blog for some time now and I envy you so much. I have wanted to buy myself an old cottage just like yours, splash some white paint around and fill it up with all the old bits and pieces that I have gathered over the years. I have been a ‘hunter and gatherer’ of anything that takes my fancy for so many years just waiting for the time when I can put all my ideas into use.
    My latest craze ‘chalk paint’ that I am using to restore old furniture and picture frames (to sell to buy my cottage by the sea) and when I have my paint brush in hand anything else that comes within my vision. Just today, I have managed to find a beautiful old HEAVY lowboy that I managed to get off the ute by myself, drag it under the house (I am renting and live alone) as well as an old veneer dressing table with a tilting mirror that threatened to turn upside down at every step!
    Not too bad for a 74 year old!
    What would I use a mini iPad Mini for? Well, when I am out and about at garage sales or opp shopping I could look up the artists and the value of some of the paintings I find (am sure I will find a missing Monet one day!) and prices on eBay of any other goodies that I simply must have.
    Alternatively, I will be able to go into my ‘business’ page and enter the items and the prices paid while I can still remember them. So many times, it happens that by the time I get home to the laptop I have forgotten just what I paid less than an hour ago! I am sure my family think that I am crazy.
    Your blog is one of my favourites on the net, so full of inspiring ideas and Thank You for sharing them with me.

  294. Olwyn Hughes says:

    I would use it in both sides of my life…work and home. At work (I teach first grade) I would use it to keep track of students book borrowing (there’s a cool app for that!), doing running records of their reading, taking photos of their amazing creations/writing/art to post on my blog. I would have my ELL kids use it to practice their English (there’s an app for that, too) and much, much more. In my other life…I would read books, take pictures, do facetime with my daughter (who’s off to university soon), record my mother’s stories (she has Alzheimer’s and I’m trying to get her to orally tell me as many life stories as possible before she forgets them entirely), and track my creative ideas using my pinterest app. I know that there are many, many things that I could use it for but being able to record my Mum’s stories before she is gone would have to be the most important. To be able to listen to her voice telling me stories of her life in the early 1930′s is something that is irreplaceable.

  295. kari mccall says:

    As a bride to be, I would love to do all my searching, planning & pricing on an ipad mini!!! I love, love, love me some gadgets & am failing in that area… lol! I would also use it to take photos of my lil lovie, Emma, and send them to her Nannie who is 1100 miles away… Thank you for your generosity!!!

  296. HRH Sarah says:

    Oh, the places I’d go with that baby! To the seaside, camping trips, even my own living room- I could check email, check out lovely blog(s) ;)
    I could read, play games, keep a shopping list, perhaps… all kinds of fun that would fit in my tote!

  297. Maureen says:

    My theme song is Traveling Lighter – an ipad would be perfect – one little hand held camera, computer and connector with friends and family. Love that it is white (of course). Love that it is small and easily portable for wanderings and googling when wondering.
    I drink in your photos – an easy, simple style, so friendly and comfortable.
    Thank you!

  298. mary says:

    Hello, I would love to win a mini iPad for so many reasons…reason one to keep reading your blog while out and about relaxing at a cafe or the beach here in Miami! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I love your cottage also!

  299. bev says:

    I would so love to have the mini iPad…… reason are I love Mac and taking it on trips to the beach and so many other reasons just to long to list :)

  300. Julie Hussey says:

    Wow, such a great idea! I would give it to my niece. Her brother / my 5 yr old nephew is autistic and cannot speak, he uses an ipad with speak software to to speak. Well it was stolen off his school bus, I did a fund raiser and was able to replace his iPad and software but I feel bad that my niece does not have one. I think this would help her and my nephew and her not feel so left out not having her own.

    • Ann Stephens says:

      If I won the iPad Mini I would send it to Julie Hussey for her niece. I love people with a generous heart and I hope she has a beach moment at least once every day. Hope she wins or I win for her! Looking forward to exploring this site.

  301. Maryjo Morrison says:

    I wish my home was “BEACH”…anything and everything “BEACH”…Your website has given me many ideas and inspiration causing “Juices to Flow”…I consider myself to be “ADDICTED TO CREATION”…I look at any little thing and try to think of ways to reinvent, re-purpose renew and reuse and more importantly attempting to keep things out of our landfills…While out and about, I am constantly taking visual notes on how to beautify anything…I am passionate about music, sound, imagery, color, texture and smell, writing and photography. What wonderful and creative ways I could integrate all this through and Mini iPad. How exciting it would be to win and be able to share all of my creations with the ones I love ! … Thank you for your website and the offer of a Mini iPad ~Maryjo Asheville, NC the tiny eclectic city in the Land of the Sky

  302. Rosa B says:

    I would love to have an iPad Mini! I’d carry it around in my purse to keep myself organized & make my life more efficient. :)

  303. Maryjo Morrison says:

    I wish my home was “BEACH”…anything and everything “BEACH”…Your website has given me many ideas and inspiration causing “Juices to Flow”…I consider myself to be “ADDICTED TO CREATION”…I look at any little thing and try to think of ways to reinvent, re-purpose renew and reuse and more importantly attempting to keep things out of our landfills…While out and about, I am constantly taking visual notes on how to beautify anything…I am passionate about music, nature’s sounds, imagery, color, texture and smell, writing and photography. What wonderful and creative ways I could integrate all this through my own Mini iPad. How exciting it would be to win and be able to share all of my creations with the ones I love ! … Thank you for your website and the offer of a Mini iPad ~Maryjo Asheville, NC the tiny eclectic city in the Land of the Sky

  304. Rayia says:

    How delightful is this! I have been thinking for a few months now about getting a mini, asking myself what would I use it for and how would it enhance my life and I think the answer is this…I am at a crossroads in my life right now and after years of fighting to become who I am, I am ready to take those first few steps into the unknown future and learn to love every minute of my life and cherish every moment in both the glorious beauty and the simple moments. I am learning to see beauty in everything around me and to cherish it as a gift. So, what would I use a mini for… capturing it. Taking pictures, writing down those moments of joy and sharing them with others. A lovely way to capture the ordinary as extraordinary! And I think it would be very helpful to have such a fun “tool” to do that!

  305. Hi Sarah!
    This is such a thoughtful giveaway. This year I decided to get more social media savvy, so I updated my interior decorating website, joined facebook, twitter and pinterest and though it was exhausting trying to learn everything (I’m 47), I’m having a blast! I also purchased your How to Blog E-course and I’m really loving it. I could never blog like you do, yours is just amazing, but I would have fun trying! I’d use the IPad mini to help me stay current as well as to take photos of design/decorating projects and maybe even blog a little! :) Thanks for bringing us all a little closer to the beach Sarah!

  306. pam says:

    Ooooo…so many possibilities! I would love an iPad Mini to throw in my bag with some good books loaded. It would also be the perfect size to check instagram, my pinterest and my blog feed of course. Thanks for the chance! Welcome back!

  307. Brenda says:

    Wow, what a lovely act of kindness! It would be great to have an ipad mini to face time with my only two grandchildren who live in another state. When not with them, I fill in the gap with junking, painting my treasures white and sharing them with loved ones! I also help friends and family redecorate, thus having that little treasure in my bag would make it easy to show them pics of finds they may love to use in their homes as well. An iPad Mini would be a little treasure in my bag as well!

  308. Sai hari krishnan says:

    Oh! I wish if i had an i pad mini.It would be so awesome to carry that beautiful gadget. As a student I can learn a lot of things in a better and efficient way by using it. It would make my ideas alive and vibrant. How graceful it would be to look at its amazing and display and watch videos!!!. The fun that i would enjoy when i get high marks for my projects and getting compliments from my teachers when i do it with my new i pad. It would so lovely when i video call my friend and parents and make the relationships more better.It would be so awesome!!!

  309. Christina Y. says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. With the iPad mini, I’d be able to do many things. I could easily check my emails on the go and would be able to conveniently shop online, check my bank accounts and get awesome apps to help save money. I’d also be able to FaceTime my boyfriend, who sadly lives out of town and away from me. So if I got my hands on one of these, it’d be really awesome! Thanks again! (:

  310. Carmen says:

    I would love to have an iPad mini to read magazines while traveling. I love to read them, but they are so bulky to travel with!

  311. sue austin says:

    I stood in the AT&T store this morning looking at an iPad mini while the nice man fixed my phone. I would love to have one. I am shocked that I say this . . . I am 70 years old and not the best with technology, but they sure look like a good thing to have. I would enjoy it very much!

  312. Suellen says:

    So cool! I would use it for everything, surfing the net, checking my email, reading my books. I would also use it for my recipes – maybe it would even get me to do more cooking!!

  313. Carolyn Conforti says:

    I’ve been considering the mini…just can’t afford it right now…I would give it to my nephew who is about to graduate highschool. It would be a great tool for a college kid!

  314. Samantha Lynch says:

    Thanks Sarah I would give it to my my Mum as it’s the perfect size for for her , she who would
    love to connect to the latest technology but isn’t computer minded and the iapad is easy to operate. She loves reading as well as taking photos and this is everything in one small sweet package.

  315. Simone Merlo says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m loving gathering inspiration from you and your photographs and stories. I love the era we are in. Women have so much confidence and freedom within their daily lives. We are born multi taskers and a device like this just seems to add to the whole package. Why not take a picture while at the post office, jot down a thought while at the supermarket, ‘chat’ with a friend while waiting in the pick up line at school. We all seem to be doing the best we can at that particular moment so let’s embrace little bits of technology like this with open arms to give us an extra boost. Love it!

  316. Susanne says:

    I wish, I wish, I wish for an iPad Mini!
    So many possibilities, so many opportunities!
    Photos, Communication, Decoration!
    I wish, I wish, I wish for an iPad Mini!

  317. kathi says:

    IF I had a beach nearby and IF I had an iPad, I’d marry the two together. The iPad would be used to take pictures, create a digi scrap page or two, and then post to my blog. Being that I live in Dallas, the beach isn’t close. I live at the beach through your lovely blog! Thank you for the chance to take care of one of my “ifs”! IF I win, I’ll find that real beach rather quickly!

  318. Sue Mahaffie says:

    If I had an ipad I would stop using my phone for Pinterest and Instagram and use the ipad instead- I would take more photos of my kids – I would drive my husband crazy with being on social media and emailing – but hey he loves me- warts and all…
    thanks for the chance..xx
    PS Love yr blog xx

  319. Cath says:

    I would be using it for instagram and recipes – I am forever running to the computer to look up something and print it out and running back to the kitchen. Would change my life! Also would use it to keep the youngest two amused while I help out in the big kids classroom. Them fighting over my iphone is wearing rather thin….

    I do love this blog Sarah… been following for a while but you’ve still got new and interesting stuff on here! I especially love your recipes – your layered salad from Christmas a few years ago is an absolute stalwart in this house. tks.


  320. Paige says:

    I would give it to Julie for her niece.

  321. wow….just wow….I would sit for hours after hubs is gone to bed and peruse the blogs of my life that I love to visit at night. I have met so many new friends in this amazing social media madness! Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity! Happy Everything! Pamie G.

  322. Lucy Keogh says:

    I would LOVE an iPad mini and it would be used everywhere!!! I would be using it to check emails, stalk people on Instagram, Facebook it up keeping up with my beauties in Melbourne while I live in Adelaide. But I would love to have one to just keep up with all the bloggy goodness out there…and maybe a little online shopping, you know, in between all the other things!!! Lx

  323. Sarah….what a gift to share…! :)

    Can I tell you what I’d like to do with an ipad mini if I wasn’t racing round after the three kids and husband, renovating and trying to cook well for us all and look after myself….
    I’d sit very quietly on the waters edge…coffee in hand and just drift away to *other places*…it would be my quiet little simple escape- no pomp…no ceremony…just a little indulgent me time that isn’t fitting around the *rest* of life…
    If I had this in my tote…I’d have those *moments* no matter where I am to catch up with my friends in our old English village, in the sunshine, rather than on my laptop in the kitchen whilst *balancing* dinner etc.

    Did you manage to grab one for yourself hon?
    Melissa x

  324. Julie says:

    I would give it to my Mum to use (books, movies, games, camera, face time etc) for when she travels back to England to visit my grandmother : )

  325. Jane M says:

    Hi Sarah…well, the possibilties!! I would love to own one, because, then I wouldn’t have to share Mr M’s, and maybe I could take it with me when I visit “the old country” soon. Thankyou for the chance.

  326. Katy Potaty says:

    Gosh, what WOULDN’T I do with an iPad Mini…? Well firstly, I’d give it to my Mum. I’ve been trying to broach the subject of her getting into some form of social media interaction to help her since she lives alone now.
    But then, when I borrow it from her (because of course I would) I would use it to Skype family and friends, Google random puppy photos, and trawl Pinterest for home decorating ideas. Same as on my iPhone really, but bigger! That can only be good, right?!

  327. Mariellen Van Natten says:

    Good morning! I can’t think of anything clever to say right now, still slogging through my first cup of coffee, however I WOULD LOVE to win your generous offer…..an iPad mini….holy crap. Good luck everybody! xo

  328. Sandy Murphy says:

    Hi Sarah, I am reduced to shameless bribery in the pursuit of your generous offer. If I was lucky enough to win the little beauty you would be contributing to the growth of my little handmade business. I have discovered It is extremely difficult to create handmade one of a kind covers for the aforementioned Ipad Mini without the actual item for fittings, and of course if I was lucky enough to win, I would be honoured to create a cover of your design for your new little friend! If I am not the fortunate recipient, I will create a cardboard facsimile and do my best. Best of luck to everyone and thank you for your wonderful blog.

  329. Pia says:

    First I wanted to say how much I Love your blog. I’m a northern beaches girl, living in inner CBD Perth, reading your blog takes me back to hot summer afternoons ridding our bikes down to palmy for ice blocks, jumping of the jetty, the sun on our back and the smell of jasmine in the air, a time when life was simple and good & perfect like ur blog. Winning an iPad mini would mean the world to me it would mean I could read ur blog on full screen not my phone, allow me to spend hours on realestate.com.au, Pinterest, the white company website and pottery barn wishing and dreaming. But a part of me would want to give my iPad to someone more needy, a child with a learning disability caused by a premature birth who would benefit fro leaning apps, my son. So I would no doubt share it with him and we could both enjoy the mirical of iPads. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  330. Sharmin says:

    This is such a cool giveaway – thanks for the chance to win! I would take lots of photos and share them, and also read emails, I know there’s a lot more, but I’m not caffeinated enough to come up with the rest yet. :)

  331. annie says:

    Great giveaway, Sarah. I’d condense my gadgets and use it to blog, make art, record my family’s life, get organised and maybe finally get some of my own music! It would be great for my tedious hours in doctors’ waiting rooms or at soccer training in the car over winter. Perhaps I could get the teen reading again with a kindle app and keep the toddler happy with some Peppa Pig et al. Yep. I think I can find a use for it!

  332. Susan says:

    We are looking at a huge blessing in our lives and a mini would make the transition so much easier. OTOH, I would LOVE to be able to communicate more easily with my mom and drag her into the 21st century…I think she would love to have one and it would be so much fun to give her….yep, I think it goes to mom.
    Again, I so love your blog and thank you for spending so much time and energy on it and us…you are such a huge blessing in my life and I love seeing how I can put my own ‘spin’ on your style here in my mountains of Colorado…although I’d like to be there as we’ve had over 2 feet of snow in the last 3 weeks and I am pretty tired of it at this point….so I come here to see your beaches.

  333. Ciel says:

    My daughter has moved 5 hours away to go to university – so, we miss her and she misses us. I would use an ipad mini to stay in contact. I could send her messages, photos, and share things we find online. But what I’d really like to do is make videos of home: her chickens with their silly antics, the barn cat chasing whatever catches its eye, the horses grazing peacefully or running about making the ground thunder, her dad doing the chores she previously had to do (she’d really like that one!), and of friends and family back here just saying hello – I think it would be a real taste of home for a girl newly moved away.

  334. Nancy says:

    Ratbags … what a wonderful word! I love it!! :)

    Oh, an iPad Mini would be such a wonderful thing to have and there are just so many things I would do with it. My mum suffers from Alzheimer’s and it’s very difficult to keep in touch with her. I would take photos while I’m out and about and use the iPad to share them with her; send her emails and recipes (she doesn’t cook any more but still enjoys reading recipes) and links to articles in her favourite magazines; I have a terrible sense of direction and could certainly use some GPS help when I’m out driving; and it would be so helpful in keeping me organized … cuz heaven knows, I’m not Martha Stewart! ;) This is such a wonderful thing for you to do, Sarah. Following your blog always brightens my day and this … this is gravy!


    ‘waaaay over in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

  335. Emily says:

    I really want an ipad mini!!! I don’t have any electrical devices for the internet to take with me on trips! It would be so helpful!!

  336. Gretchen Schaumann says:

    What am incredibly awesome giveaway.
    If I were to win, I would use it without ceasing. It looks incredible, and it would bet constant companion!
    I have followed your wonderful blog for many years, and it was actually the 2nd blog I began really connecting with. Love the beach cottage style!
    tHanks for the film chance that I might someday be the lucky winner of a giveaway.

  337. Steve R. says:

    1. Am I a regular reader?
    2. Do I get updates on your comings and goings?
    3. Do you like white paint?
    4. Do I enjoy the fruits of your recipes?
    5. What part of this puzzle am I?

    Puzzle Piece:
    1. No.
    2. Yes, welcome home from your recent trip.
    3. Very much from what I hear, and it even influences our home.
    4. Seems like a family recipe box.
    5. I am doing this as a surprise for my wife, as I know she would be thrilled to receive your mini iPad and use it for good.
    Thank you, Sarah. And please keep sharing your recipes!

  338. Merilyn says:

    I soooooo want one, but there are a zillion other things that bump this down my shopping list priority list!! So to win one would make my year. Truly. What would I do? Apart from checking my Instagram once every 10 minutes, and a host of other procrastinating gems, the ‘serious’ thing I would do is finishing reading all my downloaded books on iBooks and Kindle that are stacking up! Gosh, my eyes just can’t handle the small print on the iPhone, so I only get to read half of them and then start wishing I had a mini iPad. And the big iPad is just a bit too heavy to hold one handed in bed or whilst pretending to watch the kids movie! As the donkey says in Shrek… ‘pick me, pick me’!

  339. kl says:

    Oooh! What a great giveaway! I would love an iPad mini for taking photographs and organising them in the speed of light whilst out & about. It would make my life very portable ideed. Reading. Writing. Connected. Thanks for the great oppotunity! x KL

  340. Sara says:

    I would give it to my Mom as a gift. She would use it for watching movies, reading, and Skyping with me. :)

  341. Christina Lamperski says:

    Not sure what to say, except i would love to win…

  342. irishmergie says:

    As we are looking for a new home, I will use it to take pictures of homes that I like on the east coast of USA.

  343. Autumn says:

    I’ve been a designer my whole life. I’ve been an interior designer and I also designed home decor. My husband and I owned a very successful business together based on my designs. About 10 years ago he began to complain that our business was not doing well. He later said we were broke and I eventually took on a full time job as well as creating the designs for our business. I injured my back but continued to work. I ended up having 5 surgeries in 5 years. During the same time period I also lost my Mother my Father my Grandmother and our beloved family dog. After my father died my husband said the business was doing so poorly that I could no longer be paid. Every month he asked me for a substantial amount of money for “our” business. After going through most of my inheritance I found out that he owned all of the stock in the company. I could no longer put in the hours I did to work,take care of the house and kids, laundry, cooking etc. he blamed everything on me. I went to a counselor and l learned that my husband was emotionally abusive. I didn’t even know what that meant but saw he was beginning to treat my daughter in the same way. Now he wants a divorce after 28 years of marriage. Turns out our business was making money. He’s kept everything in his name and I am starting all over. Although I deal with the constant pain everyday I’m looking in to starting a home staging business to support myself and my daughter. The iPad mini would be invaluable in taking photos to share with prospective clients as I build up my portfolio. I could stay connected and organized on the go as I start this new chapter of my life. it may not be easy starting over at 56 but at least Ill be free of the daily abuse. My daughter will see me as a strong role model and no longer as a victim under his control. This website had always been an inspiration to me. Visiting is like taking a break or a little mini vacation. Thanks for all of the beautiful photos. Even though I may not be able to travel to some of the places or own a home at the beach I feel like you’ve brought it all to me. Thanks again.

  344. Frannie says:

    Use it to browse the new pottery barn online store of course! Thanks for keeping this rural NSW gal up to date!

  345. Cheryl S. says:

    Such an awesome idea… I would love a iPad Mini! I’m sure it would be very portable and go everywhere, for taking pix, catching up with email, and all those fun things you can do online – read blogs, read the news, surf the web, check FB, etc…. sounds like a great way to make life fun and stay connected with ease. Thanks for thinking of us – we all love you!! XO

  346. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I would read emails,my favourite blogs,check the weather and download recipes and catch up on missed shows and load pics,so many things endless possibilities !

  347. Margaret Jones says:

    With an ipad, I will have a screen large enough to edit photos, but small enough to use without catching the attention of my English professor. While he’s busing hovering over other students’ papers and inspecting their work and spitting out crude and mean comments, I will secretly snap photos using my ipad and edit them. I will use photoshop and edit pictures of him wearing funny clown hats, and I’ll post these shots on instagram with the caption “turn that frown upside down.” So the next time he critiques my work and tells me (well spits at me) “it’s crap”, I’ll edit a photo of him wearing a polka dot dress and smile because the joke’s clearly on him.
    PS. Sorry I missed the deadline. Where I’m posting, it’s still May 4

  348. Abbie Y. says:

    I hate when people stare at my book to see what I’m reading. Some people try to be nonchalant about it, while others are downright in-your-face obvious about it. I was sitting on a bus, when a lady actually went out of her way to lean under and see the title of my book. “Oh, Fifty Shade of Grey, did you get to the part where ($#@$%)” SPOILER-FREAKING-ALERT. I didn’t know what was worse. The fact that she was giggling like the two of us were part of some conspiracy, or how nonchalant she was talking about the whips. If I win that ipad I will use it as an ereader so never again will someone know what I’m reading. I will also get a customized case that says “Made you look” so whenever someone feels so inclined to look, that’s what they’ll see.

    • Flo Mac says:

      I’m going to take the ipad with me on my trip around Europe. A few months ago I read a book that changed my life forever. It made me realize that I had been living in a box with no doors. The main character kept an old fashioned notebook that she wrote entries for each of her destinations. I was going to use a notebook too, but I already have barely enough to cover this journey. If I win the ipad, I want to use it as my journal. I’m going to take pictures of the sights, the people…I’m going to capture my experience in film and preserve my experience forever in motion.

  349. Leanne T. says:

    Oh iPad Mini what wouldn’t I do with you – I live in a world without gadgets & toys (no iPhone here, no laptop here either for that matter). Oh the joy of being able to check in on Facebook & Blogs like yours while out and about, take photos (perfect for my Project Life and Scrapbooking hobbies), check emails and generally feel like I belong in a modern world. Thanks for the opportunity.

  350. Chiara says:

    My shoulders! The best argument I found, is my shoulders, my poor shoulders… Let me explain you… I’m a woman, and like a lot of women I bring with me on my shoulder a purse. An eavyyyyyyy purse! There is all my life inside…

    -My Moleskine agenda for all my appointments.
    -A notebook, to draw when I feel inspired. (I’m a freelance illustrator).
    -My portfolio, to show my illustrations.
    -My camera (Take pictures is my passion).
    -My old cell phone.
    -A lot of pens, felt-tip pens and pencils.
    -My make-up (I’m still a girl)
    -My cigarettes (I know I have to stop…)
    -A book, to read something at the bus-stop.
    -And several strange things that we can’t see the point of…

    In a word, my purse is a MESS of 4 kilos… That’s why I need an I pad mini!
    With the Ipad mini, I will feel free, light and carefree!

    I’m sorry for my english, I’m Italo/french. Is there a good translator app on Ipad? :)

    Thank you for your blog, your ideas, your work and your wonderful pics. Your an inspiration to me.

    Chiara and her shoulders…

  351. Julie K says:

    We’ve finally broken out of the grips of winter here in western New York (Buffalo) so it’s time to enjoy all that is beautiful in the area. That means the lakefront marina’s, river walks, parks, bike paths and the old faithful backyard hammock. Packing light is important so the iPad mini would be a real treat. Just planning to keep in touch with e-mail, Facebook, twitter and to dabble in my current favorite guilty pleasure, pinterest. I have been staying sane with your photos, beachside videos that offer a moment of relaxation amidst chaos and your wonderful community of followers and plan to continue. Thanks, my favorite blogger, for this and all that is to come! … Julie

  352. Melanie says:

    Hi Sarah

    I just stumbled across your site when I was searching for beach furniture. I am currently redecorating my home in a beach style. My latest project is to repaint my dark timber dining setting and sideboard. I would use the ipad mini to take photos in some of the beautiful homeware stores around for some inspiration.

    I would also take photos of my 3 kids and keep on try to keep on top of things whilst on the run!

    - Melanie

  353. Anna-Ruth T. Murphy (aka ART) :) says:

    I would waste huge amounts of time, with pleasure,… reading blogs, instagram, catching up on facebook, shopping for furniture deals on craigslist, I’d play solitaire,,,I then might take lots of photos of my kids, then the dogs. and then even of the furniture I might paint (if I could actually put the mini ipad down and get some work done)….I would not do housework, or clean, or laundry….yes I think I should most definitely win the mini….and continue my charmed life :)

  354. Valerie says:

    I follow you on facebook and just saw your post about the giveaway. I’ll be honest, I received an ipad 1 a couple of years ago and i love my ipad, it is my calendar, web, and Kindle. Having the ipad mini would allow me to take it with me when I leave the house. The ipad mini could go to the community garden, the nurseries, to my parents house. i could look at plans or websites and snap some photos. The real draw is the camera, i can imagine using it to organize plant photos in one step.
    I bet this sounds very greedy, but a new ipad would allow me to gift mine to someone I know who really wants one, but can’t afford one.

  355. beth larson says:

    I would learn to use it and then let me hubbie use my laptop more- we only have one computer and I kinda hog it ALL THE TIME as my big sweetie patiently waits his turn….
    it’d be really handy for my blogging too- so excited about the possibilities~ muwaaaaa

  356. jami says:

    Makes lists. Hoard Recipes. Make more lists. Twitter. Facebook. Instragram. Email. Take picture. Read books. Read magazines. Read blogs . Definitely read a beach cottage. Cash register for an upcoming vintage market. Capture life’s moments. ichat with ones I love who are too far away. Kiss it. Hug it. Thank you.

  357. Jennifer says:

    Hi Sarah, what a fabulous giveaway, I just had to drop by and try my luck. I’m sure there are going to be loads of us vying for a new iPad Mini, they are truly a thing of beauty. I write a blog but it’s a bit touch and go as I’m often at work or with the kids and I know that if I have an iPad I can sneak in some extra writing time and who knows, my blog might be a successful as yours! I would be thrilled. Also, and how tacky of me, I have to throw in the cancer card, but as my friend says, you might as well use it whilst you can. I am in the midst of having chemo and it is desperately boring and I could watch movies! I must say though, so far the cancer card hasn’t really worked, I tried to get my airmiles upgraded (nope) and my tickets to Taylor Swift upgraded (we are in the nosebleed section – I am still waiting for a reply!) Finally, I, like you am an immigrant, we moved from South Africa (via the UK) to Texas and I love catching up with my family in both South Africa and England and I could Skype on the go with an iPad Mini. I love your blog, and it brings back fabulous memories, my husband and I travelled around Australia when we were first married and had such a wonderful time. The Whitsundays are my most favourite place in the world. Thank you for running such a fun competition, I am off to cross everything (for luck) that can be crossed. Jennifer xx

  358. Libby says:

    I need an Ipad mini in my Life!! why? so I never miss out on any BeachCottage goodness

    Thanks for such a great giveaway Sarah :)

  359. Jeanine says:

    Sarah, what a wonderful giveaway! I would check my email, keep up with my peeps on instagram & facebook and send snapchats. I would check in on foursquare, pin on pinterest, listen to pandora and take pictures. I would have a ball!

  360. Jan says:

    Oh, Sarah, oh, Sarah. I would use an iPad mini to journal the trip my husband and I are about to take to Italy and Germany. Italy is a dream vacation for my husband and me that we’ve saved three years for. We are introducing my sister-in-law and best friend, Sarah, to Europe (a once in a lifetime opportunity for her, too). We are also bringing one of my co-workers with us because we love sharing the world when we can and helping people take the fear away from traveling abroad. The tail end of our trip will be spent just outside of Munich so that we can bring a thank you gift to a man who helped us when I was on a very special journey to honor my dad (My father died while I was in Germany. He was supposed to be with me on the trip, but couldn’t go due to illness). You can read the story here… http://damngoodsoldier.blogspot.com/2008/11/doors-rainbows-and-white-crosses.html I can’t tell what time zone “midnight” is in, but I’m just taking a chance I’m not too late. :) Fun contest!

  361. Charmaine Slaven says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I have been following your blog for quite some time. I also have been thinking/dreaming of one of these babies! :) It would be so much lighter for the handbag. I would love to put a reading app on it just to sit back, soak up some sun or just laze about on the couch. It would be wonderful just to stay in touch with Facebook with my daughters (especially when they run out of phone credit :0 ) I am sure I could drool on all day about he apps we could use… Oh & did I mention we could even take some photos with it… Nice :) Anyway, before this goes on forever….. It would be lovely all around just to know that baby is tucked up safe & sound in my h andbag! :) Thanks for the giveaway!! :) AWESOME! :)

  362. Petra says:

    Wow – amazing giveaway – very generous! Well, I’m a stay-at-home mum too and I homeschool my gorgeous son. When we’re out and about on excursions it would be so neat to be able to photograph, google, write about and email it all to daddy. How cool would that be? I am not techno-savvy but my son is so he would have to teach me!!! Love your blog btw and hoping that Pottery Barn will come up to Queensland!!! :-)

  363. As the only residents on this remote island I would find the mini ipad just a treasure for our lifestyle! I could keep in contact with all our mates and family and take lots of pics to send them! I am also writing a little book and this would be so useful to carry around and add interesting bits as they happen! I would be delighted to have one – thank you for this opportunity!

  364. Kevina says:

    Well, where to start, I would trawl through all the wonderful blogs I have listed in my favourites, which believe me, is very very long. I would take the little fella with me on holidays, to journal, to take photos of amazing places and of my lovely hubby & I in the sunshine. I would lie on the white sandy beach, reading a book on my mini iPad. I would then come home and Id use my little iPad to do the mundane things in life, like pay bills – but because its on an iPad mini, it will no longer be mundane, but enjoyable. I will start the blog I have always wanted to, and just like you, show the world how wonderful and lovely my world is too. Theres so much I could list – Im sure this only covers a couple days of my life and the things that myself and my mini iPad could do. I think we could conquer this big wide world together (one lovely happy moment at a time).

  365. Lori R. says:

    I would take it to the “Torture Chamber” (aka fitness center) and peruse all the blogs I follow while the elliptical is beating my butt.

  366. Sylvie says:

    Hi Sarah! Love your new blog look – much cleaner and easier to navigate. I’d love an iPad mini to be able to access more books and resources for the lovely senior citizens in my apartment building. The aging are often unable to get out due to illness, lack of strength, and/or company. One of the things I’ve been doing is visiting them regularly to see if there is a book they’d like me to check out of the library to read to them or for them to read (if they are able). I also do small grocery and laundry deliveries. Thank you so much for the chance to win such a lovely gift.

  367. [...] just applied for a new iPad mini here, and am thankful for sweet opportunities like this. One of my favorite aesthetics is beach decor. [...]

  368. Barb Cohen says:

    I would be checking to see what rare birds are in my area, also I would check my favorite beach blogs and read more books.

    • Anonymous says:

      From my beach house at Sellicks Beach in South Australia I’d be talking to my grandchildren (aged 1year and 3months!) and my 2 daughters, who live in Melbourne. I’d be using facetime so we could see each other and share our daily activities, what we’ve cooked, the kids laughing. And while they’re inside in their inner suburban houses looking after babies in a Melbourne fast cooling down towards winter, I’d show them the blue of the sky above the expanse of wave and sand and our dogs running on the beach chasing the clever gulls……

  369. ooops! forgot to add name and ended up anonymous!

  370. Gosh! I would use one all the time. I have a large version but between my 91 year old FIL, DH and 3 year old daughter I NEVER get to see it. I think it is in England at the moment with FIL after entertaining him on the flight from Canada. I had envisioned it tucked into my purse full of pictures to share, books to read, videos to watch and magazines to ‘leaf’ through. A mini would make all those dreams come true.

  371. Indya G. says:

    I would love a iPad mini to take pictures and play games, as well as keep my 4 year old entertained during those long trips and waits in the doctor’s office! I have never had a tablet so I am ready to make the big leap! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  372. Julie says:

    I love the beach and everything about it and even though we live in the outer Melbourne suburbs, my family and I get to use a friend’s beach house at Phillip Island on the school holidays for a low fee per night. As it isn’t our home we need to take everything with us like linen, pillows, duvets, clothes, toiletries, towels, t-towels, food & drinks – and that is just the necessary items! So for fun and depending on the seasons, we also take boogie boards, skateboards, scooters, games, books, movies, music, cricket set & balls.
    And lately we take my Iphone & laptop so I can pay bills, get my FB & blog fix & download my photos at the end of each day, my older son takes his Ipod & x-box and my younger son takes an old laptop to play minecraft on.
    So my request to you Sarah is: could you please lighten our car load and simplify our technology
    needs by giving the beautiful white IPAD MINI to us….! x

  373. Victoria says:

    hey , I was just reading through your blog when I came across your giveaway and honestly I would use it for my school work as I’m a student studying fashion design. it would come in handy when it comes to keeping track of my designs organising my assignment dates and taking notes during lectures as I always fall behind when it comes to taking notes and it would also help me research and keep up to date on the latest trends.

  374. Fiona says:

    I current access a computer via the local library. I’d use it everywhere! On the bus on the way into work to finally organise family photos (there is never enough time to sit down and do this). To watch movies while stuck waiting for public transport links. To check emails while out and about. To find the perfect dream house. To take photos. To share those photos instantly with my parents. They can’t see the pictures on the screens of most cameras. To be inspired, anywhere, any place.

  375. Vija says:

    I would travel all around the world, read books without damaging the spines and pages, snap a memory or two or three or four, chat with family and friends on social media, send and answer emails and research anything my little heart desires. It would gift the freedom to communicate, share, research and capture memories, wherever I am. Its portability makes it a most desirable device.

  376. Lacy says:

    I would use it for work, mostly. When going to meetings, it just seems easier to have a tablet when I see others with one.

  377. Maryjo says:

    Has a winner been announced yet for the iPad??…

    • sarah says:

      yes in 5 places – there is a post on the iPad winner and the winner is also on the terms and conditions page plus a notification went in the newsletter and on Facebook and Twitter -