A Mirror WIP Beach Cottage makeover

Tue 30th, Apr, 2013

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(spot the cutest photobomber in the world!)

Aloha Beach Cottage lovelies, thanks so much for all the lovely comments on the iPad giveaway yesterday – I know that apparently it’s much better to do a giveaway where you don’t have to comment but I do love to see what you girls have to say and it takes a lot to coax you out of Lurkdom and even with a carrot dangling only a very small percentage of you entered, so if you fancy a Mini iPad in your life, now is your chance…go here to yesterday’s post and leave a comment.

Anyhooo, back to this morning and what I have been doing, painting furniture white, with a little Beach Cottage white paint makeover,  really Mrs BC, yep my exciting life.

This is a mirror recently found for this old cottage.  I thought it may well like a new life here with us with the help of a classic makeover of the white paint variety.  Is it, or is it not, ripe for the picking?


I have a thing for big mirrors which may be fairly obvious by now, I don’t like them on the wall but prefer them leaning around here there and everywhere – this does at times lead people to believe that we have 1. just moved in or if the kiddos are around 2. just been burgled.

Hey ho who cares right, there’s an area of interior design known as The Burgled Look didn’t you know? Winking smile

So I am waiting for this to cure so that I can get on with the distressing, initially i was going to do this in grey but at the last minute went for white.  If I am really impatient and want to see how something is going to turn out or short on time I don’t always bother on curing the paint, but the result is always better for me if I do take the time to let it sit and cure – so this one has been sitting for a while…


I am now contemplating where to put it – I am thinking over by the dining room table once the new lights are fitted, though as I painted this it seems like a perfect little spot just here and bounces some serious sunlight around…which is always good when Winter is a month away and certain women who like whitewashed furniture begin to think about wood burning fires, hot chocolate and flannelette linen.

I’ll be back soon with the after…I am going to style this baby up to the eyeballs!   Get ready girlfriends, I am excited about this one and will be throwing all my Beach Cottage trademarks at it – bring on the Hunters, a big pitcher of flowers, some white shells and man oh man what about a lantern or three?  I LOVE doing this in my life – finding an old thing, giving it a new lease of life and then doing things to style it in the old rattiest cottage on the beaches of Sydney.

Now here is the big question!  How much would you have paid for this mirror?  It’s super huge and heavy…I wonder what it would have cost to buy in a shop, what do you reckon?

And taking guesses today on how much you girls think I paid for this?  You know me though, it was found on a treasure hunt Winking smile

Be seeing ya

Sarah x

p.s. yep just in case you are wondering the painting of this piece of furniture was done in undies, mostly in the evenings, no husbands were harmed in the painting of this piece.

p.p.s if you are the BC Droop Police I do believe if you feel so inclined you may find some drips and droops on this one Winking smile


Want a real-girls guide to painting furniture white, without all the fancy stuff?  Go here for a post I wrote on how I quickly, easily and while having a million other things going on in my life and while not being a professional painter, get things I find turned white and beachy x


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30 Responses to “A Mirror WIP Beach Cottage makeover”

  1. kim buca says:

    not sure wht you paid but i just got one similar a bit bigger for my bathroom remodel at sal arrmy and i paid 24.95 it is he same wood color i am painting mine white too and it will hang over the new ikea vanity i will take pics when remodel is done! think coastal cottage!
    cant wait to see how you style it
    have a great day
    ‘thanks for sharing

  2. IrishMum says:

    LOL, it took me a while to find him, so cute!

  3. Karen says:

    $10? Looks awesome! Love love love it. If only I had sweet shops to peruse and buy such treats!

  4. Kim says:

    Nice mirror …. I can see Barley on the back of the lounge chair :)

  5. lizzie says:

    looks great white! my guess knowing your eye for a bargain $15 :)

  6. Lidija says:

    Maybe 13 bucks ? Looks awesome, especially with lovely Barley (xoxo) in the corner lounging on sofa :)

  7. I just got a big mirror from a house we just bought (and it has knobs on – the mirror, not the house) as the previous owners hadn’t bothered to take it with them. I plan on giving it a lovely coat of white paint (it’s plain pine at the moment). I use Zinsser and it’s excellent. Having just returned from a week’s camping, my home is currently sporting The Burgled Look. If burglars had broken in when we were away, they may never have found their way out again!!

    • Helen says:

      Hi Sarah, your ‘Burgled Look’ comment made me LOL! I often wonder what visitors really think of my style — so I love that it now has a name. Love the mirror too — I’m guessing $30.

  8. Rukmini Roy says:

    You know what? I painted an ugly gold mirror once and it has been great by far!
    I didnt even remove the gold by sanding…I kinda painted on top of it :D But who’s to ask that

    The mirror looks fabulous!!! Totally BC furniture!

  9. Keren says:

    HA! I was totally going the wrong direction when you started talking about painting in your undies and then the droop police!! Oh dear I apologise! It was just the briefest (!!) of tiny seconds though… Moving on, I didn’t notice any paint drips or droops! It just looks really cool! I look forward to seeing snaps of the next ‘distressing’ step!! My hubby is out tonight and I have made a deal with him that whatever he spends on boutique beer, I get to spend thrifting tomorrow. Win win! Everybody is happy!!! Maybe I could find me a mighty big mirror. Here is hoping! :D

  10. I often think of you and your droop spoting reader as I have a reader who believes each of my transformation is a mistake… I love your mirror, but I wonder what my reader would say about it…

    • sarah says:

      I think you should lose that reader ;-) just sayin’

      • sarah says:

        I am not quite sure but at least erase them from your mind!

        there are some nasty little trolls out there, I have experienced some of them as have many of my blogging friends – not worth even having them on your radar xx

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love the mirror. What a find! Saw one the other day not as big as yours but someone had already snaffled it. Think I would have struggled carrying it home though. Ended up with a french style wrought iron fireside stand instead. At least I was armed and dangerous if the need arose. Got a few strange looks I must admit. Love the way the mirrors give you that added dimension. I’ve got a big one propped on a blanket box and that’s my little display stand for wine glasses, candelabra etc. Love looking at the reflection of the candles in the mirror while lying on my couch in front of fireplace reading home styling books or whatever, listening to Leonard Cohen. Can’t wait to see the finished result.
    Karen NZ

  12. Danni says:

    Hi Sarah was just wondering I know you use zinsser paint but which type and colour? I have a dining table I need to paint my friend told me about the Annie Sloan chalk paint but its $60 for a small tin, but back in England it is 16 pound?? Thinking about getting my mother in law to bring some over in her case? I reckon there’s no chance but its nice to dream, mirror is beautiful thanks for a peak:)

  13. Lark says:

    I was just thinking about painting a mirror that fit well in my old house, and has just collected dust for the past 4 years in my garage. I’m thinking about painting it white to help lighten up my bedroom. Maybe your post will get me going on it.

  14. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Love this post! Any post with Aloha, a great big beautiful mirror and the mention of hot chocolate is right up my alley. A mirror of this size is several hundred to 500-plus dollars here in So Cal. So, I’m guessing you snagged it for $25?

  15. Jojo3b says:

    Ummmm… Between $35 and $60 even…. Sheesh I’m crap at these games…. To buy new would be expensive upwards of $100.00 so figured anything under that would be a bargain.
    We have a large,heavy Swedish Boutique mirror resting against a wall in our living room. I can almost guess the kind of people who come in and ask where are you going to hang that..and their poor confused faces when I say we aren’t. And the kind of people who come in an ” get it” the way it is.
    I’m liking where you have yours now, especially if its bouncing around sunlight. Always a bonus!
    jojo3b :)

  16. Amanda says:

    A beautiful mirror Sarah …wouldnt like to guess how much!
    I too painted a mirror yesterday originally black….yuck yuck…now a pale cream.I paid £10 and it was brand new soon to be hung in our bedroom.
    I to have a mirror obsession just love the way they give the illusion of space.
    Enjoy your day.
    Amanda x

  17. alison says:


  18. Catherine says:

    That mirror is lovely! I’d think the normal price range would be at least $100, especially after you’ve Beach-Cottaged it up.

    P.S. – that little head among the pillows on your sofa is hilarious. :)

  19. Shar Y says:

    Saw a big one like that in our Pottery Barn, $299.00 American dollars!! So, I suspect you got a real deal and it looks like a lot of your commentors have as well. I love the leaning on the wall look for big mirrors. How do you keep them from sliding out? Would be afraid the dogs would go barreling by and knock down. Any suggestions? Saw Barley right away, love him!!

  20. Deb says:

    Your sweet doggy is the cutest! I like mirrors everywhere, too. I’m guessing 8 dollars for this great mirror, which now looks even better.

    Debbie in Texas

  21. Jo says:

    Hi Sarah. Looks great! I have a similar oval-shaped one that I want to paint but I’ve always been worried about how to avoid getting paint on the mirror part. Have you got any tips?

    • sarah says:

      you can cover it in newspaper and masking tape or get it off with something sharp afterwards x

  22. Professional Photo Bomber!

  23. What a gorgeous mirror. Barls is definitely the cutest photobomber in the world!