A Beach cottage–five easy grow herbs I love

Wed 24th, Apr, 2013

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Morning, talking five easy grow garden herbs here today Beach Cottage lovelies.

My gardening saga continues in this old cottage, right now I am loving succulents, especially after a trip to a friend for lunch while surrounded with succulents the other day…and on the way home a boot full of cuttings to start a new life in this old cottage…apparently even I can get succulents right in this climate….


Anyway, last week when I wrote about my no-dig raised bed garden I had a few emails about what to start off with (and a couple of the emails from girls who have moved to a different climate, like I did, and haven’t a clue where to start) – well I think herbs (and salads, I’ll do a post on the tastiest and least bitter I have found of those too) are the easiest to throw in the ground, a pot or indeed a no-dig garden.


Popping a few herbs in gives you almost instant gardening gratification, it is cheap and easy and you can start off without having to trek to the moon and back…


I have an expanding herb garden now, something that really I didn’t think I would hear myself saying ever in the most rank garden on the beaches as it was when we first found ourselves here…

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So, with those questions I had a think about it, what have been the most versatile, the easiest to grow and the best thing to have around for cooking and throwing in the tub (yes that tub that’s run for therapeutic properties every single night)?

I think these are the fives best easy grown garden herbs I have success with…


Five Easy Grow Garden Herbs

Rosemary – this lady took a while to take off in my garden, while literally just over the fence, in virtually the same spot my neighbour’s was hard to control…once she established herself though she is very happy and living life without any nurturing.  I like a girl like that in my life.  The main use for me with Rosemary is for cooking – there is nothing quite like going out to the garden, coming back with an armful of it and popping it all around a chicken.  But, if you look into it too, Rosemary has huge health benefits from mood enhancing properties to migraine solution.  I have been using it a lot in the house too as a natural air freshener…wonderful!

Parsley – so easy to grow and not too much trouble to grow from seed – so cheap, easy and not much work.  I love parsley on its own as a salad, I know many people gag at that…apparently it is packed full of vitamins and has detoxifying properties especially pulled straight from our lovely earth – I’ve been throwing it in my smoothies while on my DIY de-tox and I can’t say that I am bouncing around with a new twenty-something vitality, but I definitely love it so in my book that’s good enough.

Sage – I’ve been a long time lover of Sage, though it always reminds me of Paxo chicken stuffing…this is another one that I use a lot in the kitchen but also has super anti-oxidant properties and has links to mental health and anti-aging (both of those sound very good to me).  I have been using this on my skin in various forms and this is also being thrown in with the smoothies.   Sage dries really well too, since it requires a bit of pruning to keep it from going woody I have an abundance of it cut from the bush… I just tie up little bundles of it and leave to dry hanging up…


Thyme – another one that has grown very easily in not the best conditions for me, once it got going it’s been great and I love adding it to all sorts of food…another one that has lots of health benefits linked to it…Iove this in a home-made bouquet too as its tiny purpler flowers are pretty and pleasing on the eye.

Oregano – one of my favourites and it’s thriving in my spot, so I’m not sure if it is a known thing that it likes sandy soil, a hot spot and water that runs off but it sure is liking it where I am!   I use this in a lot of cooking, probably totally in the wrong way, but I just pull it off, throw it in and hope for the best, always good to me.


So those are the five that I have found really good for me – obviously loads of others which have also been good, basil springs to mind, marjoram, lovage, chives (super easy).

Love to know what you have had success with?  Plus does anyone have any more unusual herbs for me to try that are also easy to grow?

That’s it for now




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24 Responses to “A Beach cottage–five easy grow herbs I love”

  1. Sarah- I am with you on the plant it, if it thrives, then throw it in the pot method.

    I have just started making a recipe from one of my Italian girlfriends- burnt sage butter pasta, which is right up your alley!
    Huge bunch of sage thrown into a pot of butter and garlic….continue stirring till a beautiful golden colour and then toss over pasta and cover with parmesan.
    Sooo divine… and soo easy…hope you like it- the Italians always do simple in the best way don’t they!

    Gorgeous photos as always…the jug of rosemary and daisies is just divine!
    Melissa x

    • sarah says:

      thanks Melissa, sounds lovely, I have tried something similar but with a few more ingredients x

  2. jennifer says:

    Hey Sarah
    thanks for this post I am obsessed with herbs .. since we have no garden we re planning on creating one on the roof with loads of herbs
    I have luck with these herbs too except for the thyme … it always dies away :(
    on the bright side I have loads of lavender around the house and trust me potatoes with lavender in delishhh !!
    xx hugs from Malta

    • sarah says:

      Hello Jennifer

      good luck with your roof garden – I bet it will be hot in Malta! x

      • Jennifer says:

        we wish! Seems like summer will take longer to come around this year
        its windy and grey at the moment never seen such Spring around here
        well it will make us appreciate sunny days more when they finally arrive ;)

  3. Lydia says:

    Sarah, can you please post some photos of your garden?
    As for herbs, how about some herbs for tea like pineapple sage (also good for salads and chicken), apple mint, lemon balm and lemon verbena? The sage and verbena get tall so they need more room. These also add a lovely scent to your bouquets and the sage has a nice red trumpet flower.

  4. Mimi says:

    I’ve had success with all of those as well. I especially love rosemary tucked into chicken with lemon –so good!
    Mine grow in really sandy soil that doesn’t stay damp and they are sun and heat blasted.

  5. Rowen says:

    I have about the same as you Sarah, plus chives, lovely for potato salad. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  6. Nettie says:

    Garlic chives is my favourite – chopped over tomatoes and adds colour to any rice or pasta dish – grows like a weed

  7. Keren says:

    Oh I totally am in love with lemon thyme. It would have to be my favourite! Is rather attractive to look at too! Great with chicken etc etc etc.

  8. Tamara says:

    I’m a great herb lover too! Just moved to a new home and already some herbs are in. We have a very shady side of the house with borders and here I’ve planted mint, lemon balm and chives – from experience these are the best shade loving herbs. Not something I imagine you have a problem with Sarah!!

    • sarah says:

      no I don’t have too much problem with shade and warmth Tamara! good luck with your herbs xoxo

  9. Rosalie m says:

    First of all: thanks for your beautiful and inspiring blog!!it is one of my favourite!!
    I live in the north of France and you pics makes me dream!!
    The one and only herb I’ve succeed to grow in my poor garden seed is Mint!!
    This is wonderful and very easy!!and i make a wonderful mint-tea with it!!

    • sarah says:

      thanks for the blog love, too kind!

      umm yep mint is very easy, but have a go at Rosemary once it gets going it is solid as a rock x

  10. I love having vervein and coriander in the garden are they are easy to grow and vervein makes the most delicious herbal tea. I’m again trying my hand with basil, but despite your good advice, I wasn’t successful the first time!

  11. alison says:

    I just love the colour, feel, smell and taste of sage.

    I’ve just had a few nights in a B&B at Mudgee amongst the vineyards. I spontaneously took a rosemary cutting from the B&B garden as I was leaving to remember good times.


    • sarah says:

      oooh I hope it takes, love Rosemary!

      I haven’t been to Mudgee yet, I hear I will love it from many people x

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